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Class number 62961501448 (43) Horten > ReAsE. Roport Nos Fete 259/21 Toche Note Now Acros1703 Octobor, 1945 ROLAL ATROAART 2S1\RLTSHMENT,FARNBOROUGH ‘The Horten taillcss airoraft wy KeG, Wilkinson, BeScey DeIsOe ‘SUMO In March this year a teim visited the original hong of Horten aircraft at Bonn, and brought back information on the recent activitics of tho brothers Horton which revealod that their develwpment of the flying wing type had reached an advanced stages Several powored types of great. interest had been built end flown, end a six enginod flying model ofa transport plane half comploteds Later on the Hortens were interrogatod in England id a party from ReAsE. followed this up by visiting tho Horton factorics and flight test centres in Germany in an attempt to find and prosorve some ‘of the more usoful aircraft. Tho trip. was disappointing in that all the power aireralt except the half conpletéd H VIII vere found to be destroyed. Ono glider was howover brought ‘backs Finally, in Septexhor, a party* was sponsored by tho Toilless Advisory Comittes to visit Germany for further discussion with the fortens and others interested in tailless problens. The following note is the result of a collation of all the interrogation reports on the Hortons and is an nttompt to presont a consistent ‘and. fairly complete account of their works * Prof, Hill (Part time) S/lar. Kronfold (A. F.E.E.) Mossra. Provor General jireraft Ide) Watson ‘Arastrong Whitworth Ltde) Lee (anal Page Ltde) Wilkinson © (ReiaBe a we . St OP 3. 2. Introduction 2. Brief historical survey % . : 3s Briof description of tho Horton aircraft 6 { 3+ 1 Gonorall Lines of devologmont 5. t 3. 2 Horton ¥ Zz x3 a i 7 Bek mt * 8 ae 5 w ws 20 3. 6 mm a3 367 v ue } 34 8 vi ‘ 7 ‘ : 3a 9 VIL 37 Poh Bad vii ® ' 3ell m a ‘ no 312, x 8 fs 3013 x we Bes. Sele XII 26 ae 3.15 xaIr a 2% Jeb xv > . ay 3el7 Parabola 4 ‘ 27 . 3.18 Projected Jot borbor 28 ‘a! How tho Hortons design thoir aircraft 2B ‘hel Wing section design 2B Ye2 Calculation of nerodynunio centres p 4a3 Fixing the layout . zp a i hele Control design 33 45 Flight stability Be 4y,6 Undercarriage design 3, * de7 Stréssing Be ' Se Coumosits on cone Acrodyzanse aspects of te ren designs 35 ' 5.1 Stebility and control in unstallod flight’, 35 5.2 Bohaviour at tho stall end recovery frou'the ‘spin: |, 36 } Tests on laninar flow © ~ x ; j Oy max : i i Wogglo tip contzol | 3. \ - i ‘LIST_OP APEENDICES ' : . + Appondix «| Centres of Horton activity . I ys Flight tost report on the # IE a \ | ‘LIST OF TABLES ‘ . ~ Peble. | Data sheet for Korton Myrorstt 1 Wing sections from the H IV : ns Ir Wing soctions from the H Ivb im