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Master of Science in Instructional Design The new Master of Science in Instructional Design will prepare a generation of visionaries, leaders,

decision makers, and practitioners as they redefine the future of education. This career-driven program is designed to fill the gap in the eLearning industry for professionals with the leadership, management, and practical skills to tap the enormous potential of online learning. You will graduate with a distinct advantage over the competition and with specific knowledge that can be readily applied to the industry. The M.S. offers professionals involved in the development, management, and presentation of online education, as well as those new to the field, a rigorous academic experience grounded in pedagogical theory and its real world application. Graduates will be the eLearning change agents in both the academic and corporate settings, leading the effort to bring interactive online learning into the future by setting the standards for excellence. Your academic experience is guided and shaped by a faculty of expert instructors and practitioners who represent a diverse cross-section in background, scholarship, and work/life experience. You gain access to enviable industry insight from those passionate and committed to the untapped possibilities of eLearning, while developing career connections and building professional relationships to last a lifetime. The program consists of a 42-credit curriculum. Core Courses: 21 credits; Electives: 15 credits (choice of five courses); Capstone Course: 6 credits. This innovative program is offered online, on-site, or through a combination of both formats, building on our reputation as a world-class educator and proven pioneer in online learning. It is composed of a core of courses providing you with a foundation of knowledge and skills essential for all professionals involved in instructional design; a comprehensive exam to demonstrate your mastery of concepts in the core courses; elective courses to determine your specialty in the academic sector, corporate sector, or instructional design; and a Capstone Project. Through full-time study, students can complete this program in two years and part-time up to five years. The Capstone Project demonstrates a student's mastery of advanced concepts and their application in the real world. The Capstone requires each student to produce an original work that outlines a curriculum for delivery in an online environment. Within the Capstone, you detail the steps and the project plan, budget the project, and storyboard the curriculum. You are required to show how your decisions are based in the theory and practices covered in the classes of the program through a defense, either in person or through our Voice Over IP communications tool. The defense takes place in front of three faculty members, including the student's advisor, and ensures that you not only understand but also can apply the concepts learned in the program. The Master of Science in Instructional Design challenges you to examine all the elements that come into play in interactive online learning. Our integrated curriculum takes into account the psychology of the learner and the goals of the organization. Robust courses teach you how to define and set up measures to identify the educational goals of the organization, the learner, and the culture, as well as the potential risks. You also develop a deep understanding of the financial processes and management skills requisite for

an online venture. Below is information specific to the Master of Science in Instructional Design. Make sure to read school-wide enrollment information as well. Admissions Requirements Application Fee Completed Application GRE/GMAT Official College Transcript Personal Statement Portfolio TOEFL Two Recommendations Undergrad Degree Work Experience Tutition and Fees Application Fee: $50 Tuition per point: $944 Flat Tuition: $10172 Priority Dates We accept and review applications on an ongoing basis. However, to increase the likelihood of acceptance you should get your application to us by the following dates: Fall Term: June 1st Spring Term: October 15th Summer Term: March 15th Financial Aid Financing your education is easier than you think. Our Financial Aid Office will help you find and secure a variety of grants and loans. International Students Eligible students are welcome and encouraged to apply for this program. Learn more about how to apply by visiting International Student Enrollment.