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Epic Study Guide

Morality Chapter Two

Significance of the story of Jesus, Simon, and the Woman with a Bad Reputation: Jesus manner of acting in this story tells us to forgive and accept others. Jesus presents the pharisee a challenge: to not view people in simplistic ways, and be more accepting of those seeking forgiveness. Jesus also challenged the whore to turn away from the wrong acts she does and do good to earn forgiveness. How does being nice differ from Christian morality? Sometimes people confuse Christian morality with being nice. Being Nice means going along with others, and not upsetting anyone. Of course, being pleasant can be good in the right situation. But sometimes going along with everyone else isnt the right thing to do. In Christian morality, Love is the bottom line, not niceness. Significance of the Creation Story: It tells us who we are. It tells us we are made in the image of God. It tells us we are made with freedom, power, and responsibility. What is the Great Commandment? You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. What are the meanings of these Greek Words? Eros: Passion, Energy, Lust. Philia: Love of a friend. Agape: To respect or wish well.

Sin - Definitions
Original: "Inherited" sin. It is part of the human condition: we experience ourselves as estranged from one another and from who we really are through feelings of powerlessness, brokenness, and insecurity. Basically, its the sin were born with. Actual: When we give in to the evil and the violation of relationships we find around us in the

world, and make that evil our own, that is Actual sin. Personal: When individuals knowingly and willingly do something that hurts their relationship with God, self, neighbor, or nature. Social: When a whole group or society participates in a process or a system that harms human relationships. Mortal: Also known as "Deadly sin. It is when one cuts themselves off so severely from God, self, and others that their whole life is aimed towards sinning. Venial: Choosing to harm ones relationships, but not cut them off completely. Sins of Commission: Doing an act of wrong, such as running over a homeless guy. Sins of Omission: Neglecting to do something, such as helping a homeless guy who some asshole ran over. Apathy: Without Feeling". Apathy is the opposite of love. It is an indifference; a lack of concern. HATTAH -- Missing The Mark: What is the mark? Think of it as a target. The bullseye can be anything according to Mrs. Witz. Heaven? One with God? Who knows. But think of missing the mark, or HATTAH, as sinning. It makes it difficult for us to reach our goal of hitting the target. HAMARTIA Hardness of the Heart: Sinning results in a certain hardening of the heart. The harder the stone, the more difficult it is for stonemasons to mold it to what they need. By sinning, you make it more and more difficult to be sensitive to others and to the sins you commit around you. Definition of Morality: The definition of Morality as described in Chapter 1 has to do with the choices that affect the kind of character we will develop. In the Christian tradition, the response to Gods love is to live a life of virtue. The kind of character we develop depends on which virtues we do or do not develop.

Theological Virtues
Faith: The virtue that enables one to trust in Gods power to bestow new life. It is a whole new way of seeing reality, an illumination of the mind and heart that gives one a grasp of Gods truth, however limited that grasp. It is a surrender of the self to the coming reign of God. Hope: The virtue by which one takes responsibility for the future in the expectation that Gods Reign will surely come. It is the belief that good ultimately will triumph over evil because Jesus

has already won the victory over death. The source of Christian hope is, therefore, is The Resurrection. --- the fact that Jesus was raised from the dead by God. Love: Christian love is lived faith and hope. It is the crown of all the virtues and an intimate participation in Gods life as God is love. Without love, all other virtues are empty.

Building Blocks of our Character Wise Judgment Justice Courage Wholeness Honest Respect for persons Compassion Respect for creation Reverence for human life Peacemaking Grace: Gods mercy, with Forgiveness and Empowerment. Reconciliation and the Eucharist Two of the Catholic Churchs sacraments, they offer ongoing opportunities to celebrate the healing power and forgiveness of God in their life. What does the story of Adam and Eve indicate about a Christian understanding of sin? The story of Adam And Eve indicates that Christians understand that we were created good and we have a natural thirst within us for goodness. However, Adam and Eve rejected that goodness, and their original sin left a legacy of sin and broken relationships. Christians understand that sin is "inherited" as a part of human condition. How does the story of Jesus respond to and complete the Adam and Eve story? The story of Jesus responds to and completes the Adam and Eve story because he suffered and died to save us by reversing the effects of original sin that Adam and Eve had committed. This allowed us to live eternally with God in heaven again, since before his coming we died. Paschal Mystery: Its main subject is the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ the work that God the Father sent his son Jesus to accomplish on Earth.
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