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Caldy Cricket Club Paton Field, Telegraph Road, Caldy, CH48 1NX President: Mr M.

Ruddock Dear Member, The 2012 season is fast approaching, Indoor Nets begin on 29th January and the first game is on Saturday 14th April. As the new Club Treasurer, it is now my task to write and remind you all of your commitment to the Club by paying your Annual subscription on time. The Committee have agreed to keep the Subs at the same level again for this year, 120 for Seniors & 60 for Juniors and concessions. The method of paying the Junior Section subscriptions will be the subject of a separate correspondence. Senior Players subs must be paid in full by the end of June 2012, and if a player has not paid anything by 1st June 2012, then that player will no longer be eligible for selection. In addition, a 10 fine will be added to all outstanding balances at 1st July 2012. There has been a lot of time wasted over the past few seasons chasing players for payment, and the sanctions as mentioned above have not previously been enforced, but please be advised, this season no pay; no play. To streamline the process, and to make this process more transparent, the Captains will no longer be allowed to take Subscription payments directly from the players; all subscription money must go through either myself or Nick Schneider. You will be able to pay your subs by either Cheque, Standing Order, or Direct Bank Transfer, but however you choose to pay, the form below must be completed and returned to me at the address below. Small clubs like ours rely on the prompt payment of all money due to survive, we have a finite cash flow, and this must be maximised for the benefit of the club and its members, so as an incentive for early and full payment, I am running a Prize Draw. Every player who pays in full by 1st June will be entered into a draw. There will be 1 prize repayment of your 2012 subscription. I look forward to be inundated with forms and money. Yours sincerely, Stewart Pilley Club Treasurer 8 Truro Close, Great Sutton, Cheshire, CH66 2EY

Stewart Pilley Treasurer, Caldy Cricket Club 8 Truro Close Great Sutton Cheshire CH66 2EY

Caldy Cricket Club - Season 2012

The Caldy Cricket Club rules are that subscriptions are to be received by the Treasurer at the above address by June 2012 at the latest. Subscriptions for Season 2012 are as follows: Full Senior Members 120 Students/Unemployed/U19 60 (evidence required) 30th

This payment can be made a single cheque made out to Caldy Cricket Club, via Bank Transfer to the details below, or via a Standing Order (form attached) The Standing Order takes the form of FOUR monthly payments of 30/15 per month. These 4 payments should be payable from March through to June 2012 I am paying my 2012 subscription by (please tick) Single Cheque (enclosed) Direct Bank Transfer (sent from my bank on) 4 Regular Standing Order Payments (form below completed) Signed.. Date.


If you are paying by Standing Order, this Form must be returned to me at the above address by Monday 19th March 2012 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CALDY CRICKET CLUB Subscriptions Standing Order Form

To: Address . .. .. Bank plc Your Bank Details

Please pay: Sort Code:

Caldy Cricket Club at HSBC - Hoylake and West Kirby Branch 40-25-08 Account No 61328816

Amount ................... Reference ...................................... (Surname : Initial) Number of Payments: Frequency: Beginning : From my Account: Name: Sort Code: A/C No . .. .. .. Your Account Details 4 (FOUR) Last Working Day of the Month 30th March 2012

Signed: .. Date: ..