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Independent Reading Test A Thousand Splendid Suns Identify each of the following with a two sentence description.

. Use complete sentences on the short answer. 3 points each for 30 points. 1. Jalil

2. Nana

3. Zalmai

4. Aziza

5. Tariq 6. Where does Rasheed want to take Aziza? Why?

7. Who is Mullah Faizullah? What is his relationship with Mariam?

8. What happens to Lailas brothers? Be specific. 9. Why does Laila marry Rasheed?

10. What happens to Mariams mother?

Quotations. Choose four of the five and identify the speaker, situation, and significance. Make sure you make your answer clear and thorough. 5 points each for 20 points. 11. Her eyes snapped open. Then her mouth opened. She held like this, held, held, shivering the cords in her neck stretched, sweat dripping from her face, her fingers crushing Mariams. Mariam would always admire [her] for how much time passed before she screamed.

12. You duped me. You lied to me, ..You had that man sit cross from me and You knew I would leave if I thought he was alive.

13. May God grant you a long and prosperous life, my daughter. May God give you many healthy and beautiful children. May you find the happiness, peace , and acceptance that I did not give you

14. She raised the shovel high, raised it as high as she could arcing it so it touched the small of her back. She turned it so the sharp edge was vertical, and, as she did, it occurred to her that this was the first time that she was deciding the course of her own life. And with that she brought down the shovel.

15. Of all the daughters I could have had, why did God give me an ungrateful one like you? Everything I endured for you! How dare you! How dare you abandon me like this!

Explain a lesson the main character learned from his/her experiences. How is he/she changed by what happens to him/her? Be sure to give at least two reasons from the text to support your thesis. Thenrelate that lesson to your own life. Do you find the lesson to be true in your own life? Why or why not? CONNECT TO THE BOOK. 50 points