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Things needed to memorize History of the church:

Characteristics of the infant church, Organization of the church Ecumenism The last four things Sacraments Not included: from trent to the present - history

True Church is the BGINING of the kingdom of God TRUE Christians are in the world but not of the world TRUE - Mass baptism during reign of Charlemagne has nothing to do with Jesus False Luther did not object when his followers his church Lutheran TRUE no individual and no community can proclaim the Gospel to himself since faith comes from what is heard TRUE - The church of Christ constituted and organized as a society in the present world, subsists in the batholic church TRUEOrigen said where there is sin there is division, True one cannot charge with the sif of the separation TRUE ONCE BAPTIZED = CHRISTIAN LAY INVESTETURE the kings appointed bishops and Abbots SIMONY church office was sold to the highest bidder NEPOTISM - church officials appointed their relatives to church positions NICOLAITISM- CLERGY KEPT CONCUBINES -all true Inquisition - It is a supreme tribunal by which people accused of heresies were tried Heresy wrong teaching of truth or dogma Pentecost considered as the birth of the church of Christ Council gathering of church leaders Antioch - The gentile city where the followers of Christ

People needed to know:

St. Peter St. agata Ignacius Tertulian Cecilia St. Lawrence Sebastian

Things to memorize :
-the fall of Rome - 476 -Constantinople -1453 -The year of great schism 1054 -The year of Protestantism 1517 martin Luther -Emperor of the west Charlemagne, Charles the great -Feudalism -Edict of Milan/toleration roman edict granting freedom of religion to Christians False Constantine was baptized Christian shortly. The truth at his death bed Teoducius St Anthony of Egypt founder of practice which one renounced worldly pursuits in order fully devote ones life to spiritual work MONASTINISM SCHISM REFUSAL OF SUBMISSION TO THE ROMAN PONTIFF OF COMMUNION WITH THE MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH SUBJECT TO HIM FALSE Jesus founded the Church in a direct FALSE Church is the kingdom of God

were first called Christians before = followers of the way ROSARY - Prayer used by saint Dominic to convert heretics PREDISTINATION - The doctrine, which teaches that only the elected ones, will be saved

3 guarantees of unity eucharist, commandment to love and the Holy Spirit 3 evangelical counsils poverty, chastity, obedience 3 types of early Christian leaders bishop, priest, deacon 4 characteristic of the infant Church (KKD) proclamation, community, service, worship ANTIOCH, ,JERUSALEM, ALEXANDRIA, CONSTANTINOPLE, ROME -5 patriarchs during the time of Constantine the great Four conditions needed in order to be considered as a father of the church Antiquity orthodox of doctrine, sanctity of life ecclesiastical f life, ecclesiastical approval 4 mendicants ordersDominicans, Augustinians, Carmelites, Franciscans 7 chars of the people of God we are born anew, People of God, head ,status ,law(love), mission, destiny,


ARIANISM JESUS WAS NOT GOD BUT ONLY HUMAN MACEDONIANISM denied the divinity of the Holy Spirit Nestorianism Jesus was not God. Thus Mary should not be called the Mother of God, Jesus is two persons one human , one divine, Monophysitism Jesus was not a real man only divine Monothelitism Christ has 2 distinct natures, divine and human but one will Iconoclasm destruction of icons

Memorize Enumeration:
3 reasons why the church is one trinity, Jesus, holy spirit 3 pillars of protestant theology sola fide, sola gracia sola scriptura, faith , scripture, and grace 3 visible bonds of communion Apostolic succession, faith, worship 3 wounds to unity schism, heresy, apostasy, 3 levels of Jesus temptation pleasure, pride ,power 3 office f the church- priest, prophet, kings Ekklesia assembly, congregation, an assembly of citizens assigned summoned by the crier, the legislative assembly Parousia a coming, a presence Lay investiture appointment of bishops and other church officials by non-church authorities, like the feudal lord In hoc signo vinces In this sign you will conquer, Motto of the Knights Templar Constantine Conciliarism council is higher than the pope Baptism

Theotokos - God bearer,doctrine of the church making Mary the mother of God Filioque Father and the son St Benedicts motto prayer and work, ora et labora Saeculum obscurum Dark Age Ecumenism unity of Christians

Baptism church intrinsic justification Luther - extrinsic justification Eucharist Luther consubstantiation Church transubstantiation Mass Luther ceremony Church sacrifice Authority on faith Luther scripture alone Church scriptre, tradition, Magisterium , Work- Luther - does not justify faith Church justifies and edifies faith CONCEPT OF AUTHORY IN THE EARLY CHURCH God-Jesus-apostles-bishops Typical leadership structure bishop priest deacon -


Compare doctrines of Luther and the catholic church (man, baptism, Eucharist, mass, authority on faith, work) Luther - man is corrupt, consubstantiation, ceremony Church fallen to sin, starts as good , pure when baptized, transubstantiation, sacrifice Man Luther totally corrupt Church stained with sin