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what is a state of dance?

by jeffrey gormly

Dance is the state of excitement in a system where change becomes possible, desirable, fluid and pleasurable jeffrey gormly after michael klien Dance in its most potent form manages to momentarily live new orders tyrone oros In truth, the right way to begin to think about the pattern which connects is to think of it as primarily a dance of interacting parts gregory bateson, mind and nature it was important for me to soften my ideas of dance/choreography. here is an example of how one non-dance trained persons way of understanding choreography has evolved: what it is and how to utilise it as a way of thinking about the creative process, particularly in the notes on morphogenetic fields. it was of great help to me to think of a state of dance rather than dance as an activity. Michael thinks of dance as a state of mind. i think of a state of dance as having the qualities of lightness, grace, flexibility, flow, give-and-take, spontaneity, emergence A community united through common enthusiasm, effervescence ..effervescence of a group, its potential for communication is .. a tactics .. of intimate burn-off and an ecstatic movement out of oneself Alan Stoekl, Batailles Peak: Energy, Religion and Postsustainability

state of dance: a manifesto To be or not to bop in a movement of the people: my idea is logical. Its a party and it is political. Political party. Energy body. Matter is a stage: events happen through me. I am an actor, performing reality. Control of creative capacity for change is an engine of true freedom. Rewritable thought formations travel at speed of change. Our goal is autonomous self-creation, striving for sustainable complex formations, seeking flexibility and permanessence, total participation, and distributed non-interference in our idea of a state of dance Multi-authorship in a rewritable reality: our world is where our two worlds meet. Whole thing is a dreamcatcher, what politics should be: beconceiving what you are, then be-live believe it. Dont you see how it works?: We can all be authors: its about communication, not power. Ideas in motion, performance of the people, onstage a new reality: we can act ourselves better. And what is a party, political party, only capacity for change and a chance to play for real? Dance of chance and dreams and human drama, emanations of utopia ..every person continually performs material processes. He continually creates interrelationships. Even when he gives, when he defers to another, or the way he behaves in a crowd, there are always, lets say, form processes at work. Dancers, after all, do nothing but move, on their feet. And people on a crowded street are basically dancers too. Joseph Beuys ***************

state of dance: manifest yes. dance. we intend it breathing [in] not knowing present moment empty: ripple fill [out] spontaneous accuracy. spirals branch extending [in] back and forth, back and forth. you can never give or take enough [out] to fill a hole inside, but you can somehow give it [in] and die: you can fall into a moving state of balance|grace and dwell [out] on an edge of now [now now now] which somehow never ends [in] my state of dance, exquisite bio-circuitry | says i you yes no [out] me we | simultaneously waves of energy flow [in] through fields of being, [back and forth back and forth] thought comes [out] of dream. one and infinity mean many one and same things: many eyes of blindness share a secret kind of [in] unseeing. we strive we are obliged to actually understand our selves, and our bubble warping relationship with matters dark spells. limbspelling spilling spieling [out] truth is contradictory, various and healing. we are many : swarming honeybees : we share capacity [in] and passion for beautyits only about power if you want it | | to | | be [out] ideology is toxic, poisons perception: fixing ideas requires use of tension. extent of our mindfulness openness range is free association [in] a river of change relating means moving . moving creates time [time time out] power and illusions of supremacy dissolve: [yes] moss only creeps, but it eventually covers all. dance. [yes] we intend it. [yes] I say yes, and we intend it.