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Leandro Lima Ramaldes

Age: 27 years Mobile: 11-83069044 Phone: 11-5512-9327 e-mail: Address: Paulino Vital de Moraes, 162 Parque Maria Helena So Paulo

Objective: Mechanical Engineer

Academic Master Mechanical Engineering - Materials and Processes. Institution: Centro Universitrio da FEI Start: March - 2012. Graduation: Mechanical Engineering. Institution: Centro Universitrio da FEI Conclusion: June - 2010. Technical Education: Technical Precision Mechanical Institution: Escola Senai Suo-Brasileiro Conclusion: December - 2003. Vocational Course: CAI - Industrial Training Centre Institution: Escola Senai Ary torres Conclusion: December - 2001.

Professional Trajectory
Brupres Mecnica de Preciso Ltda. Position: Assistant Commercial - (06/2001 will be 06/2003)

Issuance of the order of services, manufacturing and purchase orders. Participation in bidding for public sector companies. Inspection and quality control for parts of the aviation industry with the issue of quality control documents. Issuance of tax. Organization of folders, files and CNC programs. Position: Process Technician - (06/2003 will be 06/2010)

Development of manufacturing processes with orders to manufacturing. Development of programs for CNC machine (CNC lathe, MACH9, Mach8) Machining Center (MACH9, SIEMENS, FANUC), CNC program - level parameters that generated by CAM CNC Software (SOLIDCAM, MASTERCAM). Responsible for the Implementation of the quality system IS0-9001 and is responsible for internal audit. Visit the customer the technical character.

Position: Mechanical Engineer - (06/2010 will be 12/2011) Development of mechanical design for the aircraft, industrial and pharmaceutical.Projects such as cams to wind floss, metering valve of diesel fuel, Sets shirt and dosage rod segments for: Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Industrial. Projects using Catia V5 software, Auto Cad Software SolidCAM is also used for development of manufacturing parts for FAB. Preparation and submission of detailed budget proposal for the end customer. Coordination team for industrial manufacturing activities, development of devices for welding, bending, fixing parts in 4th axis and tools for cutting gears, turning profiles and special tools. Management of the Brazilian Air Force contracts with the preparation of documentation for trading sessions in the public sector with a visit to develop new projects. Planning sales calls, following all technical support pre and post sales and ensuring that the project meets customer expectations. Qualification and supplier development, aiming at cost reductions and ensuring they meet the quality requirements. Development of specific projects to client needs, ensuring full satisfaction by providing complete solutions. Continuous improvement projects, ensuring a modernization of the product line. Nationalization of parts for the rail industry, aviation and personal hygiene, allowing reductions in costs of sale. Monitoring and conducting performance tests of equipment in the field, ensuring that the project be delivered in full working order. Evaluation of results against the policies of the company's commercial area, always seeking the continued growth and service goals.

Courses and specializations

CAM - SOLIDCAM Load: 40 hours - Programming path for machining parts - 2.5 D, 3D - Surface. Completed in 2010 - Sixcad CATIA V5 Load: 40 hours - AutoDesign - Modeling of complex surfaces, solids, assembly set in assembly and detailing. Completed in 2010 - alphachannel Auditor Course for ISO Implementation - 9001 Load: 40 hours - Deployment of the company's quality, maintenance using quality tools. Completed in 2008 - WP Integrando Qualidade

English: Intermediate level - studying Cellep Language Course Spanish: Intermediate St. Vincent de Paul School

- Leadership skills. - Focus on the goal and the search results. - Ease of communication, relationships and learning. - Ability to coordinate activities and trading. - Ease of teamwork.