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God wants to be cald Daddy, everytime u cal on him Jesus, a Brother.

He is very kind-hearted, His heart is overwhelmed wit luv 4 me a declaration of ds brings intimacy Joseph clearly typifies Christ i didnt know Him first, He knew me first, long b4 i knew or saw Him. He has known long b4, watchd over me n He wl continue to John 10:14, He knows evryting abt me and still luvs me ds way i know Him bcos He luvs me i cnt buy His supply of generousity, blessing n grace Human nature cnt tink of God as a giver, dy tink otherwise God is a giver n man a receiver wen man receives den he is able 2 giv wit God its mor blesd 2 receive dn giv wit man its otherwise; Acts 20:35 dnt judge God n His luv 4 me by my drk circumstances God neva takes somtin without givin it bck in plenty Rom 8:28; ds is my inheritance. al tings 4 my gud only d believers r cald accordin 2 purpose evrytin dt r wrkin 4 my gud r al 2 mak me mor lik Jesus (Power n Kindness) he is my elder brother, Gen 45; 4. he dosent hold grudges He says al wl b wel, He wl use His power 4 my gud i giv Him a chance 2 luv me, cos He's my Big Brother

SOUL PROSPERITY d heart of God is 4 me 2 prosper

3Jhn:2; my prosperity in al tings;health,finances is equaly proportnd to my soul prosperity my Soul is mind, emotions n will. its d middle prt of me am a Tripartithe being; am a Spirit, av a Soul n liv in a Body (house) God is Triunity; 1 God bt Father, Son n Holy Spirit d secret of soul prosperity is walkin in d truth knowin d truth sets u free while walkin in it prospers ur soul wen ur soul prospers , ur feelins(in d soul) r affectd wn u av negativ feelins; depresn, gossip r signs of soul failure n emptiness bt wn ur feelins r love, elation, tranquil (positive) dn ur soul is full n prospers wen d soul is full u prosper, u gt wel; health, finances... What is truth?.. d gospel a wrong belief breeds a bad soul n maks u stop walkin in d truth grace n truth came by Jesus; Jhn1:17 to av favor wit God n man neva forsake grace n truth Prov.3:4 Wisdom n prudence (grace n truth)givs u success n esteem, maks u prosper grace is 4 d undeservin (guaranteed 2 receive), so 4giv, treat pple kindly 2 types of leaders; dose dt r charitable (walk in d truth) dose dt wnt positn n control (dnt receive d gospel)-3Jhn:10 thru d teachin of d wrd, healin occurs becos d soul starts 2 adjust n prospers listen, read n share d word of grace above al walk in d truth of d gospel of grace nd watch ur soul, health n finances prosper bcos it (gospel of grace)wl manifest al d way out n Jesus wl b glorified. Amen means so be unto me (I believe)