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Fox Tail
The Rule Book

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Point of Game Points The Ball The Ball Cont. Re-Throws The Referee
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Common Rules of the Game Ties Sudden Death [Game Play] Sudden Death Cont.
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The Point of the Game

The point of the game is to catch the tail on the opposing player(s) throw to you. The first person to achieve the agreed, desired amount of points [The Game High] wins! [Points vary as shown below]

Points vary depending on the location of where the person catches the tail of the ball. As followed If caught ZERO!

5 points 4 points

3 points

2 points

1 point


Blue Zone

Yellow Zone

Red Zone

The referee or catcher must call out how many points have been received. If the tail is not caught, and the throw is legal, no points are received and the catchers turn is over.

The Ball
If you catch the ball, you wasted your turn and you loose all your points. So Dont Catch The Ball!!

Any type of move such as catching the ball and then dropping it will result as that player loosing 6 points! Other moves include:
Rolling the ball off your hand Hitting the ball away from you Bouncing the ball off your hand Catching the ball and sliding it to catching the Blue Zone close to the ball.

If it is undetermined, such as the player makes a catching movement of the hand to the ball, but the ball is not caught, that player must be fined 3 points! [Decision made by the referee]

Re-throws may only come into play if such a throw from the opposing player is:
Out 0f reach Too high Very Far Left/Right Too short Too Low

At which a re-throw occurs must be good enough to catch. For every 4 re-throws in a row, the thrower looses a point at which the catcher gains. A re-throw if hard to decide will be determined by an on-hand referee playing or not playing. To submit a re-throw the catcher must make an eligible effort to receive the ball [Based on by the referee]. The catcher than has to say Re-Throw! It will then be submitted upon the refs Judgment.

The Referee

The referee will be determined by all players before the game begins. If someone does not wish to play at all, by their decision they can be the referee. The referee must agree that they will not choose sides [favorites] and will take lawful judgment and ruling of the game.

Common Rules for the Game

No cheating If the Fox Tail hits any property, vehicle etc. the thrower looses 1 point. No Fowl Play Fowl language will result in the subtraction of 1 point. No wild throws. No whipping. [Both will result in re-throw] No player may substitute someone else until new game or tag-teams are submitted. The game must resolve until someone wins or there is a time-out. No interferences If there is interference, such as a tree etc. there is a rethrow- no questions asked!

Before the game there should be an agreed amount of points to achieve. [Game High] Say the high is 7 points and each player has six or the high is 11 and each has ten, then each player must catch the tail Above the Knot in the red area. Whoever does this is the winner of the game. The ref will makes sure it is legal and no sliding occurred.

Sudden Death [Game Style]

Sudden Death is a game style which is agreed upon before the game begins. Either Sudden Death style or Regular style. Sudden Death style is when no matter how close to the game high the players are, once there is a tie of points, [High is 11. Both players get 4 points] just like a regular tie, whoever grabs the tail above the knot in the red area first Wins the Entire Game!! Good Luck!

Rules and Agreement Charges Submitted by Players Written By: Colin Miller

Copyright 2007