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Corporate Quals and Experience

Reston, Virginia
September 2010

Small companies account for half the country's industrial and commercial energy use, according to Energy & Security Group, a consulting firm based in Reston, Va. Because energyefficient improvements typically reduce consumption by 30%, entrepreneurs have the potential to reduce their collective CO2 emissions by 182.2 million tons annually
-Business Week August, 2009

Energy and Security Group

Established in 2002, the Energy and Security Group (ESG) is a small, womanowned professional services company serving U.S. government, industry, finance, and international development agency clients in the U.S. and overseas. ESG assists clients to address critical energy and natural resource issues at the nexus of national and international security interests. ESG focuses on expanding the use of clean energy and environmental technologies and practices to enhance economic performance, promote energy security, improve quality of life, and advance resource sustainability.

About ESG
ESG is a world-recognized leader in expanding the use of clean energy and environmental technologies and practices by:

Creating favorable policies for the application of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, products, and services.
Facilitating the deployment of cleaner energy technologies and practices for energy security, cost savings, and environmental benefits. Developing and applying analytic tools, methodologies, and decision support systems. Developing and implementing programs and projects that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

Increasing energy access, particularly in developing countries, with a focus on rural poor, productive uses, and income generation. Supporting entrepreneurial and business development in the agriculture, infrastructure, and transport sectors. Expanding domestic and international markets and financing for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Conducting communication and outreach campaigns to promote clean energy options such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. Expanding consumer awareness of the costs, benefits, and applications of cleaner energy solutions.

Clients and Partners for ESG projects

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Oakridge National Laboratories Trade and Development Agency U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) U.S. Army U.S. Department of Commerce- International Trade Administration U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) U.S. Department of State U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) Organization of American States (OAS) The World Bank United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) United Nations Development Program (UNDP) United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Non-Government Organizations/Foundations
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Blue Moon Fund (BMF) Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA) Climate Institute Daphne Foundation Fiorello H. LaGuardia Foundation (LGF) Oak Foundation Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) Solar Energy Research and Education Foundation (SEREF) UN Foundation Winrock International

Private Sector
Academy for Educational Development (AED) Advanced Engineering Associates International (AEAI) Aqua Sciences CALIBRE Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) International Resources Group Lockheed Martin Marstell Day Plexus Scientific

What We Do
Analysis and Decision Support Policy Design Analysis Market Development and Technology Assessments Project Development Implementation, and Evaluation Finance Mobilization Capacity Mobilization Capacity Building and Training Communication and Outreach

Analysis and Decision Support

Analysis and Decision Support includes:
Cost/benefit analysis Design and application of decision support tools Mathematical and computer modeling Policy and program evaluation and methodology development

Analytical work supports customer requirements in the areas of:

Renewable energy Energy efficiency Strategic planning Social and economic development Energy security Logistics Programming and budgeting Cost and economics Sustainable use of natural resources.

Illustration courtesy of COGEN 3/Phu Khieo Bio-Energy

Analysis and Decision Support

Sustain the Mission Project (SMP) for business case analysis of energy investments in the Army Installation Resource Evaluation Methodology (IREM) in support of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Energy and Country Instability Report (ECI) Methodology and Analysis and Security for Military Operation (MAESMO) Renewable Energy for Urban Application in APEC member economies

Source: IEA/OECD (2009)

Policy Design and Analysis

The Energy and Security Group works at the local, national, and regional levels to analyze, recommend, and design policies that better integrate renewable energy and energy efficiency into the overall energy mix and create sustainable energy pathways for decision makers at the national, state, and local levels. ESG services include:
Source: Paradigma (China)

Barrier review Policy/ regulatory assessments, analytical support and recommended solutions Subsidy reform Climate change policy Advisory services


Policy Design and Analysis

Developed Virginia Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard

Advisory services on renewable energy policy options and investment incentives, for domestic and international applications Bioenergy evaluation tool to create and evaluate strategies for policy development and implementation Developed policy and regulatory regime for clean energy in Liberia and dedicated Rural Energy Fund

Assessed USG and international government export assistance programs to enhance US industry competiveness

Market Development and Technology Assessments

Energy and Security Group has conducted a range of clean energy market assessments to assist public and private sector clients to make sound business decisions. ESG has also assessed clean energy solutions for grid and off-grid applications, including :
(Photo courtesy First Wind, October 2009)

Identifying, screening, and prioritizing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, products, and services; policy/ regulatory assessments, analytical support and recommended solutions Assessing the market potential for these technologies Estimating market penetration rates and conducting what-if scenarios Conducting pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

Solar PV on a Wal-Mart in Palm Desert, CA. Photo courtesy of BP Solar.


Market Development and Technology Assessments

Biofuel Market Development in the Dominican Republic

Ethanol blending and logistics in El Salvador

Market assessment opportunities in West Africa Bioenergy in the Pacific Islands Rapid commercialization assessment of renewable energy in China Clean energy exporter guides to India and China Solar diesel hybrid market assessment for village power application in Latin America Expeditionary water bottling plant analysis


Project Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

Energy and Security Group specializes in project design and development, project management and implementation, and project monitoring and evaluation. ESG has worked both in the United States and internationallywith a strong focus in Latin America/Caribbean; Asia (particularly India and China); and Africa.

Wind Farm, Chinese Taipei Photo courtesy of South Pole Carbon Asset Management, Ltd


Project Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

Mobilizing Sustainable Agriculture Infrastructure and Capital (MOSAICO) in Brazil, China and India

Renewable Energy in China: Analysis of Village Power Project in Bulunkou Township

Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative (GSEII): identified over 125 MW of RE/EE potential projects Western Hemisphere clean energy project development and evaluation Renewable energy project identification and support in Liberia Biodiesel feasibility study in Fiji Management Support to World Bank Lighting Africa Program to reach Bottom of Pyramid with improved lighting consumer awareness, quality assurance, policy support and financing ( traditional, MFI, Carbon Finance)

Photos courtesy of COGEN 3/Phu Khieo Bio-Energy

Finance Mobilization
Energy and Security Group has a wide body of knowledge and experience in the many aspects of financial mobilization including: Financial packaging/deal structuring

Resource mobilization
Business incubation Consumer credit Micro-finance Fund structuring/management Risk mitigation Carbon valuation Fund-raising, economic and financial analysis Corporate partnering and joint venturing services Structuring and executing operations for startup financing and enterprise incubation


Finance Mobilization
Authored report on Financing Mechanism and Public/Private Risk Sharing Instruments for Financing Small Scale Renewable Energy Equipment and Projects Provided financing facilitation/engineering to increase modern energy access for the Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP). ESG Principal is GVEP co-founder. Clean energy trust fund management in India, Guatemala Banker trainer and consumer awareness program in Granada Caribbean Solar finance program including media campaign, fund development and project support World Bank Finance Network Brazil Renewable energy finance capacity Clean energy financing Solar hot water lending program in St. Lucia Advisory services to foundations/ philanthropists on renewable energy and energy efficiency grant and investment opportunities East Africa energy access financing strategy and donor mapping


Capacity Building and Training

Energy and Security Group builds capacity and institutional strengthening through a range of activities that include:

Conducting training and train-the-trainer programs Organizing/conducting workshops and training courses

Source: Ir. Ahmad Hadri Haris (April 2009). Status of Renewable Energy in Malaysia. PowerPoint presentation at EGNRET meeting, Honolulu April 2009 .

Developing curricula
Providing technical assistance and support Conducting training, readiness, and stability operations Developing and maintaining Web sites and databases Developing toolkits and other training materials; and maintaining information hotlines


Capacity Building and Training

For the EPA Energy Star Program providing training and capacity building on energy efficiency investments for Small Businesses and Congregations Training of Army installation (SMP Tool)

Sustainable energy security education and training for DOD and civilian leadership
Wind energy study tour in China Expert training program on commercializing renewable energy in China


Communications, Outreach, and Conference Management

Effective packaging, communications, and outreach are essential to program success. ESG focuses on the design, development, and promotion of materials and outreach through activities such as:

Market identification/segmentation Message development and generation Testing and refinement of concepts

Development of communications and outreach plans

Development of communications products using a range of channels (print media, news media, DVDs/CDs) Conducting information campaigns, and evaluation of communications activities

ESG is also active in conference management to include agenda development, speaker identification/preparation, onsite logistics arrangements, and conference proceedings.


Communications, Outreach, and Conference Management

Communications and Outreach

Developed a series of brochures and marketing materials on clean energy for sectoral applications agriculture, education, health, governance, water and SME UN Energy flagship publications

Conference Management
International Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Policy Forum Lighting Africa business conference and trade fair (2008, 2010) Washington International renewable energy conference (2009) Energy Efficiency Investment Forum (2006) National Defense University Military Energy Security Forum (Annual)

International biochar conference (annual)

ESG is also active in conference management to include agenda development, speaker identification/preparation, on-site logistics arrangements, and conference proceedings.


GSA Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)

Energy and Security Group offers the following services through its GSA MOBIS contract:
874-1 Consulting Services Contract number: GS-10F-0451P For more information, please contact Steve Siegel: Tel: 703.464.0859 Fax: 703.689.4427 E-mail:


Judy Siegel, President
As president of the Energy and Security Group, Judy Siegel brings 30 years experience in clean energy financing, policy, and technology, with a focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency. She has worked in over 60 countries worldwide including in Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean, and the Middle East. and has extensive experience in developing and implementing renewable energy projects in rural settings. Ms. Siegel has served as President of the US Export Council for Renewable Energy (representing over 1600 industry members), Deputy Director of the World Bank Asia Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE), and Managing Director of the Winrock International Clean Energy Group. Ms. Siegel has a BA in Economics and Masters in Public Administration.

Steve Siegel, VP
Steven Siegel has 30 years of private and public sector experience in energy defense, environmental analysis. He has directed numerous projects in defense resource and management, energy and environmental program development and evaluation, market assessments, strategic planning, economic analysis, information architecture, and security planning. Prior to working at ESG, Mr. Siegel served as Chief, Resource Analysis Division, Center for Army Analysis; Chief, Information Architecture Development Branch, Army Secretariat; and Economist, Alliance to Save Energy. Mr. Siegel has a BS, Finance; Masters in Business Administration; MA, Economics; and MS, National Resource Strategy.


Contact Information
1850 Centennial Park Drive, Suite 105 Reston, Virginia 20191
Main phone: 703.689.4670 FAX: 703.689.4427