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ZJ70D drilling rig is designed and manufactured in accordance with China National Standard SY5609-1999 Type and Basic Parameters of Oil Drilling Rig and International Standards. All main components are in compliance with appropriate API Specifications. This kind of drilling rig is suitable for exploration and development of oil and nature gas in depth rating of 7000 meters with 114mm (4-1/2) drill pipe. ZJ70/4500D( ZJ70D) SY5609-1999< > API 114mm (4-1/2) 7000 The features are as follows: Fully meet 7000 meter drilling process requirements; 7000 DC motor drive drawworks, rotary table and mud pumps. This drilling rig mainly consists of crown block, traveling block, hook, swivel, rotary table, drawworks, mud pump, mast and substructure that all are in compliance with API specification. API DC motor drive drawworks with lebus grooving, to be equipped with Crown-O-Matic switch. JC70D lebus Independent rotary table driven by one suitable AC motor with speed reducer.
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Integrated sling shot type substructure. All equipment on the drill floor is installed at lower position. Utilize power of drawworks to raise both mast and substructure to

the right position. Main Technical Parameters of ZJ70DB Drilling Rig is as follows: ZJ70DB Max. hook load Max. input power of drawworks Drawworks hoisting Speeds Hoisting lines Diameter of drilling line: Mast height & type & Substructure type Drill floor height Substructure Clear height Opening diameter of rotary table: Steps of rotary table:
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Rig nominal Drilling capacity:

5 DP 6,000m(19685) 4-1/2 DP 7,000m(22966)



Four steps, step-less change 12 lines 12 38mm (1 1/2)

K-type, 45.5m(149.3) K, 45.5m(149.3) sweeping up 10.5m34.45



Two steps, step-less change

Driving mode No. of DC motor Capacity of mud pump: Coating


7(two for drawworks, one for R-table, four for mud pump) 9( 2 1 6 ) 1176kw(1600HP)3

Standard three coat epoxy paint system consisting of: blast to near white metal (SSPC-10) SSPC-SP10 zinc rich primer (3 mils D.F.T.) 3 mils. epoxy intermediate coat (4 mils D.F.T.) 4 mils. urethane top coat (2 mils D.F.T.) in customers color 2 mils.

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2-1 Disc Brake Drawworks Qty. 1 EA Model: JC70D JC70D

1 Features: -

SCR Controlled AC Motor powered complete Drawworks package, mounted on heavy duty oilfield type skid with accessories suitable for drilling oil/gas wells of depth range 7000m with 4-1/2 drill pipe.

SCR 4-1/2 7000

Bailing drum, intermediate shaft, output shaft, lubrication system etc. The drum body is casting welded with Lebus groove to make the wire line winded orderly.

Over-wind O-matic protection device. The drillers console is installed in the drillers cabin to operate drawworks, Kelly spinner, main brake, hydraulic catheads, Crown-O-matic. It is also equipped with air horn, display gauges of air pressure, lubrication oil, and hydraulic system pressure.

Instrument console is also centralized in this cabin. Specifications:

Rated Horse Power: Drive Motors:

1491KW(2000 HP)

Two DC Motor, each of 800Kw(1073HP)

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No. of Drum: Drum size: Grooving: Transmission: Brake: Auxiliary brake: Crown & Floor Saver System: Skid:

800kW(1073HP) single 770 1310mm(30.3X51.6)

Lebus Grooved for 1-1/2 drill line. Lebus 1-1/2. Chain drive Water cooled hydraulic disc brake Electromagnetic eddy current brake. 220X1068mm(8.66 X42.1) Machine/electronic system / Heavy duty oil field type skid

2-2 DC. Motor Qty: two ModelYZ08/08A YZ08/08A



The main parameters are as follows: Rated power: Rated voltage:

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: Rated Amperes: : Rated Speed: Max. Speed: : Rated Torque: : Insulation class: : Cooling: : Blower motor: : Protection class: : Weight: : Each AC motor include: : Heater (110V, 200W); 12 ea. Carbon brush; 12 2 535MCM Power Cable Connector. . Explosion proof (Class 1 DIV-2) 3200KG7055lbs forced air 460 V, 60Hz 15 HP H/H 8034N.m(5925.3lbs.ft) 1500RPM 970RPM 1150 A

2-3 Hydraulic Disc Brake Features:

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Consists of 6 service calipers and 2 emergency calipers 6 2 Service calipers are normally opened for controlling brake torque and adjusting the speed of bit feeding, drill pressure etc.

Emergency calipers are normally closed for emergency brake. Its control is centralized in drillers control cabin. Service Caliper

Single side max. positive pressure force: Tong door effective working area: Hydro cylinder Dimension (Dia.Length): (): Weight: Emergency caliper



165320 mm(6.5X12.6in)

208 kg(459lbs)

Single side max. positive pressure force: Braking pad max. working clearance: Piston effective working area: : Tong cylinder Dimension (Dia.Length): (): Weight:
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210368 mm(8.3X14.5in)

224 kg(494lbs)

2-4 Auxiliary brake-Electromagnetic eddy current brake Qty: 1EA Model: DS-70S : DS-70S

1 Feature: -

Brake body include: wheel, stator, shell body etc. Control system: three-phase power transformer, rectifier box, drillers switch. DC power cable and control cable Parameter:

Drill depth Rated brake torque Rated excitation toque Rated excitation current Coil insulation Coil connection mode Rated current of single coil Cooling water capacity


107800N.m(79505 lbs.ft)



H grade H Series/parallel connection 5.97-7.29


2-5 Drawworks Control Console

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The drawworks control console is located in driller control cabin, it realizes all operation and control for drawworks. 2-6 Forced Cooling Water Tank of Drawworks Features Equipped with two sets centrifugal pump with 15kW motor. 2 15kW (20HP) Ladder on outside and inside tank Top to have 24 square man hole. 24 Level gauge warning device at low water lever

Equipment with vents valves, piping and bypass piping, equipment to allow 100% pump stand by unitized on oil field type skid.

Completed with explosion proof junction box and lighting. Complete with brake cooling water monitor system to monitor disc brake cooling water flow and temperature and provide an alarm.


Dimension Capacity:


40 m3(252bbl)

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Centrifugal pump Delivery lift: Discharge:



50 m3/h(29.4ft3/min)

2-7 Driller Cabin Features Room to accommodate brake control, drilling instrumentation, air control, SCR control, and others control are all located in this cabin. This drillers control cabin is the control center of rig where driller operates and monitors drilling condition. SCR The rig operation is conducted by driller from drillers chair, having clear view of drill floor, monkey board and traveling block. Complete with microphone, four cameras for monitoring drawworks, mud tank area, mud pump and racking board. 4 Complete with explosion proof air conditioner. 1 .

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SECTION 3 MAST AND ACCESSORIES 3-1 Mast Qty. 1 EA Model: JJ450/45.5-K : JJ450/45.5-K

1 Features: -

The mast conforms to API 4F API 4F K-Style, consists of five main mast structure sections, connected as a whole with pins.

K 5 . Equipped with casing stabbing board, racking board. Complete with ladders, the drilling floor surface up to the top of crown block in the left side, the drilling floor surface up to racking board in right side, with safety cage and with ladder climb safety device and derrick escape line.

Two 0.5T air winches on racking board for aiding the racking of the drill collars (up to 9-1/2)

2 0.5T ( 9-1/2) Counterweight system for rotary tongs. Complete with four sets tongs sheaves in the broadsides. Racking board provided with chains on all fingers, safety grip walkway, with safety rails, the height is 1.10m.

1.10m Equipped with vapor tight, fluorescent lighting system. Two No.s 50 tons hydraulic jack (Model:YQ-50) with adjustable shims.
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2 50 tons (Model:YQ-50) Accommodates Varco TDS11 Top Drive. Varco TDS 11 Specifications:

Available height: Static hook load capacity: Width of top (face/side): (/) Width of bottom: Height of racking platform: Wind Load Rating: No hook load, full set back load: No hook load, no stand: Lifting and lowering mast:



2.2/2.3m (7.22x7.55ft)


24.5, 25.5, 26.5m(80.5,83.7,86.9ft)

36m/s (80.5 mph)

47.8m/s (107 mph)

8.3m/s (18.5 mph)

Weight: Segment


Mast body consists of lest/right segment, between segments, which are connected with pin shafts, with safety pins, the first segment equips with hoisting sheaves and tongs sheaves.

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A-Frame One A-frame assembly consisting of one pair of front and rear A-frame legs, upper end of A-frame equips with hoisting sheaves, left/right A-frame are connected with bull crossbeam and A-stay, the upper end of bull crossbeam equips with fast sheaves which can move to the left or right side. Wheel groove is suitable for 1 3/8 wire line. 1 A 1 1/2 . Deadline Stabilizer One set stabilizer assembly for steadying drilling deadline . Ladder Equips with two sets cage ladders, the left cage ladder to the crown block floor, the right cage ladder to the racking board, including one set ladder climb safety device and two pieces belts. 2 Tongs Balance Weight Tongs equip with two pieces of balance weight, with bucket, guide rod, weight, galvanic wire line and clamp. . Air Tugger Sheaves The bottom of crown block equips with two (2) 14 10mt air hoist cable sheaves, grooved for 3/4 wireline with tapered roller bearings. 2 14 3/4
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Deadline Anchor Installed in the right of mast, which is suitable for operating height. Wire Line Arrangement The wire line arrangement can boost positive stability. Drill line whiplash and waves are absorbed by the roller block and transmitted through the guide body to the hanging assembly, where they are dissipated. This assures a straight, steady line during operation. 3-2 Crown block Qty.: 1 EA Model: TC-450 TC-450

1 Features: -

Conforms to API 4F/ 8A specification. API 4F/ 8A Consists of frame, main sheave and shaft assembly complete with rope jump guards, fast line sheave and shaft assembly,.

Equipped with one maintenance lifting frame with pulley block and beam rated for 50kN, with SG-5 manual single track wheelbarrow.

50kN SG-5 The top of crown block equips with two (2) 10mt rated padeys for air winch sheaves, 1 50mt padeye for block/TDS hangoff for slip and cut operations (fist party supplies with size and position requirements), and 1 5mt padeye for cantilever sheave for hydraulic tong with 50kN. Fixed bumper block assembly with wooded blocks under crown block frame.
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2 10mt 50mt 50KN 5mt Specifications:

Max. Load: : No. of sheaves: : Dia. of main sheave: : Dia. of drill wireline: : Overall dimension: Weight: :


1524mm (60)

38mm (1-1/2)



3-3 Racking Board One adjustable racking board with the following capacity: Racking platform capacity of 4-1/2 DP Racking platform capacity of 9 1/2 DC features: Maximum dynamic wind load capacity with drill pipe on set back 36m/s (80.5mph) 36m/s (80.5mph) Maximum dynamic wind load capacity without drill pipe on set back 47.8m/s (107mph)
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7000m (22966ft)

224m (735 ft)

47.8m/s (107mph) Racking board will be adjustable at 24.5m, 25.5m, 26.5m (from 80ft to 87ft). 24.5m, 25.5m, 26.5m (80ft 87ft). Platform will include access landing from ladder, walkway around three sides covered with expanded metal grating and 2.1m high steel wind wall.

2.1m Supports for two (2) 0.5 ton a winch and pull-back device. 2 0.5 ton Specifications-Derrick air winch: Model: JQH-5/48

Air pressure: : Rated load: : Overall dimensions: : Weight: :

0.8 Mpa(116psi)




3-4 Casing Stabbing Board Qty. 1 EA

1 Features: One (1) air operated heavy duty counterbalanced Casing Stabbing Board with the following features : Adjustable stroke 6 m 6 m
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Board with safe stop and belly belt fixation point. The Platform and handrails fold against the tracks when the unit is out of service.

3-5 Deadline Anchor Qty.1 EA. 1 Model: JZG41A JZG41A

Located on off-driller's side. Completed with a tension type weight sensor. Drum is grooved for 1-1/2 wireline. 1-1/2 The anchor is tested to 1.5 times rated drill line load capacity. 1.5 Max working load Weight 700 Kg(1543lbs) 450 KN101160lbs

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SECTION 4 4-1 Substructure Qty. 1 Set 1 Features Conforms to API 4F API 4F


Model: DZ450/10.5-X DZ450/10.5-X

The substructure is seeping up lift type, min. floor height is 3m when it locate in low position.

3m. Two buffer cylinders for substructure and two buffer cylinders for mast lifting and lowering.

2 2 . Corrugated V-door pipe ramp, escape slide (two sections), 2 B-type snub lines piles, 3 stairs which one is on right (face drawworks) to 1# mud tank, one is on rear floor to ground level, the other is adjacent to V-door ramp, the width of each stair is 800mm.

(2 )2 B 1 3 () 1# 800mm.

There is a 50mt capacity hydraulic BOP handling system under the beam; a 4m3 rig air reservoir located on the rear of substructure.

50mt 4m3 V-door has DP rest floor, complete with three protect chains. 3 Drillfloor has 150mm high kick plates around drilling floor, less than 5mm clearance from floor. Handrail adopts 40X40 square steel section; the entrances on ladders have two pieces safety chains.

150mm 5mm 4040

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Specifications: -

Floor height: : Floor area: : Available height below R/Table beam: : Max. Capacity of R/Table beam: : Setback capacity (simultaneous) () 4 1/2 drilling pipe: 4 1/2 9 1/2 drill collars: 9 1/2 Setback load: : Weight Components-substructure Rotary Beams






224m (735ft)



One (1) set of rotary beams to support the rotary table. 1 . Setback Area

Square wood is laid on the setback floor. After laying, keeping leveling with drilling floor surface.

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Three surfaces of square wood are set mud diversion trench. Air Tugger Mounting

Two air wrench support bases are installed in the both sides of drilling floor with pin shaft bush.

One is fixed in the end of catwalk for air wrench support base of catwalk. Handrail

The drilling floor around is installed handrails besides doghouse, adopt 50X50 square pipes, the height is 1.07m, with 150mmhigh safety plate below it.

5050 1.07m, 150mm Mouse hole and rathole pipe. .

1 each Mouse hole and rathole pipe. 1 . Doghouse Supports

Two set of doghouse supports to accommodate a 1000025002800mm doghouse on three (3) supports.

2 3 1000025002800mm . V-Door Ramp

One (1) 6 (1.8m) wide V-door inclined ramp, extending horizontal at 3-6 (1070mm) elevation above ground level.

6 (1.8m) 3-6 (1070mm). The ramp is made of 14mm thick steel. 14mm .
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Stairs Two (2) sets of stairs extend from the drill floor to ground level, one set extends from drill floor to Mud Tank top. 2 . Stairs are complete with grip strut serrated grating treads and square pipe handrails BOP Beams BOP Set of two (2) 25 ton capacity each, BOP beams designed to pin to the underside of the substructure and support the BOP. 2 25 BOP handling equipment is mounted under the substructure. BOP EMERGENCY EGRESS One 2.5 wide safety slide for emergency egress; rig floor to ground level. 2.5

4-2 Dog House: : Qty : 2 sets 2

Features The doghouse equipped on support frames, the walls are made of 2mm thickness corrugated steel sheets outside and 3.5mm inside with Insulation in center. 2mm 1mm Dimension(LWH) Weight
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1000025002800mm(32.8x8.2 x9.2ft)

10,000 kg(22046lbs)

Doghouse is divided three rooms, the first is open type for assembling combination

hydraulic power unit, the second is close type for assembling one backless bench with tools cabinet, set one writing desk and one chair near to windows, install DAQ on the right of desk, remain the space location of BOP control board on the left; Install dynamic tee off control cabinet on the right of bench. Set a push/pull door facing to rotary table, set one door open for inside facing dynamic force area, the third is open-style, and set the joint location of hydraulic lifter on the left. Windows with safety glass, every room has explosion proof lights, the second room has explosion proof air-condition. DAQ One skid-mounted dog house placed on the driller side of the rig floor made with heat insulated wall, Dog house can be mounted on rig floor before raising substructure. The floor of the dog house is designed flush with drill floor. . 4-3 Catwalk Two sections of catwalk. Each section is 1600mm wide, 9000m long, 1070 high with 14mm steel plate 1600mm 9000m 1070mm 14mm

4-4 Pipe Rack Ten (10) nos. triangular tumbler pipe rack 9000mm long. 1070mm high fabricated of pipe with stopping at one end. 10 9000mm 1070mm
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4-5 Hydraulic Catheads Qty.: 2 SET

2 Model: YM-16-II YM-16-II for make up and breakout of drilling tubulars. FEATURES Remote hydraulic control valve locate in Drillers control cabin. . 25 ft per cathead of 27mm high strength wire rope are included. 25ft 27mm . SPECIFICATIONS Rated working pressure: : Rated flow: : Pull length: : Max. Pull strength: : Operating Angle Sheave: : Wire Rope Diameter: : Weight: : 345kg(750lbs) 27mm +/- 20 degree 160KN(35969lbs) 1500mm(59.1ins) 120L/min(4.24ft3/min) 16MPa3321psi

4-6 Utility Air Winch

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Qty. 3 EA. Model: XJFH-5/35 XJFH-5/35

3 Specifications: : -

Air pressure: : Air consumption: : Rated power: : Rated load: : Rated speed: : Length of wire line: : Dia. of wire line: : Overall dimensions: Weight: : Construction: :

0.8 Mpa(116psi)

12.7 m3/min(448.5ft3/min)








Cast Steel. Load Bearing Components are made from Alloy Cast Steel Material adopt belt type brake.

4-7 Drilling Line 6x19S + IWRC, EIPS, 1-1/2, 1200m (3937ft) wire rope. API 9A
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4-8 Drilling Line Power Spooler: : Qty: 1 EA Model: YD38A YD38A

Hydraulic driven drilling line power spooler is for spooling, pulling out and storing drilling line. Specification: : Max. diameter of wheel: : Max. width of wheel: : Rotational speed: : Max. output torque: : Max. bearing : Capacity Rated pressure of hydraulic system: : Weight: : 1700kg(3748lbs) 16Mpa3321psi 38mm(1-1/2") drilling line 1200m(3937ft) load: 13900kg(30644lbs) 10800N.m(7965lb.ft) 0.55-17.5r/min 1600mm(63) 2200mm86.6in

4-9 ZQ203-100 ZQ203-100 type Drill Stem Dynamic Tongs 4-10 1 QTY: 1 set


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4-11 ZQ203-100 type Drill Stem Dynamic Tongs are used for disassembly work in drilling work, it has the affects of safety, energy saving, it can control the make up torque, improve the make up and breakout, it suits the conditions that tripping is very frequent, drilling period is long. Parameters:


Applicable pipe diameter: 3-1/2(box coupling) ~8

16MPa Max working pressure of hydraulic syste 114L/min 100KN.m 40rpm 21~30rpm 2.7rpm 1500mm Rated flow rate of hydraulic system Max torque Max tong head rotary speed in high grade Max tong head rotary speed in middle grade Max tong head rotary speed in low grade moving distance of cylinder


TQ340-35 TQ340-35 Casing Dynamic Tongs QTY: 1 set

TQ340-35 5-1/2~13-3/8 TQ340-35 casing dynamic tongs are used for 5-1/2~13-3/8disassembly work in drilling work, it has the affects of safety, energy saving, it can control the make up torque, improve the make up and breakout, it suits the conditions that tripping is very frequent, drilling period is long. Parameters: 5-1/2~13-3/8 16MPa 114L/min 2.5~3KN.m 6.0~7.5 KN.m 35 KN.m 60~86rpm 21~30rpm Applicable pipe diameter Max working pressure of hydraulic system Rated flow rate of hydraulic system Max torque in high grade Max torque in middle grade Max torque in low grade Max tong head rotary speed in high grade Max tong head rotary speed in middle grade
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Max tong head rotary speed in low grade

4-13 Tongs B 2-1/2"~13-3/8" 2-1/2"~13-3/8" B 13-3/8"~35 B type tongs used for 13-3/8"~35 B type tongs used for Ea. 2


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SECTION 5 TRAVELING AND ROTARY EQUIPMENT 5-1 Traveling Block Qty. : EA. Model: YC-450

1 Features: -


Conforms to API 8A specification. API 8A. Traveling Block grooved for 38mm (1-1/2) line. Complete with six (6) 60 sheaves and rated for 500 tons.

38mm (1-1/2) 6 60 500 tons. Consists of upper beam with 50mt hang off padeye, sheaves assembly, left and right side plates, and lower clevis connection.

50mt U . Specifications: Max. Load: (6 x 7 line): : No. of sheaves: : Dia. of sheaves: : Dia. of wireline: : 38 (1-1/2)mm 1524mm (60) 6 4500KN(101160lbs)

5-2 Hook Qty.: 1 EA. Model: DG-450

1 Features: :


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Conforms to API 8A specification. API 8A. Hydraulic buffer action. . Specifications: : Max. capacity: : Spring travel length: : Main hook open size: : Weight: : 3520kg(7760lbs) 220mm(8.66in) 200mm(7.87in) 4500kN(101160lbs)

5-3 Swivel Qty.: 1 EA Model: SL450-5 SL450-5

1 Features: -

Conforms to API 8A specification. API 8A Consists of standard bail, double pin alloy steel sub with 6-5/8 API regular LH pin down, washpipe packing assembly, and 4 API LP THD Rotary hose connection

Complete with weco style hammer union access fitting for 2 wireline entry on top of gooseneck

weco 2 Specifications:

Max. Static capacity:

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: Max. Speed: : Max. Working pressure: : ID of shaft bore hole: : ID of Gooseneck and wash pipe Connections For shaft: : For Kelly: : For gooseneck: : 4 API LP THD 6-5/8REG-LH 6-5/8REG-LH 75mm (3) 75mm (3) 35MPa (5000psi) 300r/min

Overall dimension: : 303710901085mm(119.6x42.9x42.7) 3060kg(6746lbs)

Weight (Including kelly spinner): ():

5-4 Rotary Table Qty.: 1 EA. Model: ZP-375

1 Features: -


Conforms to API 7K specification. API 7K . Independent driven by one 800kW DC motor 800kW
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Rectangular base and guard Specifications: Max. Opening: : Max. Static load: : Max. Output torque: : Max. Rotary speed: : Gear ratio: : Overall dimension: : Weight (exclude main bushing): (): 7550kg(16645lbs) 24681810718mm(97.2x71.3x28.3in) 3.56:1 300rpm 32362N.m(23868lb.ft) 5850 kN1315100lbs 952.5mm (37-1/2)

5-5 Independent Rotary Table Drive Qty. :1 EA.

1 The rotary table is coupled with independent 800kW, DC motor drive transmission and independent lubricating system. 800kW . Transmission and accessories are mounted on a steel frame substructure. . Rotary table has inertia brakes. Reversing achieved by reversal of the AC drive motor complete. .
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15HP, 3P, 60HZ, 480V explosion proof blower motor with all accessories. 15HP, 3P, 60HZ, 480V Specifications: :

Rated input power: : Transmission: Gear ratio: : Lubrication oil filling volume: :


Gear drive 11.09 11.87 110L

5-6 Drilling Motor-Rotary Table - Qty. 1 EA. Model: YZ08A02 YZ08A02

5-7 Kelly Bushing Roller Kelly Bushing for 5-1/4 Hex. Kelly 5-1/4 Roller Kelly Bushing for 4-1/4 Hex. Kelly 4-1/4

5-8 Master Bushing Master bushing Insert Bowl No.1 for 13-3/8 and 11-3/4 casing No.1 13-3/8 11-3/4 Insert Bowl No.2 for 10-3/4 and 9-5/8 casing No.2 10-3/4 9-5/8 Insert Bowl No.3 for 8-5/8 and 2-3/8 casing
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No.3 8-5/8 2-3/8 4 leg Lifting slings for master bushing 4 2 leg Lifting slings for split casing bushing 2 Casing bushing for 20 and 18-5/8 casing 20 18-5/8 Casing bushing for 30 casing 30 Bit breaker adapter plate 1ea 1ea 1ea 1ea 1ea

5-9 Top Drive System 1 Quantity: 1 set

PTD 500AC (1150HP) Model: PTD 500AC (1150HP)

Equipped with the most compact 1150 HP AC motor available. Integrated swivel. Multi-functional pipe handler (remote controlled). 60,000 lbf ft make-up and break-out capacity on torque wrench. Onboard hydraulic power unit. Bidirectional link tilt system. Fully adjustable tool face orientation system. Variable frequency drive mounted in an air conditioned. Housing together with PLC and auxiliary electrical controls. Modularized assembly of main components (simplifies maintenance & overhaul). Specification: Drilling horsepower Lifting capacity Continuous torque Torque at Max.speed Max.speed Speed at max torque Power input max 1150HP 500 Tons 59600Nm (43900 lbf ft) 40100Nm (29500 lbf ft) 208 rpm 140 rpm 970kw (1300hp) continuous Page 35 of 102

Weight incl. guide dolly Length

14000 kg (30800 lb) 5425mm (17.8ft)

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SECTION 6 6-1 Mud Pumps 6-2 QTY. 2 EA. Model: F-1600



Two sets 1600 HP mud pumps, each complete with lubricating oil system, supercharge pump system, and liner flushing system. Driven by Two DC motors rated 800kW for each Mud pump. The mud pumps are mounted on heavy duty skid which also accommodates the drive motors, belt and belt shield. 1600 HP 2 . Each mud pump equipped with: a) 6 X 8centrifugal supercharging pump driven by 100 HP, 3P, 480V, 60HZ, 1800-RPM explosion proofs motor located on the mud pump skid. 6 X 8 100 HP, 3P, 480V, 60HZ, 1800-RPM b) High pressure fluid end modules with discharge manifold, discharge strainer, and pulsation dampener. The pulsation dampener completes with 4 API 5000 psi bottom connection. 4 API 5000 psi . c) 3 shear pin type relief valve. 3 . d) 2 discharge mud pressure gauge. 2 . e) 10 suction manifold with dampener. 10 . f) Jib crane with accessories for handling fluid end parts. g) Charging hose assembly and hydraulic valve seat puller.
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h) Mud pump discharge system should consist of 3-1/2 ID x 12ft. long API monogram vibratory hose of 10,000 PSI test pressure and 5000 PSI working pressure, with integral type end terminations, which is attached to the ground Dual stand pipe manifold system through high pressure lines using hammer unions. 1/2 ID x 12ft. API 10,000 PSI 5000 PSI . I) 3 HP, 3P, 460V, 60HZ, Explosion proof Motor for liner spray pump. 3 HP, 3P, 460V, 60HZ,. J) spanner for rotating mud pump crankshaft for maintenance 6-3 DC. motor-mud pump 6-4 QTY. 4 EA. 4 6-5 Pump Discharge lines Specifications: : Working pressure: : Test Pressure : OD/ID: /: Pipe connection: : Length: : 21 4 union 5/4 70MPa (10000psi) 35MPa (5000psi.) Model: YZ08/08A

6-6 Standpipe manifold

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Qty. 1 EA Mud pumps connect to a ground manifold configured with valves for isolating mud pumps for maintenance and or repair during drilling operations. . The ground manifold connects to the drillfloor standpipe manifold by dual hard pipe sections joined by hammer leg unions. . The drillfloor manifold is a H-type, complete with four (4) vertically mounted 2 fig. 1502 type connections for pressure gauges and sensors for instrumentation, logging instruments, kill manifold, fill-up lines, etc, H 4 2 fig. 1502 The drillfloor manifold has dual standpipes extending into the mast, one (1) 2 bleed off /fill up line

Specifications: :

Working pressure : Nominal OD: : Nominal ID: : Working medium: : No. of 4 API gate valve at drill floor manifold: 4 API : No. of 4 API gate valve at ground manifold: 4 API : No. Of 2 API gate valve:
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water, mud, mixture of fluid 5

2 API : Ambient temperature: -29 to 80 : All of the above will be installed and clamped on vertical mounted substructure skid, which will be fixed off-side of mast legs.

6-7 Rotary Hose Technical specifications: : Working pressure: : Test Pressure : ID: : Pipe connection: : Length: : 4 union 4 One 75ft for top drive,one 63ft for Swivel 75ft 63ft 3-1/2 70MPa(10000psi.) 35MPa(5000psi.)

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7-1 Power Plant The Main features of Power Plant are as follows: : Consist o f4 sets of main generators; 4 ; CAT3512B diesel engines with SR4 generators CAT3516B SR4 Sufficient DC power to be available to control and power; ; Simultaneously two mud pumps and the rotary table all at full load and the drawworks at half load; 2 Sufficient AC power to be available to meet the power demand of all AC motors and lighting equipment simultaneously; All engines exhaust pipes equipped with exhaust spark arresters, air inlet valve controlled at the power plant. .1.1 Main Generator Sets

QTY. 4 EA. Model: CAT3512B CAT3512B

4 -

Equipped with ADEM A3 ECM. It includes exhaust mufflers, discharge pipe lines, prelude and preheating device and also equipped with full instrumentation;

ADEM A3 ECM; Power and rotary speed

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: Generator model: : Voltage, Frequency and Power Factor: , : Product Standard Consist of: : Air inlet system; ; Control system (Controls provided by the SCR supplier); ( SCR ); Cooling system; ; Exhaust system; ; Fuel system; ; Instrumentation; ; Oil pressure Fuel pressure Oil filter differential pressure Water temperature Tachometer Service meter
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600V, 60Hz, 0.7PF, 3P4W;

Exhaust temperature (Dual) (Dual) Lube system; ; Desert type radiators for 60 deg C ambient and air intake filters will be desert type.

50 Protection system; ; Hydra-mechanical shutoffs (low oil pressure, high water temperature and over speed, air inlet shutoff) Monitoring gauge and emergency remote shutoff;

- () ;

Alarm switches, low oil pressure, high water temperature to alarm panel;

for connection


; Manual shutoff control, LH , LH Audio visual alarm panel Air starting system General (Cover painting: Caterpillar Yellow) (: Caterpillar )

Main Generator house

QTY. 4 EA. Model: CAT3512B

4 CAT3512B Dimension: 11m x 2.96m x 3.05m (L x W x H) : 11m x 2.96m x 3.05m (L x W x H)

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Generator house with a center split door at cooling fan end, and push a side doors at both sides;


; All side walls can remove away to form an entire house; ; Complete with all binding posts and cables; ; Complete with all oil and air lines for diesel engines. . Auxiliary Generator set

QTY. 2 EA. Model: C15 C15

1 -

355HP at 1800rpm, it include exhaust muffler and equipped with full instrumentation; 1200rpm 320KW 480V, 60Hz, 1200RPM, 0.8PF, 320KW, 3P4W; Mounted on Auxiliary .1.4 Auxiliary Generator house generator house

QTY. 1 EA 1

Dimension: 11m x 2.96m x 3.05m (L x W x H) : 11m x 2.96m x 3.05m (L x W x H)

7-2 Air Supply System Air compressor system integrated in generator houses and includes: 2 sets screw type air compressor sets 2 One high effective radiator after cooling
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Maximum working pressure Pressure setting Motor power supply: : Cooling type: :

0.96MPa(140 psi)

8.5m3/min(299 cfm)

50HP 480V/60Hz/3PH

air cooling

Auto start / stop motor driven screw type air compressor x 3 units complete / One complete set of total 10 m3 (2X1.75 + 4 m3) air storage tank complete with instrumentation and air lines


10 m3 (2X1.75 + 4 m3) Completed with air pipe, air valves, fittings, Electric Screw Air Compressor Sets

QTY. 2 EA. Model: LS12-50HH LS12-50HH 5.5m3/min

2 -

-Air Displacement -Displaced Air Pressure - Cooling Mode Motor Model System Working Pressure Drier Type
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Air-cooling 60HP(37kw)/480V


oilfield special-purpose high-temp freeze dryer


Suitable Ambient Temperature Rated Dew Point Oil Content of Product Air Dust Content of Product Air Cold start engine driven air compressor.




QTY. 1 EA. Model: W-0.8/12 W-0.8/12 Driven by diesel engine

1 -

Displacement: 0.8m3/min,

: 0.8m3/min,

7-3 50m3 Diesel oil tank 2 1.1 Quantity : 2 sets 1 Instructions 1#2# The diesel oil tank sets mainly consist of 1# diesel oil tank, flow line manifold and 2# diesel storage tank.

7-4 1.2

1#1# Diesel oil tank ( 360mm 11180 mm )

1.2.1 :1130026003100mm Outside dimension: 1130026003100mm (Substructure is 360mm, H-steel, length 11180 mm skid support type) 1.2.2 The structure of the whole tank is simple, with oil inlet and outlet and blowdown opening. 1.2.3. The painting color: the main part of tank is yellow. 1.3 1.3.1 2#2# diesel oil tank :: 1023026003100mm ( 360mm 10050 mm ) Outside dimension: tank body: 1023026003100mm (Substructure is 360mm, H-steel, length10050 mm skid support type) 1.3.2 Internal Structure
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The structure of the whole tank is simple, with oil inlet and outlet and blowdown opening. 2 Main technical parameters and performances of diesel engine sets 2.1 outside dimensions ( 360mm 11180 mm) 1#50 Square diesel tank ( equipped with flow line manifold): 1130026003100mm (Substructure is 360mm, H-steel, length 11180 mm) 2#50 1023026003100mm ( 360mm 10050 mm) 2#50 Square diesel tank ( no flow line manifold): 1023026003100mm (Substructure is 360mm, H-steel, length 10050 mm) 2.2 Capacity: 1# 2# 50m3 50m3 1#oil storage tank: 50m3 2#storage tank 50m3 50mm 5.5Kw 5.5Kw 40m 40m 4m3/h 4m3/h -30--+50 1#50 1130026003100mm

2.3 2.4 Motor power of line pump 2.5 lifting height of line pump 2.6 Flow rate of line pump 2.7 : 7-5 SCR/MCC Control System SCR/MCC 7.2.3 -

Inlet and outlet of equipments and bore sizes of flow lines50mm

Working environment temperature: -30--+50

General technical requirements -30+601000m +20 90%

The moving system can work reliably and steadily under -30+60environment temperaturealtitude is less than or equal to 1000moperate in full load relative humidity is less than or equal to 90%

System design and manufacture standard confirms to international standard System

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design is accordance with the following electric standard - GB4720-84 Section 1Low Pressure Electrical

- GB4720-84Electric Control Equipment Equipment and Electric Control Equipment - GB3797-89

Section 2: Electric Control Equipment

- GB3797-89Electric Control Equipment equipped with electronic equipment - API - API

RP 500 RP 500 Recommended practices of location classification of oil facilities

and electric power device - GB 50058-92 - GB 50058-92 Design specifications of electric power device in explosion and

fire hazard danger environment GB3836-1 GB3836-1 General Specifications for explosion proof electric equipments in

explosive environment SY/T 6283-97 SY/T 6283-97 Healthysafety and environment management system guide of

petroligenic natural gas drilling well 600V 60HZ 3 460V AC The system adopts 600V 60HZ 3 AC diesel generator sets as the active force. The power supply way of main generator and assistant generator to the 460V AC bus bar is interlock type. The system adopts advanced and reliable techniques and equipments which have been proved by practices in China. The important parts adopt import products to ensure the quality. 3.0m () 3.00m 12.5m
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The whole system designs according to a control house. The outside dimension of electric control house is in the limit of 12.5m (length) 3.0m(width) 3.00m(height), the house surface is white, with white sea color painting, easy to transport. 7.2.4 Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Range of products supply QTY 4 4 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Descriptions

() control cabinet of diesel engine( main parts are imported.) SCR () SCR cabinet(main parts are imported.) power source of electricity spouting synchronous system grounding inspection network power limiter turn off the electric circuit with hand antislip of mud pump pulley PLC Main PLC of system

energy consumption brake of drawworks anti-bump system of intelligent travelling block Drillers console foot switch 600V 600V feeding supply switch 600: 460 600: 460 transformer

460: 208Y120V 460: 220Y127V460: 208Y120V transformer( Actual is 460: 220Y127V 460V transformer 460V second side breaker 208V transformer 208V second side breaker joint of assistant diesel engine 460V 460V motor control center 120V 120V distribution panel
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Item 22 23 24 7.2.5

QTY 1 1 1 1 set


electromagnetic eddy current brake controller electric control house cable and accessories Technical descriptions of SCR system


SCR ROSS HILL ROSS HILL 100% SCR system adopts the ROSS HILL techniques to design and manufacture, the main parts of system can 100% exchange with ROSS HILL system. Control Cabinet Of Diesel Engine Set 4 : Supply 4 sets of control cabinet of diesel engine set, each cabinet includes the following equipments: Item A QTY 1 Description

Merlin Gerin Master-pact 2000AF/1800AT, 65KAIC, 690V, 3 3-poles breaker / time delay/ instant thread off hand operate charging, power driven switch on undervoltage thread off protection 2NO/2NC 2NO/2NC auxiliary contact

anchoring installation control and instruments 0-2000A AC B 1 0-2000KW 0-2000KVAR ammeter: 0-2000A AC power meter 0-2000KW wattless power meter 0-2000KVAR generator time recorder

-- control push-button of diesel engine

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() generator on indicator light( white) ( ) online indicator light( red. Generator) switch on push-button of break speed regulation potentiometer of diesel engine with hand operate manual voltage potentiometer : includes the following content: PLC PLC compatible voltage regulator -30+50working temperature range: -30 to+50 (KW)1% voltage regulating rate is 1% from zero load to full load(KW) 1 the regular reaction time is 1 second 10% Active power from zero load to full load, distribution difference of generator power is less than 10% rated power C 1 Wattles power by anti-power to decrease compensation, distribute by each generator 12A() Excitation power source supply, largest current is 12A( set limitation of field current to adapt to the independent excitation protection function of control module includes: 7% anti-power tripping protection 7% -10% lacking frequency tripping protection -10% +15% excess pressure tripping protection +15% +10% over frequency tripping protection +10% the control module of diesel engine

pre-set idling frequency and voltage value : electronic speed requlator

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- 1HZ; From zero load to full load, speed regulation rate of stable state is1HZ; - 0.8 : the regular reaction time is 0.8 second 10% Between diesel engines( -cold-heat), from zero load to full load, the peak load difference is 10% of rated power

SCR SCR cabinet

5 SCR : Supply 5 SCR cabinet, each cabinet includes the following equipments: Item A QTY 1 Merlin-Gerin Master-Pact 1600AF/1600AT breaker Description

undervoltage tripping protection 2NO/2NC auxiliary contact anchoring installation B C D E 1 1 1 1 0-1000VDC voltmeter 0-2000ADC ammeter SCR() SCR on indicating light (green)

6 2 1900A750VDC 6 impulse, 2 quarters work, rated 1900A750VDC vertical air cooling semiconductor type fuse protection

F 1

: direct current control module includes the following: PLC ; PLC compatible SCR
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controllable silicon start circuit with powerful spark output, ensure SCR conduction, generate synchronizing signal by alternation line directly 20 high speed current regulator, reaction time is 20 microsecond When two independent motors move the same load, the automatic current distributes with limited load, no need other settings or regulations.

All current limitation of drilling operations are independent control. The torque limitation of rotary table is installed on the drillers console.

Speed regulators of drawworks, mud pump and motor of rotary table are interlocked with relevant equipped switches. All the designs of controls are safe, no need to set the operation orders beforehand. Operating personnel push down any button and ensure safe, the system will follow the order, if not confirm to the operation, order will break.

Manual voltage control used maintenance operation SCR 150%

threshold value of controllable silicon is 150% of rated SCR commutation bridge , zero position interlock changes the appointed distribution relation, must set the hand wheel on the drillers console back to zero, then can supply power to motor again

The meters and switches installed in the front of module can indicate the voltages of important places inside of the module when failures happen
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Fuel consumption of drawworks arrests control loop. G 1 1 SCR 1 set DC appointed arrangement contactor make each SCR bridge can proceed multiple appointed arrangement transformation. 1 H () SCR (MOVS) Surge repressed systemnormal indicating light (green). Surge repressed system protects the SCR system from damage of any peak voltage. Surge repressed system consists of metal oxide piezoresister (MOVS) and indicating light. electric spouting power source of diesel engine 24V The electric spouting power source of diesel engine supply 24V DC power source for diesel engine, ensure the diesel generating set to start successfully and work regularly. Including the following equipments:

Item A B C D

QTY 5 1 1 4


600:120V transformer 24V charger 24V battery 24V DC power source synchronous system : When one or more generators are paralleling to the AC general line, and add generators to the general line, it needs to use the paralleling system of generator. The paralleling system will compare the frequency, voltage and phase of generators with the frequency, voltage and phase of AC in general line, when both of them are synchronical, will arrange the awaiting
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paralleling generators into the general line of system. The paralleling system includes the following equipments: Item A B C D E F QTY 1 1 1 1 2 1 synchronical meter (0-750V) voltmeter (55-65Hz) frequency table synchronical option switch of generator synchronical light synchronical confirmation relay Description Grounding inspection network : Grounding inspection system detects the failures of AC circuit and DC circuit through a set of grounding resistance, there is a grounding test button used for confirming whether the failure is made by the burnt bulb. Grounding inspection network consists of the following parts: Item A QTY 1 100%0100% DC grounding percentage table100%0100% B C D 1 3 1 0100% AC grounding percentage table 0100% grounding detection light test button Description Controller of power limitation kWkVA. SCR Power limitation system will detect the active powerkWof diesel engine in each set of generator and general power of generatorkVA. If any one exceeds the fixed limitation beforehand, the system will decrease the SCR output, until the load of each generator
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decreases below the limitation value of generator. There is a power percentage table on drillers console; the table indicates the loads percentage in power limitation value. When the load is near the limitation value, the warning light on the drillers console will begin to glimmer. (HOC) Hand Operation circuit(HOC) 12 Automatic start up the power circuit, it is used in the situation that there is no any other power source on site to start the first diesel engine. This circuit supply power todiesel engine start and impulse detection return circuit of AC control module to start the first diesel engine through two 12V batteries. Besides, there is a set of small-size commutation bridge which gets AC from generator and transform into the needed DC, supply power to start the circuit. Antislip circuit of mud pump pulley SCR 2 2 1 2 Antislip circuit of pulley supplies over speeding protection for two series wound motors which moved by the parallel connection drive of the same SCR Bridge. To the mechanical failure of the pulleys moving, if any one set of the two motors over the preset speed limitation, the circuit will cut off power transported to the two motors through opening DC pointed contactor. SCR HEDS() SCR The indicating lights and buttons are installed on the door of SCR cabinet, the indicating light is on and indicates slipping and off break of the pulley. The buttons are used for the slipping failure place of pulley. The pulley slipping circuit measures the current of each motor through HECS, and compares the value with the voltage output of SCR bridge to detect the situation of over speed. PLC Main PLC cabinet of system


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Main PLC of system is high speed, current and assembled small type PLC. PLC is used for connection communication of SCR house, drillers consol and other drilling equipments. Besides, the PLC also finishes the logical arrangement of SCR bridge. PLC has the following features:

Item A B C D E F G S7-300 PLC 32 CPU


siemens S7-300 assembled PLC calculate CPU by 32-location anchoring and floating dot

1024 /1024 1024 bit digital input/ 1024 bit digital output 256 /256 256 bit analog input/256 bit analog output the whole instruction set can be embedded self-diagnostic functions special communication cables Arresting device of drawworks energy consumption 10 15 After Loosing the footpad, between 10 to 15 seconds, energy consumption arrestment will decrease the speed of drawworks motor from full to preset cathead speed. Transport the power generated by DC motor into a group of grid resistance through monodirectional contactor. The energy consumption arrestment device will not work when the drawworks works regularly, the actual speed of drawworks exceeds the setting speed at any time, drawworks energy consumption arrestment will work automatically. anti-bump system of intelligent travelling block

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Anti-bump system of intelligent travelling block is a kind of advanced protection equipment which can prevent rig from accidents happened to travelling block, in the operation process, anti-bump system of intelligent travelling block will automatically detect and indicates the height position of travelling block in the touch screen, when the travelling block runs to the early warming height on the top of mast or to the early warming height on drillers console, the system will raise acoustooptic early warming signal, and decrease the travelling block to safety speed and operate, when the travelling block runs to the danger height on top of mast or runs to the danger height on drillers console, the system will raise acoustooptic early warming signal, will also decrease the motors speed to zero, output passive connection point signal to make the disc to break, and guarantee the safety operation of travelling block. Anti-bump system of intelligent travelling block also has the position memory functions, when power failure happens abruptly or other reasons, travelling block may stop in any height place, anti-bump system of intelligent travelling block will automatically remember the position of travelling block, when resume power supply, the travelling block start again, the system will no need to adjust again and can still work normally. Drillers console 304 100% NFPA 496 I II D 85psi 150psi PLC Drillers console is made of 304 stainless steel; handwheel is made of honest stainless steel, which offers 100% backup functions. Drillers console is watertight structure with seal door. According to NFPA 496 This drillers console equipped with air charging system, which can be used in danger area of I class II part D group. The rigs air charging device connects with outside dry air source from 85psi to150psi. There is voltage regulator inside the drillers console to keep the barotropy comparing with the outside world. It adopts special communication cable between the drillers console and PLC cabinet, the cable comes in from the bottom.

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Item A



1 mud pump 1 speed given handwheel 2 mud pump 2 speed given handwheel 3 mud pump 3 speed given handwheel given handwheel of drawworks speed given handwheel of rotary speed SCR appointed switches


1 - mud pump 1 air- blower switch on-off 2 - mud pump 2 air- blower switch on-off -- option switch of drawworks working situation right hand direction-stop-backward running -- option switch of rotary table working situation right hand direction-stop-backward running PLC BYPASS C 2 PLC BYPASS switch

ammeter of rotary table limitation meter of percent power


1 2 3 4 SCR1 SCR2 SCR3 SCR4

generator 1 online indicating light generator 2 online indicating light generator 3 online indicating light generator 4 online indicating light SCR 1 work indicating light SCR 2 work indicating light SCR 3 work indicating light SCR 4 work indicating light mud pump 1 air-blower mud pump 2 air-blower mud pump 3 air-blower work indicating light work indicating light work indicating light

1 2 3

air-blower of drawworks work indicating light air-blower of rotary table work indicating light

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drillers console gas lose indicating light

E 4 F G H I 1 1 1 1 1 set Footpad TP170A Z

power limitation indicating light grounding failure indicating light DC emergency shut down button AC emergency shut down button failure replace button quiet light test button restriction potentiometer of rotary table torque TP 170A touch screen Z type supercharging system Socket and plug

304 1 1 3 Footpad is made of the 304 stainless steel, is suitable for the ambient condition on the drillers console. It includes he couple stainless steel reset spring, once a spring loses effectiveness, footpad will replace automatically. It also includes the dry air supply which connected with drillers console. Footpad connects with drillers console through 1 piece 3 rush pith cable directly. 600V feeding machine 600V Supply the following 600V feeding breaker. Item 1 QTY Descriptions


1 1600AF/1250AT 600V, 3P, MCC 2 65Kaic

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anchoring MCC transformer feeding breaker, installed in the #2 generator cabinet

installation600V, 3P, 65Kaic 2 1 1600AF/1250AT

anchoring 3 Top drive transformer feeding breaker, installed in the #3 generator cabinet

installation600V, 3P, 65kAIC 1600AF/1250AT 600V, 3P, 65kAIC 1600AF/1250AT anchoring

installation600V, 3P, 65kAIC

600: 460 transformer

MCC : In order to supply power for all assistant MCC equipments, offer the following dry transformer: QTY 1250KVA600V: 460V,60Hz,3 1 1 1250KVA600V: 460V,60Hz,3copper line coil, epoxy resin pouring 460:208Y120 transformer Descriptions

: In order to supply power for all assistant lighting and life electricity used equipments, offer the following dry transformer: Item QTY Descriptions

180KVA460V:208Y120V 460: 220Y127V,60Hz,3 1 1 180KVA460V:208Y120Vactual is 460: 220Y127V,60Hz,3copper line coil, epoxy resin pouring
Page 61 of 102 460V transformer 460V second side breaker Item A QTY 1 breaker 1600AF/1600AT 42kAIC , manual charging, manual switch on Descriptions

anchoring installation C D E 1 1 1 0-500 V voltmeter 0-2000 A ammeter transformer online indicating light

600V The breaker interlocked with donkey incoming feeder breaker, prevent donkey from supplying power for 600V bus bar. 208V transformer 208V second side breaker Item A QTY 1 breaker 800AF/800AT 42kAIC , manual charging, manual switch on Descriptions

anchoring installation C D E 1 1 1 0-500 V


0-1000 A ammeter transformer online indicating light joint of assistant diesel engine Item A QTY 1 breaker 630AF/630AT 42kAIC
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, manual charging, manual switch on

anchoring installation C D E 1 1 1 0-500 V voltmeter 0-750 A ammeter donkey online indicating light

460V motor control center

NEMA1 IB 460 60 , 2000 300 460: 120 The technical standard of motor control center is American NEMA1 class IB grade, 460V, 60hz, equipped with multi-channel independent switch. Horizontal bus bar is tin coat copper lines, rated current is 2000 A, vertical bus bar is tin coat copper lines, rated current is 300 A. Grounding copper lines connect in the whole motor control system. Each starter has a 460: 120 transformer, breaker, contactor, thermorelay and red running indicating light, each of them with fuse. Item QTY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Capacity 3kW 3kW 3kW 3kW 3kW 3kW 11kW 11kW 11kW 11kW 11kW 11kW 11kW Control HOA HOA HOA HOA HOA HOA HOA HOA HOA HOA HOA HOA HOA
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1 2 3 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

MP1 drenching pump MP2 drenching pump MP1 lube pump MP2 lube pump MP3 lube pump RT lube pump MP1A air- blower MP1B air- blower MP2A air- blower MP2B air- blower MP3A air- blower MP3B air- blower DWA air- blower

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 breaker Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 QTY 1 1 2 1 2 1

1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 2

11kW 11kW 11kW 3kW 3kW 55kW 75kW 75kW 75kW 75kW 75kW 75kW 75kW 75kW 75kW 75kW 37KW 37KW 15 KW


DWB air- blower RT air- blower spare drawworks spare hydraulic tongs 1# fixed pump 2# fixed pump 1# charging pump 2# charging pump 3# charging pump spare desilter pump desander pump shearing pump spare air compressor spare measuring pump lube pump of


Capacity 400AF/300AT/3P 250AF/250AT/3P 150AF/150AT/3P 150AF/150AT/3P 100AF/100AT/3P 150AF/150AT/3P lighting transformer 1# solid control area 2#-6# solid control area well logging air compressor oil tank area
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7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 3 1

150AF/150AT/3P 150AF/150AT/3P 150AF/150AT/3P 150AF/150AT/3P 100AF/100AT/3P 100AF/40AT/3P 100AF/60AT/3P 100AF/80AT/3P 150AF/150AT/3P 200AF/200AT/3P

cooling water tank area casing water tank area centrifugal machine drillers area fitters material house air conditioner electromagnetic eddy current brake spare spare dynamic power of camping area

208Y120V distribution panel 208Y120V3 460: 208Y120V One set of 208Y120V3 phase 4 lines distribution panel, distribution panel supply second side power through 460: 208Y120V lighting transformer. Item 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 QTY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 voltage Breaker life electricity sapre 1# 2# 3# 4# generator house lighting generator house lighting generator house lighting generator house lighting Descriptions

200Y115 400AT/3P 200Y115 40AT/3P 200Y115 40AT/3P 200Y115 40AT/3P 200Y115 40AT/3P 200Y115 40AT/3P 115 115 115 115 115 115 16AT/1P 32AT/1P 40AT/1P 16AT/1P 40AT/1P 16AT/1P

assistant generator house lighting SCR SCR SCR lighting in house SCR plug base

solid control area lighting pump area lighting

drillers area lighting water tank lighting

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14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

1 4 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1

115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115

16AT/1P 40AT/1P 40AT/1P 40AT/3P 40AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P 16AT/1P

oil tank lighting spare spare spare DWA DWB RT MP1A MP1B MP2A MP2B MP3A MP3B 36V motor heating motor heating motor heating motor heating motor heating motor heating motor heating motor heating motor heating spare transformer lighting on site houses on site

electromagnetic eddy current break controller 460VAC, 60HZ 3 0-320VDC 80ADC

Item 1 2

QTY 1 1


driller control handle SIEMENS assembly controllable silicon commutation bridge

, 35KVA. transformer

electric control house

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12500mm 3000mm 3000mm 12# 12 x 45# 5 Power control house is less than 12500mm long and less than 3000mm wide and is 3000mm high. Bottom of the house has lifting crane and dragging structure so as to meet requirements of truck load. Frame of the house is welded from structural steel, outside wall and house roof adopt 12# steel plate. All corners have been under bent treatment and seam welding, and is finely welded. Floor bar of the house is made from 12*45# steel. Three wall of the house is entirely frothed for heat insulation, while headwall for planking and connector will not under heat insulation treatment. The house is decorated by 5mm laminated wood in layers; walls not beside equipments will be decorated by color plate. Passageway of the house is laid with CR cushion. 3 TRANE The house has two doors, and one of them is opposite to No.1 generator. Push door handle outward, let the door outward opened. The house is equipped with two air conditioners. The air conditioner is separate style from American TRANE Company, the compressor and coil pipe section are respectively installed on the skid stage outside the house, the roof of which should not higher than the roof of the house. 115V 60Hz There are four groups of 115V 60Hz fluorescent lights in house for lighting. The illuminating lamps installed on the suspending roof of house. There are emergence illuminating lamps, they are used for spare battery and has the self-charging functions. They used for maintenance work. SCR SCR SCR
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45 The current outputted from generator transformed to SCR system through inlet of power lines of power control house. The control cables connected the SCR system with generator through connectors. The inlet of power lines and SCR cabinet are in the same side. DC outputs through the single connector from one side of house. DC control cable connector, the AC output of rig and control cable outputting connectors all tilt down 450 in order to decrease the press of cables. The manufacturing process of house includes the rust removel, surface and inside painting, and epoxy resin primer, white polyhydrogen grease surface coating. The anti-corrosion treatment of house should be suitable for the sea humid climate environment. The transformer, two air condition condensers and resistance box of power breaker of drawworks are installed in one side of the house. SCR DRA 600 2000 125 SCR cabinet and control cables in side of generator control cabinet adopt the Jinshan DRA monoconductor instrument cables, the rated voltage is 600V or 2000V according to requirement, there is anti-ignite mekralon isolation layer on the surface, the working temperature reaches high to 1250. These designs of cables meet the requirements of marine drilling platform for control cables.

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8-1 AC motors Control mode: : The AC motors more than 10 kW are controlled by MCC. 30 kW MCC . The AC motors less than 10 kW are controlled near equipment. 30 kW . Explosion proof junction boxes are installed in both end of mud tanks. .

8-2 Well site lighting and AC motor Control System Qty.: 1 SET

1 design principles HSE Well site electric equipments design and manufacturing should comply with the principle of safe, reliable, convenient to transmit, economical in operation and meet HSE requirements SY/T0025-95 SY/T0025-95 petroleum equipment electric device area classification


API RP 500B recommended area classification practice of petroleum equipment electric device chapter B recommendation on decision of onshore and offshore fixed and movable platform drill unit and degree and scope of area classification inside manufacturing facilities GB 50058-92 GB 50058-92 design specification for electric equipments under explosion and fire GB3836.1-2000 1 (

IEC60079-0:1998) GB3836.1-2000 electric equipments used in explosion gas environment section 1: requirements for common use (for IEC60079-0:1998) GB3836.2-2000 2 d
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GB3836.2-2000 electric equipments used in explosion gas environment section 2 flame-proof type d GB3836.3-2000 3 e GB3836.3-2000 electric equipments used in explosion gas environment section 3 ampere increasing type: e GB3836.8-2000n GB3836.8-2000 electrical equipments used in explosion gas environment sparkles electric equipment n SY/T6276-1997 ISO/CD14690 SY/T6276-1997 ISO/CD14690 health, safety and environment management system of petroleum industry main technical requirements: 480V +PE 480V 3 phases+PE line

rated voltage: power system

208V/110V 208V/110V 3 phases 5 lines rated frequency: 60Hz environmental temperature: -30+55 relative humidity: +2090% meet relative requirement of ZJ70Drig drilling

lightening system: 60Hz

-30+55 +2090%

ZJ70D procedure

moving and installation

fit for camp operation, and convenient for


safety, reliable and easy for operation

requirements for flame-proof junction box and control

box structure Cabinet seal twig adopts metal seal plus rain cover. cabinet screw adopts high quality stainless steel and has anti-falling structure (/) design of name plate should be pragmatic and beautiful. 2.2 requirements for light, light bar and gold apparatus Adopt expolison-proof fluorescent
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lamp, equipped with Nanjing single leg fluorescent tube, mast light has safety chain. Mast light adopts 2 kinds of anchorage. Light bar and gold apparatus adopts galvanizing treatment, good surface quality 2.3 other technical requirement YCW use universal YCW oak case soft cable of Shanghai Nanyang cable plant; adopt plugging device from Baoji Youtai, and lightening from Baoji Youtai. Install wall cable groove on tank side. main electric equipments use the brand of Schneider and Rockwell. the whole system is safe, reliable and easy for operation 30mm A B C /All line nose must be galvanized, all line ends use firing shrinkage tube to shrink, the color code for A , B, C phase is respectively black, blue and red. technical instruction: 3.1 solid control system 30KW SCR/MCC 30kW SCR/MCC 3 60A 25A Each motor above 30kw supplies power independently, control unit is set in distributing cabinet of SCR/MCC room; power line and control line connect to motor from
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explosion-proof power distributing cabinet in butt of mud tank along cable duct at tank side. On well site, use the explosion-proof control button to control well site condition; motors below 30kw are powered by SCR/MCC, set explosion-proof magnetic starter in explosion-proof power distributing cabinet, set explosion-proof control box at right place of tank surface so as to centralize control and operate at well site. Add locking device to all switches, connect tanks by connector, route the cables of tank equipments from tank side to equipment through galvanized conduit. Set 3 sets of double-barrelled explosion-proof fluorescent lamp to each tank, and 1 set to each desander, centrifugal pump and cut pump. Agitator is controlled by flame-proof control switch. Shale shaker, integrated mud cleaner, centrifugal machine are only equipped with power supply, control device is self-supplied. Make-up pump is controlled by drillers console and at well site. each tank is equipped with one line of 60A power and 25A lightening power. main mating content: name 40W2 25 Qty note


explosion-proof fluorescent lamp 40W2 40W2

3 for each tank surface, 1 for each pump warehouse

explosion-proof emergency fluorescent lamp 40W2

install beside ladder of mud tank 4 2

400W explosion-proof projector

SCR 4 for tank 6 surface(distribute in four corner of mud tank), 2 for mud pump(one in tank surface and one for SCR room)

4 flame-proof distribution box power 16

include motor explosion-proof magnetic starter and lightening control circuit (include water tank)

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telescope light shelf


explosion-proof switch box


set one for each

all cables wall cable groove metal thread tube

full set full set full set full set




accessories nose



3.2 industry water tank 1 4 Powered by near mud tank, set 1 flame-proof power box and lightening box, so as to control four water pumps. Install 4 sets of explosion-proof fluorescent lamp. ite m 1 explosion-proof fluorescent 40W2 40W2 2 explosion-proof emergency fluorescent lamp 40W2 1I set lamp 40W2 6 name qty


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elevation light clip and light shelf

explosion-proof control switch box

7 cable full set 8 cable groove full set metal thread tube 10 accessories copper nose 3.3 oil tank area like full set full set

1 60A 25A Provide one line of motor circuit and one line of lightening circuit. Install one set of explosion-proof fluorescent lamp. Set one explosion-proof control box, for controlling two oil pumps. Provide one line of 60A emergency power, and one line of 25A reserve lightening device.





40W2 1 Explosion-proof lamp 40W2 2 flame-proof control box 3 fluorescent 3

Page 74 of 102

3 4 5

elevation light shelf cable tube accessories like copper nose metal thread

3 full set full set

full set

3.4 drill floor area Provide one line of power supply, one lightening electric supply. Set one explosion-proof power distribution cabinet in doghouse which is at the back of drillers console; set explosion-proof lightening distribution cabinet for power supply and lightening distribution of drill floor area. Connect drill floor lightening tools and explosion-proof projector by connector. item name Qty note: 1 3 25 25 sets 3 for usage on mast, 1 set for

40W2 1 Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp 40W2 40W2 2 Explosion-proof emergency lamp 40W2 3 signal fluorescent

emergency, 3 for left dog house, and 3 for right doghouse 1 one set for racking board

4 4 sets

2 1 two sets for drill floor, 1 set for emergency use.

explosion-proof light

1 1 set

glimmer type

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6 2 2 4 10 6 sets for Drill floor (2 for each left and right doghouse top, and 2 for drill floor well head), 4 sets for drill floor base 5 connector Complete set comple te set 7 cable comple te set metal thread tube 9 Accessories such as comple te set comple te set

explosion-proof projector

explosion-proof pull box

connector fix basis, pipe clamp, and etc. /


Drill floor power/lightening distribution cabinet 3.3 generator room

2 sets

3 60A 25A Provide two power lines and one lightening line. Install 3 set of explosion-proof fluorescent lamp. Set one explosion-proof control box. Provide one line of 60A reserve power, and one line of 25A reserve lightening.





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40W2 1 explosion-proof fluorescent 40W2 2 explosion-proof control box 3 cable complete set thread tube 5 accessories copper line nose 3.5 BOP Provide power supply interface 3.6 earthed neutral system 35mm2 70mm2 Equipped with complete earth connecting and homologous yellow-blue double color 35mm2 earth lead, with crown block lightening rod and black 70mm 2 down lead. like metal complete set Complete set 4 lamp 12

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Section 9 General: :


6 () 320 m3 (2000bbls) Main parameters and performance: : Each tank is located on an oil field type skid. . Tank Side, end walls and partition plate V type crimp design. V Tank walls rimed with 6 Square x 8 mm thickness mud gun pipeline, water pipeline and chemicals pipeline. 6 x 8 mm . Tanks connection is pneumatic seal pit union type. All AC motors are explosion proof type and F class with high temperature windings. F. Tank side, end walls and partition plate V type crimp design, wall thickness 8 mm, and bottom 10 mm. V 8 mm 10 mm. Tanks connection is hammer seal pit union type; ; Overall dimension for all tanks are as annex drawings to ensure the safety transmission by railway or road; ;

Specifications: : Total effective capacity:

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320 m3,

: Overall dimension of each tank: : 1250025803000mm

9-1 Equipments 0f Solid Control System 9-7-1 3 Sets of Shale Shaker 3 Model: FLC 2000 : FLC 2000

It is powered by two super G motors which produce 7.0Gs on the 3 panel. The shale shaker process in excess of 525 gpm with a 10.4 ppg mud over 210 mesh screens

10.4 / 210 525 / Complete weir feeder with back tank AWD (adjustable while drilling) is operated by a hydraulic jack, enable one person to quickly and easily raise and lower the screen basket from -1~+5.



Complete with standard underflow sump capacity 7 barrels. Super G vibrators: : 460V, 3 phase, 60 cycle

1 Parameters of 1 set desander Model: ZQJ3002 Qty. 1 EA 240m3/h 240m3/h 020.45MPa 020.45MPa 50m 50m 150200 150200 24.3
Page 79 of 102

: ZQJ3002 1 -

Treatment capacity Working pressure

Grain grade in the middle Eyes of screen mesh


vibration frequency Motor power

24.3 1.5KW 1.5KW

1 Parameters of 1 set desilters Model: ZQJ10014 Qty. 1 EA 168m3/h 168m3/h 020.45MPa 020.45MPa 20m 20m 150200 150200 24.3 24.3 1.5KW 1.5Kw

: ZQJ10014 1 9-7-4

Treatment capacity Working pressure Grain grade in the middle Eyes of screen mesh vibration frequency Motor power

centrifugal machine LW5001000N 1 parameters Rotary speed Treatment capacity Grain grade in the middle Main motor power 1800rpm 1800rpm 5060m3/h 5060m3/h 57m 57m 30kW 30kW 7.5 kW
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Model: LW5001000N QTY:1 set


Motor power

7.5 kW

Vacuum Degasser

: Features Water ring vacuum pump works continuously in constant temperature, it suits for sucking easy flammable gas, products are safe and reliable. Adopts the pulley driving device . Use knockout drum, it can part the fluid and gas, and always keep the exhaust

pipe unblocked : Main Technical Parameters 9-7-6 : Treatment capacity : Degree of vacuum : Main motor power /: Vacuum pump power/speed : Outside dimension 4 m3/min. 4 m3/min. 0.3-0.4 0.3-0.4 15KW 15KW 3KW, 876rpm 3KW, 876rpm 18008001400mm 18008001400mm

Agitators NJ-15 horizontal model agitators NJ-15 : QTY : Power NJ-7.5 : QTY : 14 14 20HP 20HP horizontal model agitators NJ-7.5 3 3 10HP
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Power : QTY of hoppers : QTY of compounding pump : Power of compounding pump 2 2 2 2


commingled system -

75kW (100HP) 75kW (100HP)


centrifugal pump Model: SB 68-12-1/2 QTY: 4 sets : Capacity : lifting height : Power of AC motor 200m3/h 200m3/h 35m 35m 75KW(100HP) 75KW(100HP)

: SB 68-12-1/2 . 4 9-7-9

2 2 . 2 used for desander and desilter2 used for magma pump Model: SB3 4-12 2 2 78 m3/h 78 m3/h 20HP 20HP

Measuring Pump

: SB3 4-12 : QTY : Capacity

: Power of AC motor

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Section 10

BOP SYSTEM (to be supplied by the buyer) BOP

The BOP control unit will be a complete air/Hydraulic system designed for the control and the operation of surface mounted BOP stack / According to API spec 16D, API RP 500 API 16DAPI RP 500 Complete with remote control panel contained in a protect house, drillers control panel, air cable, alarm device and hydraulic hoses Motor, lighting system, control panel explosion proof Specification: Number of objects controlled: Total capacity of Accumulator set: Number of air operated pumps: Number of electrical pumps One core hose bundle for drillers control panel and one 150 core hose for remote control panel 1 150' One remote control panel and one drillers control panel with heat insulation house 1 1 High Pressure Flexible Hose, with "stainless steel", Flexible outer wrap and "resistant" to fire, test pressure 7500 Psi, working pressure 5000 Psi, fitted with "build-in" steel coupling on ends. 7500 Psi, 5000 Psi, BOP trolley unit BOP

7 43 L x 20 3 1

1 set

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BOP trolley unit and hoisting equipment are mounted under the substructure. Complete with rail, fitted with trolley for hoisting and moving BOP equipment. Box-end HAMMER wrench for BOP 3-1/4" , 2-1/2, 2, 1-3/4, 1-7/8, 1-5/8, 1/2, 1-1/4, 1-3/8, 1-1/8, 1, 7/8, 3/4 and 5/8, four for each size for HUB Clamp bolts 3-1/4" , 2-1/2, 2, 1-3/4, 1-7/8, 1-5/8, 1/2, 1-1/4, 1-3/8, 1-1/8, 1, 7/8, 3/4 5/8 4 HUB Choke Manifold (Assembled as per buyer drawing) , FLS valves FLS All parts Must be interchangable with original Cameron type "FLS" valve Cameron "FLS" Specification: Detail Specification as per Attachment "B" B Mounted on the Oil Field Skid Pressure: The bore diameter of manifold outlets are 4-1/16" x 5,000 4-1/16" x 5,000 Including: One hydraulic actuated choke valves Two manual operated choke valves 2 10 X 2-1/16 X 5000 psi and 5 X 4-1/16 X 5000 psi gate valves 10 X 2-1/16 X 5000 psi 5 X 4-1/16 X 5000 psi One remote control panel at drilling floor Choke Lines Main choke line consists of (2) valves 2 One gate valve, 4-1/16, 5000psi manual OP. 1 4-1/16, 5000psi
Page 84 of 102

56 ea


1 set

5000 psi

CAMERON Type Made In China CAMERON Type Made In China

1 set

One gate valve, 4-1/16, 5000psi Hyd. OP. 1 4-1/16, 5000psi Secondary choke line consists of (2) valves 2 Two 2-1/16 X 5000psi manual operated valve 2 2-1/16 X 5000psi Double Studded Adapter Flange, 4 1/16" 5000 Psi - 2 1/16" 5000 Psi, STL.ST. Lined ring grooves API 6A, PSL-2 U,DD. Meets Nace per MR-01-75 4 1/16" 5000 Psi - 2 1/16" 5000 Psi, STL.ST. API 6A, PSL-2 U,DD. MR-01-75 2X 5000psi flexible hose with 2-1/16 X 5000 psi flange on both ends with length as 50ft 2X 5000psi 2-1/16 X 5000 psi 50ft 4 X 5000 psi flexible hose with 4-1/16 X 5000 psi flange on both ends with length as 50ft 4 X 5000 psi 4-1/16 X 5000 psi 50ft Kill Lines Detail Specification as per Attachment "C" C Top kill line consists of (3) valves: 3 One gate valve, 2-1/16, 5000psi manual OP. 1 2-1/16, 5000psi One gate valve, 2-1/16, 5000 psi Hyd. OP. 1 2-1/16, 5000 psi One check valve,2-1/16, 5000 psi 1 2-1/16, 5000 psi Bottom kill line consisted of 4 valves 4 Two gate valves of 2-1/16, 5000 psi manual OP. 2 2-1/165000 psi Two check valves of 2-1/16, 5000 psi 2 2-1/165000 psi Double Studded Adapter Flange, 4 1/16" 5000 Psi - 2 1/16" 5000 Psi, STL.ST. Lined ring grooves API 6A, PSL-2 U,DD. Meets Nace per MR-01-75 4 1/16" 5000 Psi - 2 1/16" 5000 Psi, STL.ST. API 6A, PSL-2 U,DD. MR-01-75
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1 set

2 sets

2 X 5000 psi flexible hose with 2 X 5000 psi union on one end and 2-1/16 X 5000 psi flange on the other end with length as 50ft 2 X 5000 psi 1002 -1/16 X 5000 psi 50ft 2 X 5000 psi flexible hose with 1002 unions on both ends with length as 50ft each 2 X 5000 psi 1002 50ft 2 X 5000 psi flexible hose with 1002 unions on both ends with length as 25ft each 2 X 5000 psi 1002 25ft Manual gate valve,2-1/16", 5000psi 2-1/16", 5000psi Union flange, 2-1/16", 5000 psi 2-1/16", 5000 psi Chicksan Loop Hoses Size: Pressure: Length: Connection:

3 ea

2 ea

2 ea 2 ea 2 ea 12ft
2 5000 psi 12 ft 1002 Hammer Union 1002

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Section 11 11-1 Specifications: Power Supply: :


220VAC +20%, 50HZ +10%

Operating Environment: -20 to 80 (equipment in open area) 0 to 30 (equipment in room)

Hook Load: : Rotary Table RPM: : Rotary Torque or Top Drive: : Tong Torque: : Pump SPM: : Pump Pressure: : Mud Return Flow: : Depth of Hole: : Level of Mud Pit: : System Accuracy: :

0-5000KN, 10/12 line strung 0-5000KN, 10/12 0-300RPM








display=2.5%, record=1% =2.5%,=1%

11-2 Equipment Supply 11-3.1 Sensors: : 1*

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Weight load cell

11-3.2 Display System Page 88 of 102

1* EDMS of depth 3* Pump SPM sensor 1* Pump pressure sensor 1* Mud return flow sensor 1* Rotary RPM sensor 1* Rotary torque sensor 1* Top drive torque sensor (Owner supplied) () 1* Top drive RPM sensor (Owner supplied) () 1* Tong torque sensor 2 Pressure transducer assy. (1*1000psi, 2*5000psi) (1*1000psi, 2*5000psi) 6+2* Ultra-sonic probe


Display panel, stainless steel


Weight indicator


Pump pressure gauge

2 1* tanks

Pump SPM gauge

Mud Tank volume monitoring gauges for main mud tanks and trip

11-3.3 Data Acquisition System 2* 5* 1* 2* 3* 3* 1* 1* 1* 1* 1* 1* 1*

Tong torque meter Rotary torque meter LCD digital display panel Display for toolpusher Display for company man Alarm horn assy. Flow guide Damper Releasing valve Recharging valve

Data acquisition unit (DAQ) (DAQ) Signal acquisition module Signal communication module
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11-3.4 Recording System 11-3.5 Mounting Accessories Page 90 of 102

15* Signal transition module 1* Power distribute box 1* Signal barrier box 1* Signal EX barrier box EX


Industrial PC PC


T-POT modem T-POT


Wide Color printer




Online UPS UPS


Voltage Regulator, AC power


Mounting parts of rotary ROP sensor


Mounting parts of pump SPM sensor


Mounting parts of mud return flow sensor


Mounting parts of pump pressure sensor


Hand pump


High pressure shut valve


Mounting parts of ultra-sonic probe


Batch of standard fixing parts

11-3.6 Hydraulic Hose, Cables and Fittings Weight indicator hose, 20m , Pump pressure hose, 20m , Tong torque hose, 20m , 2*cables from pump SPM sensor1, 2 and3 to signal barrier box, 45m each 2 12 45m 1*cable, from signal barrier box to DAQ, 80m 1 Cable, rotary ROP sensor to DAQ, 20m Cable, rotary torque sensor to DAQ, 20m Cable, depth sensor to DAQ, 20m 9*cables, ultra-sonic probe to DAQ 9 1*cable, DAQ to display panel, 15m
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1 1*Cable, DAQ to LCD digital screen, 15m 1 . Co-axial cable, DAQ to recording unit, 150m . Cable, rig site power supply control case to system power supply, 20m . Cable, system power supply to DAQ, 2m .

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8.5m2.8m2.5m Dining room

8.5m2.8m2.5m Conference

8.5m2.8m2.5m Living room

8.5m2.8m2.5m Operating room 8.5m2.8m2.5m Bathroom 6m2.8m2.5m Toilet 8m3 8m3 Water tank for lifelive Camp generator set CAT C15

SECTION 12 Camping 5 30 , 2 Ea. Iinside decoration, wood-floor, complete with 5 stainless steel dining tables, 30 dining chairs, 2 electric heater 1 1 ,19 , 6 2 Ea. Iinside decoration, wood-floor, complete with a 6m conference round-table, 19 conference chairs, 2 1 electric heater 4 ,2 ,2 /,2 ,4 ,2 ,2 Ea. Iinside decoration, wood-floor, complete with 4 high/lower beds, 2 bedside tables, 2 mirrors/towel racks, 2 broom racks, 4 wardrobes, 2 electric 13 heater,2 chairs , 2 Ea. 1 Insidewall decoration, 2 electric heaters
Ea. 1 Ea. Ea. Set 1 1 2 Including house 6 ,2 , 2 6 stainless steel clothes-hooks, 2 connection chairs, 2 waterproof electric heaters

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SECTION 13 Full face mask and filter Escape saver

SAFETY EQUIPMENTS(To be supplied by the buyer) 20 ea 28 ea 1 set 2 sets 8 ea

High pressure breathing air compressor Multi gas monitor Personal gas alarm

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SECTION 14 7-6 Hydraulic Power Unit Qty:1 EA, Specifications Capacity of oil tank



Volume flow of per pump Max. volume flow of mechanism Max. volume flow of disc-brake Volume flow of oil feeding pump Rated pressure of per pump Oil supply pump of mechanism Oil supply pump of disc-brake Oil feeding pump Power of motor Pump motor of mechanism Pump motor of disc-brake Pump motor of oil feeding
Page 95 of 102

120L/min(oil supply pump) 120L/min() 15L/min(oil supply pump) 15L/min() 36L/min 36L/min








Motor of cooler Heater power Max.power of radiator Overall dimension(LWH) (LWH) Weight






This HPU serve hydraulic disc brake and Hydraulic tools, all necessary hose and joint 7-7 Hydraulic wire line cutter: : Qty: 1 EA, Specification: : Four cameras for monitoring drawworks, racking platform, mud pump and mud control
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Max. diameter of rope: : Min. stroke of piston: : Stroke of knife: : Max. cut load: : Oil volume: : Max. force of handle: :







7-8 Monitoring system

system, the display is located in driller control cabin. 4

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SECTION 15 ASSEMBLING PARTS AND GENERAL TOOLS FOR RIG 14.1 14.2 14.3 14.4 14.5 14.6 14.7 14.8 1 sets 2 ea. 1 1 1 1 1 1 General assembly parts (1set) (1set) YQ-50 Jack YQ-50 Movable grease unit Welding machine Wireline guider Sand line 4900m Trays for cable, oil, water and air tubeline Sling for rig installation

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SECTION 16 RIG-UP, COMMISSIONING AT MANUFACTURERS YARD 15-1 15-1.1 15-1.2 15-1.3 15-1.4 15-1.5 15-1.6 15-1.7 Rig-up Upload equipment required for rig-up Set and assemble substructure Install drawworks and rotary table on drill floor Set and assemble mast Install crown block, deadline anchor and mast accessories. String up traveling block (fast line end is not attached to drawworks drum) () Set and align * * * * * * * 15-1.8 15-1.9 15-1.10 Generator house Air compressor house SCR and MCC rooms SCR /MCC Mud pumps and manifold Mud system Water tanks Fuel tanks & lube tank & Install cable trays Install SCR control panel at drawworks driller console. SCR . Install air, fuel, water piping including pipe, fitting, hoses and valves. .
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15-1.11 15-1.12 15-1.13 15-1.14 15-2 15-2.1 15-2.2 15-2.3 15-2.4 15-2.5 15-2.6 15-2.7

Lube all machinery Provide 8M3 diesel fuel 8M3 Fill suction tank and cooling tank with water Fill water for all radiators. Commissioning Run cold starting air compressor and pressure test air of compressor system Run diesel generator and test electric system including various protections and alarm test. Run drawworks and rotary table. . Fix fast line end to drawworks drum. . Raise mast. . Raise substructure. . Test run pumps at required load for four hours. .


15-3.1 15-3.2

Rig-down, touch up paint and packing The color and material will be according to regular practice. .

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SECTION 17 PACKING Equipment shall be suitally packaged for sea transport. .

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SECTION 18 18.1 4 sets


Four (4) sets of the following drawings and documents will be provided to the customer in English along with the equipment. Operation, maintenance and spare parts manual for main rig components. . Parts manual relevant to rig Foundation layout All relevant certificates Traceability reports TPI (Third party inspection) report where applicable

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