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Good Neighborhood

All praise is for Allah who guided us to behave well with our near
and far neighbors. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah,
alone with no partner, the one and the only. And I bear witness that
Muhammad is his slave and messenger. Allah said:


O, mankind! Be afraid I'd your lord, (by keeping your duty to him
and avoiding all evil), And fear a day when no father can avail aught
for his son
It's important for us to deal with our neighbors kindly.



" worship Allah and join none with him ( in worship) and do good to
parent, kinds folk, orphans, al masaken, the neighbor who is near of
kin, the neighbor who is a stranger "
This verse didn't distinguish between near and far neighbor when
dealing with them.

Our messenger ( BPUH ) stressed on these good meanings by

saying : " whoever believes in God and believes with the other day
so he must deal well with this neighbor "



One man came and asked our prophet Muhammad ( BPUH ) how
do I know if I did well or not, our messenger replied :, "if you hear
your neighbors saying you have done well, so then you have done
Islam link between the perfect of faith and the kindness to
Allah almighty accepts the intercession of the neighbors to each.



Our prophet Muhammad ( BPUH ) said: "there is no Muslim die and

four of his neighbors praised him so then Allah says : I accept your
information about him and I forgave what you don't know "
There are many Rights due to the neighbor which are : starting him
with salute ( Salam), dealing with respect, keeping his family giving
congratulations, visiting him in illness, and guiding him kindly .


Our messenger (BPUH) said four things are from happiness, one of
these is the good neighbor. Our dads used to choose the neighbor
before the house.