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Chapter 1 YOUR POINT OF CONTACT " Do you love this woman?" "He does," answered the large fat lady. "Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, forsaking all others, nourish and cherish her, and promise to stand by her until death do you part?" asked the preacher. "He does," answered the large woman beside the skinny, sickly bridegroom, before he could have time to speak. He did not get a chance to say a word. She answered each question that the preacher asked whether it was directed to the bride or bridegroom. Curiosity got the best of the minister who was performing the ceremony. Feeling sorry for the slim, pitiful looking man who was marrying this large, overbearing woman, the minister turned to the helpless man and asked, "Don't you have anything to say at all before I pronounce you husband and wife 7" The poor man began to cry and to tremble as he managed to lift up one hand, as the tears ran freely down his cheeks. He said in a weak fainting voice, "Pray for me." I don't know how true this story is that was told to me, but it really does fit the experience of some defeated people who want someone else to do all their praying, while they never try to cooperate in taking dominion over sin or sickness that comes in to dominate their life. They stand up in church crying in defeat. In their weak way, they barely are able to say in a weak, despondent way, "Please pray for me." They have no confidence in their own prayers, so they seldom have the courage to pray. Others are expected to do all their praying and believing while they 1

carry their own load also. These people are weaklings, depending on others to carryall their burdens. They depend upon others all of their lives, which is not too long, most of the time. THERE IS A DEVIL IN YOUR HOUSE A woman came from Canaan to Jesus and cried out for mercy. She told Him her daughter at home was vexed with an unclean spirit, (Matthew 15 :22). The disciples wanted to send the woman away. She did not belong to their crowd, their race, or their de'nomination. . The woman kept crying to Jesus in spite of public opinion. Finally Jesus said, "Great is thy faith, be it unto thee even as thou wilt," (Matt. 15:28). Perhaps you have a girl in your home who is hard to please. She has a high temper and is never satisfied. She screams out in a tantrum. She sulls and sulks. She swells up and fails to talk. She may fly into a rage and she is never sweet. You have taken all that you can stand. You have been tried to the breaking point. You wonder what to do next. You have reached the end of your strength. She is certainly vexed with a devil. According to the promise of God you can be saved and your house, (Acts 16). You can take this daughter to the Lord in Prayer, and you can do as Joshua. Say, "As for me and my house, we. will serve the Lord." The Holy Spirit has promised that this power is given to you and your children, (Acts 2 :38-39). MAKE THE PERSONAL CONTACT Many women would stand with a feeble prayer request. "Please pray for my daughter." They would depend upon the prayers of others all together. In every

service they would stand up and say, "Please pray for my daughter. Please pray for my children." You can go directly to the Lord and cry out, "Have mercy upon my daughter. She is grievously vexed with a devil." You can say, "Lord there 'is a devil in our house," You can get in earnest. You can cry directly to Him. He will hear you and say, "The devil is gone out of thy daughter." You can do as the Canaanite woman. You can go home and find that the house is delivered of the devil. Amen! That will be a different girl. Believe it, receive it! The girl who gave you so much trouble, the one you brought into the world will be restored to normal. WHEN YOU WERE SAVED When you were save you did your own believing and your own praying and your own receiving. You did not depend on someone else to do all your believing and all of your praying. It was too important for you not to know for yourself. You don't need to depend altogether on the prayers of others. They can cooperate and help you. You need to make contact with the Lord also if you are healed. When you are healed you should pray, believe, and receive. You must contact Him personally. I want you to know that you have throne rights if you are His child. You can pray for your own loved ones. You can bring them directly to the Lord. You can come into His presence now. In the olden days the priest went into the Holy Place for the people. He went into God's presence for others. But now the veil of. the temple has been rent, and you can come to God. You can go into His presence with your own requests. Most women will stand in church and request prayer for their husband's salvation. It is too important not

to be sure. You can bring him to Jesus yourself. You can receive the personal assurance that his relationship with God is all right. Here is a testimony that was given to me in my last meeting where I taught each person to do his own asking, own believing, as I prayed a mass prayer for the people. This lady said, "I am a believer. I can do that. I can take dominion over the devil just like this preacher is doing." So she rebuked Satan in her neighbor who was at home. She believed that she could agree and God would do it. So she agreed with me, and she went home and found her neighbor delivered. The next day as she went over to the neighbor's house, this neighbor had been praying God would deliver her of an eight pound tumor. She thought if that would work on her neighbor, it would surely work on her husband. So as I led the people in a mass prayer the next night, she took authority over the devil in her husband who was at home. As she went home and entered her house her husband met her with the victory. He said, "Honey, I have just been thinking that I could pray directly to the Lord and claim what Jesus has preached for us in the atonement, so I have taken authority over the deaf spirits in my own ears in Jesus' name. And now my ears are open! I can hear clearly, and I have found that it works!" Is your husband a drunkard? Is your husband a mean man? Does your daughter fly into temper fits? Why get up in church and tell how mean they are? You can go directly to Jesus and make personal contact. Jesus will say, "Great is thy faith. Thy faith has made thee whole." He didn't tell this Canaanite that the faith of others had saved her. But He said, "Thy faith ... Great is thy faith." So neighbor you can use your own faith and get direct contact with 4

Jesus. He is near you now. He said, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." And the original in that is this: "I will never, never leave thee. And I will never, never, never forsake thee." So He is by your side now! You can cry directly to Him, and He will hear you. DEPEND UPON JESUS
If there is anyone who depends on others it is the blind. It seems they are totally depending upon other people all the time. Notice some of the blind people who are brought to our meetings for healing. They have not been taught to cry out to God personally. No one has instructed them how to contact Jesus. They stand totally dependent upon others to do all of their praying as they have been depending upon others to do their seeing, their feeling and their walking. They don't seem to realize that they can pray and receive joy, peace, and faith in their own hearts. They seem to be sorry for themselves everyday. It would be just like you and me if we were in total darkness. We would have a certain self-pity. That is why we don't see all of those blind people healed. Noone has explained to them that they need a personal connection with Jesus, that we can help them have this personal connection.

BLIND BARTIMAEUS As we study the story of blind Bartimaeus, we see that he was determined to do his own praying, his own believing and his own receiving. I like to work with men like that; men who know that they are human beings, that the Lord has made it possible for them to come personally to Him. The people even tried to stop blind Bartimaeus. They told him that he was getting too excited, that he was making too much noise. But he cried so much the louder. He asked the Lord to have mercy upon him. The Lord must really like

a man like that. The Lord said that in the day that we seek Him with all of our heart He would be found. He said everyone that seeketh, findeth. He that comes unto the Lord must believe that He is, and He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much. As these people tried to stop the blind beggar, he cried so much the louder. He would not be stopped! He was more in earnest than ever. He cried out for mercy. His voice rang out above all others. God is not going to turn anyone away, if they are like that. He won't turn such people away who cry out in faith and sincerity. Bartimaeus knew his rights. He knew the Lord was the son of David. He knew the Lord would hear his earnest cry. Jesus stopped and called on the blind beggar. This blind Bartimaeus got Jesus' attention. So can you if you cry out in earnest. When they tried to stop him, he cried so much the louder. He knew that Jesus had promised that everyone that asketh receiveth. AFRICA RESULTS

In Africa they were not taught to stand and depend on others to do everything. We taught each person that in order for him to be saved he must cry out personally to Jesus, that he did not need to expect a priest to do all of his praying. We told him that he must make a personal contact. As we prayed the mass prayer about three thousand people did their own praying, their own believing, and their own receiving. They had a personal experience of salvation. The same is true with divine healing. We taught these people as we prayed a mass prayer that they must do their own believing and own receiving. They 6

must do their part. About twenty-five hundred were healed in a single prayer. About fifty blind eyes were healed in one minute. Why was this? It was because Jesus never turns away a seeking heart that comes directly to Him using his own faith. In one service we were letting the people testify who were healed in the audience. They were all healed that came forward to testify. We only had time for a few to give their testimony. We asked those who had been healed during the mass prayer to come forward. About two thousand broke down the rail around the platform. They jammed together, almost stomping each other into the ground. No one could get to the platform. Men had to lift certain ones who had been healed above the heads of the people for them to testify. One time I noticed a man near me who had come forward to testify, but he was walking on crutches. I started to tell him to stand back because we only had time for the people who had been healed, and he wasn't healed. "Oh yes I am healed," he said. "I have these crutches because I have only one leg. I came to tell you that I have been totally blind for thirteen years, now I can see. I can see perfectly." He had made a personal contact with Jesus who was back there in the audience also. Signs followed because the people were taught to know their rights in God. I told them that he that believeth would be saved, and that these signs would follow all the believing ones, (Mark 16 :17). They could lay hands upon the sick and they would recover. They believed that! They laid hands upon each other. God honored their faith and healed them! Now people can make tradition and rituals and ceremonies out of healing lines, prayer cards, laying on of hands, or numbers. They can be like the skinny man who was married to the large lady. They can spend all of their time 7

having others to do their praying while they are already doing nothing, except depending upon the prayers of others. IT WORKS HERE In America many people are learning that when the power of God is present to heal, they can contact the healer there in the audience and be healed right where they are. The whole audience can become one big healing line. The body of Christ can be healed all at one time. The other night a man came out of the audience carrying a pair of shoes which were too big for him after his crippled feet were instantly healed. He did his own praying and own believing. Last night a lady who had been totally deaf for forty years in both ears was healed in the audience. She came forward and showed the people how she could hear a watch tick with either ear. YOU HAVE RIGHTS You may rebuke your own disease. The infirm spirit will obey you as you speak to them through the name of Jesus. You can use the name of Jesus! You can cast out demons in His name because these signs will follow them that believe. All power in heaven, or under the earth, or in the earth must bow to the mighty name of Jesus whether angels, men, or demons. They all are subject to us as we come against them in the name of Jesus. Know your rights. You can lay hands on the sick if you are a believer, and the Bible says that they would recover, (Mark 16: 17). PERSON TO PERSON

mons to enter 2,000 hogs. If a legion is 6,000 then there were enough devils in this man for three to be in each hog. This man must have been possessed with a suicide demon, or many suicide demons, for when they entered into the hogs, the poor innocent hogs committed suicide. They drowned themselves, (Mark 5). They made the man cut himself to pieces with rocks. He even lived in the grave yard. He must have had other demons also. He would wear no clothes. He was so wild that he would not wear anything. He broke jail each time he was locked up. Jesus had evidently been asked to come across the lake and deliver this man, for He does not go where He is not welcome. He started across this lake with His disciples. Satan fought against that group of men and almost frightened the disciples to death with winds, storms, rains, waves, thunder and lightning. Jesus rebuked the storm that was frightening. His disciples, and then there was a great calm. A ministry of casting out devils will meet with much opposition from every direction. Satan does not want His kingdom destroyed. He would not be a good devil if he did not fight to keep his kingdom from crumbling. LEAVE US ALONE

We have heard much about the man with the legion of demons. It is said that a legion is 6,000. Can one man have 6,000 demons in him? He had enough de8

It seems that the devils in this man Legion had been warned before Jesus and His men arrived. They made the man come running to meet the ship. They cried, "Leave us alone." They knew Jesus and were not willing for Him to land on the soil of the Gadarenes. The devil has one sermon that he preaches' and one song that he sings, and the title of both the sermon and the song is "Leave Us Alone." Ever since that day he has been crying the same tune, "Leave Us Alone." We are not going to leave him alone. We are 9

going to do all the damage to his kingdom we can in the name of Jesus. Even after Legion was delivered, Satan had the citizens of that country to come out and ask Jesus to leave that country. They wanted the man delivered but they were not pleased with the means that were used to free him. The people of today want the blind eyes opened. They would be happy if a man was hypnotized in order to see if a witch would open a man's eyes. It would make the headlines in every paper. But the fact that Jesus does this causes people to become nervous, and they want to close the meeting down. They want us to leave the country. In the present meeting we are in, the neighbors have an inj unction against the tent, and we must meet the court today. There is something about Jesus that makes them nervous. They cry, "Leave us alone." Two circuses and two carnivals have been on the same ground this year, but the people were not disturbed one bit. They would keep their loud speakers on until midnight. IN HIS RIGHT MIND Legion was soon delivered, clothed, and in his right mind. We see hundreds of church members in the town that we are now in that are bound by Satan. They are just like somebody out of their mind. They walk the street like brute beasts with almost no clothes on at all. They come to our meetings and are delivered from lust spirits; then they are in their right mind, and then they begin to wear clothes. Notice that the same time the devils were crying out, "Leave us alone" this man himself fell down and worshipped Jesus" This shows that the man was willing to be set free. He wanted deliverance. He made a person to person contact with the Master. That is what it takes. 10

Man will never be delivered against his will. When these people asked Jesus to leave, He left. He does not force Himself upon people against their will. If we could deliver people from Satan against their will, we could empty out all the institutions, jails, and prisons. The servant is no greater than his Master. If you could cast out devils against a man's will, the man would accept the evil spirits back again, with seven more, and he would be in worse shape than before he was delivered, (Matthew 12 :44). DELIVERANCE TODAY

In our last camp meeting a girl was bound by a homosexual demon and many other evil spirits. She tried to kill her own roommate. People prayed with her for many hours. They had an all night prayer meeting, and that poor girl was worn out. Yet, she was not delivered. One of the teachers in this Bible School asked me to go up to the fourth floor and see her. I did not want to go ao!; noon time just after I had eaten, and tried to avoid it. I wanted to wait until after service began that night. Finally I consented to go. As we walked into her room there she was under the power of Satan, still in her night clothes, backed into the closet with glassy beady eyes. Her hands were out after the people in the position of cat claws. She would not allow anyone to touch her. What could we do? There was nothing. We could do nothing in our own strength. She was past the help of men. Men had tried to comfort her. They had pity on her, they petted her, they had screamed at the devils and shook the lady until her arms were sore. She lost sleep until she was exhausted. She was worn out! She looked like a wreck as she stared out into space. There may never be another person delivered like


this poor girl was delivered. I did not speak to the devil. I did not speak to the Lord. I began speaking to the girl in a calm voice. I said, "You don't have to yield to Satan like that." She screamed out and said that she hated me. I continued. "You are only yielding to that power because you want sympathy and attention. You delight in having people pray for you. You really don't want to be set free because you would not receive this much attention after you were delivered." She began to fight violently. She hit the bed post with her fist! I asked her to lift her hands and say hallelujah; she rebelled and refused to do so. Then I said, "Mary, you know what you are doing. You love Satan more than you do God. You don't want to be delivered. I'm not going to fool with you. You delight in people coming and praying for you, sympathizing with you and giving you their attention. You would rather be prayed for and have people's attention than to be set free and lose their attention." She became madder and madder, screaming that she hated me! I continued, "I'm not going to fool with you any longer. I'm leaving you. I'm not going to pray for you because you don't want to be delivered. You love Satan more than you do the Lord. You can stay that way because you don't want to be set free." She quarreled and argued. She said that she did want to be set free. "Raise your hands then and say hallelujah, if you want to be delivered," I said. She saw I was leaving so she slowly raised her hands and began to praise the Lord. Like a flash she was slain under the power of God! "Don't leave her until she is full of the Holy Ghost," I instructed the girls in the dormitory as I walked

out of that room. "If she is empty, the evil spirits will soon seek to come back. She must be filled with the Holy Ghost and put up a sign "no vacancy," then Satan cannot return." (Matthew 12 :44). As Mary had fallen under the power, I said, "Mary, remember that Mary the mother of Jesus was filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. Mary Magdalene was filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. Mary Magdalene needed the Holy Ghost, and May, the mother of Jesus need the Holy Ghost. And if you don't need it you must be counting yourself better than they. Mary Magdalene was delivered from seven devils and was filled with the Holy Ghost, and you can be filled with the Holy Ghost." Hour after hour the ladies brought me the report how Mary was caught into the Spirit of God seeing visions and revelations. They brought many glowing accounts to my services how that she had been given a grand experience of the Holy Ghost and had given a ministry to enter into God's work. God had even showed her the towns where she must help other people build a new work. She did not hate me anymore. All of this took place because Mary was willing to simply raise her hands and do some of her own praying, her own believing, and make a personal contact with the healer. IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD It is recorded that a man who had palsy was brought where the power of God was present to heal, (Luke 5). When four men tried to bring this palsied man to the healing service, it seemed that everything pressed against them. But these men were so determined to get the man where the power of God was present to heal that they pressed past the critics, the doctors, the lawyers, and all of that great crowd. The roof was the last barrier that had prevented them from entering



the room where Jesus was. All four cooperated together until they raised the roof and let the bed down on which the sick of the palsy lay. There he was in the presence of Jesus. That man could have lain there depending upon others. He could have depended. upon the four men. He could have depended upon the disciples. He could have given a prayer request and said, "Please pray for me. I have had such a hard time. The devil has been after me all day. I don't know why it has to be this way. Poor me." No, he just didn't lie there. He repented of his sins. He personally contacted Jesus and personally obeyed the Master's voice. He received forgiveness of sins and received a "know-so experience." He personally did what the Lord told him to do. And he personally received healing direct from Jesus. YOU MUST AGREE One woman asked me after I prayed for her, "What do you think? Do you believe I am healed?" I said, "What do you think? It's not what I think, but it's what you think that counts." When you received salvation you didn't ask people what they thought. You didn't go around asking people, "Do you believe I am saved?" No! You contacted the Lord and received a personal experience with the Saviour. Regardless of what I believe you must do some believing, too. You must agree with me, and if any two on earth shall agree as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven, (Matthew 18:19). You need a certain amount of faith to keep your healing after you are healed. Why not use your faith and contact Jesus as we pray with you. Then your faith 14

will grow as you exercise it. If you don't use what faith you have, it will die. It would be better for me to pray with you than for you. Now, if I do all the praying and all the resisting, and all the believing, even if you were healed, you would not know how to use your faith and stay healed, or resist Satan, after you were delivered. In a recent revival four wheel chair cases were brought to the tent. Some were looking to me for healing. They grew impatient and left before I felt led of the Lord to go to them. It was better that they did, unless they were willing to make a personal contact with Jesus who was present. One little lady did not seem to mind if I didn't lay hands on her. She kept coming. She kept praying. I saw her one night as she contacted the Healer, as she felt the touch of the Master's hand. Just as I expected, she came out of that wheel chair perfectly healed. She realized that the presence of God was there to heal all people. She made the point of contact that night. She could then keep her healing for she knew how to contact the Lord for herself. We can raise the roof if necessary. We can bring you where the power of God is present to heal. God has anointed" us to open the prison doors and offer you a pardon. Then it is up to you to make a personal contact with Jesus. Use your faith. Obey the Lord. Accept your pardon and walk out of that prison.

POINT OF CONTACT The Hindu Princess in Africa had been offered to an idol when she was a baby. She had been possessed with devils and crying continuously for eighteen years. As she was brought to me she was crying. They had carried her to every Hindu temple, Hindu priest, and doctor in driving distance. No one could help her. I didn't talk to God. I had already prayed. I didn't 15

talk to the devil. God had already given me power over the devil. The devil was already defeated at Calvary. I spoke to the woman in a stern voice. "Lady, you don't have to yield to that power of the devil any longer. You are free. Jesus came to set you free. He paid the price on Calvary. Jesus died for you. Throw up your hands and praise Him for setting you free." She believed. She obeyed. She praised the Lord. She quit crying immediately and began to laugh, and has been laughing ever since. She suddenly became a smiling, happy Christian and returned service after service telling how God had completely set her free. I have all this in a movie film to show you exactly how it happened - suddenly and instantly. It happened because this lady felt a personal contact with Jesus of Nazareth. She had felt the hand of the Master, and did not depend altogether on some man praying for her, or for the people doing all the praying, all the believing, and all her receiving. She believed from her heart as you did when you were saved. With the heart man believes unto righteousness. In the day we seek the Lord with all our heart He will be found. Other people may pray for you but never substitute the prayers of others for your own asking. Jesus said, the "Everyone that asketh receiveth." Now if I have some money in the bank, I can draw that money out of the bank without any trouble. I believe I have the right to demand that money because it is mine. So every Christian should know Christ died for our salvation and healing and what Jesus died to provide for us is the private property of every person for whom the Lord died. The Bible tells us that all of those people who were snake bitten were healed as they looked toward the brazen serpent. Everyone of them had to do his own looking at the brazen serpent, (Numbers 21). Also, in Psalms 107:19, the people were nigh unto death, but

as they personally cried unto the Lord, the Lord sent His word and healed them. They bad to cry out personally to the Lord. Jesus commands everyone of us to have faith in God, (Mark 11 :22). So you can come personally to the Lord right now, make your own contact with Him and know within your own soul and your own heart that He has heard your prayers. Do it now! Chapter II LOOSE


Neighbor, you have faith. God says that you do. God commands you to put that faith to work. He says that without faith it is impossible to please the Lord. He was talking about the palsied man, and here is what the Bible says. And Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy, "Arise and take up thy bed, and go they way into thine house," (Mark 2 :11). Jesus saw their faith. Faith is seen many times rather than heard. He saw their faith in action. "Faith without words (which means actions that correspond to that action) is dead," (James 2 :26). Paul saw that a man had faith to be healed. The man walked for the first time in his life as he obeyed the command of God's servant, (Acts 14). Jesus said to a blind man, "According to your faith be it unto you." And this man's eyes were opened, (Matthew 9 :27-30). THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT To the woman with the issue of blood, He said, "Thy faith hath made thee whole. Go in peace and be whole of thy plague," (Mark 5 :34). Now when you use what faith you have, that will help you to press on through until you contact God



for yourself. You press from your faith to God's faith. Then you can receive the gift of faith in your soul. Regardless of your fears you must step out on what faith you have. It may not seem at first that you are getting along very fast. Just keep going! Keep trying and soon you will discover that you have walked out into God's faith. The woman pressed through. The press was against her. Fears, discouragement, and despondency will press against you. The Bible says that everyone must press his way into the kingdom. That is why the woman kept pressing. Satan contested each step that she took, but she wouldn't stop. She did. not have a very easy road to travel. The battle raged. She threw all of her hope of the future on the Master. A mustard seed went to war with a mountain one day, and that mustard seed whipped the mountain. If you will use faith as a grain of mustard seed you can say to the mountain, "Get out of my way." And that mountain will obey you. This little woman had an incurable disease. She was given up to die, as far as medical science was concerned. When she made personal contact, she was healed. The fountain of blood dried up. Jesus commended her for using her faith. USE YOUR FAITH She felt like she did not have much faith, but she used what faith that she did have. And it began to grow. Your faith will grow as you use it. If you don't exercise your faith it will die. Sometimes your faith may seem threadbare, but it is amazing how it will multiply as you use it. Plant one mustard seed, and it will yield one thousand more seed. That is growing pretty fast! Your faith will multiply each time that it is used. 18

I stopped to see a man at his home one time when a lady happened by this home and came in for a few minutes. This lady happened to be bound by evil spirits. People had prayed into the wee hours of the night for this little woman, trying to deliver her. When I was starting to go home, I shook hands with this lady. Suddenly the evil spirits began talking back to me through her in a strange accent. Here again I didn't talk to God. Neither did I talk to the devil. I told the woman that she did not have to yield to that spirit anymore, for she had power over it. I told her that Jesus had died upon the cross to set her free, and the Lord had given her power over all the power of the devil. I explained to her that Jesus had already conquered Satan. That the evil spirit would be bound in her life from' then on. I told her that the evil spirit would seek to come back, but Jesus would give her power to refuse and to never yield to the devil any more. I explained to her that if she would resist the devil, he would flee from her. I told her to open her mouth real wide. She finally decided to obey, and as she did, a white foam in a a shape of a long rope rolled out of her mouth. She relaxed and had power from that minute on to resist Satan. She believed what I had said unto her, and she did what I asked her to do. She used what faith she had. She did not wait for someone else to do all of her praying, all of her believing and all of her yielding to the Lord. At first it seemed like she couldn't open her mouth, but the Lord does not ask us to do something that we cannot do. She tried her best and God did the rest. She used what faith she had, and God suddenly gave her more faith so she was set free. A PERSONAL CONTACT You can come into His presence yourself. I can pray


with you and agree with you. You must seek Him unreservedly. In the day that you seek Him with all of your heart, He will be found. His eyes run to and fro throughout all the world, looking, searching, and seeking for someone whose heart is perfect toward Him. Say, "Bless the Lord my soul; and all that is within me, bless His Holy name. Bless the Lord, my soul, and forget not all of His benefits: who forgiveth all of my iniquities; who healeth all of my diseases." Faith works through your soul and through your heart and not through your mind. So begin to bless Him with all of your soul right now. Your faith will begin to take hold, and you will be delivered. Everybody that I am speaking to right now: you have the right to pray and receive an answer. Jesus promised that everyone that asketh receiveth. Every sinner who comes to the Lord, if he is saved, proves this promise to be true. Otherwise he could never be converted. Now this great privilege, that everyone that asketh receiveth, is available to everyone of God's people. And it is also available to everyone of God's enemies. All the sinners can come and take advantage of it and become God's children. Now if this promise is true to sinners, then it is also true to God's children. You can take advantage of it. You can say, "Everyone that asketh receiveth so I can be healed as well as being saved." Everyone of your little children do their own asking. Every little baby does its own asking before it can speak a word. Even when it cannot do anything but cry, still it does its own asking. Certainly the other children in the family don't have to beg mother to please nurse the little baby. The baby begins to ask for itself, and the mother feeds it because it is hungry. There are hundreds of full grown Christians today who have never learned the privilege of asking their Heavenly Father for themselves. They have spent years and years waiting and calling upon others to pray for 20

them and to ask God to do something for them instead of doing their own asking. Now as you use your faith it will grow exceedingly. Sometimes it may seem that the Lord has forsaken you, but cry out to Him. He will hear the faintest cry. He is not far from you at this time. He is not far from any of us. He is a present help in the time of need. Now is the accepted time. He is with you always. His ears are not heavy that they cannot hear. He listens for your heart cry. Your personal cry touches His heart. He is moved by compassion. He is touched with the feeling of your infirmities. He will shake the earth and the heavens to come to your rescue. Will a mother foget her suckling child that she will not have compassion on the fruit of her womb? Yes, she may forget, but I will not forget you saith the Lord. If He will hear a sinner when a sinner comes seeking Him with all of his heart, he will certainly hear one of His children. He heard the Canaanite woman that came to the Lord praying for her daughter. He heard her prayer. This little woman was not a child of God, and if He will show mercy to His enemies, He will extend mercy to His children. One day He healed the high priest's servant's ear after Peter cut it off. If he will show mercy to His enemies, He will certainly show mercy to you. You can cry out personally like blind Bartimaeus did, and say, "Jesus, have mercy upon me." He knows how to give good gifts to His children. Now the Lord says you must come as a little child. So right now come personally to the Lord and do your own asking and use what faith you have. As you use that faith, He will give you more faith. Remember, Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith. SIMON THE SORCERER Simon tried to receive the Holy Ghost without mak-


ing a personal contact with the Baptizer. Peter could not help him receive the Holy Ghost without his obedience and his cooperation. Peter discerned that Simon's heart was not right with God. Some people seem to think that they can give the Holy Ghost to others. Some think that we can give the Holy Ghost to them without their personal obedience and their personal contact with the Baptizer. It is Jesus that baptizes with the Holy Ghost; we can lead you to Jesus. That's all we can do. Then it is up to you to contact Him personally, obey Him, and receive the Holy Ghost. People today may not always depend upon their money to buy the Holy Ghost, but some of the people try to purchase the Holy Ghost with their personality, their popularity, their race, fame, position, or because they are someone's relative, or friend. That won't work. I have been in the prayer room helping people receive the Holy Ghost when someone would say, "Come over here and help this man. He is a business man." If you think that you can receive the Holy Ghost because you are a business man, or because of your position, then like Simon the Sorcerer, your heart is not right with God. You are in the same position of one that tries to buy God's power. Not long ago a prince was sent to me to be healed of an affliction in his body. At first he just stood, looked at me and expected me to heal him, without him crying out to God and using his faith. He didn't receive a thing until he got willing to open his heart, do his own asking, and his own believing. Influence, fame, rank, or race will never bring healing from Jesus. Jesus purchased healing for you and by His stripes we are healed. We do not merit healing. We get it through the merits of Calvary. Healing is a free gift. If you depend upon your merits, you have no

contact. Your position will perish with you. There is one contact, and you will read that in Isaiah 53 :5. It is the atonement. If you will pray directly to Jesus and cry out to Him on the grounds of the atonement, you will be delivered. All other ground is sinking sand. MISSING THE MARK I know a man who sought healing because he was Pentecostal, or because he was a preacher; because he had trusted God through the years; because he pastored a church, prayed for the sick and fasted several days. But this man was not using the faith that God had given him. Then finally he saw that he was trusting his own merits and trying to buy healing with something that he had done for the Lord, instead of depending upon what the Lord had done for him. Then he came unto the Lord and had the thoughts of his heart forgiven him. He learned that the gift of God could not be purchased with anything except the price that Jesus paid at Calvary. When his faith began working right, then he received healing. He contacted Jesus personally. He definitely used his faith. The direct approach worked. The Spirit quickened. (Matthew 8:16:17) to him. That alone became the basis of his faith. The assurance came with the verse that God quickened to him. Each healing requires a new touch, a direct connection, another verse quickened to you, and your faith being used to contact the Healer. You can never depend on past experiences, reputation, or fame. If you will get your heart in tune, you will receive something. Faith looks directly to the Word of God. Faith knows what God said, because it has been begotten of God. Faith knows God, the revelation of what God is, and what God will do. God's Word "isGod's will. Faith works, faith knows that what God says is the revelation of His will. Faith accepts God's Word as final, claims the

23 22

Word of God and steps out upon it. Faith demands results. Faith claims its covenant rights. Reason may argue-hopes may fear. You may tremble and become nervous; but faith stands unmoveable because it knows what God has said. What the Lord really says should settle the matter with things. Faith is invincible. Faith is irresistable. YOUR EXPERIENCE Most of the time you are very quick to criticize those people who join the church and try to become a Christian without first contacting Christ. They try to receive salvation without a Saviour. They try to become Christians without Christ. You tell them that they cannot come that way. There is no way except by the door. They are a thief and a robber. What about you if you try to depend upon the preacher to do all your praying for your healing, without your praying or even using your faith. Can you contact a preacher, not contact the Lord, and still receive something? Can you receive healing without contacting the Healer? Some people went on a day's journey one time supposing Jesus to be among their kinsfolk, but finally went back seeking Jesus sorrowfully. They found Him exactly where they left Him. They had failed to contact the Lord for themselves. We have thousands of people today who try to profess the Lord as Saviour without actually contacting Him and using their own faith. We know they are not right, but what about you people who try to come up some other way except by the door ? You depend upon some preacher to do your praying and your believing and your receiving. You are in the same position; you are coming some other way. Why don't you quit trying to be a thief and a robber? Why don't you contact Him personally? We can pray the prayer of faith and bring you into the presence of God. Then you can use your 24

faith in God and personally contact Jesus for yourself; something will take place in your life right then. The woman at the well received the living water and ran over to the other side of town and told people, "Come see a man." She pointed them to Christ. Let me read St. John 4:42, "And many more believed because of His own Word; And said unto the woman, Now we believe, not because of thy saying: for we have heard Him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the World." Isn't that beautiful! I hope you can say that. I hope you can say, "I believe I am healed because I have heard Him myself and know that this is indeed the Christ, the healer of my body. Because I have used my own faith. FAITH COMETH I was in one church where I gave the workers a list of scriptures to read to the candidates before they came for the Holy Ghost. They made sure that these candidates had a personal connection with the Baptizer before they came to seek the Holy Ghost. The best we could count, there were one thousand sixtyfive that received a good experience with the Holy Ghost Baptism. In the same church where we sent the workers with a list of scriptures to be read to those people seeking divine healing, there was a much greater percentage healed. The pastor said the man at the hospital phoned and told him that twenty-eight stretcher cases were sent to the church and twenty-seven of them came back empty. It was all because they used their own faith, did their own believing, prayed their own prayers. We did not have to pray for them, but we prayed with them. They used their faith with our faith and something happened. If two people agree on anything it shall be done.


COME BOLDLY Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved and thy house. I remember a dear man who believed that the promise is unto you and unto your children and as many as the Lord our God shall call. So he brought his children to the Lord. One day he brought his little boy to the Lord. This is recorded in Mark 9. The little boy wallowed and f~amed at the mouth. He had a deaf and dumb spirit. He was torn by evil forces. This evil spirit tried to make this little boy commit suicide by causing him to jump into the fire or into the water. When the father brought this little boy personally to Jesus the boy received personal contact with the Lord, and was set free! HIS FIRST ATTEMPT The father first made the mistake of relying on the disciples without the supernatural touch, but nothing happened until he had audience with the Divine Authority Himself. Like thousands of disappointed souls today he had this to say, "And I besought thy disciples to cast him out and they could not," (Luke 9: 40) . After being disappointed he learned that he must use what faith he had, that he must also get his receiving set in tune with the supernatural power, with the broadcasting station from heaven, if he wanted supernatural deliverance for his son. Then the man cried out personally to the Master and used what faith he had. His faith grew exceedingly as he began to use it. Jesus heard the cry of the broken heart of the grieved father. The heart of Jesus was moved with compassion. His power was put into action when the man began to seek Him with all of his heart. Jesus saw that the man was hungry and thirsty after righteousness. He will hear the sincere cry of your soul.

Jesus wants to deliver your boy and make him a normal child. He wants to see a happy daddy, a happy son and a happy home reunited. PRAYER REQUESTS

Have you made the needless mistake of spending your precious time merely requesting the prayers of others? Have you depended upon the disciples to do it all? Have you stood and said in a defeated tone, "Please pray for my boy." Do you realize that you have faith? Do you know that you are a sleeping giant? Awake and find that you have power that has never been used. You have a right to come directly to the Master. You can use your faith that He has given you. The veil of the temple has been rent. You are a priest unto God. This week a lady came into the audience and began to shout. She screamed out with joy. I called her to the front and asked her what had happened. I learned that she had been deaf in both ears for twenty-five years-since she was seven years old. I tested her out and she could hear a watch tick with either ear. Her husband came up and testified to it. She was really happy. I helped her come into the presence of God where His power was present to heal. She then used her own faith to contact the Healer, and was healed in the audience. After a lady brought her deaf husband to that service, I saw that he had not made a personal connection. After questioning the man he said, "I know that the Lord has a special time to heal me, and he will heal me after He works out a few things in my life." A man that says he will not be healed until he is first instructed. And I failed to get him through to healing. I first talked to him and showed him how to use his own faith. I've seen people come for prayer and stare at me 27


with their eyes open, gazing at me, as if to say, "I'd like to watch you and see how you do it, so I'll learn how." They need to shut their eyes and open their heart. They need to use their own faith and pray. I want to pray with them, not for them. Get a burden. Get bold. Know your rights as a child of the Lord of glory. Go directly into His presence. Corne boldly to the throne of grace that you might have help in the time of need. You must believe that He is and is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. In the day that you seek Him with all of your heart, He will be found. Everyone that asketh receiveth. YOU have faith. Put that faith into action now. You will get His attention, and then He will turn and say, "Your faith hath made you whole." BEST TO BE SURE Now most people criticize Thomas for not believing until he put his hand into the side of Jesus. Thomas wanted reality. He was an honest unbeliever, if he could be called an unbeliever at all. An honest unbeliever will cry directly to the Lord and say, "Lord, help mine unbelief." And the Lord will help him as He did Thomas. A dishonest unbeliever is the man who makes up his mind before and says, "Bless God, if I see it I won't believe." Now the word prejudice comes from the word prej udge. God cannot help a dishonest unbeliever. The children of Israel were killed because after they saw the Lord's work forty years, they refused to believe after they saw it. I believe Thomas was a real believer. He had his name written in heaven. He really preached the gospel, healed the sick and cast out devils by God's power. He did not merely say, "Take it by faith." He cast out real devils. He did not say, "Just take it by faith and believe that you have it." No. He had great joy! He did not say, "I just took my salvation by faith." No.

He really had his name written in heaven, and if you take salvation by faith you have real joy. And you have the reality. He obeyed God's command to go back and wait until the day of Pentecost and received a real Baptism of the Holy Ghost. He did not receive some imagination and say, "I took it by faith." He got the real Holy Ghost, with signs following. He was not satisfied with just saying, "Take it by faith and believe that you have it." No. If you take the Holy Ghost by faith you will receive the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:4; you won't get some imaginary experience. DEMAND REALITY Of course, one Sunday morning when the disciples met together, Thomas was not there. Maybe we should not criticize him too much. If you would attend a meeting where everyone was down and out, discouraged thinking that Jesus was dead; if Jesus was not present in the meeting you might not go back the next Sunday. When they told Thomas that Jesus had appeared to them, he was not satisfied with taking their word alone. He did not want to preach the resurrection just as a doctrine, form, creed, or what someone else preached. He demanded the reality and received it. He felt like he could never face a frowning mob of critics without a personal experience with the resurrected Christ. He believed that Jesus was really alive after he had received a touch from His hand. He also believed that if Jesus were really alive, He could do the same works that Jesus did. And he also believed that if Jesus were really alive, He could do just what He did before He died. He told the disciples that he was not going to accept that doctrine as part of his belief when he could have the personal touch. He did not depend upon doctrine alone. He received the personal touch and



was never the same again. And that was enough to go with him through life. The next Sunday morning the disciples met together. Thomas was present. He was an honest unbeliever, if you should call him an unbeliever. But really he was what I call a believer for, he expected a personal touch. That is more than lots of people do today who belong to a church, who accept the resurrection only as a doctrine or a creed, or ritual. Jesus is the resurrection, and He is the life. You can receive the life of Christ in your body. You can feel the glory and virtue of Jesus Christ. Thomas must have been a believer, for he did receive a personal touch. He cried out, "My Lord, and My God." Now some folks will preach their mother's Lord and their father's God. They will preach their church's Jesus. They preach their neighbor's Lord. They are going by some doctrinal creed. Thomas could not preach that only as a form or doctrine. He must have the real personal touch. After he received this touch, then Thomas could preach. He could tell of the personal experience and say, "MY Lord and MY God." And you can do the same thing, if you will keep on until you receive a personal touch. Then you will never be satisfied with mere doctrines, creeds, you mother's God, and your father's Lord, but you can look up personally and say, "MY Lord and MY God." In Africa I preached to about thirteen thousand people one afternoon. Preachers were sitting in the audience who had their collars on backward. They preached the resurrection doctrine. Some of them did not even believe in the resurrection at all. I told them that if Jesus were dead, He could not do anything; but if He were alive He would do the same works that He always did. As I prayed a simple prayer, we counted about fortyseven people who testified that they were healed of blind eyes, and about seventy-four said that they were

healed of deaf ears. A Hindu priest believed what I said. He drug himself into this large stadium. He had been paralyzed for a long time. Suddenly, instantly, he looked up to Jesus and received a personal touch. He believed that Jesus was resurrected. When he received this personal touch, God perfectly healed him, and now he is a wonderful Christian. Then during one prayer about three thousand people came forward to receive a personal touch for their soul and to have the resurrected Christ forgive their sins. They were no longer satisfied with mere doctrines, forms, or rituals, because they had met Christ who would give them this personal touch. They were no longer to just believe on the basis of hearing of Jesus from a historical standpoint. They did as Thomas. They wanted a personal touch and to receive the experience of the resurrected Christ. The power of God is tangible. You can meet the Master now. He is near your side. You can look up! He is saying, "I am with you always even unto the end of the world. I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." PETER WALKED Now the story could have been told like this, "Peter started to walk on the water in the midst of the waves and wind. He became discouraged and began to sink. Then he cried, in a very feeble way, with a very defeated voice. He looked up to the disciples in the ship and told them to please remember him in prayer. He gave in his prayer request in a very defeated manner, and said, "Please pray for me." Then he sank beneath the water. The disciples said that the Lord had a purpose in it and God would get honor out of it, and all this was for the Lord's glory." It did not happen like this at all! Someone asked why Peter sank. One preacher said, "I'm going to tell you tonight why Peter sank." Neighbor, I have news for you! Peter did not sink. Peter arose and walked



on the water. He did more than the other disciples did. The other disciples would not even venture out of the ship on that stormy night. Peter walked on the water. His life was saved because he used his faith, cried a sincere heart cry direct to Jesus, and he felt a personal touch from the hand of the Saviour and from the Hand of the Healer. His hand is reached out to you now. Regardless of the storms and the winds, regardless of all the tempest that is raging on every side, you can speak personally to Him. You can come directly to Him. You can use your faith right now. He wants you to tall to Him now. If you will seek Him with all your heart He will be found. Pray a personal prayer. Rebuke your own disease. Do your own believing because 1 feel the presence of the Lord. The doors of the prison are open now, and you can walk out. Thank (;od! Bow your head. Heavenly Father, as I pray this prayer, I am asking you to help everyone who reads these lines to use their faith, use their believing, use their contact. Help them to come personally and reach out their hand. When they do I want you to take them by the hand and give them that personal touch. Thank God! Help them to know as many as come to Christ are made whole. God, help them to accept their deliverance right this minute! In Jesus' Name I command them to be made whole. Neighbor, put your hand into the hands of the Lord and look up and sing that song, JUST A TOUCH FROM HIS HAND. Reach out and touch the Lord as He walks by. You'll find He's not to busy to hear your heart's cry. He's passing by this minute; your needs He'll supply. Reach out and touch the Lord as He walks by. The touch of His hand means so much to me. I come to Him now and He walks with me. I'll make it through to heaven's bright land, for I am kept by the touch of God's mighty hand. 32


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