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AREA General Language Courses PLACEMENT Intermediate I SCHEDULE 10 hours a week with a break of 20 minutes DURATION 20 weeks PREVIOUS LEVEL Basic 3 SUBSEQUENT LEVEL Intermediate 2

The students will be able to make use of the communicative and linguistic skills of the language that will allow him to communicate efficiently.

The activities will be oriented mainly to the development of grammar, listening, writing and speaking skills.

The teacher will apply different forms of working within the group: individually, in pairs, in teams, etc.

The teacher will work with the textbook, workbook, additional material and 4 short novels

Partial Exams .... 60%

There will be 3 partial exams which cover units 1-12

Exams will not be applied out of schedule. Do Not Insist The minimum grade to pass an exam is 6 The minimum grade to exempt the final exam is 8

Quizzes.... 20%

There will be 8 Novel quizzes There will be 3 Movie Quizzes There will be 6 Grammar Quizzes Quizzes wont be applied out of time. Do Not Insist

Workbook Reports.. 10%

At the end of the unit, students are responsible for bringing the workbook answered No workbook report will be accepted out of time. Do Not Insist

Oral Presentation .10%

Students have to make a presentation of a Country which has to cover: 1. Official name 2. Capital city 3. Location 4. Independence Day 5. Official language (s) 6. Type of Coin 7. Religion (s) 8. Population 9. Weather 10. Food

11. 12. 13.

Sightseeing (touristic places) Important Festivities Celebrities (singers, politicians, footballers, etc)

The duration of the presentation will be of 30 minutes Students have to include a feedback activity Evaluation: accuracy, fluency, pronunciation , vocabulary and activity The date of the presentation will be given by the teacher in time

1. For the last Final students are required to bring 20 TECAAL hours.

(From which only 6 hours of video are allowed).

2. Students are required to have 80% of attendance = (Only 15 absences)

3. If a student doesnt have point 1 and 2, that student will be penalized with 1 point way from his final grade.

4. To exempt the Final Exam, students are required to have 8.

5. To pass the semester, students are required to have 6.

6. In case a student has problems with attendance, justifications can be done with a maximum of 5 absences apart from the (15 ones). In order to justify an absence, the student has to present 2 Extra TECAAL hours.

7. Each student is required to give a unique cooperation of 15 pesos for:

grammar, novel, & movie quizzes as well as partial exams and teams games to be work with during the semester

Students who present the Final:

You grade will be taken from the grade of the semester and the grade

of the final exam.