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‫ פ' ויצא‬Abstract ‫לקוטי שיחות‬

- ‫תוכן הענינים מלקו"ש השבועי‬-
‫לע"נ ר' אפרים ב"ר אברהם ע"ה האפמאן‬ ‫נשמת אפרים‬
 Resource to encourage the study of the Rebbe’s sichos 
‫הוראה‬ ‫ענין‬ ‫פסוק‬ ‫חלק‬
Only by exposure to temptations (‫ )א‬In order to build the House of Yisrael,
and overcoming them, is it Yaacov was told to go to Charan, a place
‫פרשת ויצא‬ ‫א‬
possible to build a Jewish home where G-d’s presence is concealed
By prayers beforehand, even the (‫ )ג‬Yaacov needed to protect his head from
fork & spoon become holy involvement in the world & turned those
In Galus, trust only in G-d by stones into an altar
following Torah without (‫ )ז‬Yaacov went into Galus only trusting
compromise, and one comes HaShem, and left whole and complete
out a complete Jew (‫ )ט‬We can learn human character traits
By Torah and Mitzvos, we can from prior to Matan Torah; we learn not
elevate now that which to mix two joyful events together, need to
preceded Matan Torah be totally immersed in one simchah
This is the pattern for a Jew’s life:
Prior to going to Charan, Yaacov prepared
In the morning, one should by learning Torah in the House of Ever,
commit a block of time to making a commitment to prayer
prayer and learning While in Galus, Yaacov continued to be ‫פרשת ויצא‬ ‫ג‬
In business, one should be involved in Divine service by reciting
distinguished by holy conduct Tehillim and the like
The Mitteler Rebbe revealed that Allusion to Lag B’omer (Rabbi Shimeon
which were previously hidden Bar Yochai); “gal” (pile) is not a full ‫עד הגל הזה‬ ‫הא‬
in small drops, into wide and separation but lets some items through;
understandable formats
‫ נב‬,‫לא‬
thus, reveals the hidden, for good
One who is extremely careful The Yetzer HaRa was taken from Yitzchak
about what one sees, his Yetzer when his eyesight was removed; he was ‫ואלקי יצחק‬ ‫ב‬ ‫ה‬
HaRa is removed unable to see bad in his household ‫ יג‬,‫כח‬
A person should overlook one’s The Avos kept the whole Torah but this
own spiritual luxury in order to was from their own choice; Yaacov let (‫נישואי‬
help another person acquire a go of his personal stringency to avoid ‫ג‬ ‫ה‬
spiritual necessity hurting Rochel who had waited for him
Avrohom & Yitzchak promoted awareness
of G-d but their effect was superficial;
Through transformation of the they could only appease evil (and make
bad in Galus we will surely be oaths with Avimelech) ‫עבודת הצדיקים‬ ‫מבאר שבע‬ ‫א‬ ‫י‬
able to merit Geulah Yaacov’s avodah transformed evil into ‫ י‬,‫כח‬
good (and, thus, inappropriate to make
an oath with bad) ‫עבודת בעלי התשובה‬
Just as the Shvatim were called Leah (and all the Mothers) called the names
by the Mothers to indicate an of the children since they revealed the
*‫ותקרא שמו‬ ‫ב‬ ‫י‬
expansion of the previous special nature of each child ‫ לב‬,‫כט‬
foundations from the Avos, so Rueven “"‫ ראו בין‬showed the difference
the Mitteler Rebbe expanded between the firstborn of Yaacov and of
Chassidus from the base Avrohom & Yitzchak; he did not protest
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‫ פ' ויצא‬Abstract ‫לקוטי שיחות‬
- ‫תוכן הענינים מלקו"ש השבועי‬-
‫לע"נ ר' אפרים ב"ר אברהם ע"ה האפמאן‬ ‫נשמת אפרים‬
 Resource to encourage the study of the Rebbe’s sichos 
‫הוראה‬ ‫ענין‬ ‫פסוק‬ ‫חלק‬
provided by the Alter Rebbe the preferential treatment of Yosef
Reward of Shmiras Shabbos is that the Mitzvah of Shabbos becomes tied up
with the essence of one’s soul, Yechidah, which effuses into one’s 4 amos ‫ופרצת‬ ‫א‬ ‫טו‬
Special connection of Techum Shabbos to Yaacov and his special blessing ‫ יד‬,‫כח‬
‫ בית‬- Yaacov refers to the 3rd Temple
Learning Torah must contain love
‫ כי מציון‬Sign
and bitul, and then, the Third
‫ תצא תורה‬Inclusive of many aspects ‫ל‬-‫בית א‬ ‫ב‬ ‫טו‬
Temple can be revealed (which ‫ יט‬,‫כח‬
‫'ודבר ה‬ Halacha
contains the first two)
‫ מירושלים‬Complete Awe
Yaacov was not demanding rewards from G-d; rather he requested from G-d ‫אם יהי' אלקים‬
the necessary means to enable him to properly serve G-d ‫טוג‬
The ascension of the soul enables the making of the dwelling place below ‫ כ‬,‫עמדיכח‬
Sheep are docile and a greater degree of
Sheep indicate for Jews a going
out of one’s self to obtain bitul
self effacement than other animals; G-d ‫ויהי לו צאן‬ ‫ד‬ ‫טו‬
rewarded Yaacov with an abundance of ‫ מג‬,‫ל‬
in order to transform the world
sheep to indicate his service of bitul
After Tishrei, one begins the
After Tishrei one goes into the flow of the ‫ויעקב הלך‬
service of birurrim
rest of the year; or one goes for the rest ‫ה‬ ‫טו‬
of the year in His way ‫ ב‬,‫לדרכו לב‬
A Jew in Galus needs to When Yaacov went to Lavan (Galus), he
remember that going down is in said the 15 Shir haMaalos as a means to ‫ותדד שנתי‬
order for the future elevation; elevate (simchah and going up) ‫א‬ ‫כ‬
needs to be done in simchah see table below
‫ מ‬,‫מעיני לא‬
The land is connected to the Miracle of folding the entire land under
Yechidah of each Jew, which Yaacov’s 4 amos while he slept,
spreads to one’s four amos and indicated G-d’s promise that conquering *‫שוכב עליה‬ ‫ב‬ ‫כ‬
cannot be tarnished; and it is the land would be totally effortless just ‫ יג‬,‫כח‬
impervious to any opposition as one sleeps without effort
Two opinions in the Zohar on the nature of Lavan’s reward (his property was
blessed due to the merit of assisting Yaacov)
One opinion that Lavan received 100 of each kind per month (10 x 10) due to ‫ויברך ה' אתך‬
Lavan’s own blessing; maximum within nature; acting as an assistance, ‫כ‬
secondary role, and thus, received “inferior” blessing to Yaacov’s blessing ‫ ל‬,‫לרגלי ל‬
Rabbi Abba says Lavan received 1000 ((‫ אלף אותיות פלא‬which represents beyond
nature; non-Jew plays a role as a crucial partner, sharing in the rewards
The Jewish people are employees Just as an employer must not steal or delay
of G-d, and must be fully the wages, so an employee must not pilfer ‫בכל כחי‬
committed to using all their from the labor, like Yaacov gave all his ‫א‬ ‫כה‬
abilities for His service time & energy (a spiritual transformation)
‫ ו‬,‫עבדתי לא‬
A person should not be Angels of Eretz Yisrael left the land to
discouraged by the Exile, since escort Yaacov since this was the angel’s
‫ויפגעו בו‬ ‫ב‬ ‫כה‬
angels escort one to assist and purpose to promote matters pertaining to ‫'מלאכי אלקי‬
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‫ פ' ויצא‬Abstract ‫לקוטי שיחות‬
- ‫תוכן הענינים מלקו"ש השבועי‬-
‫לע"נ ר' אפרים ב"ר אברהם ע"ה האפמאן‬ ‫נשמת אפרים‬
 Resource to encourage the study of the Rebbe’s sichos 
‫הוראה‬ ‫ענין‬ ‫פסוק‬ ‫חלק‬
to act as an honor guard Eretz Yisrael, even outside the land ‫ ב‬,‫לב‬
Parsha is about Yaacov’s Galus &
The vessels of man, ‫ בינה‬itself,
redemption; so the Mitteler Rebbe
creates peace with G-dliness in
two levels of Shalom – Alter Rebbe & ‫י' כסלו‬ ‫ג‬‫כה‬
the study of Chassidus
Mitteler Rebbe ‫שלום עליכם עליכם שלום‬
Tefillah is a similar level to Reward of Mitzvos contain earthly benefits
Shabbos; need to put effort into Unique reward of Shabbos observance is ‫ופרצת‬ ‫א‬ ‫ל‬
it in order to strengthen its the benefit from the Splendor of HaShem ‫ יד‬,‫כח‬
observance and connection since ‫מעין עולם הבא‬
Yaacov’s establishment of his permanent
Business people while mainly
house was similar to HaShem’s house;
involved in the service of birur,
Yaacov’s main accomplishment was in
still need to set time for Torah
the environment of Lavan, the lowest ‫זבולון‬ ‫ב‬ ‫ל‬
study and involvement in ‫ ב‬,‫ל‬
place; Zvulun uses the same effort of
diligent davening (especially
engagement in the world in order to
on Shabbos)
transform it into holiness
Avodah of the intellect (male) Yaacov placed the males (intellect) before
precedes the service of emotions the females (emotions) in contrast to the
*‫את בניו‬
(female); but there are times that behavior of Eisav that placed the females ‫ואת נשיו‬ ‫ג‬ ‫ל‬
one must do the opposite before the males ‫ יז‬,‫לא‬
Verse alludes to the descent of the The effects of a Tzadik (Yaacov) on his
soul into the body, a place of neighbors are direct and physical:
concealment of Honor, Light ‫ הדר‬Honor – proud that a great person
and Aura; but the effort below resides in their town *‫ויצא‬ ‫א‬ ‫לה‬
can make an impression (‫ זיו )רושם‬Light is emitted inspiring everyone ‫ י‬,‫כח‬
that leads to the return of the ‫ הוד‬Aura intimidating effect on others,
soul to a higher connection promoting fear of G-d in the vicinity
Minchah (birurrim) is during the Conflicting statements regarding order of
middle of the day, connected to three daily prayers: what is the goal? ‫ויפגע במקום‬ ‫ב‬ ‫לה‬
Eliyahu & Moshiach see table below ‫ יא‬,‫כח‬
Yaacov’s dream about a new striped animal; shift from the natural to the
supernatural produced something new - ‫ברודים‬
*‫וברודים‬ ‫ג‬ ‫לה‬
Deeper level – Yaacov (same letters as ‫ )יבקע‬draws down into this world by a ‫ י‬,‫לא‬
stick; the Kav from prior to Tzimzum (a place of Lavan, simple with no
mixture of colors) to a place of berudim (all the colors); Kav contains limited
(external), multiplicity and unlimited (internal)
‫“ חוט של לבן‬stick” of white revealing the simpleness of the Ain Sof
‫ מקיף את גופו סביב‬This unlimited light surrounds all the worlds
‫ חברבורות שלו פתוחה ומפולשת‬This light reaches to the bottom and yet in the future
returns to the source
Lesson: Our task is to connect to the “simpleness” of one’s soul (whiteness,
without the colors, a level higher than Yechidah) to this world; and this is

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‫ פ' ויצא‬Abstract ‫לקוטי שיחות‬
- ‫תוכן הענינים מלקו"ש השבועי‬-
‫לע"נ ר' אפרים ב"ר אברהם ע"ה האפמאן‬ ‫נשמת אפרים‬
 Resource to encourage the study of the Rebbe’s sichos 
‫הוראה‬ ‫ענין‬ ‫פסוק‬ ‫חלק‬
done by through the inner Torah (Chasidus) a level of Ain Sof

15 ‫ שיר המעלות‬Shir HaMaalos Tehillim 120-134

Joy and Ascension ‫כל הנשמה תהלל י"ה‬

“And You, Holy One, are seated upon the praises of Yisrael”
Yaacov (Yisrael) said 15 Shir haMaalos in Galus
Other (connected) items of 15 units

⑮ years the three Avos shared in physical world 2108-2123

⑮ steps in the Bais haMikdash from the Ezras Nashim to the level of Ezras Yisrael
⑮ Unifying letters (‫ )י & ה‬of Ish and Ishah (‫ )אשה איש‬when peace exists
⑮ Waters of the Flood of Noach rose 15 amos above the highest point
⑮ The rains of the flood descended for 150 days (15 units of 10)
⑮ The Ark was 150,000 cubic amos (50 X 300 X 10)
⑮ years added to the life of Chizkiyahu haMelech after doing Teshuvah
⑮ 15,000 amos water level raised by David haMelech (Sotah 53)
Order of the Three Daily Prayers
‫בקשת צרכים‬ ‫כמו מעשה‬ ‫יום אחר‬
‫חפצא דתפילה‬
‫צרכי עצמו‬ ‫בראשית‬ ‫הלילה‬ ‫מעריב‬
‫דיבור התפילה‬ ‫להמשיך קדושה‬
‫ועבדתם את ה"א‬ ‫תחילה‬
‫זיכוך את הגוף‬ ‫בעניני העולם‬

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‫לקוטי שיחות ‪ Abstract‬פ' ויצא‬
‫‪-‬תוכן הענינים מלקו"ש השבועי ‪-‬‬
‫לע"נ ר' אפרים ב"ר אברהם ע"ה האפמאן‬ ‫נשמת אפרים‬
‫‪ Resource to encourage the study of the Rebbe’s sichos ‬‬
‫הוראה‬ ‫ענין‬ ‫פסוק‬ ‫חלק‬
‫גברא המתפלל‬ ‫עבודה שבלב‬ ‫בגדר הקדשים‬ ‫לילה אחר‬ ‫שחרית‬
‫'דביקות בה‬ ‫היום‬ ‫תחילה‬
‫התעוררות אהבת ה'‬
‫לגלות קדושה‬ ‫ולעבדו בכל לבבכם‬

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