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Faux Suede Card Technique ~ Transforming Ugly Cardstock by Debi Wind Card Sharks Team Rubber Roadies Team

Designer Our challenge is to take our ugliest cardstock and create a project using it. For my second project I chose to create a card using a technique called Faux Suede. Supplies: Collage Images (Moonlight Journey) Lady photo and Bless This Home Sentiment Ugly Green Cardstock (Unknown) Gunmetal Metallic Acrylic Paint (Folk Art) Copper Acrylic Paint (Martha Stewart) Silver Metallic Acrylic Paint (Folk Art) Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint (Folk Art) Paint Brush Stipple Brush Sponge Diamond Glaze (Judkins) Gesso (Liquitex) Paper Towels Metallic Amber Cardstock (Bazzill) Mocha Devine Cardstock (Bazzill)

Black Cardstock (Bazzill) French Vanilla Cardstock (Bazzill) Flower with Feather (Prima) Cuttlebug (Provo Craft) Die Cut (Sizzix) Paper Trimmer (Tonic 12" Paper Cutter) Scissors (Tonic) Scor-it Board (Scor-it) Acid Free Tacky Glue (Aleene's) Digital Camera (Olympus)

Instructions: 1. To create the background, choose a dark ugly cardstock. Using the gray acrylic paint, cover the entire piece of cardstock and let dry. 2. Use a clean damp sponge and stipple burnt umber paint over the entire piece. In some areas do a circular motion to cover cardstock. Leave a little of the gray showing. 3. Use a clean damp sponge and stipple copper paint onto the gray and brunt umber surface. Cover a good part of the surface. If it is too bright, go over the surface with another layer of burnt umber.

4. Use a clean damp sponge and stipple with silver paint. This will lighten up your background. If this is the look you want, add more silver. If it is too bright, use a clean paper towel to gently dab the excess off. 5. Mix up a small amount of Diamond Glaze with equal parts of copper and burnt umber acrylic paint. Using a clean stipple brush, randomly tap the glazed brush on the handle of another brush to create a splatter over the entire sheet.

6. Create a Gesso wash using drops of Gesso and 1/4 cup of water. Mix well. Take a stipple brush, dip into Gesso wash and shake off excess. Tap the Gesso wash stipple brush lightly on another brush handle; do this in random areas not the entire sheet. 7. Let dry completely. 8. Take a clean, dry brush and brush off excess Gesso. Use a clean soft rag or paper towel to wipe your surface clean of any remaining Gesso. Avoid the areas that you want the Gesso to stay. Set aside. 9. Cut Mocha Devine cardstock to the size of 5.5"X8.5", score and fold. Cut Metallic Amber cardstock to the size of 4.125"X5.375". Cut "Faux Suede" piece the size of 4"X5.25".

10. Adhere "Faux Suede" piece to Metallic Amber and to the Mocha Devine card. 11. Layer image onto Metallic Amber, Mocha Devine, and Black cardstock and adhere to card. Layer "Bless This Home" onto Mocha Devine and Black cardstock and adhere to card.

12. Using Cuttlebug, create flourishes with die cut. Add flourish to card. 13. Embellish card with flower and feather.

14. To finish card add a piece of French Vanilla cardstock to inside of card.
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