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General Specifications ID: Nomen: 7573 PROM-1 Descriptions Outline Description: PROM-1 is a bounding, fragmentation, antipersonnel landmine.

The mine uses the UPROM-1 pressure/tilt fuze and is normally tripwire initiated. The mine may be planted in water up to half a meter deep. The practice version of the mine, the VPROM-1 with the VUPROM practice fuze, is identical in appearance and dimensions with the exception of vent holes in the mine body and painting and markings. Assemblies: Structure: Category: Landmines

PROM 1 :
Print Country of Origin: YUGOSLAVIA

The steel body contains the main charge and central propellant tube, with the detonator assembly offset within the body. The fuze assembly screws into the well at the top while the base consists of a heavy plug attached with shear screws.


The bottle-shaped cast steel body has a central The mine body and fuze are olive green. well for the attachment of the fuze assembly. Markings on the mine body are yellow, while The detonator is fixed within the mine body. those on the fuze are black. The practice mine is also olive green with a yellow band around the mine body and fuze nut. Markings are black. Smoke practice mines may have markings in black only. Method of Operation: Initiating the fuze ignites a propellant charge in a central tube, which blows off the base to propel the mine body into the air. A tether wire fed from the base then initiates the detonator and main charge to shatter the steel body into fragments. Alert: Highly dangerous. No attempt should be made to neutralize this mine unless absolutely necessary. Cannot be disarmed as detonator is integral.

Specifications Diameter (mm): Length(mm): Width (mm): Height (mm): Weight (g): Metallic Weight (g): Explosive Weight (g): Frag range (m): Hazard Boobytrap Cocked-Striker Ejection Explosive (HE) Frag


Component Materials: The mine body is steel. The fuze is brass. The safety collar and prongs are aluminum.


260 Case Material: 3000 Steel Detectability: Easily detectable 425 Explosive: RDX / TNT 200 Transport: Do not transport

Disposal Neutralization: Disarming: Replace safety clip Cannot be disarmed Check and disconnect tripwire Unscrew fuze

Demolition: Charge Weight (kg): 0.5 Beside Placement: mine

Practice version of the PROM-1. It has the same dimensions but is used with a small training smoke charge. The yellow band around the body identifies it as a trainer.

This is an older school version of PROM-1 mine, made in 1960's. It was made in factory KV (KRUIK VALJEVO) from the same parts as practice mine VPROM-1 and from inside it also has a metal cup for fixing the smoke charge. It has four smoke emission holes drilled in the top of the body. PROM-1 were not to be used in the field for training soldiers, they were only used in classrooms.