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Lesson plan

Subject Date Time Class No. of pupils Age Level Theme Topic Curriculum Specifications (CS) Level 1 3.3.1 Read and understand a phrases by matching simple phrases to picture Level 2 3.3.2 Read and understand simple sentence 3.9 Read and enjoy simple stories and respond to them Level 1 3.9.1 Read simple stories Level 2 3.9.2 Read and give details about the people and animals in the story : English : 13th September 2011 : 9.15 10.15 am : 4 Adil : 30 : 10 years old : Low to average World of knowledge : Vehicle :

3.3 Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and whole texts

Focused skill Integrated skill Language content Related knowledge Previous knowledge Educational emphases

: Reading : Speaking and writing : Question Wh-questions : Moral studies and music : Pupils have learnt about yes-no questions before in the previous lesson : Critical thinking skill Moral values Multiple intelligences -

Relating, generate ideas Co-operation, confidence, honesty Bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, verbal linguistics, interpersonal, intrapersonal

Teaching aids Learning outcomes

: Laptop, LCD, speaker, worksheets, pictures, mystery box, balloon : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
1) Read simple stories with correct pronunciation, stress and intonation 2) Construct 12 Wh-questions correctly to answer given 3) Make an action and sound to describe the different type of vehicle

Stages/time Set induction (5 minutes)

Topic/Content 1. Video Clip Cars-toon

Teaching and learning activity

1.1 Teacher shows a video clip

Rationale To create interest and curiosity towards the lesson and to draw pupils attention.

Remarks Teaching aids: Video clip LCD Laptop Speaker

about vehicle to pupils.

1.2 Pupils watch the video

Questions: i. What you can see from this video? ii. What vehicle can you see? Name the vehicle.

carefully 1.3 Teacher then asks pupils to guess what they will learn for today
1.4 Pupils answer questions that

Critical Thinking Skills: Generate ideas Multiple Intelligences: Visual-spatial

teacher ask.
1.5 Teacher introduces todays

topic. Topic for today: The various type of vehicle

Moral values: Presentatio n stage Pre writing (10 minutes) 2. Flash card about vehicle Car Aeroplane Train Motorcycle Ambulance
2.1 Pupils see flash card that


To introduce Whquestion to pupils To create curiosity to pupils.

Teaching aids:
GROUP MEMBER: Nur Ayuni binti Aiyub Siti Jamilah binti Ghazali

shown by teacher.
2.2 Teacher introduce the types

Flash card Picture

of vehicles using Whquestion

2.3 Teacher asks questions to

Critical Thinking Skills:

pupil based on the vehicle showed by teacher

2.4 Pupils answer the questions

Zuraidah binti Zulkifli


Nor Hidura binti Othman


Questions: i. What picture is

Ayuni binti Aziz idea

based on their prior