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Lunch Menu | Tapas | Vino | Bebidas


Sangria Rojo Our "Top Secret" mix of red wine, brandy, orange liquer, Glass-$5.75
assorted fruit juices, & apple garnish. Pitcher-$25.00
Sangria Blanco Our White Sangria is white wine, brandy, orange liquer, Glass-$5.75
assorted fruit juices & apple garnish. Pitcher-$25.00
Mojito Our Cuban specialty mixed with mint, lime, white rum, $6.75
served over ice with a splash of lemon lime, a sprigue of mint
and lime.
"Spanish Coffee" Our Special blended coffee, with Bacardi 151, set ablaze $7.50
with cinnamon and sugar table-side. Then the server will add
coffee, Kaluha and cream. A perfect Spanish sipper for after
"Caipirinha" Muddled limes, sugar, Pitu Cachacha & club soda with a $6.75
lime. Charles H. Baker's (Gentleman's Campanion), a fishing
buddy of Hemmingway's, a favorite cooler--"Salud y

Orange Valencia-tini Bacardi "O" Rum with two dashes of Presidente Brandy, OJ $6.50
& finished off with champagne and a cherry garnish.
Chocolate Mint Rum-Tini Godiva Liquer and Cruzan Diamond Estate Rum with a $7.50
splash of white creme de menthe. Shaken and garnished with
fresh mint.
Barcelona Moon Rum-tini Malibu Rum shaken with Blue Curasco and Grand Marnier, $6.50
garnished with an orange slice.
Godiva Black Currant Mount Gay Extra Old Rum with Godiva Liquer and creme de $7.50
cassis, freshly-squeezed lemon and lime juice, garnished
with cherry.
Sidecar Rum-tini Appleton Estate "VX" Gold Rum with Presidente Brandy, $6.50
Cointreau and lemon juice. Happy landing!
La Sitges Rum-Tini Mount Gay Barbados Rum with Creme de banana, Creme de $6.50
Cacao and cream
Ibiza Cran-tini Hypnotic, Bacardi limon, Cranberry juice & Grand Marnier, $7.50
shaken and served straight up.

Bacardi Limon $5.25
Pyrat XO Reserve $12.50 Mount Gay
Bacardi Light $5.25
Barbados $6.00
Bacardi O $5.25
Mount Gay Extra Old $7.75
Bacardi Razz $5.25
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum $5.25
Bacardi "8" $7.25
Appleton Estate "VX" $5.25
Cruzan $4.50
Malibu $5.25
Myer's Dark Rum $5.25

Boulevard "UNFILTERED" Wheat $4.50 Boulevard Pale Ale $4.50
New Belgium "Fat Tire" Amber Ale $4.50 Boulevard Irish Stout $4.50
Newcastle Brown Ale $4.50 Amstel Light $4.50
Budweiser $3.25 Coors Light $3.25
Bud Light $3.25 Rolling Rock $4.25
Heineken $4.25 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $4.25
Warsteiner $4.25 Bohemia $4.25
Negro Modelo Dark $4.25 Buckler na $4.25
Corona Extra $4.25 Chimay Red $16.00

Hidalgo "La Gitana" Manzanilla $3.50
La Ina Fino $4.50
Tio Pepe Fino $4.50
Taste & texture: dry, delicate, almonds, lemons. Served chilled.
Hidalgo amontillado $4.50 Sandeman Armada $4.50
Lustau "Los Arcos" Amontillado $5.50 Lustau "Palo Cortado" $4.50
Taste & texture: nutty and rich, with pecans, caramel, oranges, cinnamon, & spices
Bodegas Toro Albala Don PX $5.50
Lustau "Don Nuno" Oloroso $4.50
Hidalgo Cream Napolean $4.50
Taste & texture: sweet, waluts, chocolate, figs, sweet orange.