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FEA Plotting Requirements NYCT Equipment Attachment

Internal Checks (Before Final Plots): 1) Run mesh error check 2) Double check mesh refinement in regions of interest 3) Check force/moment balance for loads and reactions 4) Produce boundary conditions, translation plot, and stress plots for internal review 5) If all is good start producing final materials Final Plots and Model Details: 1) Force and Moment Balance a. Use data table of results to produce load and reaction forces and moments for loading and reaction nodes b. Include report of applied accelerations (where applicable) c. SHOW MASS SUMMATION TO ENSURE INERTIAL LOADS APPLIED 2) Model Details a. Produce plot demonstrating mesh size, b. Include material/thickness colors (w/ color key), c. Show load and boundary condition symbols (no need to include these on any other plot). 3) Mesh Error Plot a. Produce mesh error plot (focus on regions of interest) b. Discuss what parameters to use w/ Greg 4) Translation Plots, a. Produce total translation plot b. Legend thresholds auto-defined but colour contours user defined and similar to those used for stress plots (see below) c. Contours on the deformed shape plot and show outline of underformed shape d. Provide individual component translation plots (TX, TY, TZ) for regions of interest (where applicable) 5) Stress Plots a. Provide VonMises plots both Top and Bottom b. Provide nodal stress labels in regions of maximum stress c. Use legend with reasonable number of levels and user defined colors similar to the example image below. d. Linear Plot Special Considerations: Regions above ultimate should be grey, regions above yield should be red, 80% of yield should be indicated (yellow/orange type color) e. Non-Linear Plot Special Consideration: Regions above ultimate should be red, 80% of ultimate should be indicated (yellow/orange), regions above yield should be color indicated (Green??) Plot Requirements Page 1 of 2

6) Margin of Safety < 0.2 a. Create data table for all nodes with MS < 0.2 (note: believe this is equivalent to querying nodes w/ stresses > 83% of allowable) b. Table should include node number, location and stress (I can create the MS column with this data provided) c. Need to discuss this w/ Greg as I believe this is only applicable to the analysis that require a non-linear run as the allowable is defined as ultimate Notes: For all plots identified above please provide additional detail views or different view angles where required. Stress legend levels for contours should be selected to produce a relatively smooth gradient in regions of interest (where possible)

Plot Requirements

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