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A Second Course 1n Probability ; " ; | a ‘ aan ian \ i i‘ Pi Sheldon M. Ross Erol A. Pek6éz PMtac MMe em mace lliliay MUiAUe mA MU ISM abst ONAN TET UCC UR eS TT Reem cc selling author Sheldon Ross (University of Southern California) teams up with Erol Pekéz (Boston University) to bring you A Second CTT Me ae) Le a sc celeLe a CCL MMTTLCe CRU eelO eT Cc) graduate students in statistics, mathematics, engineering, finance, Flere UArcUCAL SU ecmmcUItMAM Me Ue cre mCeDO mteletT Toe OM I care UUTT Ui FIT ALaiiereC\eUicecle mn C0)e) eam ogesr< SULTAN CO Ce OU MUM SIE USEN mee gem mio Ripert lle Molde) 21e)] [10g Cpe Comm CO Oc Ce Le Co a Pelee am SCOTCH ge CSL ote ele SameO oe ELe STIMU TL a t= vam CeCe eT Seta T= Ui Ue Lge Nona Caen ee MUO Uesr CMM ATCC ge S\ moar aT ETM oe sess) SIsto COM aime eclace Mc gem ror) CoN] Se Ui HEIGAM UE milese eee CCU mee Neca COLA RO ag concepts required, such as the definition of convergence, the Leb- Cre MC e-UMCUC MOL MMONT cll eeUTO MMT eel iia) ciera come tego Tet Ease UVC cn UA MM ana Nm InegeLe ete RNA MALO eI Coe aL measurable set, the law of large numbers is proved using the ergodic TURMERIC ROM res tel mae crt FSM MUS SMS CIMT AL OCOM TOM Sige TIMI A(O) UML (60 Mime mec oMm oe ccm mel Cer deme Tee mg sr UlL LL eae UL aCe Mae A Second Course in Probability Sheldon M. Ross and Erol A. Pekéz Spring 2007 www.