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The difference between popular culture and more traditional culture is vast. Discuss.

Development has brought modernization in various aspects to many countries. Basically, it has reengineered the cultural system into a new mode. With rapidly developing technology today, we are able to lead a modern way of life. This revolves around multitasking gadgets to facilities that provide us with great convenience. The question is can we establish popular culture in our society without having to eliminate traditional culture? No, the fact that traditional culture is less practiced today has become an issue. However, to what extent does pop culture differ from traditional culture? In the following paragraphs, I will compare and contrast the two mentioned cultures. The main reason for me to support the fact that there is vast different between popular culture and traditional culture is because of the great development in technology. The technology nowadays provides such easiness to the people to go through their lives, causing them to leave what their ancestors did. They prefer to practice modern way of life rather than traditional culture which seemed outdated and quiet tiring. For example in games, kids love to play electronic games that are upgraded from day to day because of their attractive graphic and only require electrical device to be played with less labour. The housewives also favor to use electrical appliances in doing housework rather than using firewood and hand-washing clothes method like the olden days. These situations depict clear difference from traditional culture where young generation will spend their time playing outdoor games such as teng teng, galah panjang, baling selipar and gasing while the women use physical strength which are tiring. This concludes that popular and traditional cultures show clear differences in how daily activities are conducted. Furthermore, the social problems that worsen along the years prove the huge difference between popular and traditional cultures. The community nowadays who prefer to practise the popular culture seems to be affected by the culture that does not take a real priority in ethics as they look towards better development in terms of technology. As the result, people will be exposed more towards negative behaviors that are worsened to serious crimes such as vandalism, gangsterism, drug abuse and pornography. By comparing to the previous residents who were adapted to the traditional culture that give a very high priority in social development, they do not face a large numbers of horrible crimes like the present. The good acts such as helping each other within the neighborhood when there are any troubles, setting curfew for the youngsters and minimizing mixing between different genders keep the community from being affected by negative elements which can ruin the harmony in a society. This shows how far the difference of the effect of modern and older culture towards the people who practice them.

On the other hand, there are a few similarities between popular and the traditional way of life. People in the past are able to spend more time with their family due to a more carefree life. Many of us might think that filial piety had been long forgotten when we are burdened with workloads. However, it is proved wrong when people nowadays still carry out their responsibilities toward their family. As an example, many working adults are not ignorant towards their parents. They tend to allocate some time during the weekends to visit their parents as a way to show their love and appreciation. Thus, it would be inappropriate to say that the pop culture has nothing in common with the traditional customs.

All in all, there are undeniably both similarities and differences between the two cultures discussed. As stated, they do vary technologically and socially. On the contrary, there is a fine line between the two discussed customs in some aspects. I believe that people nowadays should practice popular cultures but not forgetting their roots along the way. In this case, parents play an important role to inculcate traditional cultures to their childrens lifestyle.