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PROBLEM STATEMENT We, at OJASS 12 share the concern for the need of DISASTER MANAGEMENT and have thus come up with online robotics event for the same. To all of those techie brains who are interested in robotics, we now give them a chance to design robots which may supplement the special task forces in the afterhours of a disaster and help them salvage whatever they can. Students are to design manually controlled robots of practical feasibility, to take part in rescue operations. They may take a cue from the following ideas: Robots, can be designed for the rescue of drowning people in case of floods As excavators in case of a landslide and collapse of man -made structures To help deliver medicinal and food packages to areas cut off from the rest of the land As transport mediums over collapsed bridges in valleys To climb down-recover and again climb up steep slopes of hills and cliffs to save people (robot moving along a grid without any support, in such case) To help save people at heights inaccessible to humans in wake of fire breakout, like atop a building and many more. Students can send us designs of their own innovative ideas, which can be feasible for practical application.

MARKING SYSTEM Result of this event will be given after critical analysis of different aspects of the designs submitted by each teams. The design will be judged in the following areas and the marks obtained in each area will be added to get the final marks of each team, which subsequently will decide the winner.

Areas maximum marks AREA Innovation Feasibility of design Cost effectiveness Presentation and clarity TOTAL MARKS 30 30 30 20 110

Note: Marks below 12 in any of the above mentioned areas will lead to disqualification. RULES

All the entries should be in pdf format. Over explanation or under explanation will be considered as loose presentation. To fulfill the objective a team can use any number of robots keeping in mind the feasibility of the plan on financial grounds. The bot has to be designed using only the items available in the virtual shop (given below). The cost of each item is written against it. Bots will be judged based on their efficiency of completing the task that they have been designed for .the task chosen will not play a key role in getting points. Maximum team size 4 members per team. No two teams may have any common member. Members of a team can be from different institutes. The decision of the organizing committee will be final. Entries should be sent to

last date of submission is 26-03-2012. Format:

Entries should be given strictly according to the following headings: 1. Team detail - Under this heading you have to mention team name,name of the members,college name,college roll no.,contact no. and email of each individual. 2. Design and its description - Under this heading, the team has to explain all the details (comprising of constructional details) of the design very clearly mentioning even smallest part of it. One has to mention how the bot will fulfill the objective describing (preferably point wise) each and every movement. For clarity pictures (handmade or otherwise) can be used. 3. Cost analysis - Under this heading total virtual cost of the design is to be mentioned. Teams have to list all the components used in the design and have to mention the cost of each item. 4. Feasibility - The teams have to explain (preferably point wise) the feasibility of the proposed design in practical situation. 5. Innovation - This part, preferably point wise, should consist of all the major or minor innovations and special points that give the design an edge over other designs. VIRTUAL SHOP Items with price list


1. High torque geared motors(5kg- centimeter)(12V) MOTOR RATING(rpm) 1-5 rpm 6-30 rpm COST Rs. 400 per piece Rs. 430 per piece

31-60 rpm 61-200 rpm

Rs. 480 per piece Rs. 550 per piece

Low torque geared motors(12V) MOTOR RATING(rpm) 10-60 rpm 61-100 rpm 101-200 rpm 3. Non geared motors MOTOR RATING(volt) 12 volt 3 volt NOTE: Dimension of motors: 1. High torque geared motor - Diameter 3cm, body length 4cm, shaft length 2cm 2. Low torque geared motor - Diameter 2 to 3cm, body length 3 to 4cm, shaft length 2cm 3. Non geared motor - Diameter 2 to 3cm, body length 3 to 4cm, shaft length 2cm

COST Rs. 200 per piece Rs. 220 per piece Rs. 240 per piece

COST Rs. 60 per piece Rs. 30 per piece

Other necessary items and their costs are listed in the table. ITEM COST

Motor clamp(with Rs. 20 per piece tightening screws)

Extra screw(any size) Soldering kit Ply wood Wheel(any size) Belt drive(any size) 10 chord wire Connecting wire Switch

Rs. 5 per piece Rs. 110 per kit Rs. 60 per bot Rs. 40 per piece Rs. 70 per piece Rs. 50 per bot Rs. 30 per bot Rs. 30 per piece

Power adapter(any number of bot can Rs. 150 per piece operated through one adapter) M-SEAL(100 gm) Metallic sheet Plastic box(any size) Plastic diameter) Nails(any size) Pen/pencil Pins Foam tape Cello tape Door hinge pipe(any Rs. 20 per piece Rs. 0.1 per sq. cm Rs. 20 per piece Rs. 5 per cm Rs. 3 per piece Rs. 5 per piece Rs. 2 per piece Rs. 10 per piece Rs. 5 per piece Rs. 12 per piece

Rubber band Bat grip Glue Weights Metallic wires

Rs. 4 per piece Rs. 20 per piece Rs. 8 per piece free Rs. 10

Metallic hooks(any size) Rs. 3 per piece Wood Thermocol Thread(10m) Ball bearing(all sizes) Rs. 2 per cubic cm Rs. 2 per sq cm Rs. 7 Rs. 35 per piece

Nuts and Bolts(all sizes) Rs. 15 per piece Bicycle spoke Metallic diameter) rod(0.5cm Rs. 3 per piece Rs. 4 per cm Rs. 10 per piece Rs. 5 per piece

Spring(any size) clamps(any size)

NOTE: All the items listed above is available in unlimited quantity.