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Ans:32 Building Line The line up to which the plinth of a building adjoining a street or an extension of a street or on a future street

t may lawfully extend. It includes the lines prescribed, if any, in any scheme. The building line may change from time-to-time as decided by the authority. Setback Distance: In land use, a setback is the distance which a building or other structure is set back from a street or road, a river or other stream, a shore or flood plain, or any other place which needs protection. Depending on the jurisdiction, other things like fences, landscaping, septic tanks, and various potential hazards or nuisances might be regulated.
Homes usually have a setback from the property boundary, so that they cannot be placed too close together. This not only provides privacy to residents , but would prevent a fire hazard, particularly during windy conditions. Setbacks may also allow for public utilities to access the buildings, and for access to utility meters. .

Ans 28 2.10 Building, Height of The vertical distance measured in the case of flat roofs, from the average level of the ground around and contiguous to the building or as decided by the Authority to the terrace of last livable floor of the building adjacent to the external walls; and in the case of pitched roofs, up to the point where the external surface of the outer wall intersects the finished surface of the sloping root and in the case of gables facing the road, the mid-point between the eaves level and the ridge. Architectural features serving no other function except that of decoration shall be excluded for the purpose of measuring heights. Ans 29 Building requirements are Access Accessory Use-Approved Approved by the Authority having jurisdiction. 2.5 Authority Having Jurisdiction Building Envelope Building Line Building, Height Balcony carpet FAR

PLOT REQUIREMENTS 1)No land development or redevelopment shall be made or no building shall be constructed on any plot on any part of which there is deposited refuse, excreta or other offensive matter which comprises or includes a pit, quarry

constructed on a plot liable to flood or on a slop forming an angle of more than 45 degrees with horizontal or on soil unsuitable for percolation or on area shown as floodable area in any town planning scheme or in sandy beds

2. No building or part of a building shall be constructed or reconstructed or no addition or alteration shall be made to any existing building in the intervening spaces between the building and any overhead electric supply line

3. Any land development or redevelopment or building construction or reconstruction in any area notified by the Government of India as a coastal regulation zone under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986) and rules made thereunder shall be subject to the restrictions contained in the said notification as amended from time to time.

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