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Do you really care ABOUT Children rights, Child Convention of Rights Or Children as Citizens on the Earth?

? Are you priorized some time in your life, YOUR budget or time management patterns: Children as human beings, equals to you in dignity and human rights, But legitimaly DIFFERENT, unrepeatable, unique, diverse in EVERYTHING ELSE? Do you think is sustainable slavery, abuse, maltreatment, invisibility of their interests, rights and agendas, practically in all cultures, nations, territories and economies, particularly under teocratical and dictatorial regimes? What are you doing for freedom, dignity, health, education and equal rights of child, boys and girls, as citizens on the earth? What do you feel and think about: Disadvantages of elderly and disability peoples, exclusion of young people as citizens hate speech, discrimination of girl or women, in their sexual or reproductive rights, enforcement them to be married, genital mutilation, rape or as victim of war or conflict zones, as victims on migrations flows, or excluded -on credit, political representation, visibility on mass media or access to public educationservices and rights? or slavery of teens on the Earth, on XXI Century? Are you concerned about Child labour, CREATIVITY and information flows about human development and end discrimination and slavery on our current world ? JOIN our team this 28 th Anniversary FAQ. WHY is possible redefines our lasting, ENGAGES and commitments in B2B Relations, based in sharing in common -Agendas, goals, resources, info sources, on demand needs, values and synergistic approachesduring this 28 Anniversary for CCIAV, CC4AVE? Horizontal Dialogues for individuals and organizations WHO cares about it -Virtual Commmunites, -Quality Standards on Web Contents, Social Marketing, Differentiation and Posici oning -New Literacies (Audio-Visual Informatics & Communicational Skills) -Glocalized humanistic and democractic values on the ground or ordinary life and its enchantment and RE-enchantment via cultural consumption, horizontal participation, relevant information sharing,

adding values process and solidarity within communicational strategies of socio-cultural inclusion of vulnerable persons, visibility, civic education and networking, as tools for enrichment appropriation and uses with sense processes within communications for human development (ICT4HD) mediated by technologies. Are you, since long time ago, dreaming, taking action, moving factors.. Concerned about b2b OR one or many of the following issues - in your own community, county, city, state, region, country and globallychild rights, children labour, emergent talents, digital natives and their challenges for education and human rights, cultural and creative industries and local and global networks , for solidarity on human rights, local development and socio cultural inclusin, internet rights, ICTs and human development, civic journalism, researches, news, projects and programs TODAY developing on worldwide? IF you can say YES to one of previous subjects and issues, you have the minimum profile for become a partner - a donor, a volunteer or reader, listener or viewerfor our local and global symbolic flows of relevant information, designed for decision makers, within third sector or solidarity fields, under highest curatorial standards on e-contents, via B2B for our e-collaborative glocalized team optimized, synergized, cooperative and solidarity ______ Today: WE are calling urgently- for renewal your solidarity with our intercultural, socio-cultural inclusive, diverse and transcultural initiative as present and future FEEDABACK: 809 467 0363 Cultural Center of Audio Visual Exchange, Foundation & Global Network for socio cultural inclusion and human and educational solidarity

Ave. Tiradentes No. 14 Edif. Alfonso Comercial Suite 401 Ens. Naco

Santo Domingo, D.N. Dominican Republic West Indies

Anniversary July, 8 th, 2012 WELCOME TO CCIAV, CC4AVE... OUR 28 Anniversary (1984-2012), here on Facebook...Please you can add or follow us by twitter OPEN and Freely, IF you are working reflecting and twitting, about ... at LEAST ONE or more from following issues, subjects or concerns... by Yoe F. Santos Graciano on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 4:25pm Please you can add or follow us by twitter OPEN and Freely, IF you are working reflecting and twitting, about information exchange, production, comments or providing NEW evidences for -socio cultural inclusion -cultural and communicative citizenship, locally or globally -culture of peace

-visibility of vulnerable citizen or collectives -human rights and individual freedom -creativity and new literacies -cultures -education -e-learning -collaborative learning -new medias -quality of e-contents or media contents as symbolic flows -humanities -social sciences -Original and no boring proposals -Strategies for Promote, Socialize or Educate families and communities about benefits of Global Convention of Children, Youth and Their Rights, recognized and empowered by United Nations and a pull of charity and Solidaritys organizations

worldwide... -local and global understanding -vocational call and education for all -new paradigms, post fordist, post cartesian, post euclidean REALITIES -Researches, methods, techniques and impacts on ICT and life quality... for individuals and communities -Services, intangibles, value chain and Managements Revolution (1980s-today) -ICTs and human development -new management -social marketing -new technologies and citizen journalism -internet rights -NEW alternatives or strategies for export, by audio visual, creative industries, cultural industries

-cultural production as contribution to peace and tolerance... and so on... This is the account fror friendly, open and free exchange about it... @cciav Human Person Talents, Criticism, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumen!

WARNING: 1. WE are interested in current or contemporary INFORMATION, for us TRY understand our TODAY IS ENOUGH complicated (1945-today) 2. Our readers, viewers and listeners are human beings, tied or engaged with democratic and humanistic values...I mean ( We defend and promote their rights, as consumers against

Low quality contents or tele trash, radio-trash or press-trash) for example, promotion of fascism, fundamentalism, integrism, ethnocentrical or supremacism, hate speech, misogynyc worldviews as view points or other expressions or schools of totalitarisms, as the violence, ignorance, PROPAGANDA (Commercial, political or religious) fundamentalism and prejudices, or justify or promotion of violation of human rights or individual freedoms, to individuals or minorities -inside or outside the cyberespaceare not going to be included in our INFORMATIOIN flow. "EL PRESENTE RECLAMA, LA MIRADA CRITICA(...) causas de nuestras vicisitudes: ortodoxias, religiosas, politicas, academicas, sexuales(...)" Octavio Paz (1990) "All dogmas are main

enemies of human creativity" Oscar Arias Sanchez (1987)

"Unos vinieron a robar, otros a darse por entero" Jotamario (2008) "NO dogmas, listen your inner voice (....) PASSION for quality" Steve Jobs (Stanford Univ, 2005) "The mediocrity, organizes its own gang" Pedro Pompeyo Rosario

" (...) tenemos que ELEGIR nuestra etica personal(...) Nuestra etica personal, no nos la puede imponer NADIE ni padre, ni jefe, ni lider, ni sacerdote, ni maestro (...) lo que consideramos justo y bueno,

debe serlo para LAS COMUNIDADES DONDE VIVIMOS (...) HOY no vivimos SOLO en una lengua, pais, nacion, cultura o continente (...) LO QUE CONSIDERAMOS JUSTO Y BUENO, DEBE AJUSTARSE A LO QUE CONSIDERA JUSTO Y BUENO TODA LA HUMANIDAD(...)" Erwin Laszlo (2004: 1-29) "Tu puedes cambiar el mundo. MANUAL DEL CIUDADANO GLOBAL, para un mundo sostenible y libre de violencia"


"(...)Brindemos por los locos, por los que no encajan, no respetan el status quo(...)

tu puedes citarlos, estar o no de acuerdo con ellos (...) lo que no puedes hacer es ignorarlos, porque empujan adelante la raza humana (...) porque las personas que estan tan locas como para pensar que pueden cambiar el mundo son las que lo hacen (....) "

Jack Kerouac

"Los locos descubren caminos que despues recorreran los sabios"

Refran Popular "Cuando vayas a tomar una decision, piensa en el hombre mas pobre,

que puedas imaginar en la tierra, si el tambien estaria de acuerdo contigo al respecto, NO CABE DUDAS, seria una decision UNIVERSALMENTE justa" Mahatma Gandhi _______ Hello... THIS 28 th Anniversary, for CCIAV, CC4AVE, we are re shaping our virtual community on facebook and everywhere. Today, we are expanding possibilities foe alliances, partnership, consortia, co-productions, attracting NEWS DONNORS, partners, VOLUNTEERS and promoting VALUABLE e-contents, locally and globally, dissemination, curatorial techniques as quality standards measurement, for link: solidaritys organization, around vocational calls, emergent talents and socio-cultural inclussion of child and young citizens,

within other disadvantaged or invisible citizens, for creative, innovative programs, projects, priorizing local contents, digitalization and local or municipal landscapes, issues associated with human development and culture of peace, within strategies connected with human rights, preventing of violence and sensibilization of leaders and citizens, about new educational trends and agendas, in early XXI century for non industrialized nations and territories... IF YOU feel this vocational call, you are welcome to this e-learning and collaborative channel, personally, I started reaching for my own vocational call in early 1976.. more than 30 years after, I still believe internalizing and practice of democratic and humanistics values, are really empower... for produce services withing worldwide

quality standards and win the war against poverty, marginalization, hate speech and totalitariam or dogmatic view points, for organize societies, cultures or economies. This channel had been created for share experiences, doubts, proposals and keep working in those fields... IF YOU individually or institutionally, WORK, produce, Disseminate, consume or make decisions just in ONE of previous Subjects or issues, we are agree exchange information, With you, under the same democratic and humanistic values expressed previously in this text, and you are welcome in our communities and virtual channel or community These are our priorities and commitments: Human Person Talents Criticism FRIENDSHIP, Salut Polis Et ECUMENE! 1984-2012 XXVIII Anniversary CCIAV, CC4AVE Bienvenido/a El hartazgo

-de la chapuza y la mediocridad apandilladaTIENE INFINITAS formas locales y globales de expresarse...esta es UNA... By Yoe F. Santos Graciano "(...)existe una realidad LOCAL, que local ( LOCAL EN AFRICA, CARIBE, UNA PARTE DE ASIA Y UNA PARTE DE OCEANIA...COMO DE EUROPA DEL ESTE, EN LA TETRAMUNDIDAD Y LA TERCERMUNIDAD): mucha gente que realmente NOS interesa, NO se conecta a la internet, pues, asi las cosas, hare -no el libro que suenas- , sino el que CREO necesitan HOY, los ninos, las ninas, los jovenes, los adolescentes EN LA LLAMADA GENERACION DIGITAL, O GENERACION GOOGLE o nativos digitales (Prensky, 2001)..." Yoe F. Santos/cciav y NO MAS

FEEDABACK: 809 467 0363 Cultural Center of Audio Visual Exchange, Foundation & Global Network for socio cultural inclusion and human and educational solidarity Ave. Tiradentes No. 14 Edif. Alfonso Comercial Suite 401 Ens. Naco Santo Domingo, D.N. Dominican Republic Talent, Criticism & Friendship!!

Salut, Polis et Ecumene

Feedback: <a href=""> <img src=" g" width="160" height="33" border="0" alt="View our CEOs, Yoe F. Santos's profi le on LinkedIn"> </a> 809 467 0363 Cultural Center for Audio Visual Exchange, is a non profit, non religious, non p artisan or nor militant, non commercial institution, created on July 8 th, 1984, oriented and specialized in creativity, research and collaborative learning pro cesses, as support for human development on non industrialized or Third World Co untries and Territories, this year we are celebrating our 28 anniversary and our 16 years -on Caribbean, Greatest Caribbean, Iberoamerican and Latin America cul tural and audio-visual surrounds- on internet issues and particularly on cybersp ace: AUDIENCES AND RECEPTION PROCESS, are our main goals Some Samples about our goals, priorities and local and global, agendas. We provide on demand services, in parallel with communitarian social sharing on networks, ... We DO NOT accept, donnors, volunteers or partners, IF THEY ARE NOT agree with our goals, priorizing global understanding and culture of peace, social inclusion and protection to vulnerable sectors on cultural and social fields. Talent, Friendship and Criticism, under world wide standards, on focus by salut, polis et ecumene, are our conceptual view, for a most better planet for raise t he child, young guys, and exciting and productive edutaiment... PLEASE do not send US invitations to partnership or collaborative productions IF you know those proposals are boring or linked with radio-trash, TV trash or p ress-trash.... OUR FAVORITES LIKES ON FACEBOOK -CCIAV-Communitarian-Page-and-Honorary-Memberships-2008