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Unit plan Hamlet ELA 30

Job offer Program Coordinator

Are you a Project Guru? What do you want to create today? Beautiful Lake Publishing Company is looking for a creative, professional program expert to join our team! This is an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic project guru (aka Program Coordinator) who enjoys working on challenging and diverse projects. What we're looking for: At BLPC, our mission is simple: we publish! Our Program Coordinators are versatile and professional people who aim for success. Attracting potential costumers and corresponding with clients are priorities for them. They research a wide range of subjects and materials. They write a variety of texts and create diverse visual messages. They are professional in their behavior. They are tech-savvy, curious and eager to share what they know with others. For this position: This position is initially for our Shakespearean section, but will later branch out into different sectors. Our primary project and the subject of the job application assessment is the play Hamlet.

Application Requirements
To apply for this position, you must carry out typical duties for this position. They are:

Research context and jargon for project Read the text No Fear Shakespeare: Hamlet Accomplish analytical tasks set by Program Manager View Hamlet through other media Explore and analyze themes for Hamlet Present a portfolio containing (details are given below) o Visual advertisements for Hamlet (Six Word Memoir) o A letter pertaining to a theme in Hamlet o The lyrics for a jingle about Hamlet (Poem) Write an in-company essay

What do you need to bring to this position?





Physical Requirements: Be on time. Be awake. Be prepared.

Unit plan Hamlet ELA 30

Each of you will have an opportunity to create a portfolio project that revolves around the theme appearance vs reality. The primary focus of this portfolio is Hamlet. As this is a crucial element of your job application, your portfolio must have both modern and Shakespearean elements (ie font, paper, title page, etc). While allowing great opportunity for creativity, this project has specific requirements and guidelines.

1.1.1 1.1.2 1.2.1 1.2.2 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1.3 2.1.4 2.2.1 2.2.2 2.3.2 3.2.3 4.1.1 4.1.3 4.2.4 5.1.1 Form tentative understandings, interpretations and positions Experiment with language, image and structure Consider new perspectives Express preferences, and expand interests Discern and analyze context Understand and interpret content Engage prior knowledge Use reference strategies and reference technologies Relate form, structure and medium to purpose, audience and content Relate elements, devices and techniques to created effects Evaluate the verisimilitude, appropriateness and significance of print and nonprint texts Form generalizations and conclusions Assess text creation context Develop content Edit text for matters of correctness Use language and image to show respect and consideration

SCHEDULE This plan may be subject to change at the teachers discretion. March 12th Introduction to Shakespeare, Tragedy and Early Modern English March 13th Act 1 March 14th Act 2 March 15th Act 3 March 16th Act 4 March 19th Act 5 March 20th Film March 21st Film and Vocabulary March 22nd Thematic exploration March 23rd No Class (Take a break! ) March 26th Project March 27th Project March 28th Project (FINAL DAY) March 29th In-class essay March 30th In-class essay

Unit plan Hamlet ELA 30

Hamlet Six Word Memoir

Legend has it that Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

A Six-Word Memoir is a sentence or collection of sentences of exactly six words. They are short life stories and can be: bittersweet (Cursed with cancer, blessed with friends) poignant (I still make coffee for two) inspirational (Business school? Bah! Pop music? Hurrah) or hilarious (I like big butts, cant lie).

Consider the points of view, personality and personal development of each character in Hamlet. Create a six-word memoir for a character of section A and section B:

Section A Hamlet Ophelia Claudius

Section B Gertrude Laertes The ghost

These memoirs are to be used as advertisements for a production of Hamlet. Therefore, each memoir should be accompanied by an appropriate visual and accurately depict the characters.

(Further examples of six word memoirs can be found at

Unit plan Hamlet ELA 30

Hamlet Poem

Read the poem The Woman I Am I My Dreams by Maxine Tynes found in Echoes 12, pg 16. Notice the structure and how the author differentiates herself from her ideal image. Reflect on the following questions:

Who is speaking? From what the poems hints, how can we describe the real her? How is this different from how she imagines herself? Where does the line between herself and her dream blur?

In the play Hamlet, there is a motif of appearance and reality. Both characters and audience alike are faced with a pane of glass without knowing if it is a window or a funhouse mirror. Following the structure of The Woman I Am In My Dreams, write a poem that is inspired by appearance and reality. The narrator can either be Hamlet or Ophelia from Act 2. At one point in your poem, you must incorporate a quote from the play Hamlet as well as an original Shakespearean line. A picture and original title are also required. Pay close attention to the choice of vocabulary as the tone should reflect the presence of mind of the characters. Please include and bold the following literary elements: allusion personification metaphor simile quote from Hamlet original Shakespearean line

Unit plan Hamlet ELA 30

Hamlet Letter

During the Elizabethan era, the two methods to send a message were either by courier or be letter. Neither was completely reliable, as proven in Hamlet. However, letters are still used prominently today for both personal and professional messages. Place yourself as either Hamlet or an member of Claudius court in the present time. Using the theme of appearance vs. reality and the prompt below, write a formal letter to Claudius, a CEO of a wealthy company, about his methods of government. You must: use a formal letter structure with proper tone and vocabulary use three references to the play Hamlet create a clear link to both the motif of appearance vs reality and the picture