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HEARTBREAKER Words and Music by MARIAH CAREY, JAY-Z, SHIRLEY ELLISTON, LINCOLN CHASE, NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN and JEFFREY COHEN Moderately NC. Mate: Yeah! Mariah: We're gon-na doit like this. Male: Allright, let's go. 2 & your love, sgim.ane your Tove, ‘gim-me your love, ‘gim-me your love, ES fi sgim-me your love, ‘gimme your love, ‘gim-me your love, ‘Male, spoken: (Hey, ‘gim-me your love, ‘gim-me your love, ‘gim-me your love, gim-me your love, you gotta Bounce. this, ike this. You almost gotta watch this, = opyighe © 1999 Son RIV Songs A ye one, EY laawoad Mus, i Ls Pubiing, Ebay Mu Corporation, Cop crate hy Nase El A Gales Mae Cor, When Words Colle ar Se a Et Mune _Alnighs on behalf Samia ange Lic and ye Song Ammer SomyATs Mule aoang Mose sub West Nash, 3/203 ifigns onal oft is meng ane and eed EM Bnaood tha Intamatonel Cobyightcecured_ Al Rights Revered contains ele of tick OFT ame Gane” 9 hry itn Uneln Chane, Narada Michae Walden an etey Cohen i ‘me your love, ‘gim-me your love, gim-me your love, igim-me your love. Boy, your uh Ih, Whoo! Let's skate.) a2 Am C a E a ~s —— [don't wan-na let g0, and al though 1 should. I can’t so eu ~ phor-ic and weak when you smile. at_ me and you a “_+ Teave you a- lone “cause you're so dis._-= arming. I'mcaught’ up inthe midst_ of you — tell me the things that you know per = suademe to re - lin-quishmy love 1 you. re sist at all (1,2) Boy the things you want me 10, Tused t0 do, would you or leave me feel-ing used? Would you NF and_ break my heart? ____—_-Heart-break - er, you've got the best com-ing back in - did you have to run your