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Tools You Can Use.

to Teach Nutrition, Physical Education and Health

Preventing Childhood Overweight and Obesity: Parents Can Make a Difference 13 minute VHS or DVD and print master summaries of key topics related to the issues as well as information on action plans for consideration by parents, schools and communities. Ideal for use with PTA/PTO groups to address the increasing rate of childhood obesity and how parents can be involved in solutions to this problem. Developed by Penn State University and the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education Activities for Fitness, Food & Fun for the Whole Family Soft cover book. This book features activities that will hoist your spuds off the couch and get them participating in games, exercises and eating healthy recipes they will love. Best of all, the activities are designed to be fun for the whole family.

Nutrition Bingo Game Grade 6-Adult. Playing bingo is a fun way to learn nutrition terms and review concepts. This bingo set includes 25 laminated playing cards, a master terms list, and instructions.

Food & Nutrition Inquiry Activities Grade 6-Adult. Teaching basic food and nutrition concepts is easy with this book. Includes interactive activities and games to cover five different categories: MyPyramid, nutrients, portion size, food labeling, and food safety. Informational pages and worksheets are reproducible for use as handouts, study guides, home work assignments or quizzes. Comes with 8 transparencies.

Ready to Use PE Activities Grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-9. This complete, sequential curriculum for boys and girls in Grades K-9 offers more than 1600 activities that improve physical fitness, promotes sportsmanship, develop social skills, and build self-esteem. The activities are divided into four volumes that cover major stages of development and ability.

Portion Doctor Kit Four (4) temper-glass tableware pieces (10 plate, 8 plate, bowl and glass) and instructional guide; Grade 6-Adult and Grade 1-6. Encourages healthy eating habits through proper portion sizes and balanced food groups. The kit teaches kids what goes into a balanced meal.

Portion Size Me 25 minute video with worksheets; Grades 7-12. This program follows two graduate students who challenge themselves to eat only at fast-food restaurants for 30 days. The students eat portion sizes appropriate for their body types, and both lose weight and lower their cholesterol. Teaches students to think outside the bun for healthier fast-food choices.

Portion Size Me, Too! 25 minute Video with worksheets; Grade 7-12. This program expands on the lessons learned in Portion Size Me. Teaches students how to make healthier fast-food choices by comparing calories, portion sizes, and extras.

Visualize Your Portion Size Portion size display in case. Many people incorrectly estimate the amount of food in a portion. The colorful, 3-D models in this display teach portion awareness by relating common portion sizes to everyday objects. Models include a CD/Pancake representing 1 oz. of grains, a deck of cards/steak representing 3 oz. cooked lean meat, a baseball/orange representing a medium fruit, and more. Ideal for any nutrition display.

Whats in Your Drink? Laminated 14X22 Poster. Comparing the nutritional values of drinks, this poster reminds students to think about the liquids they consume. Great for discussing calorie content.

Fizzics of Soda Youth-Adult. Can measures 10 x 16". Sure to make a lasting impression, this attention-grabbing display shows how drinking too much soda regularly can lead to weight gain. The giant soda can shows the approximate amount of soda a person who gulps down two 12-oz cans a day would drink in 1 month. Included inside the can are a bag of sugar that reveals the amount of sugar consumed and a BIOLIKE 2 bottle of simulated fat that represents the amount of weight a person could gain. Comes with teacher's resource guide. Obesity in a Bottle 21 minute VHS and Teaching Materials; Grade 5-adult. Encourage your students to make healthy choices that will help them feel and look great. Topics include the effect of beverages on weight gain, the dangers of regular and diet sodas, an energy drink comparison and the benefits of drinking water.

Quick Cup of Empty Calories Activity Set Fun and innovative, this activity set raises awareness of the number of empty calories from fat and sugar in many popular coffee shop beverages and helps users learn how to make a healthier cup. By placing the appropriate number of fat and sugar cubes representing empty calories into a cup, users create a powerful display of a particular beverage's calorie content from fat and sugar. Includes two 12-oz hot beverage cups, two 12-oz cold beverage cups, two 20-oz hot beverage cups, two 24-oz cold beverage cups, 150 fat cubes, 150 sugar cubes, and 24 beverage coasters that provide information about calories from fat and sugar for typical coffee shop beverages. Also comes with an activity guide that provides detailed instructions for how to use the set for different activities with individuals or groups. Periodic Table of Caffeine Beverages - Laminated Wall Poster, 24" x 18". Playing on the periodic table of the elements, this wall poster highlights more than 50 beverages ranging from soda to coffee. Graphically compares the amount of caffeine and the number of calories in standard-size beverages.

How to Gain 5 Pounds in 30 Days When people's food choices cause them to exceed their daily calorie needs, weight gain results. This unique display shows how consuming two 12-oz soft drinks and one candy bar a day for 30 days can lead to a 5pound weight gain. Includes one BIOLIKE 2 5-lb Fat Chunk Model, food models representing a candy bar and two 12-oz soft drinks, and an informative tent card.

How Does Your Sugar Stack Up? Acrylic display, 9" x 14" x 1-1/2". This visual tool has been completely updated to show hidden amounts of sugar in 18 of the most popular food and drink items. The teaspoons (and grams) of sugar are shown in clear plastic and labeled boxes. Includes a descriptive booklet with information (that can be reproduced and used as handouts) about dietary guidelines, consequences of eating too much sugar, sources of added sugar, nutrition label facts, how to cut back on sugar and additional sources for nutrition information. Booklet also includes a 1-page educator guide. Real Life Teens: Eating Disorders 22 minute video and Teachers Guide; Grade 8-12. This video teaches students important information about eating disorders and their devastating and selfdestructive results. Topics include the differences between anorexia and bulimia, the dangers of diet pills, good nutrition for teens, getting help for eating disorders, causes of eating disorders; and how eating disorders can affect both sexes.

The Truth About Fad Diets Laminated 24X36 poster. Debunking the myths and presenting the facts, this poster covers six common diet types. Covers high fiber/low-calorie, very low calorie, high-protein; and single-food diets as well as fasting and diet gimmicks/scams.

Overeating & Overweight - Laminated 24X36 poster. Outlining effects such as stroke, heart disease, colon cancer, and diabetes, this chart illustrates the potentially deadly effects of overeating and overweight. Also includes a risk assessment section.

Eating Disorders Folding Display 58X23 when opened. The warning signs and consequences of eating disorders are highlighting in this engaging folding display. Discusses anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, special problems caused by anorexia in pregnancy, can causes of eating disorders. Also includes information on treatment of eating disorders and who to do if you or someone you know has an eating disorder. Anorexia Wall Poster Laminated Poster 24X36. Anorexia is a common eating disorder that can cause numerous health complications. This chart descries some of the warning signs and harmful effects of the disorder.

Bulimia Wall Poster Laminated Poster 24X36. Describing the harmful effects of bulimia, this chart drives home the seriousness of this eating disorder. Also includes a list of warning signs, enabling students to assess their risk for the disorder.

What is Cholesterol Flip Chart 12 X 17and Pamphlet Many people do not know what steps they can take to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. This flip chart explains the facts about good and bad cholesterol and the health risks associated with high cholesterol levels. Features presenters notes on reverse panels. Flip chart is 6 panels.

Understanding Cholesterol Poster, 20X26 Discusses the structure, the consequences of high cholesterol, and how cholesterol is made. Boldly illustrated reproductions of cholesterol storage in the liver and arterial walls both at normal levels and with an excess of cholesterol are depicted.

Coronary Artery Disease Poster, 20X26 This chart depicts and describes the coronary arteries and their function, defining coronary artery disease (CAD) as the buildup of atherosclerotic plaque within the artery walls. Shows the possible consequences of CAD angina, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, and dysrhythmias along with specific guidelines for reducing or preventing CAD. Emphasis on tobacco cessation, exercise, healthful diet, and medical care. Full-color chart is printed on sturdy paper and laminated to withstand years of use. Includes metal grommets for easy wall display. Fat Vest Adult and Child Size The effects of additional weight on a person's body are dramatically demonstrated with this useful teaching tool, which simulates the "look" and "feel" of excess body fat. By inserting weights in varying increments into the vest's interior pocket, the wearer can experience the additional weight and limited range of motion that are associated with obesity. Two versions are available. An excellent way to start group discussion about healthy eating habits. The adult version, which includes a total of 20 lb of weight (three 5-lb weights and two 2 -lb weights), features a colorful and informative front panel that describes the effects of excess weight on several body organs. The child version, which includes a total of 15 lb of weight (one 5-lb weight and four 2 -lb weights), has a kid-friendly front panel that is a visual reminder that foods with too much sugar and fat can lead to overweight and obesity. Death of an Artery 3-D model, 9X12 These handpainted, cross-sectional, 3-D models of arteries show patients and students the various stages of plaque buildup. The interior size of each vessel diminishes, making it easy to explain a process that can eventually result in death. Comes with protective felt cover.

Occluded Artery Display - Laminated model. 18" x 24". Graphically depicting the differences between healthy arteries and those clogged with fat, this chart gives viewers a clear idea of what a high-fat diet can do to the arteries and heart.

Plaque Build Up on Artery Walls Laminated model depicting various stages of plaque build-up on artery walls. 6-1/4" x 3-1/4".

Nutrition and Bone Health Teaching Kit The three-dimensional display in this teaching kit portrays both healthy bone and osteoporotic bone and illustrates how bone tissue breaks down and rebuilds itself. Kit also contains a 4-page, 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" booklet titled: Nutrition and Bone Health. Topics covered include: bone remodeling, bone mass, loss of bone mass, osteoporosis, and bone health. Models are mounted on a sturdy, 12" x 9" plaque with wire stand for easy desk or tabletop display.

Activity Pyramid Poster - Based on government physical activity guidelines, this colorful activity pyramid reminds students to make activity a regular part of their lives. Laminated. 24" x 18".

How Do Your Salads Stack Up 18X 24 Laminated Poster, Grade 6-Adult Salads can be an excellent choice for good health and weight maintenance- as long as you watch your toppings! This handout gives examples of high- and low-calorie salad toppings and offers tips for constructing a healthy salad.

Follow the Dietary Guidelines - An excellent way to present a summary of the USDA dietary guidelines, this PowerPoint features charts, graphs, photos, clip art, and speaker's notes. Ideal for general audiences. PreK-Adult. 50+ slides.

Nutrient Basics Grade 5-9, VHS, 15 minutes. It was a bad day for the nutrient team! They had spent weeks getting ready for their school presentation, and now they find out that most of their nutrient exhibit is missing. Follow along as the team searches for their missing nutrients. While the team solves the mystery, viewers will learn about the six nutrients protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fat and water that work to keep our bodies healthy.

Supersize Me Grade 6-12, DVD, 98 minutes. This version of Super Size Me is uniquely designed to help teach viewers that they are responsible for their own health. While watching the program, viewers can interact with engaging multimedia features such as pop-up factoids, branching pop-up menus that allow users to access learning activities, and bonus features that challenge viewers to make appropriate nutritional choices. Includes printable teacher's guides and student handouts. Breakfast: Most Important Meal (DVD) - This award-winning program emphasizes the importance of the day's first meal by exploring the numerous mental and physical benefits of a nutritious breakfast. Explains how eating breakfast affects metabolism and blood sugar levels. Also includes list of foods that best fuel the body in the morning. Grades 6-12. 20 minutes.

Eat to Win Grade 6 Adult, DVD, 20 minute. When athletes step onto the field, court or track, they want to perform their best. Placing good nutrition at the top of their training program will help them gain the competitive edge. This action-packed video dispels 10 common nutrition myths with what to eat, when and why, using MyPyramid as the guide. Covers the most current, on-target nutrition information for athletes.

Nutrition Basics Flip chart. Presenting basic nutrition facts, this flip chart includes information about the benefits of good nutrition and the need to limit sodium, fat, and sugar. Also includes information about MyPyramid and explains the Nutrition Facts label and various nutrient claims.

Handy Portion 11X 17 Cardstock Poster. Grade 6-Adult. This portion size poster helps to make sense of serving sizes outlined in the USDA's MyPyramid. It illustrates a handy way to measure portion in cups, ounces, etc., using your hands as the measuring tool.

How to Teach Nutrition to Kids Activities for ages 6-12. Promotes positive attitudes about food, fitness and body image. Features hundreds of fun, hands-on nutrition education activities.

Gobble Up Math Grades K-3.

Kids have fun learning math concepts while using delicious and nutritious food. Activities incorporate the Food Guide Pyramid and cover sets, patterns, geometry, measurement, fractions, estimations, and more. A delicious way to learn about math and nutrition.

Gobble Up Science Grades 1-4 136 pages of activities are described to encourage children to explore nature and nutrition. Everything form Woodsy Wonders to Sensational Senses is covered, with well-written directions, including what ingredients you need and how to do it.

Picture Your Meal Laminated wall Poster. 24" x 18". Placing MyPyramid in an everyday context, this colorful poster shows portion sizes for a 2,000-calorie diet. Three balanced meals and several snacks are pictured and labeled.

Contemplate Your Break Laminated Poster. 24X18. This poster displays the nutritional values of a variety of breakfast foods. An excellent way to encourage healthy eating habits.

Portion Distortion Laminated Wall Poster, 24X18. SPANISH ONLY in poster. 8-1/2 X 11 available in English. Vividly illustrating the difference between actual and recommended servings of food, this poster gives the clear message that bigger is not better. Features easy ways to measure portions.

Have a Clue Before You Chew This poster set of three includes Sensational Snacking, Build a Better
Snack, and Weigh in at the Convenience Store. Each 18" x 24" Laminated. Appropriate for grades 6-adult.