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Examples of financial services offered by Infinity includes 34 Urvashi don`t have her electricity and telephone bill, so she

produced a letter from employer giving current residential address. Will it be accepted for Proof of Address ? 2 ICICI Direct allows investment in equities through Cash, Margin and Spot product s 1 A fixed deposit account will give the customer highest returns at the cost of lo cking in the funds for a period of time 2 Demand Draft is the form of remittance used for outstation remittances. 2 For closing a Web Trading Account, the customer needs to give a telephonic reque st. 2 Customer has to schedule his/her payment 2 working days prior to the due date fo r the bill 2 Urvashi wants to open a simple account in her name where she can have the flexib ility to deposit and withdraw money anytime and also can earn some interest on her money. Which t ype of account should she select ? 2 Passport is the best document for opening bank account since it has 123 Urvashi produces her income or wealth assessment orders as Proof of Name, will i t accepted 1 Phone banking facility is for only selected customers 2 Employee ID and Salary slip can be accepted for Proof of Name 1W Any account in which there are no transaction for more than 6 months gets marked as `dormant` in the system 1W2 Using Infinity the customer can issue transfer online to 3rd party accounts to o ther bank`s customers 2W Auto-Renewal option is available to renew the account at the end of the initial tenure 2 CRN stands for 1W2 Phone banking application form can be also downloaded from www.icicibank,com 2 Once stop payment application is processed 123 The crossed cheque can be deposited in the Payee`s account and can not be used t o withdraw cash 1 Fund transfer and Bill Payment are few of the benefits of the Internet Banking f acility 2 An individual can produce he/her passport to open a savings account 1

Customer receives deliverables in two envelope after opening an fixed deposit ac count. It (COMBI Cover1 ) includes 1256 Spouse name and mobile number is one of the question randomly picked up during m anual authentication 1 Anil wants to issue a Stop Payment against a cheque. What all details is require d to be filled in his request application ? 1234 Incase Urvashi has only ration card will bank consider it as Proof of Identity 2 Now Manish is back to India and wants to get his account re-activated, so what i s required for getting it done ? 13 Syed wants to start using Infinity services. How can Syed avail Infinity service s ? Pay-in-slip can be post dated or antedated 2 The cheques that are drawn on other banks and deposited by customers for credit to their accounts are sent to the respective banks for collecting funds. This process is called __ ___ 2 If the ATM is on-line , how much money can be withdrawn from it per day per card ? 2W Customer needs to do nothing and the funds will be transferred through inter-ban k reconciliation , when he /she changes the branch 2 Anil is transferred to Amritsar and wants to change his branch in Amritsar. What all he needs to surrender along with the application form ? 3 Select the correct steps followed while using ATM cum Debit card at affiliated e stablishments 2 After what period of in-operation does the Saving account become dormant ? AFTER 18 months its becomedormant 4W1W2 One can initiate a cheque book request , only if the account is linked to the AT M card 1W Along with Voter`s ID , Pradeep can give _________ document to open a Fixed Depo sit Account 4 Select the proper steps which is followed after the customer deposits the cheque and before these are sent to the RBI 3 Inward clearing is the process where the cheques issued by customers to________a re processed and

the accounts debited2 A club/ Society / Association can open a current account 2 Income/Wealth Tax assessmenst can serve as identity proofs 1 ____is a transaction when the customer deposits an outstation cheque for credit to his /her account 2W1 Which of the following can open a current account 123 POA is required in case of 2W3 The financial services by Infinity includes 1 Select the correct step followed when customer intimates the loss of ATM card in infinity 3W All ATM`s are connected to Bank server 1W Crossed cheques are Account Payee and can be used to with draw cash 1 Johnson have a saving account. He wants to remove one name from the account hold ers` list. What is he suppose to do ? 3 Using Infinity the customer can issue transfer online to 3rd party accounts with in ICICI. 1 All financial services can be done by a customer if authorised through Personal Verifications 1 For getting savings account linked to Demat account, the account should be Non-Q uantum-Optima Account. 1 How many questions are randomly picked up from the available four choices during manual authentication 3 How does the request for phone banking / mobile commerce process works in Infini ty 2 Select the correct option. Customer can use Infinity service for 23 While scrutinising pay-in-slip one should ensure 13 Pradeep wants to open Fixed Deposit account in his individual name. He carries h is voter`s ID as proof. Is this document sufficient ? 2W A Hindu Undivided Family can not open a current account 2 When customer changes the branch , the existing cheque book, ATM card and Debit card are destroyed . 1W Any individual can open current account 1

Mobile commerce is possible only if phone-banking is applied for 1W Pay order is used only for local remittances. TRUE ICICI Direct allows investment in Government Bonds and Securities. 1W Memorandum of articles of association document is required for opening a current account of a Trust 1 Choose the correct step followed in Stop Payment in Infinity 2W1 Which of the following documents of Urvashi would be accepted as Proof of Identi ty 13 Cash deposits made during business hours is credited to the customer`s account o n the same day 2 The non-financial services by Infinity includes 1 When customer changes the branch, he /she should draw cash and deposit it at the receiving branch 1 Any account holder`s name can be deleted only through a written request signed a ll the account holders, including the one whose name is to be deleted 2 There is overhead on the customer in the process and funds get transferred throu gh internal reconciliation 1 If Johnson wanted to add a new name to the account, what is required 1 How much time it takes to receive the deliverables , when customer changes the b ranch 3 Savings account gives the flexibility and also earn some interest on money depos ited TRUE Manish didn`t operate his Savings Account for last seven months since he was on project in US. Will his account become dormant ? 1 Demat account portfolio should be Rs. 50,000 for a Web Trading account. 2 Share trading is not part of Infinity 1w In case of transfer within the bank the customer pays one-time setup charges and an execution fees. 1w Expansion of CIF is 1 Tenure is an essential item for opening a Fixed Deposit true Prabhu wants to remit Rs.5000/ to his brother Anand, who stays in another city. Anand don`t have account with ICICI. How can Prabhu transfer him this money ? 1

Urvashi has her latest credit card statement, can it accepted for Proof of Addre ss ? 2 Share trading is offered as part of ICICI Direct true POA is 2 ____________ and ___________ , providing last 10 transactions are 2 such non-fin ancial ATM services that provide account information in real-time mode 1w2 IVR stands for 2 ATM allow transfer only between accounts of the customer and not to 3rd party ac counts 2 ATMs allow the customer a range of Financial and Non Financial transaction flexi bility 2 Mr. Das has availed Web Trading services from his bank and he wishes to invest i n Mutual Funds. Does he need to fill the application form? 2 Can an individual withdraw money from non-ICICI Bank ATM ? 2 How does the cheque inquiry process works in Infinity 2w3 Select the correct steps followed while withdrawing cash from a non-ICICI ATM 1 While scrutinising cheque one should ensure 1234 A Trust requires the following to open a current account 13 Cheques can be deposited through the ATM 1w All existing ICICI Bank account holders can avail phone banking facility by regi stering him/herself 1 Sukhi wants to withdraw money from non-ICICI Bank ATM, he can withdraw money fro m 1(any bank)wrong 2w