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Fete Wrap Up and Thank You

Our fete keeps getting better and better due to the efforts of our wonderful Lee Street school community. Thank you to everyone who donated items for our stalls, including home baked cakes and jams, wine, toys, craft, books, trash & treasure, and clothing and all the wonderful silent auction and spinning wheel items. We are also fortunate to be so well supported by many local and Lee Street family businesses. Their support and donations are acknowledged below. Thank you to all those parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, pupils and past pupils who volunteered time on the various stalls and activities on the day as well as assisting with setup and logistics behind the scenes and we cannot forget the crew who tirelessly canvass our local businesses for donations. The Great Lee Street fete is a huge volunteer effort. I cannot mention all our volunteers by name, but I would like to mention the efforts of the members of the Fete Committee who put in many, many hours before the fete planning the finer details of the event as well as co-ordinating the volunteers on the day. Sadly, school fetes cannot happen without frustrating paperwork and bureaucracy. Graham Stevenson must be commended for the many hours on the phone and for keeping his cool in ensuring we received all necessary permits from local and state authorities in order to run our event. The running of the fete greatly impacts the normal operation of the school. I must thank Shura Golusin and Imogen Richardson for also keeping their cool with the upheaval that occurs around them as we prepare for the fete. Thanks to them as well as Julie Cooke, Kim Best, Brendan Oprey and Rob Trsan who laboured all fete day counting our record fete result. The fete is part of the school calendar but also part of learning outcomes as teachers and students work together planning class stalls and activities for the day. I would like to thank all teachers for their enthusiasm and dedication to the fete effort, whether it be organising senior students to volunteer on the day, volunteering themselves to be hit by wet sponges, arranging the wonderful display of childrens art, delivering a fine array of bath salts, managing the enormous number of lucky bottles or the ever popular paint pot for the littlies. The large crowds seen on fete day are a testament to the professional approach taken to our fete publicity co-ordinated by Renee Smith, who again organised coverage in local newspapers, radio and other community forums. Renee had great material to work with, as our fete has steadily become the Great Foodie Fete. And for good reason! What a marvellous spread of food there was on offer on Sunday. I would like to thank Mandi Collins and Monique Ueckerman who took on additional roles in planning our food and ensuring food safety compliance. Not only this, but Mandi and Monique, true professionals, once again delivered delicious authentic food at their Curry and Middle Eastern Wrap stalls. We were excited to see the return on the now famous Chinese dumplings at the 2012 fete as well as hearty fried rice, thanks to Ivy Ng, Ellen Yao, Siew May and Yu Ping. Suzi dArgenios wood fired Pizza Volante was a winner in its first year with massive queues all day. Not to be outdone, Ange Marchettis BBQ has also become a foodie destination. His are not your everday snags. Ange handmakes his pure beef sausages with the man who grows the cows. Rebecca Nicholson shook things up a little and brought a little bit of 70s groove to our Wine and Beer Stall as well as a considerable profit due to her tireless pursuit of beer and wine donations. Thanks Rebecca. Rumours of the Great Foodie Fete must have made their way to George Calombaris who kindly agreed to judge the inaugural Great Lee Street Cupcake Bakeoff. A big thank you is extended to Wendy Hargreaves for months of coercing George to come along, as well as co-ordinating the spectacle on the day. It was fete highlight! I would like to thank Ranjit Navagero who took on a bigger role this year responsible for the huge job of fete logistics, including hiring and borrowing gear, setup, breakdown and packup. Ranjit is a super-organised force to be reckoned with and is already planning next years fete. Thanks to Kirk Bryant who competently takes care of fete electrics; in an old school like ours, this is not an easy job at all. Thanks to Rita Palmieri Trsan, our resident graphic designer for maintaining the professional look of all our publicity and printed items.

The stage was pumping this year, from the kids performances to the amazing line up throughout the day and Elvis closing the fete with a bang. Thank you to Milena and Dave McClure for such a professionally run entertainment program, all done with the minimum of fuss. Thank you to Sam Navagero, who has quickly slipped into the role of resident fete MC and does a great job keeping the vibe alive all day. Thanks to you Teresa Tjia, Belinda Davey and Cheri McIntyre for your enthusiasm in running one of our most energetic stalls and the kids favourite, Sideshow Alley. It is Teresa and Cheris last year as Lee Street parents and they will be missed. It wouldnt be the Great Lee Street Fete without the long queue for wristbands! Nikki Fiddes and Una McEvoy once again co-ordinated the ride bookings and ticketing with ease. After 12 years at Lee St, it is Nikkis last year too and she too will be missed. Thank you to Toby Patten and Tina Valentine for working so well with Tre Bicchieri to ensure we all had our very necessary coffee fix. Locals and visitors to our area have the highest of standards in regards to coffee and our fete coffee stall now never disappoints. Our Homemade Lemonade stall also never disappoints. Even after a bad season for lemons, Lesley Hutchison delivered a record result with her delicious homemade lemonade. There are no better sugar queens than our Georgina Livery and Helena Lippe, who year after year work in the harshest of conditions to delight our kids with their Snow Cones and Fairy Floss. Thanks to Ishbel Jorgensen, our drinks and icy poles co-ordinator for ensuring no one went thirsty. A couple of years ago, we faced a jam crisis with barely a couple of dozen jars to sell on fete day. Not any more! Matt Borg and Tammy Beck have ensured their Jams and Preserves stall becomes a Great Lee Street Fete fixture with their huge spread of beautifully presented goodies on fete day. Thanks to Jane Page and all our bakers, our Cake Stall is no longer any ordinary cake stall, with a splendid spread of cakes and goodies all good foodies come to our fete to find. Lisa Polglaze has set the standard for all other fetes with her Handmade Craft Stall. Thanks to Lisa and all her crafty contributors for their amazing creative effort. Lisa Bakes has taken the humble plant stall to a new level in recent years with the collection of plants and garden items. Thanks Lisa. After a year in temporary premises, the Book Stall and Clothing Stall were happily back in their homes in the Hall and Library. Cristina Pase, Suzann McKenzie and Katharine Fan run the now famous Lee Street Book Stall like a well-oiled machine. Thank you. And thanks again to Cassie Harvey and her crew who spend hours and hours turning the bags of discarded clothing into our fabulous Lee Street Clothing Emporium. Lisa Williamson in her first year co-ordinating the Toy Stall did a fantastic job sorting through an enormous pile of treasured toys to bring in a record result. Scott Robinson co-ordinating Trash & Treasure also had a bumper year. Do not underestimate the contribution these stalls selling secondhand goods make towards the fete. Together they contributed over $11,000 (100% profit) to our fete result. And speaking of 100% profit, the efforts of our Donations / Spinning Wheel / Silent Auction team were out of this world this year. The amazing Lou Campbell, who after only the tiniest tap on the shoulder stepped up to co-ordinate the huge task of collecting donations, did an outstanding job bringing in close to $30,000 worth of donations from local businesses and families. She was very ably supported by Emily Alessi. Thanks to both of you and all your helpers; this was a phenomenal result, and some of these donations will be used in fundraising activities throughout the year. Thanks to Kate Kamateros and Marcus Coghlan for coordinating the huge job of allocating these hundreds of donations to the Spinning Wheel and Silent Auction, and to Robynne Dakis for ensuring the smooth running of the stall on the day. I would finally like to thank Vicki Tsarouhas who helped me co-ordinate the fete this year. Thanks Vicki for all your enthusiasm, new ideas and support. It was particularly nice to have someone to talk to in the first few weeks of school when no one wants to talk to you about the fete!! A fete wash-up meeting will be held on Wednesday April 18 at 7pm at the Dan OConnell Hotel. This will be an opportunity to discuss the day, and to capture all the ideas and feedback everyone must have while these are still fresh in our minds. If you are interested in becoming involved in planning the 2013 fete, please come along too. I apologise for rambling on, but I think it is important for all to see what a huge team effort our fete is. Thanks again and good luck next year. Kathryn Andrews (retiring fete co-ordinator)

Stall Major Fete Sponsor BBQ Supporter Nelson Alexander Carlton Office Warialda Belted Galloway Beef Jonathans on Smith Donatis Fine Meats La Luna Bistro North Cafeteria Larderfresh Woolworths, Lygon Court Babka Bakery Caf Mars Foods Poppet and Pixie, & Jooj, Daylesford The Fruit Shed, Rathdowne St Ablas Lebanese Restaurant Brunswick Street Alimentari Larderfresh Brunswick Fresh Gangemi Greengrocer A1 Bakery Cozzello Brothers Khoury Family Ganesha, Rathdowne St Julian Ronchi Garden Design Fitzroy Nursery Foodworks, Carlton North Georgina Livery, parent North Cafeteria Larderfresh Hotel Agencies Woolworths, Fitzroy Coles, Fitzroy Wine & Beer Dan OConnell Hotel Piedimontes Silver Wings Winery CUB Naked for Satan Carlton Cellars Evelyn Hotel Foodworks, Carlton North Various parents and staff Michael Dib, parent Nuovo Group Penguin Peribo One Day Hill Gregory Ladner Wendy Hargreaves, parent Details of donation Advertising signage and $3,700 cash donation 90kg sausages 10kg Italian sausages 5kg port and fennel sausages 20kg burger mince, 20kg onions 20kg bacon Eggs, tomatoes, 15kg onions 50 loaves sliced white bread 20 loaves casalinga bread Sauces Handmade Hamper Lemons Hummus, tahini, lamb Meat ball wraps x 80 Falafels Vegetables Vegetables Bread Vegetables All Curry and dahl for the stall Plants, bag for raffle Plants 80 bags of ice Loan of truck Loan of freezer Loan of freezer Consumables for food and drink stalls ($400+) Voucher $50 Voucher $30 Keg of beer, plus setup Case of prosecco and peach juice Premium sparkling wine at discount price Light Beer Case of wine Slab of Beer Champagne for raffle Wine for raffle Wine All soft drinks and bottled water Books and cards Books Books Books Scarves and jewellery Books for raffle

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