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Dan Ferranti 703 999 9294

Software and IT Services CEO & President

Offering a track record of driving fast growth through strategic insight, pro-active leadership, & tactical execution: Built and run five companies from emerging stages to mid-cap size up to several hundred million in annual revenue. Career focus: Enterprise Software, Software as a Service,(SaaS),Business Process Outsourcing (BPO),& IT Services with recent focus on Big Data analytics, Business Intelligence, and distributed large scale enterprise level software solutions. Verticals: US Government, Fortune 1000, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, Wholesale, and Retail. Company Lifecycle/Event experience includes: small to mid- cap growth, restructuring, turnaround, M&A, IPO, and Public. Led pursuit, sales capture, and delivery management of more than $3.9 billion in new business during career thus far. Architected multiple product development initiatives. Led direct/indirect marketing channels, alliances, and JVs. Successfully executed several mergers & acquisitions and three investment solicitations/road shows. Built, Scaled and Managed US/Global operations infrastructure, sales and engineering staff from 25 to 2,300 employees. Previously profiled in a 2000 CEO conference as: One of the best hands- on CEOs you may never have heard of Dans balanced combination of skills translates vision into strategic focus with fast-paced tactical executionhis leadership style empowers organizational effectiveness, high-energy team-building and operational results. His hands-on proactive management approach yields aggressive growth without sacrificing the bottom line. Strong Board and Investor references. Top Secret US Government Security Clearance.
June 2007 through January 2012

Chief Executive Officer, CEO & President, Board Director

Chiliad, Inc.

Enterprise Software: Massive scale Big Data Search/ Analytics/ Intelligence/ Alerting/ Situational Awareness software and services sold to US National Intelligence, Homeland Security, (DHS), DOJ,FBI,& DOD agencies, plus select Fortune 100 clients. Accomplishments: Turned around multi-year negative burn into positive annual cash flow with substantial balance sheet growth Repositioned company from 100% engineering services into an enterprise software business Transitioned to a patented Big Data Analytics product offerings growing revenue and 5x customer base growth Pursued and won Congressional support and FY 2012 budgeting for key company expansion programs
January 2005 to June 2007

Chief Executive Officer, CEO & President, Board Director

Dolphin Search, Inc.

Enterprise Software & Software as a Service (SaaS): Data Analytics, Electronic Discovery (EED), Business Intelligence, Enterprise Search, Compliance, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), and Litigation Support. Software licenses & webdelivered software as a service offerings provided to Fortune 1000, Government, Legal, and Corporate Compliance markets.

Accomplishment: Stabilized declining business and then sold company to Xiotech / EMC in 2.5 years
November 2001 through 2004

Chief Executive Officer, CEO & President

Factor Software

Enterprise Software & Software as a Service (SaaS): : A full suite of Business Process Automation (BPA),and ERP software automating back-office, accounting/finance, supply chain, field operations, logistics, and distribution for Fortune 1000, retail, wholesale, and petroleum markets. Accomplishments: Conceived and executed a corporate restructuring and turnaround program, including the re-engineering of most internal business processes, resulting in a 300% growth of sales backlog, a 23% increase In revenue, a 45% increase in operating margins, and a 370% increase in net corporate EBITDA. Implemented a new strategic plan, resulting in acquisition of one competitor and penetration of two new vertical markets. Drove product development and roll out of three new software and service offerings.

Rebuilt the Sales and Marketing, Software Engineering, Professional Services (PSO), and Customer Support divisions, quantifiably improving each groups intra- and inter-departmental operational effectiveness.

July 1999 to November 2001 (post-merger management contract 4/01-11/01)

Chief Executive Officer, CEO & President

Majesco Software, Inc. (now Mastek, LTD.)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Applications Engineering & Integration (EAI); ERP Software Development: providing Business Process Automation (BPA) for transaction management intensive applications, such as CRM, claims processing, billing, supply-chain, etc. Fortune 1000, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom and Government clients. Accomplishments: Grew annual revenue from $19 million to $165 million run-rate, and then drove merger in April 2001. Built global sales and marketing infrastructure, increasing sales backlog from nil to more than $190 million. Scaled business from 200 to 1,300 employees; built global data centers and sales in US, Europe and Asia. Managed corporate capitalization, restructuring, and strategic IPO initiative resulting in April 2001 merger. Improved gross margins from 30% to 47%, net profits from red to 29%, and grew contract backlog by 700%. Increased aggregate personnel utilization from less than 50% to 86% Executed over 120 new engagements with Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson, Great Plains, Seibel & Cognos. Achieved the Software Engineering Institutes CMM Level Five engineering certification within 18 months.

November 1993 to May 1999

President/General Manager

PEROT SYSTEMS, INC. (Comsys, Inc. subsidiary-formerly CBIS)

Enterprise Software & Software as a Service (SaaS), plus Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offering productized turn key application solutions for Fortune 100 Financial, Telecom, Healthcare, Utility, Federal, and State Government markets. Global P&L management of this incorporated SBU with a focus on operational support systems (OSS) such as supply chain management, billing, claims processing, work order tracking, subscriber management, revenue management, provisioning, business intelligence (BI), and reporting. Directed finance, operations, software engineering, program/project management, sales, marketing, business development, product management, channels, alliances, and practice groups. Accomplishments: Grew annual revenue from $3 million/year to more than $150 million per annum during tenure. Drove 1993 spin-off of former employer CBIS to form Comsys; then 1996 Perot acquisition to form this incorporated SBU.

Personally led sales capture of more than $379 million in new business from Fortune 500 and Government clients.

January 1988 to November 1993

Chief Operating Officer, COO & EVP


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Software Engineering & Integration, and Network Management Services for Fortune 100 & Government verticals. Solutions focused on network intensive and distributed data processing environments. Also provided enterprise applications integration of clients legacy applications into a newly implemented distributed architecture. Accomplishments: Grew annual revenue from $29million/year to more than $337 million/year during tenure. Management, oversight, and execution of four separate acquisition and merger events. Built the sales and marketing organizations. Drove capture of major multi-year outsourcing contracts with EPA, Treasury, DOD, J.C. Penney, Boeing, France Telcom, James River Corp, Blue Cross,

Aetna, GM, Wells Fargo and GSA.

Awarded Board recognition bonuses for exceptional performance in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. Conceived and sold original forms automation pilot for the US Internal Revenue Electronic Filing Project. Built, managed, and scaled a global infrastructure from 300 to 2,300 employees operating in 17 locations worldwide.

1989 promotion to COO from prior role of VP of Sales and GM of Document Management, Procurement divisions.

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May 1985 to November 1987

Director of Sales


Enterprise Software / Application Service Provider (ASP) and Service Bureau delivered Software Provider (SaaS): Offering a suite of license and software as a service product solutions for Financial, Telecom, Healthcare, Insurance, Utility, Federal, and State markets. Product offerings included back-office operational support systems (OSS) such as billing, claims processing, subscriber management, revenue management, provisioning, work order tracking, supply chain management, business intelligence (BI), reporting. Professional Services and customized software applications were also provided. Responsible for management of corporate/divisional sales, marketing, and product development organizations. Accomplishments: Grew annual revenues from $3 million/year to $130 million per annum. 1987 Achieved 105% of forecasted revenue and profit targets. 1986 Achieved 125% of forecasted revenue goal at 10% below expense budget. 1985 Promoted from Regional Manager to Director of Sales Increasing new sales by more than 300%.

January 1980 to May 1985

General Manager/Government Sales and Operations


$850 million manufacturer of local area networks, computer systems, data processing, data communications, office automation, and telecommunications products. Responsible for P&L and operational management of all Federal, State and Municipal business worldwide. Accomplishments: Grew annual revenue for division from start-up to $330 million per annum. 1985 Annualized division run rate at $330 million a 30% increase over 1984. 1984 Promotion to P&L General Manager of separately incorporated government business subsidiary. 1983 Top division manager in the company, achieving 500% of goal. Company recognition awards. 1982 Achieved 250% of goal. Ranked #9 out of 800-member sales organization. Top federal producer in Q3 and Q4. Promoted from selling manager to dedicated P&L division management role in 9/82. 1981 Achieved 236% of goal. Ranked #11 out of 800-member sales organization. Promoted to Federal Operations Sales Manager in July 1981. 1980 Increased annual sales volume from start-up to $2.3 million in first year.

Master of Science, MIS/Telecommunications, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. 4.0 GPA (discontinued program six credit hours short of degree due to extensive business and travel commitments) Bachelor of Arts, Industrial Psychology, The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. 3.8 GPA in major; 3.2 GPA overall; Cum Laude and National Honor Society awards.

Maintained academic scholarship for eight semesters; Deans List six out of eight semesters.

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