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Yulia Bezriadina Meghan Durst Matthew Sugrue Unit/Topic: Colonial America and the American Revolution Grade Level:

11th grade U.S History The class is a regular high school social studies class. There are no advanced AP students in the class, nor are there any seriously struggling students. There are two students with IEPs. The class consists of 23 students. 11 of the students are Caucasian, 6 are AfricanAmerican, 3 are Hispanic, 2 are of mixed descent, and one is Asian-American. The majority of the students come from a middle/lower class background. Content of Unit of Study Content Covered: Native Americans prior to the arrival of Europeans European colonization Formation of the colonies British Acts French and Indian War Boston Massacre Declaration of Independence U.S. Constitution The three essay questions will comprehensively cover the information presented in the unit. The first question addresses Native American life and culture as it was affected by European colonization. This also connects with the French and Indian War. The second question addresses information related to the British Acts, the formation of the colonies, as well as other aspects relating to the relationships between the British and the colonists. The last essay question deals with ideas covered in the lessons on the Declaration of Independence and the U.S Constitution. In this way, the questions chronologically cover what the students have learned about through the unit. Materials Included: U.S History textbook: The American Journey Power points for various lessons throughout the unit Student notes and worksheets going along with Power point presentations and various lessons Class website, including outside resources on site

Essay Prompts: 1. Using your notes from class, your history textbook, and the discussions we have had in class, write a 5 paragraph essay comparing and contrasting Native American life

before and after the arrival of Europeans. In your opinion, were the changes positive or negative? In your analysis, include at least three aspects of Native American life that you focus on. These aspects can include: cultural practices, living/housing situations, family life, trade, disease, autonomy, and more. If you need to, you can use outside sources on the Internet to assist you in creating your response (but cite any sources used!). 2. Consider the Intolerable Acts that the British made. Use your textbook, notes from class on the Intolerable Acts, and other materials to gather information. If you were a colonist how would you react to the Intolerable Acts, including the Stamp Act, Townshend Act, the Quartering Act, etc. Include at least two of these acts in your essay to talk about. In at least four paragraphs explain what each of the acts did, how they would affect your life as a colonist, and why these laws were intolerable and unfair. Discuss what you would have done to resist these laws. 3. Based upon the Forming the Constitution PowerPoint and your constitutional debate notes, in a four paragraph response (Intro, two body paragraphs and conclusion) explain two compromises of the Constitutional Convention. For each compromise, explain both sides of the argument and which states supported each side and why. End each body paragraph by explaining how the constitution was structured for compromise. In the intro paragraph, give two reasons why you chose these two compromises, and why they are important. As part of the conclusion predict the impact of these compromises on the early history of the US.