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Questionnaire based on Stages of Consumer Behaviour

1. Problem Recognition: Perceiving a Need 1. Is your family influenced in making decision to Purchase a New Car? 2. Is your Disposable income a reason to decide in Purchasing a New Car? 3. Will your Ego / Status force you decide to Purchase a New Car? 2. Information Search: Seeking Value Product-rating organizations such as Consumer Reports | Marketer-dominated sources, such as advertising, company websites, and salespeople 4. I have a preference for one or more brand of Cars in the same class 5. Most of the brands in this product class are all alike* 6. I understand the features well enough to evaluate while the car 7. Cars are nothing more than appliances* 8. Do you need (or just want) a large new car, a medium-sized new car - or a small one? 9. How about safety? Are crash-test scores very important? The presence (or absence) of features like side-curtain air bags, stability control and brake assist?
3. Alternative Evaluation: Assessing Value

10.If my preferred brand of Car in this product class is not available, it makes little difference to me if I must choose another brand* 11.The only difference between the major brands of car is price
4. Purchase Decision: Buying Value (Price, Brand, Style, Comfort, Features etc)

12.I do not like to think of my car as being ordinary 13.I prefer to drive a car with a strong personality of its own 14.This product helps me express who I am 15.This product helps me attain the type of life I strive for 16.My use of this product allows others to see me as I would ideally like them to see me 17.I rarely buy brand of car about which I am uncertain how well they perform* 18.I attach greater importance to performance of car ( mileage and maintenance) 19.I want my car to be very reliable & safe 20.I would prefer a car which is has long list of features

21.I think of myself as a brand loyal customer 22.If I like a brand, I rarely switch from it just to try something different* 23.It is worth the extra cost to drive an attractive and attention-getting car 24.When buying a vehicle, how valuable would it be to know what others have paid for the identically equipped vehicle in your area over the last 30 days? 25.What is the length of time from placing your order to taking delivery of your car? ((Ideal Length of Time - Order to Delivery (OTD))
5. Postpurchase Behavior: Value in Consumption or Use

26.I give preference for the brand of car for which, parts & services easily available in the market 27.If I buy a car, I will buy who is having well established service network* 28.In making your selection of this product, how concerned would you be about the quality of service support? 29.The car is a product which should last for a long time 30.I consider Resale value of Car while making a purchase 6. Involvement and Problem-Solving Variations 31.What was the length of time from your initial decision to buy a new car, to the time of placing your order with the dealer? 32.Approximately how many times did you visit or contact the dealership from where you bought your car during the whole buying process? (including test drives, negotiation, sorting paperwork, picking up information, finding out dates, etc)?