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A Project Report On Sakar Ferro Alloys Private Limited

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Prof. Richa Pandit

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Hinal shah Kajal Patel Mahek Desai Prachi Patel Sonam Parmar Piyush Viradiya 99 114 91 86 83 112

Sr. No. 1 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 3 4 5 Particulars Introduction about Company Learning at the organisation Three departments of the company Clients of the company Research and Development Future Plans Cprporate Social Responsibility Saftey Measures Findings Recommendation to the organization Bibliography

Introduction About the Company

In the year 2001, the group named as Afrin Group has
made a leap of faith by setting up Sakar Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd. It has made a groups in the business of aluminium recycling. The group set out with an ambition to become a dominant player in the field of Aluminium and the group has achieved this ambition. The director of the Sakar Ferro Alloys PVT. limited is Mr. Jatin Shah. The other management taem member are Mr. Mahendra Shah, Mr. Deepak Shah, Mr. Ramesh Shah and Mr. Rohan Shah. The company believes that the customers are the king. They believe that customer satisfaction is not achieved by simple providing quality product but by ensuring unparrelled customer experience. Sakar Industries Ltd. is registered with the Aluminum Association of India, one of the leading associations of the Indian Aluminium Industry. As the main business of the company is of alluminium so the raw- material of making the products are purchased from the out of countries like, U.K., Netherland, South America and so on. To make the products they require elements like, zinc, silicon, magnesium, copper. The price of Raw- material vary as per the change in dollar. The company has a turnover of 350 crores and shipping and transportation expenses are about 2 to3 crores.

Over the years Sakar has been able to maintain its dominant position due to its USP. Its Key Success Factors are: Strong commitment to the recycling industry. 95% lead time in scheduled delivery and quality. Offering value added services to the client. Quality performance across multiple horizontals and verticals. Sakar has invested in ultramodern infrastructure to achieve its goals of superior performance. This infrastructure facility has given Sakar unparalleled production capacity in tune of: 3000 MT / month for Aluminum products 1000 MT / month for Ferro Manganese MC 500 MT / month for Ferro Manganes 3000 MT / month for Aluminum wire rods 2000 MT / month for Aluminum Deox

Within just a decade, Company has earned an enviable goodwill in the industry. Apart from its consistent performance, excellent quality and prompt customer service, its accuracy in delivery has been applauded. The efficient manufacturing facility of the company is capable of handling big consignments and immediate orders with the production plants on 50% utilization. This has enabled Sakar to involved as one of the industry's lowest delivery time that is, minimum of 2-3 days for major orders.

Learning at the organization

In SAKAR Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd. There are three different- different departments Which are :

(1) (2) (3)

Alluminium Alloy Department Wire Rods Department Alluminium Cubes Department In all these departments there are 50 workers in each. The company hire the workers who have experience in metalic background or if the person is an M.B.A. All the workers are paid as per their performance. There are three shifts in the company. The company take an order before a one month and they procure the raw-material before the 3 months.

Why Company has choose that Location:Sakar Ferro Alloy Pvt.Ltd. is situated at Santej, Vadasar in Ahmedabad. They have choose this particular location because of three main reasons : a. Raw- material is easily available. b. They get Labours also easily. c. The most important is that electicity which is very important for this type of business which also available.

(1) Alluminium Alloy Department :In the Alluminium Alloy Department first they procure the raw-material and test the raw-material as per the chart sheet made for the testing. As the raw-material has been checked, there is a furnace which is used for the melting purpose. This furnace is based on the fuel and the capacity of the furnace is 9 matrix ton for 12 hours. After melting the raw - material it has been put into the coveyer to give the shape. This Conveyer contain 220 alluminium alloy. Taking out the alloy from the conveyer, one sample has been sent to the QAQC department.

If QAQC department shows thae the sample is not upto the standard the sample is sent to this department to add the elements which are required for making it upto the standard. And if the QAQC department shows that it is upto the standard then is sent for the casting. The chart of QAQC department for the production is as,

QA / QC for Inward Material

The final products which are made in this department is as,

(2) Wire Rods Department:Main aim of the Wire Rods department is to convert all alluminium raw-material into the pure ingots. In this department the same procedure is carried out as in the Alluminiun Alloys department. There are three furnaces. Out of which in one furnace they hit the material and it comes out as a pieces. From this the small pieces are sent to the one furnace and the big pieces are sent to the another furnace. As this has been done there is a oxide layer on the wire rods so it goes to the oil tank which helps to remove the oxide layer.

Thus, the process gets complete and the final products can be as,

Aluminum Wire Rod 9.5 mm Al: 98.5%, Si: 0.5% (max.), Size: 5mm - 15mm(Dia.)

Aluminum Wire Rod 7.5 mm

Aluminum Alloy Wire Rod Al: 98.5%, Si: 0.5% (max.), Size: 5mm - 15mm(Dia.)

(3) Alluminium Cubes Departnet :The Alluminium Cube department is also called the Scrap Dpartment. In this there is a tin of cold drinks as a scrap. First they have to melt this scrap. They melt the scrap for three times. After melting it they put it into the squre plate to make it solid. Thus the alluminium cubes has been prepared which is as,

Aluminum Cubes Al: 93%, 98%, 98.5%, 99%

Aluminum Shots Al: 93%,97%,98

Thus, all tne products that is alluminium ingots, cubes and wire rods are used in different manner like, Alluminium cubes are used in steel company Alluminium ingots are used in Automobiles, Electrical And Pressure Die Casting industries and so on. Wire rods are used in - cable wire.

Clients of the company :The most of the clients of the Sakar Ferro Alloy company are in India which are: No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Name of the Clients SABIC Alicon Castalloy ltd. JSL Stainless steel ltd JSW ltd RICO Auto ltd. Essar Steel ltd TISCO Ltd Shah Alloy ltd.

As the company has a many clients the sales turnover of the company is increasing day by day. The following diagrm and chart shows that sales turnover is increases:


Sales Turnover in CR

2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21

3.27 6.45 18.90 52.63 72.05 79.02 93.00 210.00 250.00 300.00 400.00 500.00 650.00 800.00 950.00 1100.00 1300.00 1500.00


and development :-

Sakar Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd. has a facility as state-of-theart Research and Development in which there is a team of trained research experts, who try to adopt the new technology. This team regularly appraises its performance and upgrades its skill-sets to push the boundaries of its performance. For the purpose of the product development they try to adopt various technical advances to minimize labour and mechanise operations as much as possible. Also they install the ultramodern research centers for enhanced product development.

Future Plan of the Company :-

Sakar anticipates benefits of its planned investment in sophisticated infrastructure, smooth production process and a proficient workforce into consistent financial progress.

Sakar Ferro Alloy Pvt.Ltd. has achieved two of its ambitious projects : - (a) Ferro Alloys plant in Hospet (Karnatak) (b) Second Aluminum Plant at Chhatral (Gujarat)

The company is successful in establishing international network through export orders from companies like Ferro Molybdenum and annual supply contract of Ferro Chrome with Baosteel Resources Company Ltd. In Shanghai. The company seeks to cover the export market and spread its wings over global area. The company focuses on Steel industry, Chemical industry and Power and conductor industry for its product consumption in India market.


Social Responsibility :-

The companys responsibility is not only towards his employees or the members who are in the company. The company also has to look for the society. It should take the steps for the benefits of the society. Sakar company also believes that it has a responsibility towards the society and for this it has taken the following steps for the society as well as their employees, The company has ensured adequate pollution control measures. It has installed fire security systems in the plant for the safety of its employees as well as that of the environment. It believes in providing a safe and pollution free work environment to all its employees.

Saftey Measures :-

All safety rules must be obeyed. Failure to do so will result in strict disciplinary action. All injuries must be reported as soon as possible. No horseplay, alcohol, or drugs allowed on premises. No alcohol usage allowed during lunch break. All tools/equipment must be maintained in good condition. Only appropriate tools shall be used for specific jobs. All guards must be kept in place. No spliced electrical cords/wiring allowed. Only authorized personnel can operate forklift vehicles. Smoking allowed only in lunchroom. Seat belt use required of all drivers/passengers.

In the Sakar Ferro Alloy Pvt. Ltd. we have found that the management of the company is very good so that the workers do not have confusion in their work or responsibilities. As there is a problem of the pollution, so to solve it they follow the pollution control measures. The workers do not have overload of the work as there is a three shifts. Company is very conscious for their workers. If any new employee enter into the company first they sent him in such department where he does not get injured like, packaging department. They focus highly on Quality Control, which is carried out in two sections: 1. QA / QC for Inward Material 2. QA / QC for Production This play an important role in providing best quality of product to its customers. The company continously engages in product development. Sakar Industries Ltd. has a state-of-the-art R & D facility that has a team of trained research experts, who work to carry out new technology.

We recommend that the company should make compulsory rules for all the employees that they should wear gloves and helmet while working. The company should expand its business at the global level.

There should be drinking facility in the compny. There should be particular dress code for all employees as department wise. To promote their product they should give advertisement and also should provide brausher.


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