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this comes from an insider and they tend to be almost on the moneymake sure to pay attention to the high lighted part! Please read and if theres anything you come away with PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL ISSA! TELL HIM TO IMPEACH HOLDER! HE IS THE DEVIL WITH THE KEYS. PROTECTING THE INSURGENT!!! Issa CA- Republican - House Rep twitter darrellissa DC OFFICE 202 225- 3906 CA DIST OFF: 760-599-5000 PUT THE HEAT ON ISSA TO REMOVE HOLDER!!!! He is the Chairman of the Oversight & Government Reform Committee! Put this on his facebook, tweet him, and email and call him! HE MUST FEEL THE HEAT TO REMOVE THIS MAN!

Victoria Baer
It does not take a majority to prevailbut a rather irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. ~Samuel Adams
Friends: In case you don't know who the 'WH Insider' is, you need and want to know. Note: Some of this is from the fall 2011 however, the 'race theme' is VIP.

White House Insider: The Obama Plan

How far is Barack Obama willing to go to secure re-election victory in 2012? According to a longtime Washington D.C. political insider as far as it takes. Authors Note: This interview was originally divided into three parts with an initial publication of August 15th. Due to repeated requests, we are now making it available here in its entirety. This interview is the first face to face sit down in months with our longtime D.C. political operative we have come to simply call Insider. They offer up a unique perspective and insight based upon their decades-long experience as a D.C. insider working within the highest levels of government including helping to elect Barack Obama in

2008. Content WARNING: Canotated Language Ulsterman: Its been a while hasnt it? Face to face that is. Insider: Yes it has. Been busy. Tired. Loving it though. I really do love this. All of this. Gonna miss it. And we have made so much progress. Incredible progress. Ulsterman: How so? Eric Holder remains at the DOJ. Barack Obama remains president. Insider: Really? Thats how you put it to me? Holder is at the DOJ for now. For now, right? Open your eyes. Holder is getting absolutely slammed at every turn. We got people in Congress calling for full investigations now. Calling for Holder to step down. Calling for f***ing justice! You didnt see that last year. You didnt see that before we started all of this. Something like that doesnt happen in days or weeks, or even a month or two. It takes f***ing time. Who else pointed to the DOJ and said THERE IS THE SCANDAL. Who else? Nobody but me. I gave you that. On a f***ing platter I gave you that. So dont come here now on my invite and point at me and say there hasnt been any progress. ERIC HOLDER IS GOING DOWN. Ok? Its happening. Right before our f***ing eyes. And like Ive always told you, Holder is the Obama firewall. Holder is the stop-gap to everything. Every f***ing thing. You head up the DOJ you can pretty much stamp out 99% of anything coming at a president. Do you understand that? I know Ulsterman:(Interrupts) I understand what youve told me. You were right on about the DOJ. Ill give you that, deservedly so. And youre also right, at least from what I can recall, that nobody was honing in on a DOJ scandal before you were. And thats where we are at now a significant DOJ scandal. But after months of the scandal first breaking, Eric Holder remains the Attorney General. And the Gunrunner story seems stalled. And I worry its gonna go away. Just like the New Black Panther case did. Insider: First offthe Black Panther thing(long pause) We, II f***ed that up. Not just me, but I am to blame for that in part. We showed our hand way too earlywe got caught flat footed on it. That case had the potential to be much bigger. We f***ed it up. The launch was all wrong. Looking back whataya gonna do? Spilled f***ing milk. But let me make this clear to you right now Gunrunner is way bigger than the NBP scenario. Way bigger. It is an operation that has gone into full government cover up at the highest levels. THE HIGHEST LEVELS. You got that? I told you months ago that we got them. They f***ed up. They took the bait and ran with it. And they know it now. But you gotta understand hereyou gotta realize, that once we reach a certain stage, we become almost totally dependent on certain people in certain positions of power to now take the ball and run with it. That is almost always the case. And if they drop the ball, if they back off, if they make a deal its over. Done. Ulsterman: Issa? Insider: Yeah, hes certainly a very critical part of this. Initially he was among the most critical. To his credithe seems to have pushed this thing out there as best he can. But I remain cautious of his ultimate intent. Will he allow a secondary figure to take the fall? That could still happen. I havent heard that confirmed yet, which is a very good sign, but it could still happen. Its beyond just Issa now though. Congress all of Congress, is engaged on this Gunrunner thing, though under the radar where most the deals go down. There is some positioning, posturing, all the same f***ing bullsh*t these clowns do on this stuff, a deal here, a promise there, nod and wink, handshakes, threats, break-ups, its pretty incestuous on that hill you know? People have no f***ing clue. Weve all been rode hard and put away wet at one time or another up there Ulsterman(interrupts) Staying with Congressman Issa. Can you just say straight on if you believe he will follow through on bringing a special prosecutor to investigate Gunrunner? Just a simple yes or no on that please Insider: That kind of thing will take more than just Darrell Issa. Good news is, its forming right now. Ive

told you that already and you have no reason to doubt it. The negotiations are currently underway for a special prosecutor and the signs are looking very-very good on that, which is a huge development for all of this for what we have been working toward. But lets not get into more details on that just yet I dont intend to help f**k this one up. Just rest assured its moving along, and at a much faster pace than I would have thought possible just a month ago. Ulsterman: Lets say Holder resigns and what you keep referring to as Obamas firewall is removed. What then? Insider: (Smiles) What then? OhI think you would be satisfied with the result. Ulsterman: Thats too vague. What then? It makes sense to me that Eric Holder in his position as Attorney General has significant powers almost unlimited powers it would seem, to protect Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and anyone else needed in order to keep President Obama in power. Even if Holder goes though, couldnt they simply install someone else in his place to continue that protection? Insider: Finally you are asking the right questions! And that is EXACTLY what the Obama machine is already attempting to prepare for Holders replacement. Issa and others are watching this stuff right now, with a strong assist from a certain Democrat senator. The problem is, there will be a gap between the protection Eric Holder provides now, and the protection his replacement could provide. Information can then be uncovered that is currently tucked away behind the cloak of the Obama Department of Justice. When Holder is on his way out, the truth is gonna move in. We just need that window of opportunity to make it happen. Its gonna happen. Just give it a bit more time. Ulsterman: And then back to Chicago? Insider: YesChicago. Maybe Hawaii too. (winks) Ulsterman: You know, there was a time not so long ago where you mocked me for the Birther stuff. Now you keep hinting at something being there. Did you read the book? The Corsi book? Insider: You keep sinkin your teeth into that leg dont you? A godd**n rabid dog for the Birther sh*t. Look, I aint no expert investigator. Thats not my thing. But I do hear things from time to time. And I know for a fact Nancy Pelosi made mention of a file on the subject. You remember that? When she was heading out the door as Speaker. When her and Obama were not so f***ing simpatico? Before whatever deal she struck with him? Ulsterman: Yes. Insider: And the last time I sent you a message I mentioned that this Corsi had been brought up by somebody high up in the political food chain, right? That something seemed to be forming on that? Whatever is there it has people concerned. If he wanted to get their attention, it seems he got it. I would still recommend you dont cozy up to it too close though. I will just say this about your Mr. CorsiI dont think hes entirely right, but theres a lot of chatter out there indicating hes not entirely wrong either. Ulsterman: You keep stringing me along on this thing. You once didnt want to hear anything related to questions about Obamas birth record and now you seem more willing to entertain the possibility. Why the change? What do you know? Insider: Hell I think II think I more than entertain the possibility. I have read some of the stuff you sent me. How much is true or not I cant say. I really cant. I have access to what-what some people are saying, or what they are worried about, or what they might be planning. And I have years of experience that helps me put one and two together to try and figure out what is coming down the political pike. And I have associates with access to their own information who agree with me that Barack Obama was a huge f***ing mistake for the party and for America. But I dont have some super secret Obama file. If I did I would most likely already be dead. I dont know if its about his place of birth or if its something else that

those records could reveal, but what I do know is that Barack Obama is covering something up related to that stuff. The guy is hiding something there. I am sure of that. Everything points to that being the case. The stuff you send melook, a lot of it I just trash. I admit that. Ive looked over some of it though, and some of it soundspossible. Maybe even probable. But I dont have a hand in any of that. Getting Eric Holder out of the DOJ, defeating Barack Obama in 2012 thats my thing. If somebody else wants to prove Obama isnt who he says he is more power to themand join the f***ing club. Ulsterman: If your move to get Eric Holder to step down is not accomplished before the elections, do you think Obama can be defeated? Insider: Absolutely. And thats a big change from what I used to say to you isnt it? I told you and told you Democrats were disgusted over Obama. You remember that? Nobody else was saying that. And now look at what is being reported - Democrats disgusted over Obama. Whispers of Hillary heading out the door. A push to have her run against Obama something that sadly I have been told she wont do. More whispers of some other Democrat challenging the president. That information I sent you about the debt ceilingObama walking out and threatening Democrats. Threatening to f***ing veto Democrats! You messaged me saying I got it wrong. That it was the Republicans he walked out onright? Thats what you said that I got it wrong. Ulsterman: Yes, but in my defense, that is what was reported. That Obama walked out on the Republicans not the Democrats. There was no mention of him walking out on the Democrats, so it did seem Insider: (Interrupts) Seemed? Do you think? Do you think the media wanted to portray the Democrats as clawing out their own eyes? Hell no! If I give you something that detailed you take it to the fucking bank. Got it? President Obama walked out on the Democrats. He threatened to veto them. A veto I told you was complete bulls**t. And what did he do he signed whatever they sent him. Just like I said he would. And after the fact days after the fact, is when the reports finally came out that Obama left a meeting with the Democratic and Republican leadership, and that he was threatening to veto what they were putting together. I was able to tell you what happened, told you what happened, because I got it from the room. Understand? From the f***ing room. If I give you something that specific, its the realtime deal. Dont ever doubt me on that. Ulsterman: Fair enough. How about you tell me how Obama is defeated in 2012? Lets assume Holder is still Attorney General how does Obama lose? Insider: First, Holder wont be Attorney General by November 2012. But Ill leave off on that and talk politics with you. The simple, in it to win it, get your hands dirty with the sh*t up to your balls politics. My world. Ulsterman: Absolutely lets hear it. Insider: Hold on then here we goThe Obama team has already initiated a comprehensive plan of attack for 2012. Just a bit of that has leaked out already. They are developing campaign scenarios based upon the most possible Republican nominees. Now at this point, and heres one of those specifics you can bank on that I just told you about, so try and pay attentionat this point, Mitt Romney has received the brunt of the Obama teams focus. And they still believe he will be the likely nominee, which at this point I would agree with. The funding organization the Romney people put together is f***ing fantastic. The involvement of Perry Governor Perry, has them scrambling now though. I dont believe they actually thought he was going to go for it this time around. I was told the Perry people had leaked to them the Obama operatives, that Governor Perry was actually not considering a run until 2016. If true, good for them. Classic head fake that has left the Obama machine now doing catch-up to prepare for a possible run against Perry. You want to make those Chicago Obama boys stain their drawers? Tell them the South is about to rise again! (laughs) (Authors Note:Since this interview was published, Rick Perry has become the GOP frontrunner)

None of this is beyond the norm though. Where it gets different for the Obama campaign is what Ill just call the Obama Plan. They are going way beyond simply working up your typical campaign scenarios against potential opponents. The president I was told of this about a week ago, maybe two weeks ago(pause) the president actually considered quitting. He really did. But now hes going on the attack. He wants to give a big F-You to White America thats actually one of his primary motivations. You think the race card has been played up before? Just wait. 2012 is gonna be the most brutal political cycle we have ever witnessed. Ever. Ulsterman: Hold up there. Obama the presidenthe actually considered quitting? Where did you hear that? Insider: Yes he considered it. How seriously I dont know, but he was chirping about it to some people for a bit. Before uhhbefore summer. He was consideringtold the president described the idea as cool. Thats how he put Ulsterman:(Interrupts) Where did you hear that? There has been nothing said about Obama quitting anywhere that I know of. Nothing. Insider: Thats about right. Why would there be? But thats what he was saying. Basically wondering out loudsomething along those lines, about just quitting after one term. Then that talk went away just like that, and now the president seems very-very motivated to kick some ass. Obviously somebody had a sit down with him andmodified the presidents way of thinking on that subject. Ulsterman: Jarret? Insider: Maybe. Im sure she was involved on some level. Shes always there. Somewhere. Somehow. She cant afford to have Obama just up and quit. None of them can. The tactics used to obtain the position of president are now being protected by the position of president. Sold his soul for a job he cant stand. Get it? Obama put himself in a f*ckin corner of his own making. His own and the makings of those who placed him there, and there aint no way they allow him to just quit it. Way too much invested in this cluster-f*ck. Billions. Trillions. Who the f*ck knows? Ulsterman: Ok, so you say Barack Obama considered not running for re-election. But now he is running hard to do just that and the campaign is going to bewhats the word you used? Insider: Brutal. Ulsterman: How so? How brutal? Insider: How brutal? Very, thatsthats what Ulsterman (Interrupts) No, I mean, how is it going to brutal? Any more brutal than a typical presidential campaign? Insider: Ahwell, Ill first say there is nothin typical about any presidential campaign. They are all Frankensteins. The very worst of human behavior is par for the course. Ugly-ugly-ugly. Your boy Reagan his people were about the toughest, meanest sons-a-bitches I ever seen run a presidential campaign. All smiles and jokes and positive messaging on the outside, and kick em in the f***ing teeth behind the scenes. As tough as those guys were, Barack Obama is gonna be much-much worse. Ulsterman: How? Whats the plan? Whats going to be different from all the other campaigns? Insider: Youve already seen it. A taste of it. Race. The race card. Racism. Race-race-race. Its all they fucking got to run on these days.

Ulsterman: Race? Hasnt Obama played that one out already? Its become a joke. Insider: Played it out? No, notyou might think so but nohis people are going to raise the issue of race to a level this country hasnt seen since the Civil Rights movement. White guilt got Barack Obama the nomination. White guilt got Barack Obama into the White House. At least it was a big part of itthey are not sure they can run on the economy by summer of 2012. Motivation is way down the people on the ground. Many of them will be sitting this one out. The campaign conducted over five internals in the last few months. Each time the one issue that came back favorably for the president was the color of his skin. People are not comfortablewhite people are not comfortable going against a person of color. At least not a whole lot of them. Those studies those kinds of studiesthey were first incorporated by the Hillary campaign back in 2007 and 2008. It scared the hell out of her she was so afraid of being called a racist. So she attacked Obama on his lack of experience, she just touched on some of the Chicago garbagebut in the end, the race issue kept her from really engaging in all out political war. The Clinton machine was handcuffed. When Obama used race to get America to forgive the fact he spent some 20 years sitting in the church of a proven anti-American fascist f***ing racist what could they do? It was game over. I told you a bit of that alreadyat the start of all this. Right? Ulsterman: Yes how you were stunned Obama survived the Jeremiah Wright scandal. Insider: Nobody should have survived that. No candidateI dont care how goodnobody survives something so they had the videos for f**ks sake! Ulsterman: But he did survive it and rather easily. He gave that speech, and the media praised him for it and the issue was dead. Insider: EXACTLY. Dont you understand it then? How race that very thing that pulled his ass out of the fire back in 2008 thats the plan for 2012. But even more of it. They got an entire plan to utilize it. Targeting certain states. A media campaign. Use it as a weapon against prospective opponents the Romney people better be ready because hes gonna get his ass kicked with the race issue and he wont even see it coming. They better have their boy prepared for that Ulsterman: States? Media campaign? For the race issue? Insider: Yes. Its in place and underway being developed. Further developed. Its gonna gonna tie it in with the unions somehow. I dont know exactly how just thats included in it. It will be an all out campaign on race. The goal is to completely mobilize the Black vote while shaming an even greater number of white voters into not opposing a second Obama term. They are gonna get out the guilt vote man. The guilt vote! Ulsterman: ObamaDemocrats in general, already get the Black vote most of it. Insider: They want all of it. Every last one. Then bring in the Hispanic vote, tie them up in this race issue as well. Republicans want to toss you out. Obama wants to bring you in. They hate the color of Obamas skin just like they hate the color of yours. Hey White America, you arent part of that group who hates non-whites are you? If not, you better get out and vote for Barack Obama. Ulsterman: That sounds overly simplistic and insulting to voters. You really think something like that would actually work? Insider: Hell yes-yes it can work. Its not gonna come so easy as it did in 2008, but thats why they plan to ramp it up the race issue. Look, you got generations of voters in this country who have been hammered with guilt for being white. Schools, television, moviesdecades of this racism sh*t coming at them from all sides. White guilt is very real. Ive used it-done it myself countless times in an election campaign. And for Barack Obamahis re-election team they are banking on it bringing victory in 2012. Even if it means the threat of race riots. They are willing to go that far go down that road if need be. If the Obama team cant guilt enough of White America into voting for them in 2012 they are just

fine with trying to scare the sh*t out of them to do it. And you need to know that there are a lot of Democrats who are hearing about this and are not on board. Weve always used the race issue to our advantage but what the Obama team has planned is somethingits something else altogether. Off the charts stuff. Remember when I said that Obama aint no Democrat? Thats as true now as its ever been. And hes on some kind of collision course now with everybody scrambling to get out of the way, and then some of us trying to do what we can to stop it before its too late. Hes already destroyed the partymuch of it. Gonna take a long time to recover. Daley cant stop this from within. Hes moderated the damage, but hes wearing down. Now its the country we are worried about. My kids and grandkids will do all right without a Democratic Party around. They need to have an America though. The whole world does. Ulsterman: You really believe Barack Obama would go that far to win in 2012? He would be willing to engage in that kind of tactic? Just how far would he go? Insider: (Pauses) As far as it takes. Were preparing for it. I sure as hell hope America is too. Like I told youthis election coming upBrutal. (Authors Note: In the days and weeks following the publication of this interview, several high profile members of the Democratic Party have initiated a racially-charged dialogue at the national level, including members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Jessie Jackson, well known media figures, and even President Barack Obama himself, who recently hung a painting with the word Nigger on it just outside the Oval Office, and even more recently, called for listeners to mobilize while giving an interview on a Black radio program. This dialogue has included a call to war against the Tea Party, and accusations of racism against those who oppose Barack Obamas re-election in 2012. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Michael Savage have all since indicated knowledge of a race-based Barack Obama re-election plan as now being underway.)

4 minute declaration Congressional Black Caucus Dangerous Violent Rhetoric Declares War on Racist Tea Party [ this Is WAR - Tea Party Wants to Lynch Blacks, Calls for Bank Runs, Civil Unrest in Their Neighborhoods and Homes ] Ulsterman: What do you mean by we we are preparing for it? And are you actually saying that Barack Obama would push for race riots to somehow win a presidential election? That soundsfar fetched. Even for this administration. Insider: Does it? How so? You need to take step back and see more of what has been happening in this country. Its why this thing went from a concern about the party to a serious concern about the country. Why arent you seeing that? Ulsterman: Just explain the race rioting. I dont see how that would help Obama get re-elected. It doesntI just dont see how that would work. In fact it seems like just the opposite. If we go from economic chaos towhatever one would call it racial chaosthat doesnt help Obama. So yeah I dont see what you are saying there. Insider: (Leans back folds arms across chest) You and too many godd**n Americans dont see it so dont feel so bad. You know, other world leaders see it. Putin. Sarkozy. Merkel. HarperBarack Obama is incapable of anything remotely resembling leadership, but he is also quite capable of the kind of dangerous arrogance that the very worst leaders in history possessed. (Pauses) Look, let me try and paint a picture for you a clearer picture of what Obama really is. If you were to step into the White House and see the man at work, or whatever the hell it is he calls it. Its not the same as what some of his own people are calling it I know that for certain. The jokes, the sneers that go on behind the presidents back. You want to see that picture? The real Barack Obama? Maybe then you might understand what the man is capable of really capable of.

Ulsterman: Go ahead. Insider: Im at my desk here right? Were sitting here having this conversation. How about we take a look at what the president would look like in the same situation? Walk into that room that office of his on the 2nd floor. He spends less and less time downstairs thats Daleys world now. The president doesnt like the Oval Office much hes made that point repeatedly to more than a few at the White House. He prefers to be upstairs, no suit. No shoes. No joke Ulsterman: (Interrupts) Shoes? Insider: Yeah shoes. President Obama, when he is in his de facto office upstairs the one that is closer to Jarretts own office, and a short hop over to the residence, he spends his time there often in shorts, or sweats, a t-shirt, and those sandal thingsflip-flops. There is a large screen television in there and thats where hours of his time are spent when he is actually at the White House. Day in and day out. The First Lady rules the residence, and the president heads over to his 2nd floor West Wing study. Starting around last spring, he started to take regular briefings in there. And the instructions that went out on those briefings to the president were that they were to be most importantly brief. Anything more than about 15 minutes is unacceptable to Obama. So lets look through the eyes of someone heading into Barack Obamas upstairs office at the White House to give him a briefing. Maybe its on national security. Maybe the economy. Energy policy. Whatever doesnt matter. The scenario being played out these days is pretty much the same regardless of the particulars. You knock on the door its always closed. Always. Often you have to knock for some time before being given approval from inside to enter. The big screen will be on the volume loud. You can easily hear it from outside the door. The sports channels are the ones most commonly playing, though sometimes the channel will be set to music, or Fox News. Sometimes Valerie Jarrett might be there, but most often it is just the president and his personal aide. A large leather chair will be facing the television its well worn. Not part of the White House furnishings but something the president must have brought in from back home. Thats where youll most often find the President of the United States the most powerful man in the free f***ing world. He often sits with one leg draped over one of the chairs arms and the other leg stuck straight onto the floor. Shorts, sweats, a t-shirt, and like I said, no shoes or just those sandal things that so many of the younger people like to wear these days. And that leg thats draped over an arm of the chair will be bopping up and down, likelike someone with a lot of nervous energy. Like a kid does. And theres the smell of smoke hanging on the president. The guy never quite smoking that was all bulls**t. I told you that already. In fact, theres one of those smokeless ash trays on the desk in there. And that desk, its a mess. Magazines spread out all over it. Stupid shit too. Real low brow reading material the president is into. People. Rolling Stone. Lots of those tabloid things. The most common thread with this sh*t is its about the president. If its about him, hes gonna read it. Good or bad doesnt matter. If somebody is talking about him, hes reading it. Hes watching it. Whatever. The guys self-obsession is off the f***ing charts. So thats what you first see when you enter the room the upstairs office of President Obama. Next youre gonna notice how small the guy looks. Really thin. He pads his suits up you know. The top end. The shoulders. It became an actual issue during the 2008 campaign some of his handlers were saying it made his neck look too small. Fact is, it made his neck look just like it is small. The guy is scrawny. All knees and elbows sitting in that chair. Sometimes he gets up when you come in, sometimes he remains seated and will just turn the volume on the TV down with the remote and say, What you got? That foot is bouncing up and down while you give him the briefing, but he rarely looks over at you always looking at whatever is on the television. If its Jarrett in the room, or the personal assistant, one of them is there to keep the time. Your time. Dont go over that fifteen minutes. And even if the president doesnt look like he hears a word youre saying, they are listening to everything. Every godd**n syllable coming out of your mouth, and if something is said they dont like, they jot down notes. Been told its to use for the end of day summary they give the president their own version of what is important and what can be ignoredand who might need to be pushed down, or pushed outor whatever. So youre looking at the president, this skinny guy, whos ignoring you, whos dressed like some kind of f***ing frat boy wannabe, with somebody else taking notes on what youre saying, and then you get up and walk out.

The president might acknowledge you on some days, give a little nod, maybe even a thank you, but most often he just continues to look at the TV, bounce that foot on the chair, his skin looking off-color, pale, the eyes out of focus, the hair a helleva lot more gray than is shown in public, the wrinkles around the mouth far deeperand the hands. His f***ing hands are sothey are just these thin little stick digits. They are like these long-fingered womans hands. And his wrists, you could wrap your own fingers all the way around those wrists again, so much like a womans hands. Almost freakish. Certainly not the strong alpha-male type image that America was given during the 2008 campaign. Thats who you see in the room the real Barack Obama. Pretty f*cking unsettling. Those world leaders, they sensed this. They saw through the faade and saw who was running the United States of America, and the word went out Dont count on this American president he doesnt have a f***ing clue. And theyre right. Ulsterman: So what? The president is a thin man. He has small hands. What the hell does that have to do with-withanything? Or anything relevant to the 2012 election, or the scandal, or to Insider: (Interrupts)Im trying to lay out the psychological foundation of the son-of-a-b**ch. You think people might want to know what this man is really like? How everything around him the whole f***ing imageits a charade. Its a lie. He fooled me he fooled a whole lot of us. And he is frightened every hour of every day that the country will find out. But this realization, this little part of Obamas selfawareness, its getting beat down by the guys absolute arrogance and when necessary, willingness to over-reach acceptable executive authority. Yeah, its a lot more important than the fact he dresses like a slob when the cameras arent on, or that he lies over and over again just because its convenient and the media continues to let him get away with itits about how far he will go to keep the charade up, right? How far, and who is he willing to throw under that bus? Who can be sacrificed to keep up the lie that is Barack Obama? To keep the scandals down? To keep people quiet? To keep himself as the tool for the ones really calling the shots? So will he stir up the race issue if it means guilting or scaring white voters to keep him in the White House? Hell yes he will. Hes been doing that sh*t his whole damn life! You wanna say so what to that? You wanna see this country torn apart by race because we have a president who sees it as a viable political tool? Dont answer let me talk here. Im laying some things out Ive been holding back on, so if you wanna hear it, let me talk. Dont interrupt me with one of your little questions The race card, the racial thing whatever its gonna be called, it is the number one asset this administration believes it has to win in 2012. Their own polling data has shown that to be true over and over again. But how far are they willing to push that? Race. The charges of racism? I believe all the way if they have to. And they are gonna get people stirred up. And if Barack Obama doesnt win reelection, watch them stand back while the riots break out, and watch them mouth the words Burn baby burn. I dont think they are willing to go that far, I know it. If they cant have America, nobody will. Thats how big thats how important this election coming up is. Even the people who pay attention to this stuffthey dont realize how big this is. How important to the country. We are truly at a fork in the road here. This administration is going to attempt whatever necessary to remain in power. Race. Intimidation. Media attacks. Division divide and f***ing conquer. You notice how divisive the Republican primary campaigns have already started to become? You think thats all occurring on its own? Hell no. Tens of millions of dollars are already being spent getting conservatives, Republicans, Independents, whatever get them to attack each other. Get them frustrated and lower their desire to vote for the eventual nominee. You know, Republicans used to be the party that would unite behind the nominee when they were chosen it frustrated the hell out of us Democrats who were always bitching over this or that right up until the election. Thats not the case anymore, and your Republicans are much weaker because of it. Ill say this, if Republicans dont get their shit together and vote for whoever is the nominee and I mean WHOEVER is the nominee, then it will be another four years of Barack Obama running this country into the f***ing dirt and thats what we deserve. If we are too stupid as a country to fix this messthen so be it. Its over. The America we know, the America we knew its over. Done. And we will only have ourselves to blame.

Ulsterman: Allow me one question? I dont mean to interrupt you, but one question. A last question if you want. Insider: Fine needed to catch my breath anyway. Make it the last one. What do you want to know? Ulsterman: How are you defeating Barack Obama in 2012? Just give me a quick outline so I know what to look for. So people reading this know what to look for. A simple and concise summary of what you are doing you and those you say are helping. Insider: Ive told you already. Ive Ulsterman: (Interrupts)Summarize it for me. Help me to connect the dots Insider: Okwhere to start? Ah Ulsterman: Wherever you want what is your plan to defeat Barack Obama in 2012? Insider: Remove Eric Holder from the DOJ. That is underway. You know all about that or at least what I have told you. That is the scandal part of all of this. Initially we tripped up, but now its back on track. We need Congress to push it to its conclusion. I have no power over that but its there and its ready to happen. That is a lot more than I hoped for not so long ago. But this is stuff Ive told you already Ulsterman: Thats fine just summarize it. The primary means you plan to utilize in defeating Obama. Insider: Ok so getting Eric Holder out. That opens up opportunities to bypass the DOJ firewall, and it appears this can take place at a time when the voters are starting to pay attention as we get closer to the 2012 election. I believe that is why Issa and others have been socautious on this. There is no real benefit to proceeding quickly let it play out, build momentum for the rest of the year, and hang it around the presidents neck as he is trying to win re-election in 2012. Next we are really pushing, and pushing hard, to get a primary challenger against Obama. Hoping to have this in place by the fall. This Ulsterman: You think Obama could lose the Democratic nomination? Insider: F*ck no. Listen. And learn some godd**n history before you ask such a stupid question. No we dont think the president would lose the nomination. What we know is that historically, a sitting president who faces a primary challenger is much more vulnerable to defeat in the General Election. Got it? Now most people use Jimmy Carter as an example 1980 and his challenge from Kennedy. That applies to this scenario, but there is a more recent example. Do you know it? Ulsterman: More recent than Carter? Noare you talking about Ross Perot? A third party Insider: No not Perot. Not him. Right time, wrong example. Perot hurt Bush absolutely. If there was no Ross Perot 3rd party there would not have been a Bill Clinton victory we knew that then but President Bush was damaged before the General Election by a primary challenger. A gentleman who blasted Bush from his own base and helped raise the apathy levels regarding a second Bush term a strong ideological primary challenger. The kind of challenge we would like to initiate against President Obama in a few months. Ulsterman: Who was it?

Insider: Buchanan. Pat Buchanan. Buchanans primary challenge helped make the Ross Perot movement possible, which in turn led to Bill Clintons ability to win the presidential election that year even though he only won 43% of the popular vote. We dont need a 3rd party movement to

run against President Obama, but we do need a primary challenger and we are working toward that end. The Obama White House is already aware of this possibility. So be it. I want them to know. If they are losing some sleep over it, all the better. Maybe itll make someone walk upstairs and turn off the presidents f***ing television. Ulsterman: Do you have someone in mind? Someone willing a Democrat willing to engage in a primary challenge against Obama? Insider: Yes. Ulsterman: Care to say who? Insider: Nowhat I will say is that those are two of the three tactics we are engaging in against Barack Obamas re-election continuing to push Eric Holder out of the DOJ, securing a primary challenger, and the other thingit relates to a staffing issue. The loss of a critical member of the Obama staff. A resignation that will further the growing perception that the Obama White House is a place of internal disarray which it absolutely is. And this event will also be a signal to those in the Democratic Party that Barack Obamas re-election is not in their best future interests. It is time we cut our losses and begin the rebuilding process sooner rather than later. And Im not just talking about the Democratic Party Im talking about the country. All of us. All of us need to correct this mistake, and thats what the election of Barack Obama was. At its core, thats what it really was a huge mistake. But were makin it right.