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Imaginary Mechanisms Of Evolution (2): MUTATIONS

By Harun Yahya

utations are defined as breaks or replacements out many experiments to produce mutations in fruit flies taking place in the DNA molecule, which is as these insects reproduce very rapidly and so mutations found in the nuclei of the cells of a living or- would show up quickly. Generation upon generation of ganism and which contains all its genetic information. these flies were mutated, yet no useful mutation was ever These breaks or replacements are the result of external observed. effects such as radiation or chemical action. Every muThe same holds true for man. All mutations that tation is an "accident" and either damages the nu- have been observed in human beings have had deletericleotides making up the DNA or changes their locations. ous results. On this issue, evolutionists throw up a Most of the time, they cause so much damage and mod- smokescreen and try to enlist examples of even such ification that the cell cannot repair them. deleterious mutations as "evidence for evolution". All Mutation, which evolutionists frequently hide be- mutations that take place in humans result in physical hind, is not a magic wand that transforms living organ- deformities, in infirmities such as mongolism, Down isms into a more advanced and perfect form. The direct syndrome, albinism, dwarfism or cancer. effect of mutations is To summarise, harmful. The changes there are three main MUTATIONS: ALWAYS HARMFUL effected by mutations reasons why mutacan only be like those tions cannot be experienced by people pressed into the servin Hiroshima, Nagasaki, ice of supporting evoand Chernobyl: that is, lutionists' assertions: death, disability, and l) The direct effect freaks of nature of mutations is harmThe reason for this Some disastrous ful: Since they occur effects of mutais very simple: DNA has randomly, they almost tions on the human always damage the a very complex strucbody. ture, and random effects living organism that The boy at far left can only damage it. B.G. undergoes them. is a Chernobyl Ranganathan states: victim. 2) Mutations add First, genuine mutano new information tions are very rare in - to an organism's nature. Secondly, DNA: The particles most mutations are harmful since they are random, making up the genetic information are either torn from rather than orderly changes in the structure of genes; their places, destroyed, or carried off to different places. any random change in a highly ordered system will Mutations cannot make a living thing acquire a new orbe for the worse, not for the better. For example, if an gan or a new trait. They only cause abnormalities like a earthquake were to shake a highly ordered structure leg sticking out of the back, or an ear from the abdomen. such as a building, there would not be a random 3) In order for a mutation to be transferred to the change in the framework of the building which, in all subsequent generation, it has to have taken place in probability, would not be an improvement.1 the reproductive cells of the organism: A random Not surprisingly, no useful mutation has been so change that occurs in a cell or organ of the body cannot far observed. All mutations have proved to be harmful. be transferred to the next generation. The evolutionist scientist Warren Weaver comments on Briefly, it is impossible for living beings to have the report prepared by the Committee on Genetic Effects evolved, because there exists no mechanism in nature of Atomic Radiation, which had been formed to investi- that can cause evolution. Furthermore, this conclusion gate mutations that might have been caused by the nu- agrees with the evidence of the fossil record, which does clear weapons used in the Second World War: not demonstrate the existence of a process of evolution, Many will be puzzled about the statement that pracbut rather just the contrary. (For further reading, see tically all known mutant genes are harmful. For muThe Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya) tations are a necessary part of the process of evoluTo purchase the works of HARUN YAHYA, please tion. How can a good effect - evolution to higher visit:

1 B. G. Ranganathan, Origins?, Pennsylvania: The Banner Of Truth Trust, 1988 Every effort put into "generating a useful mutation" 2Warren Weaver, "Genetic Effects of Atomic Radiation", has resulted in failure. For decades, evolutionists carried Science, Vol 123, June 29, 1956, p. 1159

forms of life - results from mutations practically all of which are harmful?2