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Amario Brown November 16,2011 Mr.

Fritz 12 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a story of romance and honor. I believe that this story is still popular to this day because of it's share of super natural events and the suspense within the story really makes the book irasible. The story is still popular within today's society because it fits into our modern day books published by today's authors. Basically, the trend of books like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight has never faded away. This story provides all of the reading elements that draw readers to stories such as imagery, metaphor, symbolism and irony. This book tells a tale of an honorable warrior Gawain and the Green Knight playing a game which results to the Gawain cutting the Green Knights head off but the ironic part of that event is that the Green Knight was able to go place his head back on top of his head and continue his life. The Green Knight made a deal with the warrior saying that he can cut his head off and in a year and a day. The Green Knight gets to do what the warrior did to him. Further, in the story the warrior comes across a castle on his travels where an farmers and his wife lives. The warrior is accepted to the home to stay but the farmer grants a wish that what ever he gets while his there with his wife, he must give to the farmer. A few days go by and all the warrior recieves is kisses from the farmers wife. On the last day before the warrior meets his reckoning he recieves an sash that makes him immortal. Once the farmer arrives back home from hunting he ask the warrior what has he recieved and the warrior gives him an English

kiss. The warriors day of reckoning comes to get his head cut off and the Green Knight barely cuts the soldiers neck. After one blow to the warriors neck he immadiately grabs his armor and deprives the Green Knight of any more blows with his sword. The Green Knight tells the warrior that he barely hit him because he has lied to him but the Green Knights lecture the warrior starts to feel guilt for lying and the Green Knight invites him to an fest in his castle. The warrior denies his offer and continues his journeys. Inconclusion, reading and summary can even provoke and reader to read the book and continue reading it. This story is an excellent story to tell to children in elementary of even to teenagers in High School this is so because it has an great moral behind it. The moral is be loyal to yourself and others shall be loyal to you.