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Office of the Commissioner of

Municipal Administration,

L,Dis No 54924/05/E1 Dated: 24.9.2005


Sub: Motor Vehicle-Government department vehicles-

purchase of light, medium and Heavy operation
vehicles for use in Government departments-
Approved list-Order-Issued-Regarding.

Ref: G.O.Ms No.285, Hom,e (Tr.IV)Department dt.13.4.05


A copy of the G.O cited is enclosed. Wherever any vehicles are

purchased by the Municipalities and Corporations for official use the
instructions issued in the G.O.should be followed without any omissions.

for Commissioner of Municipal
1) All Corporation Commissioner (except Chennai)
2) All Regional Director of Municipal Administrations
3) All Municipal Commissioner / Executive Officer’s
3rd Grade Municipality
Copy to:
All Officers of Commissioner of Municipal Administration
E’Sec Superintendent
E1 Stock file.

//forwarded by order//

Superintendent. Mail


Motor Vehicles-Government Department vehicles-purchase of Light,

Medium and heavy operation vehicles for use in Government
Departments-Approved List-Orders-Issued.
Home (Tr.IV)Department

G.O.Ms.No.285 Dated: 13.4.2005

Read again:
1.G.O.Ms No.31, Home, dated 10.1.2002
2.G.O.Ms.No.1111, Home, dated 21.11.2002

Read also:
3. From the Transport Commissioner D.O.Lr.No.6369/G1/2003
dated 28.1.2004 and letter dated 14.12.2004.

In the Government Orders first and second read above, orders were
issued approving the list of certain models of Light, Medium and Heavy
operation vehicles for use in Government Departments based on the
recommendations of the Technocrats Committee.

2) Recencly, certain automobile companies have represented to the

Government for inclusion of their vehicles in the approved list. The
Government are also of the view that the existing list needs to be updated
with a view to providing safe and maintenance free vehicles to the V.I.Ps.,
V.V.I.Ps., Officers, Departments etc. The Transport Commissioner was,
therefore, requested to place a comprehensive proposal for inclusion of
new model vehicles and deletion of obsolete and old model vehicles before
the Technocrats Committee and obtain its views by taking into account,
The fuel efficiency, safety, cost of maintenance competitive price and
availability on DGSD rates, availability of spare parts and network of
service centres and all relevant factors. The Transport Commissioner
was also requested to suggest types of vehicles that can be allotted to
V.I.Ps., Senior Officers, Departments, etc. The Technocrats committee in
its meeting held on 27.1.04 and 7.12.2004 suggested inclusion of both
DGSD and non.

d) For use of field Officers, like i) Mahindra & Mahindra

CEO, Executive Engineer, Jeep MM 540-FRP 2 WD/4
public Works Department and ii) WD
Divisional Engineer, Highways Mahindra & Mahindra
and Second level Officers in Commander 750-DP Hard
District like RDO Regional iii) top 2 WD/4 WD
Transport Officer/ Tahshildar Mahindra & Mahindra
/BDO and Officers located in Marshal D 1 /Hand Top
Ghat areas. BS02, 2 WD/4 WD Mail

iv) Mahindra & Mahindra
Bolero LX-BS-2 2WD/4
v) Mahindra & Mahindra
Bolero invader BS-2
2WD/4 4WD
vi) Tata Spacio All Metal Body

For use of Government i) Mahindra Van FJ470 TP

Departments pick up van/
Ambulance and publicity van
For use of Police Department for ii) Tempo Traveller
carrying passenger (from 16 to 3050/MM/WB
32 for Bandobust 3350/MM/WB
duty.(Patrolling duty) and similar iii) Eicher 2750 WB
duty in other Departments. 3350/3760 WB
For the use of Cargo movement iv Swaraj Mazda 2515(WB)
and Troop. 2815(WB)
3335 (WB)
v) TATA 407
vi) TATA 709
vii) TATA 1109 WB
viii) HMRTV Staff Ranger.

For cargo movement passenger i) Ashok Leyland vehicles

carrying for other special
purpose passenger version only.
a) Comet Alco-3/1 4470 WB
b) Comet C-G 1613 4330 WB
c) Comet Alco Tipper 3/10 3607
d) Comet 4x4-4166 WB (four wheel
ii) Tata Vehicles
e) TATA 1613-4225 WB
f) TATA 1613-4855 WB
g) TATA 1512 Mail

5) The Government further direct that,

i) Officers/Offices entitled for Government Vehicles with reference to

orders issued in G.O.Ms.No. 169, Finance (BG-I) dated 16.5.2002 and
subsequent orders if any thereto alone are permitted to acquire
vehicles as indicated above after following the formalities prescribed.

ii) There is no change in the existing fuel consumption limit for each
officer, purchase precedure, etc and

iii In respect of non DGSD, rated vehicles, special exemption has to be

) obtained from Government in each case.

6. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide its
U.O.No.1164/FS/P/05 dated 11.4.2005.


//Forwarded by order//

//True copy//

Superintendent. Mail