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DISSERTATION PROJECT PLAN TITLE : Understanding consumer perception and satisfaction towards packaged spices

product in the Indian market.

To study about the Indian spices market To understand the major players in the indian spices market To explore the growing competition and market trends in the spices market To study about Marketing Mix and Distribution network of various spices brands in India To study current scenario and challenges faced by packaged branded spices product in Indian market To study future scope of packaged branded spices market To undertake research to Understanding consumer perception and satisfaction towards packaged spices product in the Indian market

RESEARCH PLAN Need and Significance

India is known as the 'The home of spices'. There is no other country in the world that produces as many kinds of spices as India. The climate of the country is suitable for almost all spices. In India, spices are the important commercial crop from the point of view of domestic consumption and export. Besides, huge quantities of spices are also being consumed within the country for flavouring foods and are also used in medicine, pharmaceutical, perfumery, cosmetics and several other industries. Packaged spice market in India Earlier, people used to buy spices from street stalls, clean them and use them. But now, due to technology and busy life, people prefer to shop at grocery stores or shopping malls and buy packed spices which are clean and of better quality. With increased demand and supply, competition is also increasing. So, in India, packaged spice market is growing larger day by day. Indian spices market growth of 23% in 2011, spice export from India is likely to post a rise of 18 per cent in the fiscal 2012-13 in value terms in spite of the global economic slowdown. According to the Indian Spice & Foodstuff Exporters Association (ISFEA), total spice production of India during fiscal 2011 was 50 lakh tones which was worth around Rs 55,000 crore. Out of this, five lakh tones valued at Rs 5,500 crore was exported leaving the rest for domestic consumption. The annual export growth rate for 2011 which was 4.5% is likely to be 5% in terms of volume in fiscal 2011-12.

Research Objectives
To study the brand awareness of packaged spices product To determine the preference of brand in the mind of consumer To Study the customers perception towards the branded spices product To study the level of satisfaction of consumer from the branded spices product To understand the important parameters which influences to purchase the branded product To explore the impact of advertising and promotions on the purchase of branded spices product

Sampling Plan
Sampling Type - Convenience Sampling and Snow Ball Sampling Sample Framework Sample Size: 150 SEC A =100 SEC B=50 Male: Female=30:70 SEC MALE(30%) FEMALE (70%) Working Non working 30 35 35 15 18 17 45 53 52 TOTAL


100 50 150

Data Analysis Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Tools for Data Collection Primary- Structured Questionnaire Secondary- Auto magazines, Internet, SIAM, Newspapers, Books TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION TO GLOBAL AS WELL AS INDIAN SPICES MARKET 1.1. What is Spices , History of spices 1.2. Share of spices in both markets 1.3. Indias share in global spice Derivative Market 1.4. Types of spices, spices growing states in india 1.5. Production of spices in india

1.6. Major spices grown in india 1.7. India- spices Export Basket 1.8. India spices: Export import 1.9. Major importer and exporter of spices market 2. INTRODUCTION TO PACKAGED SPICES MARKET 2.1. Major players of branded spices product in india a. Company History b. Market share 2.2. Spice Production Area a. Global Spice Production Areas/Centres b. Indian Spice Production Areas/Centers 2.3. Spices Packaging for export 2.4. Spices Extraction Methods 2.5. Application of Indian Spices 2.6. Logistics involve in export of products 2.7. Quality Assurances of Packaged spices product 2.8. Growth/ Challenges of packaged spices product 3. SPICE BOARD OF INDIA 3.1 The background of board 3.2 The activities of board 3.3 Association with international agencies 3.4 Major strategies for quality improvement 3.5 Board initiative for export development & promotion of Spices 3.6 Trend in Indias spice export 4. CONSUMER PERCEPTION TOWARDS THE PACKAGED SPICES PRODUCT 4.1. What is Consumer perception? 4.2. Importance of Consumer Perception 4.3. Impact of Consumer Perception on the Brands 5. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 5.1. Introduction 5.2. 7 Steps of Customer Satisfaction 5.3. Importance of Customer Satisfaction 5.4. Customer Satisfaction Model 6. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 6.1. Need of the study 6.2. Scope of the study 6.3. Objective of the study 6.4. Limitation of the Research 6.5. Research Design 6.6. Source of Data Collection 6.7. Sampling 6.8. Eligibility Criteria for Selecting Sample