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......... Finish the following dialogue with these words:6m -1 nationality from long Pyramids fine ?Ziad: Hello, sir. How are you .Tourist: Hello. I'm ., thank you ? Ziad: What's your .Tourist: British ?Ziad: How .. are you staying in Egypt .Tourist: Three weeks ?Ziad: What are you going to visit in Egypt . .. Tourist: I'm going to visit the
Read he following passage, then answer the questions :- 7m-2

On Sham El-Neseem day, the weather was very hot, so we decided to spend it in Alexandria. My family and I began our journey at six o'clock. My father took us in his car. The road was crowded. On the beach, we met some of our neighbours and relatives. At lunch, we ate coloured eggs and salted fish, then we played football, rode bicycles and walked on the shore. At the end of the day, we came back .full of happiness :a)- Answer the following questions ?.Why did the family spend Sham El-Neseem day in Alex .1 ?What did they do on the beach.2 :b)- Choose the correct answer from a, b or c . The family began the journey to Alexandria .3 a) in the morning b) in the afternoon c) at night . .. They went to Alexandria by .4 a) car b) train c) bus . . When they returned, they were very .5

a) sad b) happy c) worried Write questions using the words in brackets:6m -3 (Mazen goes to the club once a month. ( How often -1 (Nada had her lunch at one o'clock yesterday. (When -2 (She was born in England. (Where -3 Look at the picture and write three more sentences:- 4m -4 Famous beautiful husband Akhenaton .This is the statue of Nefertiti ... ... ... Punctuate the following sentence:2m -5 amal and dina went to school, didn t they With my best wishes Total 25