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Upcoming AmSoc events Mar 17th - St. Patricks Day Event Apr 21st - Volunteer Day Apr 21st - Annual Basketball Championship Apr 25th - AGM May 11th - Annual Gala

Monthly Newsletter March 2012

St. Patricks Day Party

Save the date! Saturday, March 17th is St. Patricks Day! This year AmSoc is taking a new approach to St. Patricks Day and we will be having a private house party in the home of one of our board members who lives in Jardins. No more standing in line for an hour to get into a packed pub where you cannot even hear the person next to you, let alone reach the bar to buy a drink! So join us for this fun occasion where you are sure to have a great time. You must be a member of good standing of AmSoc or be with an AmSoc member to get in. Space is limited so reserve today. Call the AmSoc office at 5182-2074 to reserve. Price per person is R$50 which includes munchies and... of course, green beer!!

The Teen Issue

Summer Camps
Page 6: Send your teen of to one of these fab summer camps and they will actually learn something.

Teens in SP
Page 10: There is much more for teens to do in So Paulo than hanging out at the mall.

Save the date: AmSoc Annual Gala

Teen Parties
Page 16: Our columnist Maureen wonders what life with a teen will be like in Brazil.

Our Mission
The American Society of So Paulo promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy and volunteerism.

(see more about the Gala on page 3)

Presidents Corner
T h e beginning of this new year finds us very busy planning m a n y American S o c i e t y events in the upcoming By Joe Sherman, AmSoc president months. Plans are underway for a spectacular St. Patricks Day party in a private home and this year we are kicking off what is sure to become a much-anticipated yearly event: the AmSoc Annual Gala. We were inspired by the success of our 60th anniversary party in 2010, which received a lot of great feedback from those who attended (nearly 500 people). The board is putting in a lot of work to make sure the Gala, which will be a charity dinner dance with a live and silent auction, is a great success. Our board members are working on marketing and communications, corporate sponsorships, tickets sales, logistics and budget. Its truly a team effort led by board member Kevin May (read Kevins bio in this issue of the Forum). A portion of the proceeds generated by the Gala will go to the Maria Helen Drexel Association, one of the charities that AmSoc supports. The organization provides housing and a family environment for about 70 at-risk children, with the goal of helping help them reintegrate into their family and community (Read more about Helen Drexel on page 10). So get ready to come dance the night away with us! The Gala will be at the Buffet Torres on May 11 with dinner, dancing, and fantastic auction items. Ticket sales will begin soon and we expect to surpass the 60th Event total of 479 guests. Get your tables organized and tickets soon as space is limited. In other news we will be having our Annual General meeting in April. In addition to the traditional formalities of electing officers and Board members, we will have a cocktail reception which is a wonderful opportunity to meet other AmSoc members. I hope to see you there! Abraos, Joe

Erik Poliak Award

By Jennifer Showers, AmSoc Vice-President The Eric Poliak Selection Committee is soliciting award nominations from the general American Society membership. Nominations for the award can be sent directly to the AmSoc office, AmSoc@, or directly to me at Please place Eric Poliak Nominee in the heading and include your name, the name of your nominee, and the reasons you think the person is worthy of the 2011 award. Please send us your nomination by April 1, 2012. The Eric Poliak Award was established in 1985 with the following objectives: 1. To reward exceptional efforts-above and beyond normal volunteerism-a sustained effort, which has benefited or enhanced the American Society membership in So Paulo 2. To foster community service efforts with the membership of the American Society - among short term as well as long term members. 3. To expand the horizons of those already interested in volunteering. 4. To encourage diversification of activities and types of services to all kinds of organizations and entities Eric Poliak was a true example of volunteerism, active in Chapel School, Little League, the 4th of July celebrations, the Fellowship Church and other Boards and Committees. The Board of Governors established the award shortly after Poliaks death, to be given to someone who has renewed his legacy, exceptional efforts above and beyond normal volunteerism.
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The American Society of So Paulo

Dance the Night Away at the AmSoc Annual Gala

Buy Your Tickets!
in So Paulo. We are excited to announce the most prestigious event of the seasonthe American Society Annual Gala, a formal charity dinner dance to be held on Friday , May 11, 2012 at the beautiful Buffet Torres in Moema. It will be an evening of fun, friendship, laughter and lots of dancing. We know we are well in advance of the date but tickets sell quickly. To reserve yours, you can do one of the following:: 1. Contact the AmSoc office at 51822074 for a ticket seller near you 2. Visit www.americansocietygala. com to buy your ticket online (this option will be available March 15) 3. Fill out the enclosed order form and reserve your table with the AmSoc office and make a direct deposit in the bank account of the American Society Which ever way you choose, we want to see you there. You wont want to miss it!

This will be a night to remember! Calling all AmSoc members and friends of members and actually , the entire expat community (and friends)

Beneficiary Selected
more. The association is currently raising funds to expand the space at its Brooklin headquarters used for all of its programming needs, include tutoring, therapy and educational activities. We hope we can count on you to help! Reserve your seats for our Annual Gala taking place May 11th by purchasing your tickets today! Together we can support this valuable organization and help improve the lives of the children it serves. The Associations Mission To protect, promote and guarantee the full rights of children and adolescents, and their reintegration into family and community. For more information about the Maria Helen Drexel Association visit

American Society is pleased to announce that the Maria Helen Drexel Association will be the primary beneficiary of this years annual charity gala! The association, founded in 1973, provides housing and a family environment for children who have experienced abandonment, homelessness, neglect and abuse, with the goal of helping them reintegrate into their family and community. Close to 70 children call one of the associations seven houses home. Each home is assigned a House Mom who fulfills typical parenting responsibilities such as taking children to medical appointments and meeting with teachers. And over 80 volunteers donate their time to provide counseling, help with fieldtrips, organize parties, host before/after school programs, and



Board Profile
By Kevin D. May I was an Air Force brat, so we moved around a lot when I was young, w h i c h sowed the seeds for the restless/ adventurous drive which ultimately led me here. After finishing my MBA, I spent ten years in financial sales traveling to and from Brazil starting in 1995. I joined the Latin American arm of an American service franchise, helping with expansions efforts in the region, and moved to So Paulo in 2006. I never really considered myself an expat here, at least not in the traditional sense. I had already come to grips with the minor irritations of daily life and quickly became fully engaged in the tremendous aspects of living in Brazil that appealed to me. Most people think of soccer and beaches when they think of Brazil, but the variety of leisure activities in So Paulo and Brazil are limitless. I particularly enjoy dining out, team sports and mountain and freshwater getaways. So when I moved here, I just asked myself, what do I want to do this weekend? What do I want to for the next feriado? My first encounter with The American Society fit well into that line of thinking. I hadnt played softball in a long time and a buddy of mine invited me to play for his team in an AmSoc softball tourney. That invite opened the door to a host of other sporting events. I have since played in many AmSoc softball, football, golf and basketball tourneys and have had a great time. In 2009, I went back to the US for a few months to help my sister and her husband reorganize their business and to contemplate my next adventure. During the six months that I was there, I came to the realization that So Paulo had become home for me. My largest professional network and social networks are here, and I have to admit that I was more than a little, ummm, homesick. So in June of 2010, I packed my bags, came back down to So Paulo, and focused my efforts on finding my next opportunity. The decision panned out. Another buddy of mine, an ex-President of AmSoc, made two recommendations: The first was that I get involved in the Board of Governors of AmSoc, and the second was to refer me to a local private equity firm that needed someone to join the executive ranks of one of their portfolio companies. Both recommendations have led to good result. I am in a good position professionally, both challenged and rewarded for my contribution. I have also found myself at home within the AmSoc Board of Governors. AmSoc is many things to many people. For me it was sports. For others it is a social venue. For yet others it is an opportunity to give back to the local community. When I joined the board, I had two focuses. The first was to understand what our aspirations are. The second was to see how I could help realize them. In October last year, several of the board members got together for a brainstorming session to explore what events we might hold that would provide the greatest benefit to the AmSoc community. We came to the realization that, of all the events that we have held over the past 60 years, the ones that have been the most successful and that have best enabled us to attend the various aspects of the AmSoc mission have been our gala events. The electricity in that meeting was palpable. We realized that there was a latent demand that we had been overlooking, that we had a tremendous opportunity to benefit the AmSoc community, contribute meaningfully to our charitable endeavors here and, in the process, have a lot of fun. I had had a few glasses of red wine and, in a moment of perspiration, boldly suggested that if we took the decision to host a gala event, that I would be happy to spearhead the effort. The rest is future history. The event will include drinks and dinner, a live and silent auction and dancing to one of So Paulos best DJs, and part of the proceeds will go to the Associao Maria Helen Drexel, one of the charities supported by AmSoc. This years gala event is scheduled for May 11, the Friday before Mothers Day. (Moms, you deserve this event. Dads, moms deserve this event.) Tickets will be going on sale in March, and I encourage everyone to lock their tables in quickly, given limited capacity. Also, if you want to get involved in the planning and execution of the event, drop me a quick e-mail at kevin. Anyway, I love Brazil. I love being an American in Brazil. AmSoc aspires to help Americans take full advantage of their stay here and works to give back to our host community in a meaningful way. I encourage our AmSoc constituency to embrace these aspirations and to actively engage in helping us define how we can collectively best realize these aspirations.



The American Society of So Paulo

Welcome to our New Members

Welcome the following New Members who joined us recently. We are very grateful for your support! NAME Luis Fernando & Roberta BARROS Richard & Deborah BROWN Stephanie FERTINEL Birgit I. W. RUNGE MEMBERSHIP TYPE Family Patron Family Junior Family CITIZENSHIP American American American German RAF Arquitetura COMPANY OR PROFESSION Accerfity - American Express Company

New Member Profile

company my husband works for are located in So Paulo, and they asked him to come here and help building a new team. Best things so far: All the great people I met, whether Brazilian or not; the wonderful food; and the great travel opportunities both inside and outside of Brazil. We have already visited the Pantanal, Iguau, lots of beautiful beaches, the Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Galapagos, and Patagonia Name: Birgit Wingert Runge Origin, time here: Born and raised in Germany, in the area close to Cologne, where I also studied and met my husband. With him I spent almost 2 years in Madison/Wisconsin, working at the university. We moved back to Germany to the Palatinate region (lots of great wine!) in 1994, started raising a couple of children, and the whole family came to So Paulo three years ago. Why So Paulo: The South America headquarters of the Early frustrations: Make that ongoing frustrations the time it takes to get your documents, the traffic, and the frequent black-outs in my area Have saudade for anything back home?: Santo Amaro (where I live) is full of people with German roots, youre able to get virtually every food item you long for. So the only saudade we have is for family and friends back home. Progress with Portuguese: Could be better after all this time, but usually I get what people say and can make myself understood. As long as I dont have to talk on the phone, that is. Favorite place to hang out: The neighbourhood parks like Burle Marx, or Clube Castelo in Interlagos lovely, green, quiet, you completely forget in what a huge city youre in



Battling Summer Sloths: Cool Camp Options For Your Teens!

By Kristina L. Dooley As the second half of the school year unfolds, many adolescents begin envisioning what their summer will consist of: Wii marathons, iCarly reruns, and trips to the mall. If this doesnt sound like the ideal way for your child to spend their two and a half months of freedom, then now is a great time to consider some residential summer program options. If youve got the future Paula Abdul or Nicole Scherzinger living under your roof, then the Grier Schools ( Summer Intensive Dance Program could be a great option for them. Girls ages 12-17 will spend several hours each day during the Pennsylvania schools 3-week program, held June 24-July 13, learning ballet and jazz technique, choreography for performance, and exploring several dance styles. In addition to dance instruction, participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy traditional camp activities such as swimming, outdoor sports, and creative writing. For those parents who regularly catch their young one reading by flashlight under the covers at midnight, you may want to consider the Summer Session at the Cardigan Mountain School (www. in New Hampshire. With a wide array of academic offerings, your bookworm will probably enjoy classes such as Literary Luminaries and Grammar Gurus. Girls and boys in grades three through nine can choose to participate in either a 3-week (June 23-July 14) or 6-week session (June 23-August 2) at Cardigan. In addition to the academic component, Summer Session participants will also participate in fun weekend trips and afternoon recreational activities. Boys and girls ages 7-17 with learning differences or attention issues, such as ADD/ ADHD or Dyslexia, will benefit from the summer program offered by the Linden Hill School ( in Massachusetts. Held July 8-28, the Linden Hill program combines academic coursework with recreational activities such as fishing, hiking and mini-golf. The academic component of the program focuses on maintaining skills developed during the school year, not on remediation, and is intended to provide participants an opportunity to prevent regression over the summer months. If your son or daughter is entering grades 6-9 and has a passion for adventure, New Hampshires White Mountain School Climbing Camp (www.WhiteMountain. org) might just be the place for them. From beginner to advanced, participants will learn the fundamentals of rock climbing, gear placement, and anchor building from certified American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) instructors.

Offering one or two-week sessions in July, this camp is sure to be a hit with your young thrill-seeker! Any future Lionel Messi or Serena Williams will feel right at home participating in the Baylor Schools ( Team Baylor Sports Camp. Sports enthusiasts ages 8-13 can spend the week of June 2429 on the Tennessee schools campus training with experienced coaches in sports including tennis, soccer, golf, and volleyball. Team Baylor participants range in ability from novice to expert and, regardless of skill, will receive individualized instruction. No matter what type of interests your son or daughter has, there is most likely a residential summer program that would be a great fit for them. An added bonus to participating in programs like those mentioned above is that, not only will they stay active during their time off of school, theyll be making great friends and creating lasting memories at the same time! Kristina L. Dooley is the founder of Estrela Consulting, an Independent Educational Consulting firm helping families navigate the college, boarding school, and summer program search processes. Kristina is a former AmSoc member now living in Mexico City and can be reached via email at Kristina@ or online at



The American Society of So Paulo

Consulate Corner: Its Voting Time Again...

...and its easier than ever! If you are an American Citizen now is the time to start planning for how to go about voting in the U.S. primaries and in the November 4th general election. The American Citizen Services Unit at the U.S. Consulate General in So Paulo is ready to assist you with exercising your right to vote in 2012. We encourage all American C i t i z e n s residing in Brazil to register as soon as possible as primary elections in many states have already begun. You can register and request a ballot by completing the Federal Post Card Application on the Federal Voting Assistance Programs website ( The application is accepted by all local election officials in all U.S. States and territories. Simply enter the FVAP website, click your state on the map, and let the online wizard walk you through registering step-bystep. Your legal state of residence for voting purposes is generally the state or territory you last resided in immediately prior to your departure from the United States. Recently enacted laws have made the voting process easier by allowing for online registration, delivery and return of ballots in many states. To take advantage of electronic ballot delivery, be sure to include your email address when you register. Even if November may seem far away, registering now will allow enough time for election officials to contact you and resolve any problems. U.S. Citizens should also note that the new absentee voting laws in effect for the 2012 elections require you to complete a new Federal Post Card Application online every year. You will no longer automatically receive ballots based on a previous absentee request. Remember that your vote counts! Many U.S. elections within the past ten years have been decided by a margin of victory of less than 0.1%. All states are required to count every absentee ballot as long as its valid and reaches local election officials by the absentee ballot receipt deadline. In the event that you decide to mail in your ballot, please keep in mind the time it takes for international mail to arrive to your hometown. You can also drop off your ballot at any U.S. Consulate or Embassy and we will mail your ballot for you in the postage-paid envelope provided to you online, or with pre-affixed U.S. postage. It can take a month or more for mail from the U.S. Consulate General in So Paulo to arrive in the United States. The U.S. Consulate General in So Paulo is here to assist you. If you have any questions about overseas voting please contact U.S Consulate General So Paulos voting Assistance Officer at For any other questions regarding American Citizen Services, please contact or visit our website at

2010 2012


Fun for teens

By Melissa Harkin, AmSoc member Ive written about a variety of things here in the Forum: best winter spots, places to escape from Carnaval, places to enjoy Carnaval, culinary trips, etc. But what about the teens? They want to have fun as well! They want to know what entertainment options they have in this 22 million people megacity. Thats why I present you the fun list below! Oh and, by the way, if you are an adult reading this article, please toss it over to your kids! Let them read it and decide where they want to go! Theyll let you know as soon as its time to ask for money and a ride!

das Abelhas did! Explore the fascinating and wonderful world of bees. Among the various fun options they offer, theres the Arbelhismo: On top of a giant bee with ten different bridges and different levels of difficulty, children visualize the adventure that lies ahead: circular tubes of 5 and 16 meters, slides, jump beds, a toy bee house, hiking, swings, and several other activities.

Considered a reference in animal treatment and exhibition, the So Paulo Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Latin America, established in 2006 with 9 thousand square meters and 2 million liters of water. The only theme aquarium in Brazil, this complex makes kids feel as if they were immersed in the environment, with more than 3 thousand animals from approximately 300 species. http://www.aquariodeSopaulo. How about learning some acrobatics and circus arts? Cia. Fragmentos opens the doors to a magical universe. They offer a fun and entertaining circus course, teaching how to reap the benefits of a healthy life thru art. htm
Cidade das Abelhas Cia. Fragmentos

Aqurio de So Paulo

Its worth spending at least two hours enjoying the entire complex. Snakes from around the world, spiders, frogs, lizards and scorpions surprise visitors in the Biological Museum. In the snake area, besides seeing the reptiles outdoors, children can touch some non-venomous species (after 2:30pm, under the supervision of monitors). The more scientifcally inspired one can have fun at the Museum of Microbiology, examining bacteria Love Blankie and fungi through machines of magnification. Launched by businesswoman and designer Fernanda Egydio, Love Blankie is the first sewing school of So Paulo for children. The space Zoolgico offers courses in sewing machines for children, Since its inauguration in 1958, the park divided into three stages - basic, intermediate fell into the good graces of families from So and advanced - with weekly classes of one Paulo. In its 825,000 square meters you can hour and a half. The atmosphere of the place see 3,500 animals, including mammals, birds, inspires, with fabrics, ribbons and trimmings reptiles and amphibians. Giraffes, leopards, in sight. At registration, each student receives chimpanzees and hippos are the kids favorites. a personalized sewing basket, with linens, I suggest you buy a map at the entrance. needles, thimble, scissors, pins, measurement tape and other items used during the course. In each class, a different design is developed, and So, in this city that offers so much of the child can take home the piece produced. nightlife and fine dining, let alone all of Among the creations made by students are the day-to-day common forms of adult patchwork aprons, shirts customized with appeasement, hand the reigns over to bows, dress dolls and pillows. the kids during this part of the summer, and have some of that quality time Even without an ounce of snow the park has an area for skiing and snowboarding, with two lanes made of polyethylene pins a kind of fluffy rubber. There is also tree climbing and archery. Eagles, rhinos, wolves and otters are among the 1,400 animals spread over 500,000 square meters of private park located 90 kilometers from So Paulo. Among the ecosystems reproduced at mega-city lives. the park are an African savannah and Brazilian Happy kids = happier homes! cerrado. March
Zooparque Atibaia Ski Mountain Park we all seem to miss out on in our busy

Instituto Butantan

Who thought bees could be fun? Well, Cidade


The American Society of So Paulo

Sports review: Abacaxi Bowl 2012

By John Kennedy, AmSoc board member On February 4th at the Graded School in Morumbi, the American Society hosted its 14th annual Abacaxi Bowl. Nine teams participated and approximately 150 players and spectators enjoyed the activities, which started at 10am and ended at 5pm. The format for this flag football tournament was like last years where we had 3 Groups of 3 teams play each other, with each Group having one strong team (last years top 3 finisher), one weak team (a new entrant) and one average team. The first and second place teams of each Group resulting from the round robin play advance. Of these six teams, four teams play in a Wild Card round while the top two records receive byes. The surprise of the tournament this year was another first time entry of a Brazilian team, called Old School, because it is led and QBd by American Kevin May, an AmSoc Board member. They unfortunately played the two-time Champs Cougars twice, first in the round robin losing 20-6 and then in the finals 16-6. The playoff games were all closely contested, whereby each Wild Card Results 1. Cougars W L Net 4-0 game could have gone either way. For example, in the PACA-Old School game, PACA lost in the closing minutes due to a controversial call by the referee who disallowed a game wining TD reception because a foot was out of the end zone (too bad we didnt have BAND Sports filming this year for a TV replay!). Then in the Chapel-Carcamanos game, time ran out with Chapel threatening to score the game winner on the 1 foot line! Old School and the Cougars went on to win the next semifinal games each by less than 1 TD score to advance to the Finals! In the end, it was the Cougars again who walked off with the title, becoming the second team to be a three-peat champion along with PACA Schools six championships. The tournament star and MVP came from the Cougar team: Casey Frost, an American they recruited from the Corinthians Club team of the So Paulo tackle football league to play QB in place of their leader and last years QB Chris Harshberger. The tournaments game results are as follows: Pt. Diff. +44 +2 +18 +43 +16 +7 - 10 - 14 - 54

2. Old School (ex-Locos) 3 - 2 3. Devilz 4. Carcamanos 5. Chapel School 6. PACA School 7. Graded School 8. US Consulate 9. AmSoc 21 22 1-2 12 02 02 02


Teen Time in So Paulo

By Ernest White II, Staff Writer regional parks anchoring the extremities of So Paulo provide miles of exhilarating hiking trails. The Parque Estadual da Cantareira, bordering the city to the north, features stunning views of the skyline from a 3,300-foothigh rocky perch, called Pedra Grande (Big Rock), set amongst the verdant green of the Atlantic forest. Even more challenging is the trail up to the Pico do Jaragu the highest point in the city at nearly 4,000 feet which gives kids a good workout as well as the opportunity to glimpse a forest monkey or two. On the opposite end of town, near Morumbi, the lush foliage of Parque Burle Marx is slowly reclaiming an uninhabited mansion built for by a Brazilian millionaire for an Austrian princess in the 1950s, a nod to the ostentation of the glitterati and a good way to start a serious conversation with your teens about the fleetingness of celebrity in the Twitter era (or not). Lastly, far to the citys south lies the Represa de Guarapiranga, a dam and 16.5 square mile reservoir with lakeside beaches for sunning and soccer, plus an ecological park focusing on the protection of local Atlantic forest wildlife. On the inside track For more indoor-oriented activities, So Paulos got many more options for your teens than just hundreds of shopping malls. From rock climbing and bowling to go karts and video games, the city has dozens of amusement centers that are safe from the elements and engaging for even the most jaded adolescent. Adventure sportswear and equipment emporium Casa de Pedra operates what they call the largest rock climbing gym in Brazil. Located near Perdizes (gua Branca to be exact), Casa de Pedra features 46-foot-high walls, top-rope climbing (climbers are attached to a secure rope suspended from the top of the wall), and bouldering (scrambling over large obstacles and up walls no higher than 13 feet), offering lessons for beginners and challenging courses so you can drive the kiddies up the wall for a change. 90 Graus Escalada Esportiva, near Congonhas Airport, is another fine rock climbing gym. If rock climbing isnt exhilarating enough, how about going for a little speed at one of the citys gokart racetracks. Kartin, in Jaguar, is an all-purpose amusement center, with an exciting if loud - indoor go-kart track, foosball tables, and video games, making it the perfect place for a 13th or 14th birthday party. Other go-kart tracks in the area include Kartdromo PremiumInterlagos, a stones throw away from the citys Formula 1 race course, and the Kartdromo Internacional Granja Viana in the nearby town of Cotia. Another favorite American teenage pastime: bowling (called boliche in Portuguese). So Paulo has dozens of bowling alleys scattered across the city, with lessons for beginners and prizes for the winners. Some of the more family-friendly bowling alleys in town include Strike Bowling in Interlagos, Villa Bowling in Vila Olmpia, Tiger Bowling in Bom Retiro, and Bowling Station in Vila Prudente. Most of these venues feature restaurants, video games, and pool tables, and as bowling is typically a group activity, youll get the chance to show the next generation just what a bad bowling mamma-jamma you were back in the day. Park and ride When it comes to thrill rides, its not kids stuff at the citys big amusement parks. Playcenter, nestled in the industrial district of Barra Funda, hurtles park visitors through the air on heaving metal roller coasters such as the Looping Star and the Boomerang. Even bigger, and much more of a Disney-style theme park than an inland

So Paulo is known for offering unlimited diversion to adults in the form of 24-hour nightlife, and to small children through interactive museums and attractions. But what about the age group thats the hardest to please, that is discovering the world at the same time proclaiming to be over it? What is there for teenagers to do in the city? Outdoorsy types Believe it or not, So Paulo is dotted with parks of all sizes, offering any number of opportunities for teenagers to get a little sun, some fresh(er) air, and some exercise. The most obvious place is Parque do Ibirapuera, the citys answer to New Yorks Central Park, and host to a clutch of impressive museums that teenagers will probably think arent all that impressive. Yet the covered promenade connecting several of the museums serves as a veritable skateboard park, where youngins can dash back and forth attempting stunts to their hearts content. The park hosts six different bike and jogging trails, and bicycles can be rented at the parks main kiosk. For teenagers interested in Brazils national sport, weekend mornings mean capoeira sessions held on the grass that are open to the public and welcome beginners. Other close-in city parks with excellent biking options include vast, newish Parque VillaLobos in Alto de Pinheiros, Parque do Povo in Jardim Paulistano, and Parque do Carmo in Zona Leste. For a little high adventure, the




The American Society of So Paulo

amusement pier, Hopi Hari offers teenagers a physical and social thrill, as thousands of young people descend on the park on the weekend. Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, and Porky Pig animate the atmosphere and thrill rides like the Montezum (Latin Americas biggest wooden roller coaster) and the Katapul (a looping coaster) make a trip out to Hopi (72 km from So Paulo) a daylong affair. A recognizable Florida import is the Wetn Wild water park (Wetchie in local parlance), located in nearby Itapeva (72 km). When the weathers warm, the teeny-boppers can splash around in the Wave Lagoon, or take on one of the ripping water slides, like the aptly-named Kamikaze. Good sports Like any metropolis worth its traffic jams and smog, So Paulo has a clutch of sports teams mostly soccer that compete against one another and other cities amid a raucous, carnivalesque atmosphere better-suited to older teens. So Paulo Futebol Clube at the Estdio do Morumbi, Palmeiras and Corinthians at Estdio do Pacaembu, and Portuguesa in Canind (Zona Norte) are each gearing up for another season of cross-town rivalry and footloose action. The Brazilian championship season runs from May 20th until December, while the ladies Brazil Cup starts March 3rd and ends May 12th, so youve got plenty of time to get out to a ball game. Dont forget to check out the popular Museu do Futebol, with its fascinating, indepth look into The Beautiful Game, located within Pacaembu. Other spectator sports in town include mens and womens volleyball and basketball at the Ginsio do Ibirapuera. For participatory events, and to put a Brazilian spin on things literally teenagers can participate in capoeira classes at most local gyms, but if you want a more authentic experience for your young capoeirista, head down to Angoleiro Sim Sinh in Perdizes or Grupo Cordo de Ouro in Santa Ceclia. Soon, your teenagersll have a fuller activity schedule than you will.

outside, but only if you have a crash helmet, gloves, knee and elbow guards Basketball (Spectator) Federao Paulista de Volleyball, R. Frei Caneca - Museu do Futebol 1407, Bela Vista, tel. (11) 2112-1900 - Museo do Ipiranga, also has a great park outside Bowling - Catavento Cultural (touch a real meteorite, - Bowling Station, R. do Orfanato 440, Vila get to know the inside of the human body, Prudente, tel. (11) 2272-8000 understand how a power generator works - Strike Bowling, Shopping Interlagos, Av. Interlagos 2255, Interlagos, tel. (11) 5562- Parks 9085, - Parque Burle Marx, R. Dona Helena Pereira - Tiger Bowling, Rua Srgio Toms 204, Bom de Morais 200, Panamby, tel. (11) 3746-7631, Retiro, tel. (11) 3338-2435 - Parque do Carmo, Av. Afonso Sampaio Souza - Villa Bowling, Shopping Vila Olmpia, R. 951, Itaquera, tel. (11) 6748-0010 Olimpadas 360, tel. (11) 3047-3687 Parque do Ibirapuera, Av. Pedro lvares Cabral, Ibirapuera, tel. (11) 5574-5177 - Parque do Povo, Av. Henrique Chamma 590, Camps Itaim Bibi, tel. (11) 3078-6869 - NR: - Parque Estadual da Cantareira, R. do Horto - Peraltas: 1799, Horto Florestal, tel. (11) 2203-0115, - guias da Serra: http://www.aguiasdaserra. - Parque Villa Lobos - Av. Professor Fonseca Rodrigues, 2.001 - Alto dos Pinheiros: Capoeira (Participatory) Orchids house, sports field, play ground, gym - Centro de Capoeira Angola Angoleiro Sim for adults. For rent: bikes, rollers, skates. Sinh, Rua Turiau 1172, Perdizes, tel. (11) 3673-0688, php - Grupo Cordo de Ouro, R. Jesuno Pascoal 44, - Represa de Guarapiranga, Estrada da Riviera Santa Ceclia, tel. (11) 3223 5357 3286, Riviera Paulista

- Fazenda do Chocolate (Chocolate Farmchocolate,handicraft,horseback riding,animals, coffee, br/fazendadochocolate/Bem-vindos.html - Brotas: Ecotourism and extreme sports - Hotel Fazenda Quatro Estaes index2.php

- 90 Graus Escalada Esportiva, R. Joo Pedro Cardoso 107, Aeroporto, tel. (11) 5034-8775, - Casa de Pedra, R. Venncio Aires 31, gua Branca, tel. (11) 3875-1521,
Soccer (Spectator)

- Corinthians, Estdio do Pacaembu, Praa Charles Miller 1, Pacaembu, www.corinthians. Go-Kart Tracks/Activity Centers - So Paulo Futebol Clube, Estdio do Morumbi, - Kartin, Av. Jaguar 1133, Jaguar, tel. (11) Praa Roberto Gomes Pedrosa 1, Morumbi 3716-0070, - Palmeiras, Estdio do Pacaembu, Praa Charles - Kartdromo Internacional Granja Viana, R. Dr. Miller 1, Pacaembu, Tomas Sepe 443, Jardim da Glria, Cotia, tel. - Museu do Futebol, Estdio do Pacaembu, (11) 4702-5055, Praa Charles Miller 1, Pacaembu, tel. (11) - Kartdromo Premium-Interlagos, Av. Jacinto 3664-3848 Jlio, Porto 9, Interlagos, tel. (11) 5666-8072 Federao Paulista de Volleyball, R. Ablio - Museu Paulista da UPS or Museu do Ipiranga Soares 1370, Paraso, tel. (11) 3053-9560, You can visit the museum and skateboard
Museums Volleyball (Spectator)




Volunteer Day April 21st

How do you create the perfect Saturday in So Paulo? On April 21st, come spend a few hours playing games, swimming, cooking out, and sharing quality time with some of So Paulos most underprivileged children at the Third Annual Volunteer Day at the U.S. Consulate. T h e Community A c t i o n Committee (CAC) of the American Society is looking for volunteers of all ages to make this years Volunteer Day a success. You can choose to participate in the activity you like the most: tennis, soccer, swimming, playing games, face painting, crafts, cooking lunch, etc. Families can participate together, and kids are welcome to come and help. The children who will come to play on Volunteer Day do not have access to safe, green space to run around, or clean swimming pools to cool off on these hot summer days. The joy they receive from getting exercise outdoors in a safe environment with their friends is priceless. They will have a chance to relax and let down their guard for a while, and you as a volunteer can help give them that important down time that they need. If you have been thinking about how you can become more involved in your local community here in So Paulo, you are like most of us. We all want to do our part to make a positive impact during our time in Brazil. Finding our niche and reaching a bit beyond our everyday routines can be challenging. D u r i n g Volunteer Day, we will have information on the ten locations where the American Society is doing nonprofit work, and most importantly how you can become involved. You can sign up for Volunteer Day shifts from 10:30-1:30 and from 1:004:00 by contacting the CACs new Volunteer Coordinator Silvana Mooney We also need donations of snacks, drinks, hamburgers, hotdogs, and baked goods, or you can sponsor lunch for a child for just R$10. Thank you in advance for your involvement. We are looking forward to a fabulous day!

Pancake Breakfast
Those who joined us for the pancake breakfast on February 5th were not disappointed! Stacks and stacks of homemade blueberry and plain pancakes were served, with toppings such as Aunt Jemima syrup (imported from the USA just for the occasion), delicious fruit toppings, whipped cream, and even chocolate whipped cream! The coffee, tea, orange juice and grape juice all went quickly. What a great way to kick off Little League and show our support for the Abacaxi Bowl which was held at the same time. Thanks to the volunteers who worked the event and to the AmSoc members who supported us by coming out and eating these delicious pancakes!




The American Society of So Paulo

Register now for the 2012 AGM

improve our local community. In order to participate in the AGM, you must be an AmSoc member. If you wish to participate, it is essential that you RSVP by April 19th, as spaces are limited and the deadline will be strictly enforced. To reserve your space please contact or (11) 5182-2074. Also, be sure to bring your passport or RNE to the meeting, as identification will be checked at the door.

On Wednesday, April 25th, the American Society will host their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at a venue to be confirmed. The reception will start at 8 p.m. with cocktails and refreshments. After the meeting a social hour will follow. The AGM allows members to meet each other, and to talk to those on the board as well. It is a wonderful opportunity to share your ideas with those who are responsible for running the Society and planning its events. The important task of board elections is also a part of every AGM. Members of the Board of Governors serve two year terms and at each meeting half of these terms expire and must be filled. For long-timers and recent arrivals, the AGM is one of the best ways to keep in touch with and learn about what the American Society is doing. Its also a great way to make contact with people who want to

Fellowship Community Church

The Welcome Place since 1921
Phone (11) 3253-7609

09:00 am - Walking in Faith Classes (English and Portuguese)


10:30 am Worship Service (English only) 06:00 pm Culto em portugus

Conveniently located on Rua Carlos Sampaio, 107 Bela Vista Just a block and a half from the Brigadeiro Metro station on the Avenida Paulista




H ousing
Apartment for rent Apt in Brooklin. Ideal for single manager. One mile off Marginal Pinheiros. Totally renovated. Living room, bedroom, designer kitchen, fully equipped air conditioned office with built in tropical hardwood furniture, desk, book case, shelves. 12th floor green view. Garage without neighbors. Call for appointment 5042-2555. House for sale in Alto da Boa Vista Near the Swiss School. Bright and large living room and dining room. TV room w/ fireplace. 4 large bedrooms suites w/ closets & Jacuzzi. Wine room. Laundry. Pool. Barbecue & Pizza oven. Cannel. Garden area 700 m2. Garage for 6 cars / automatic gates. Central heating - solar and electric. Built area 400 m2. Spacious backyard 700 m2 w/ trees. Total area 1400 m2. Look for Mr. Amadeu or Mrs. Marilda at 55241028 or 5524-1491. Vila Nova Conceio So Paulos best place to live. Near Ibirapuera Park. Modern building, with all Sports facilities, heated swimming pool, gym, play room, barbecue, multi purpose sports court. Three bedrooms (1 suite), living room with terrace, complete kitchen,maids bedroom and bath, big service area, two parking spaces. Fully furnished,with allappliances. Call Ana Beatriz or Eliane Phone (011) 3849.7085 or (011) 9626-6229-mail to: Looking for apartments Looking for furnished, fully equipped apartments in So Paulo. Offer management, promotion, purchasing, remodeling and decoration services for your property. We will rent your flat to foreign tourists & executives visiting the city looking for alternative accommodations. Highly experienced specialized international group. Contact: Paola B. de Estrada 9210-2201, or House in a charming condo For rent / sale: Lovely house in Vila Amrica Condominium. Located just a few minutes from shopping cidade jardim and ponte morumbi. So Paulos best place to live. 4 suites, Office, Adega, Outside gourmet station, Air conditioning, 4 autos parking. Contact: Roberta (11)8256-9543 Jardim Europa Unique opportunity, 200 square meters apartment, living with terrace and home theater with a wonderful view, three bedrooms, 1 suite, two parking spaces, between Clube Pinheiros and Clube Hebraica, near Shopping Iguatemi. Cel phone: Janka 9144-7307. Rent or Own Sunny Apartment in So Paulo Sunny, ample apartment just a stones throw from the Graded School. Two-story apartment measuring approximately 300 square meters, with two large living rooms; four bedrooms (two suites and a suite americano); a separate TV room/office; large kitchen with brand new cabinetry; and ample rea de servio. Building includes heated pool, exercise room, playground. Each apartment has a depsito and three parking spaces. The full apartment was lovingly refurbished in 2010; the owners are now unexpectedly returning to the United States. Sale Price: R$770 thousand. Rental: R$6,500 per month. Email us at English and French spoken. Call Jean or Christiane at (11) 4661-1430 or (11) 7230-3369 or send an e-mail to Jean. Embu Guau, SP. American-Licensed Clinical Psychologist Heloisa Garman, Psy.D. U.S.-licensed Clinical Psychologist (covered by U.S. health insurance). Bilingual, with extensive private practice in Chicago and former therapist at the Family Institute at Northwestern Uni. Treats individuals, couples, and families. Specialized in anxiety, depression, cultural issues, and adjustment disorders. Call Dr. Garman at (11)71799723 or 3898-2330 or send an e-mail to American-Licensed Expat Psychologist Richard Morhaime, Psy.D., offers skilled psychotherapy for children and adults. He also provides complete diagnostic evaluations in English for children with academic or behavioral difficulties, featuring individualized recommendations for school and home. For more information, contact Dr. Morhaime at 55380099 or 9669-8057 or visit American-Licensed Psychotherapist Math and Science Tutor Teacher with 25-plus years of experience, tutors Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Science for all levels, including but not limited to the IB, IGCSE, SAT-I & II, ACT, AP and Brazilian vestibular. Elementary and middle school students are also welcome (all subjects). Currently St. Francis School, formerly Chapel and Graded. Call Fernando Knijnik at (11) 9134-6700. Selling Up Go with a pro! We have been selling household goods for families, individuals, and companies for more than 20 years in So Paulo and Brasilia for embassies. We have hundreds of preselected clients wanting to buy from you, safe and sound! Send an e-mail to or or call (11) 5908-1144 or (11) 7997-8808. Ask for Ms. Zaquie Meredith. Personal Trainer I will come to your home, office, or workout facility and create an exercise/fitness program tailored to your health concerns, fitness goals, and schedule. For adults and children, individuals or groups. Sessions in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. For more information please contact Daniela Franco at (11) 9739-6191 or Argos Dog Kennel Traveling? What about your dog? Argos Kennel Hotel could be his second home in the country. Food, water, and shelter with lots of love and personal care. No lonely kennel for him, but our home and the freedom of a spacious garden. Fetch and carry service. For Sale - 2008 GM Zafira Expression 2.0 Flex engine automatic (mint condition), ABS, airbag, alarm, on board computer, cruise control, digital air conditioner, power steering, antivandalism insulfilm protection. 7 seats, 78.000 KM, single owner, all maintenance done at dealer, new brakes, tires, oil change with filter, kept in covered garage. Price R$ 41.000,00. Please contact Eileen Tasso 11-5644-5482 (h) In this busy and ever-changing world, people often feel stressed and overwhelmed with no place to turn. Psychotherapy/counseling can provide a safe place to receive professional guidance and support. Brief or longer-term therapy offered depending on your needs, goals and expectations. Services: individual, couples, child/adolescent. Certified to conduct Adoption Home Study for American Citizens. Contact: Pamela Wax, MSW/LCSW at 5051-5988 or 9656-2106 or send an e-mail to Located in Moema.

S ervices

Forum does not check all of the advertisers appearing in this newsletter. We urge you to use these services; however, thoroughly check prices and services prior to finalizing any service or purchase agreement. A classified of up to 350 characters costs R$55 for AmSoc members and R$80 for non-members. To place a classified please call (11) 5182-2074 from 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m., or send an e-mail to AmSoc1@



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A Note to Our Readers


March 2012

The American Society of So Paulo

Learn more about this months AmSoc events (highlighted) at

Pinacoteca do Estado de So Paulo The Panting Museum has a new collection of art. At Praa da Luz, 02 - Luz - Phone: 3324-1000. Open from Tuesday to Sunday until 6pm. Tickets prices: R$ 6,00 and R$ 3,00. Free on Saturday. Students with ID card pay half price. Children under 10 years and elderly over 60 years do not pay. Visit Temporary exhibition at MASP (Art Museum of SP) - Avenida Paulista, 1578. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Tickets prices: R$ 15,00. Students with ID card pay half price. Children under 10 years and elderly over 60 years do not pay. Visit The Addams Family has an original story. It is the nightmare of all parents. His youngest daughter became a young woman, and to make matters worse, fell in love with a sweet and intelligent girl from a traditional family. Yes, Wandinha Addams, the last princess of darkness, has a boyfriend normal, and for parents, Gomez and Morticia, this is an event that will turn upside down the Addams house when they are forced to organize a dinner for the young and their parents. At Teatro Abril - Av. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, 411. Tickets: br It will be at Museu do Futebol (Estdio do Pacaembu). From 9 am to 5 pm. For adults and children. To do the registration send an email to or call 36643855, until March 2dn. More information Time: 9h00 - 12h00, Location: Scandinavian Church

Until April 22

Rome - The lives of Emperors Friday The Addams Family (Musical Comedy)

02 until 18



Button Soccer Championship

07 08 10, 11, 17, 18 17 29

Wednesday INC Monthly Coffee & Bazaar Thursday

Symphony Orchestra of So Opening 2012 season of OSESP. Visit to see the program. Paulo A play for kids. At Credicard Hall - Av. Naes Unidas, 17955. More information and tickets: www. In a members home. See front page. Joe Cocker has been claimed in the past 40 years as one of the most important artists of the music world. At Via Funchal - R. Funchal, 65. Starts at 10 pm. To buy your ticket visit www. At Chapel School. There will be sandwiches, soft drinks, water, cupcakes and Easter egg hunting in the yard! Lets play together! For members: R$ 20/child, max R$ 50/family. For non-members: R$ 30/child, max R$ 70/family.

Saturday Sponge Bob Square Pants and Sunday (Bob Esponja) Saturday Thursday St. Patricks Happy Hour Joe Cocker Show

April 1st


Easter Party for kids

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Teens: The Inside Scoop

By Maureen Kennedy Alves, AmSoc board member
My son, Thomas, just turned one in January. Now as many of you may remember, or may be going through yourselves right now, one seems to be the magic age when babies start talking. And with that comes what may be their favorite word: No. People told us not to worry, that growing up in a bilingual home (I speak English, my husband Portuguese), Thomas probably wouldnt start talking until he was two. But sure enough, like clockwork, right around his first birthday, the words (or semi-formations thereof) started spilling. Mama, papa, agua, bi (for bird), bah (for bottle), and, of course, the most clearly pronounced of all no. Take the other night, for example, when I tried to change his diaper after bathtime. He rolled over and took off crawling, repeating no, no, no all the while. Finally, he sat on his naked fanny, looked back at me with a triumphant smile and giggled in a way that I swear meant to convey, Hah, I have beaten you. And all I could think of while he was doing this, was, Oh man, am I (and please pardon the expression here) screwed. You see, in retrospect, babyhood was easy. Sure, youre sleep deprived. And car rides become like Dantes seventh circle of hell (at least if you have a baby like mine who seemed to feel riding in a car was a form of physical torture). But personal opinions that differ from my own? And free will? My goodness, I thought, what am I in for? I started wondering what it will be like when Thomas is a teenager and if he will be as stubborn an adolescent as I was. If my mother said black, I said white. If she said up, I said down. If she didnt let me go somewhere, I wanted to know why, for what reason, and if she happened to know, thank you very much, that everybody else in the world would be there. That got me to thinking about what it would be like to move to Brazil with an adolescent. The teenage years seem difficult enough to navigate, let alone in place where you dont know what the local customs are. Maybe your child is telling you that everyone else is doing it (whatever it is), but how do you know? So, with that in mind, I polled my husband and some other Brazilian friends to find out a little bit about teen social life in Brazil. Whats different down here from back at home? And what can you expect? Heres what I found out: Generally alcohol is not served, but teenagers being teenagers, it usually finds its way in.

Dont let the name fool you this is not an afternoon film at the movie theater. Matins are dance clubs for kids between the ages of 12 and 17. They are usually held in nightclubs that open their doors to the teen set in the late afternoon and early evening, before the start of regular business hours. So what goes on inside them? Well, in addition to dancing, Im told teen matins are a lot like regular Brazilian baladas in that theres a whole lot of meeting and making out going on. This is something you may want to think about when your 12- or 13-year-old begs to go, considering that kids up to 17 are allowed. Only non-alcoholic beverages are sold at the bar.

Quinze Anos Parties

Im sure youve heard of quinze anos the celebrated 15th birthday party that is roughly the equivalent to the U.S. sweet sixteen, but on a much larger scale. If youre here long enough, chances are your teenager will be invited to one. These are huge festas with at least a couple of hundred people, some parents, but mostly kids. And not just 15-year-olds. Younger acquaintances are invited (dont be shocked if your 13-year-old receives an invitation), as are older friends up to college age (something to keep in mind if your 13-year-old does indeed receive that invitation). The parties generally begin around 9 pm and the dancing doesnt usually start until midnight. So if your kid says nobody leaves before midnight, well, its kind of true.

One thing I noticed about Brazil right away was not only how made up women were when going out at night, but girls, too. At 13, a big night for me was a little Johnsons Baby Perfume, some Bonne Bell lip gloss and maybe some pink eye shadow snuck from my older sisters makeup bag. But here it is not uncommon for 12-year-olds to be fully made up for a night out with friends. So if your young daughter starts getting into makeup, it doesnt say anything about the type of company shes keeping. It just means shes, well, doing as the Romans.