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Mr. Albert Smith was carried to the clinic one morning. His heart was beating 180 times per minute. His bowels were out of control; he was dizzy; he was vomiting; he remained that way for many months. He thought he could not Jive any longer. The same morning before he was brought to the clinic, he was healthy and strong. He discovered as he walked into his bedroom at 8 o'clock that morning that his wife had killed herself and her daughter. Immediately, he became sick. He was as sick as if he had cancer or heart trouble. His trouble was only emotional trouble. Mr. Bell Adams developed a severe dizziness. He vomited continually. He was taken from his business and put to bed. The physicians almost gave up in despair for several days. Suddenly he became well and returned to his business. The doctors were surprised. No one knew the cause of his sickness but himself. A very good friend of his asked him to sign a note. He knew if he had to pay the note off, he would go bankrupt. Nevertheless, to show himself a good sport, he signed the note. One day his friend was suddenly in a serious accident. Weeks went by that he hovered between life and death. Mr. Adams was just as sick as his friend. How could he explain things to his wife? What would become of his home? One day his friend walked into the hospital. He told Mr. Adams that he had acquired the money, and given it to the bank to payoff the note. At that instant, Mr. Adams began to recover. In a few hours, he went back to his job. He did not have cancer, but he had all the symptoms. He had been as sick as anyone in the hospital. It was a case of upset emotions. Mr. House had all the symptoms of a stomach ulcer. One day he felt as if he had a tumor. The next day he believed it was a cancer. He was a grocerman. The chain store had just moved in, his wife continually stepped out on him, his

son went from one jail to another. One doctor wanted to operate on his ulcer. This made him hurt twice as much. Each time Mr. House went deer hunting, he felt like a perfectly well man. As he entered his home town, all of the symptoms would return again. He was only emotionally upset. Seventy-five per cent of the people that go to a physician, are not organically sick. They are under pressure from different sources, discontented, angry, or failing in business. They have a problem that they can't solve; then they hate, become angry, or worry over things they can't change. They could get better sometimes by going to a psychiatrist but there are only about one per cent enough psychiatrists to go around. Ninety-nine per cent of the people have no man to help them. The Great Physician asked the man at the pool of Bethesda, "Wilt thou be made whole?" He said, "I have no man to put me in the pool." Jesus said, "Arise take up thy bed and walk." That is the solution. Go to the Great Physician. Arise! Arise above the commotion. The way that you may do that is to substitute good emotions in its place. The Great Physician gives us good emotions to take the place of the bad ones. It won't help too much for someone to help us to quit hating people if he does not give us love to take its place. The Great Physician can give you joy to take the place of grief. He gives you peace to take the place of trouble. He gives you the recipe in Philippians 4: 8. "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." I realize that you can't change your way of thinking without changing your way of living. The way to change your way of living is to first get rid of your sense of guilt. When His forgiveness comes in, when His Spirit comes in, He gives you power to think on these things. Commit your way unto the Lord and your thoughts will be established.

A man over seventy years old went on his honeymoon. He thought he would enjoy life with his new bride. He suffered much with a skin disease. He went to the hospital and suffered severely. After he left the hospital, his skin disease continued. One day Mr. Day had to go out of town for a few days. The skin disease dried up. When he returned home, the skin disease returned. When he went on his next trip, the skin disease left again, only to return when the went home again. One day his wife left on a vacation. This trouble left also. When his wife left for good, the skin disease never returned. He resented his new wife. She continually disagreed with him and wanted to tell him what to do in every detail. He was always stirred up and never relaxed. He would not have had what he called skin disease had someone talked to his wife and put her in her place. Had she been delivered from that evil spirit, she could have remained with her new husband. If he could have overcome these emotions of anger and resentment, he could have remained with his wife. They could have lived together. ~isease and broken homes are caused because bad spirits cause man and wife to become dissatisfied. This explains that because of the hardness of men's hearts, they are allowed to divorce. It should not be so. Because of the hardness of the heart, they have emotionally incurred disease. Seventy-five per cent of our sickness and disease is brought upon us because of bad emotions. If they would replace their bad emotions with good emotions, they would usually get well. Many people do not receive the Holy Spirit in their lives because they say they do not want to be emotional. They are thinking of good emotions, of course, such as joy, lo:e, peace, happiness, and the like. They do ~ot stop to think they have emotions. Everybody has emotions, except dead people. Many of these people have bad emotions such as


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hatred, jealousy, anger, and prejudice. The spirit of the devil brings wrong emotions. Wrong emotions cause threefourths of your sickness and disease.' Living right would heal three-fourths of our sickness and disease without a miracle being performed. God has so made a man's body that nature will heal it automatically, unless there is something there that will hinder it from being healed. Some people think that living right is to refrain from going into shameful sin. But many Christians live wrong because they worry, fear and fret. They are critical, discontented and discouraged. They have accepted Jesus but fail to remember that godliness with contentment is great gain. For instance, one man wants to live in the mountains where there are squirrels, deer, and COOilS. He likes to hunt; he likes the wild life; he likes the fresh air, cool running water, and the gr een forest. His wife can't give up the busy factory life of the thriving city out on the plains. As long as Mr. Tallent was in the western city, out on the plains of Texas, he continually suffered pains. He called it a stomach ulcer. It felt exactly like an ulcer. A doctor told him it was not an ulcer. This confused him more than ever. It made the pain twice as bad. To get rid of the pain, all he had to do was go to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, to the old farm. After his car rolled up in sight of the old town, the pain left and did not return until he returned home again. Your emotions cause most of your physical disease. These diseases, for the most part, attack those who are most intelligent - those who think hard and try to work out their own problems. The problems are too great for them. The more mental capacity you have, the more responsibility you take on. You do not necessarily need to move to the farm, just commit your ways unto him. He is able to keep you from falling. He will keep that which you commit into his hands, and then you can relax and rest, outside and inside.


A physician friend of mine told me that he made the wrong diagnosis on a lady patient. Any other doctor could have done the same thing. He told her that she had a very serious attack with her gall bladder. He had to give her seven shots to ease her pain. The truth is that she was emotionally upset. When the mind gets tight, the colon also tightens up. The neck develops a pain. If the spasm is in the right hand part of the stomach, it produces an awful spell of suffering just like a gall stone colic. Over half of the people that are treated for gall stone attacks have good gallbladders. Their emotions cause spasms of the colon. The lady had just received the news that her son had a notice that he would be inducted into the army. Her heart was bound up in his heart. He was very dear to her. She was partial to him and he was part of her life. She was helped a great deal and grew better, but within a few days her son left for the service. The lady had to have some more shots for the same kind of attack. A careful check was kept on this lady. Another attack occurred about six months later. It was when she received word that her son was shipped overseas. This doctor friend advised an operation. Her gall bladder was removed. She would never suffer again with that gall bladder. She gave the physician the name of being a very great doctor. Some months later, the lady learned that her son had landed in a spot where serious fighting was going on. She had another attack, although she had no gall bladder this time. This doctor watched the woman closely. She had a more serious attack when she received a cablegram that her son was wounded. When her son was released from the army, she had no more attacks. Had her son been killed, no doubt she would have grieved herself to death. Some people have a saying: "That gives me a pain in the neck." That is not a joke; it is really true. Emotional distress tightens your leaders and muscles until severe pain is produced in the neck and head.

W. V. Grant

P. O. Box 353 Dallas 21. Texas Send postage for free book. How To Keep Calm and Cool In Crisis.

Some people say, "That just makes me sick at my stomach." They actually go to bed with it sometimes. Others say, "That made my heart come up into my throat." They are emotionally upset. Sometimes the top of their stomach closes. Their appetite leaves. They lose weight. They would starve if there was not something done. The top of their stomach muscles close up; a severe pain forms until it feels as though they have a lump in the upper part of their abdomen. The food won't pass on. Many times it is caused by emotional strain. It may be a job you are forced to do that gives you an inferiority complex. Should an operation be performed on you, they would find the top of your stomach squeezed together. It would be just as if a brickbat had been laying on it. The first time I rode a plane, the food they gave me would not stay in my stomach. The five stewardesses had a job waiting on a very sick man. Someone had a big job cleaning up that plane. Now I can relax better on a plane than anywhere else. I am not emotionally upset anymore. You must learn to bend before a wind. If you do not you will break. Learn to adapt yourself before changing conditions. The thing you value today may not exist tomorrow. Hold to things lightly. Don't get wrapped up in them. If you pin your faith to some person, when he falls you will fall. Don't depend too much on people. They will let you down. Rely your whole life on the Rock of Ages - the harbor of the soul. This foundation will not be moved or shaken. Everything that can be shaken, will be shaken. The Rock is a shelter in the time of storm. Learn to adapt yourself to new circumstances and be flexible. Do not be so rigid. If you are on a good foundation, circumstances will not sweep you off of your feet. Without the ability to adapt yourself to new circumstances, you will always be in trouble. When a teakettle is up to its neck in hot water ,it still sings. Take a lesson from it. Make a practice to find something good in each bad circumstance. Find something good in each bad circumstance. Find something good in everyone. Don't brood over the past. Forgetting the past, look forward to the future. A man sold his farm and bought a grocery business down in the South. He was being treated because he had a spell of belching. He belched twice each minute. If he was in church, he belched. If he had company, he belched. He went on this way for many days. Nothing would help him. He wanted relief. One surgeon advised an operation. He was advised to sell his business and move back to the farm for a while. When he did this, the belching stopped. Many men would have stayed in business. Soon they would have formed gas on their stomach. They would have had all the symptoms of an ulcer. Soon an ulcer would have appeared. What good would it do him to be in business if he could not eat. One busy schoolteacher has fibrositis. He continually suffers with it. He is overloaded with work. He has new problems coming up all the time. The board is pressing him more and more for explanations. He must attend school again in his later years. He must get more credits if he continues teaching. When he leaves town for a vacation, the pain and symptoms stay at home. When he returns to his home and his teaching, his fibrositis is waiting. He continues to complain about suffering in his right shoulder. This teacher worries about ple who have this disease feel cancer. They think of the day chair with arthritis, a hopeless his fibrositis. Sometimes, peoas if their system is filled with when they will be in a wheel cripple.

The truth is: fibrositis never cripples anyone. It is caused by wrong emotions. Many physicians are overworked. These physicians have fibrositis all the time. The cure will automatically come when you learn to relax and rest. Get the dread and resentment off your mind, and out of your system. Do like Paul. He said he learned to be content in any state he was in. A contented man is usually a healthy man. He that can have contentment can have almost anything. Trade your bad emotions for good emotions. Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your


V. Grant

P. O. Box 353 Dallas 21. Texas Send postage for free book, How To Keep Calm and COOl In Crisis.

heart. Remember you must first be in the Lord before you can delight yourself in the Lord. If you try to work on a second shift, payout the second home, buy the second car or overload yourself in any way, your body will not heal itself. Our bodies are both fearfully and wonderfully made. Anything can go wrong with them if we do not relax. Nature will heal three-fourths of your troubles in your body if it is contented, relaxed and rested. The curse will not come without a cause. (Proverbs 26: 2) Many persons are sick because they do not know how to live. They over-work, under-rest, over-talk, under-cat or over-cat. When soldiers slept out on the wet ground, they took fibrositis. It was not altogether caused from sleeping on the wet ground. For those boys that had good shelter, had the same trouble just before they were shipped to the front lines. It is caused by emotions. Certain muscles are tightened when you meet circumstances you would like to avoid. If this continues without relaxing, pain is the result. The answer is to see your psychiatrist or your preacher. There is only one per eent enough psychiatrists to go around. Why not sec a spiritual adviser and get your mind relaxed? Most people will never get their mind relaxed until they get the sense of guilt off of their conscience. There is but one way to do this. There is no lasting peace without the Prince of Peace. Many psychiatrists do not understand the permanent peace - the peace that will pass all human understanding. If a man is laboring under a guilt complex, then there is only one route to take. All others arc a waste of time and money; and a dangerous route to pursue. The sure route is this: "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness" (I John 1 :9).

A SENSE OF SECURITY Some of the tinest people [ have ever known, had a complex about their age. They were ministers and in evangelistic work. This fine Christian husband and wife admitted that as they reached the age of forty, they had a tremendous psychological problem. When they reached fifty, they began to talk it over with one another. Their relatives died early with cancer and 1'.13. Their children were not given to being faithful to them in their declining years. Their strength was not as it hat! been years before. Their beautiful hair began to turn gray. The man lost most of his hair. Their skin was not as smooth as it once was. Their eyes were dimmed, and their arms were too short to read well. They had to hold things so far from their eyes. When churches gave them revivals, they always thought that younger evangelists were preferred. They noticed that they could not cat the things that they once had eaten. They wondered if they would care for one another as they had in their younger days. The more they thought on these things, the more tense they became. They talked about it very often. Suppose a severe case of sick ness, accident, tire, or a car wreck would rob them of what savings they had. They could not stand to go to the poor house. It would hurt their pride. I received a card from this dear brother. It was pitiful to read. He said he had reached the end of his rope. He became so despondent, discouraged, and fearful. Soon his dear wife phoned me long distance that he had. passed aw~y. About fifty-four years of age found him crippled up w.lth almost every symptom in the catalog - all caused by being emotionally upset. His wife never overcame the shock. She worried herself to death. She passed away in about three more years. She felt a sense of insecurity. She grieved about all kinds of trouble, most of which was borrowed from the future. Suppose those ministers had a half-million dollars in the bank and did not know it; it would have affected them just the same. The same pressure would havc been on them. For instance, ten minutes ago I received a 'phone call from Mrs. C. She was happy as a lark. Two days ago she

W. V. Grant

P. O. Box 353 Dallas 21,. Texas Send postage for free book. How To Keep Calm and Cool In Crisis.

was hemorrhaging, and all the symptoms she had, caused her to be bedfast. Her food would not digest. She was told that her fourteen year old girl was going to marry a criminal that fought their religion. She was told that they had the license already to be married. She believed that they had forged her name to the license. She was going to put the boy in jail, and put her dear daughter in the state home for girls. Today, she learned that it was all a mistake. Someone had made the lie and told it. When she learned that there was nothing to it, she recovered in a few hours. There is nothing wrong with her. When she believed the lie, it affected her as if it had been true. It made her sick at her stomach. The woman was emotionally upset; just as your fist wil1 clench when you are mad, her stomach muscles tightened up with spasms when she became upset. Her stomach produced all kinds of symptoms. George Stephens is eighty-five years old. His is taking care of a church and drawing a nice salary for a man his age. He is as active as a man of fifty, and enjoying his work. His hands are almost as steady as mine. Two years ago he discovered that he had to be fed. He lost his job as a janitor in a bank that he had had for years. His daughter sent him the money to come to Los Angeles. After he lost his job, he did not fit into the home of his son-in-law. Their habits were different. He had no friends or sense of security. The doctors called it, "hardening of the arteries. " This dear man thought he could not get out of bed. After he was promised his present job, he was given a wheel chair. When he became able to get on his feet and get out of the brother-in-law's home, he found he was not shaking so badly. Now he feels secure, and has overcome his shaking. His emotional distress is gone. People must learn to cooperate with things that can not be changed. We must learn to be flexible and adapt ourselves to new circumstances. We must avoid criticism and prejudices. Don't criticize the government, the youth, or anything else you can not change. Retain good manners and appearance. Be interested in something. Be cheerful. Then you will likely be healthy and live out your days. P () Roy 'l'\ 1 w v r.r!lnt "If I knew where I was going to die, I would stay away from that place," said a man. Hold up a little child and ask the crowd who would like to adopt it. Thousands of people will crowd around you, and want this beautiful little child. Hold up an old man and say, "Who wants this old man?" No one would reply. Even their children and relatives would decline. They count the old man a liability. It has been known that some relatives are sitting and waiting for them to die. They sigh a sigh of relief when they pass away. These old people get in their way. As they get off the ous and walk down the street, or shop in the store, the youth counts them a liability and wants them to get out of the way. The youth wants to start new frontiers, and new ideas. There was a time that "Honor thy father and thy mother" meant something. Men at one time valued the aged man for his wisdom, but youth today doesn't want to take advantage of what the aged have learned. Jobs are not so plentiful for those people growing older. Most older people have no savings. When they do, the youth are waiting to inherit it. Children can feel relieved when their parents are placed in an institution, put on the welfare, or committed to a nursing home. The older folks remember when they took care of the children, and fed them. For these children, they lived. For them they sacrificed for what they needed in life. Since some of some. No one is eration seems to raising a family, their friends have passed on, they are loneleft t.o drop a word of cheer. The new gengive them no credit for staying out of jail, and bravely meeting the problems of life.

Some of the elders have been moved off the farm where they have relaxed for years. They do not seem to get used to the busy city and the noise, the poor housing, and the costly food. No one has time to talk as they have been used to. Their age that should have become golden, has become a dread.

We have the problem in India, Africa and Russia. You may never be in these countries, but there is a good chance that you will be old some day. No wonder that the older people have arthritis, indigestion and gall bladder trouble. Most of it is emotional strain, insecurity, and disappointment. If they could relax, rest, and form good emotions, they would not be like a rotten apple. They would not fall off before their time or be eaten up with worms. They would be ripe and mellow. They would live out all of their days, and go on without suffering the sting of death. Before you are old, begin to plan for these years. Do not form a habit of murmuring, complaining, whimpering, and whining. Practice patience with cheer. Habits will grow. Straighten a bush, and it will make a straight tree. If you are full of cheer when you meet people, they will be glad to see you. Your wisdom and good habits will inspire them. The glory of the old man is his wisdom. This cheer will not only help others, but it will help you to be healthy, and live much longer. Learn to enjoy your friends and family in your spare time. Give cheer to all people you meet. Begin to see the viewpoint of others, instead of disagreeing and looking for a tight. Learn to control your emotions now or you may not be able to do so later on. Develop cheer and courage instead of gloom and crabbincss. It is not wrong to own a house and a car and save a little money. Remember Joseph saved during the fat years for the lean years ahead. Keep a cool and calm disposition. Avoid gripping. Rest. Do not worry about dying. Others have stood it. He said, "I am with you alway, even to the end of the world." Keep calm, and you can glide into the harbor at a golden old age safe and sound. You can hear Him say, "Well done. You have been faithful over a few things, so I will make you ruler over many things."



Would you like to take an intelligence test? All people need a little exercise to keep their mind alert. One grave danger is to over exercise the mind, especially in things that cannot be helped or controlled. Some of the unavoidable things are relatively small things. I have seen my mother worry over things that were lost. She hunted and worried until she took a headache. Soon she would be in bed with a sick headache. It would even affect her stomach. She was making a problem and trying to do the impossible. It is good to have an extra set of keys to your house or your car. Then you won't need to get upset just because you lose the key, especially before leaving for church or for town. Then you will meet people in an alert condition, and not be all upset. You can come home without a headache. Many people claim that they can relax by going on a fishing trip. [ try so hard to catch fish, that I become all tense. My muscles and brain tighten. Another man catches all the fish. He is perfectly relaxed. The harder I try, the less fish J catch. Whether it is fishing, hunting, or a lost article, we can strain our mind trying to do the impossible. David had learned the secret. He said that he would not exercise himself in matters too great for him, (Psalms 131: I ). We do not want our children to worry over things that they can not help. We don't want our babies to be afraid that we will drop them. So we need to haw our mind relaxed, be free from worry, fear and dread. He will keep whatever we commit into His hands. Jf we take it into our own hands, we have not committed it. We must learn to draw on the higher power in times of stress. Especially, we must commit 10 Him things we cannot control. One day 1 saw a boy killed on a fell out as if he were dead. He had to help the boy. The time for him to lem was when the boy first asked motor scooter. His dad waited too late to try begin to solve the probhim to buy the motor


V. Grant

P. O. Box 353 Dallas 21, Texas Send postage for free book, How To Keen Calm and rnnl Tn rri~i~

scooter. My uncle had never been sick a day in his life. He was the picture of health. When he heard that his son was killed in the army, he fell out as if he were dead. In a few days he was carried sixty miles to have his heart examined. He never recovered. He passed away in the prime of life, When his wife saw what took place, she went to bed. She never recovered. Her stomach tied up in knots. Her blood pressure rose; also, the blood vessel that went to her mind and heart. She died in a few days. They could have prevented it a few months before. Their son was going to church with me. They talked to him and said, "Please do not go to that church. We want you to make a mark in the world." He joined the army. Soon he was missing in action. When you breathe too fast, carbon dioxide is lost from the blood. Your heart begins to race. You tremble inside and outside. Some people faint. In the middle of the night, some people awake thinking they are dying of a heart attack, or having a stroke. Their minds are never at rest. While they are asleep, they try to exercise themselves in things too great for them. David would not eat anything for about a week. He prayed and cried. His servants found the child had died. They were afraid to tell him. They were afraid that he would collapse. David arose and washed his face and ate dinner. The servants could not understand it. Then he explained his secret of success: "And he said, While the child was yet alive, I fasted and wept: for I said, Who can tell whether God will be gracious to me, that the child may live? But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? Can I bring him back again? T shall go to him, but he shall not return to me."


Last week I drove my new Buick car to the garage to have the door fixed. I thought it was about to break off. The door would hang. I was going to leave my car there and have the man drive me home in the courtesy car. In thirty seconds it was fixed. He just put a little oil on it. Many people need a little oil to calm their nerves, to keep them from squeaking. They feel like they are about to break. The oil is relaxation and contentment. Their nerves tie up in knots for some reason - or maybe for no reason at all. A doctor friend of mine told me about a boy they had on the operating table. They only deadened his stomach. As it was opened, it looked perfectly normal. Then the surgeon said, "Have the policemen been to see you in the last few days?" In a few seconds, they could see the bowels tie up into spasms. A balloon was behind each spasm. The boy said, '''1 feel all bloated." The boy had a police record, and the policemen were at the door. You do not need to be on an operating table. Fear, worry, and dread, and even discontentment, will cause your stomach to bloat. Inferiority complexes, or a bad job one is dreading may have the same affect. Why do you have gas or indigestion? It may be because your wife spoke a sharp word to you that you inwardly resented. If we could get rid of resentment, things would straighten out. Some people are more sensitive than others. Sometimes you may have all the symptoms of appendicitis, a spasm has the bowels squeezed down so tightly. An appendix operation will do no good here. You must have a spiritual operation to dispose of your wrong emotions such as jealousy, hate, and resentment. If you want to get rid of wrong emotions, put good emotions in their place, such as love, joy, and peace. Are you in a bind? Are you in a squeeze? The emotions of fear are caused by a squeezing down of some of the blood vessels that go to the brain. Some people vomit; some even faint.

Some people that become suddenly fearful drop dead. It is pronounced many times as heart trouble. And it is. The Bible says, "Let not your heart be troubled." Men's hearts will be failing them for fear of things that will be coming upon the earth. This applies mostly to senators and leaders, that are well-informed of the times in which we are living. When a man is angry, his skin becomes red; his eyes open wide; his lips become tight; his jaws set; his fists clinch; his arms swing; his voice trembles. This is what you see on the outside. On the inside his blood pressure rises, his stomach squeezes; his digestive tract forms spasms. It has been known that a stroke follows these emotions. Sometimes the arteries of the heart squeeze. It can cause a fatal heart attack. Fear, discouragement, grief, anxiety, dissatisfaction, and a lot of unpleasant emotions cause over-stimulation of the nerves and the heart. Just trade these emotions for courage, joy, agreeableness, hope, and contentment. You will be relaxed. These bad emotions cost the Americans billions of dollars each year in tranquilizers and inefficiency. About ninety per cent of all headaches are caused by wrong emotions. There is a squeezing down of the blood vessels. My dad was relaxed as he lived many miles out in the country. A strange thing happened. Each time he started to the city, he took a headache. When he returned home , the headache left. He was not at ease in a large crowd, or much noise. The squeezing down causes the muscles to tighten down at the back of the neck and in the colon. They may make you think that you have an ulcer, gall bladder trouble, gas, or even skin rash. If you feel that the world is against you, or if you have a sense of guilt, you have the "squeezed-down" feeling. Get on God's side. He is faithful and just to forgive all of your sins, and to lift the "squeezed down" feeling or the sense of guilt.

HOW TO HAVE COURAGE Do you have a sense of humor? Do you ever laugh? Is that just an outside put-on emotion, or is that your fundamental self-conscious self? For instance, a man may be laughing, talking, and whistling, but you can tell that is only from his lips outward. You may know he is in trouble. His boy may be in the death cell, or in the fox hole. He may have been cut to pieces by bandits. He may want vengeance. You can tell that his sub-conscious emotions are not good. That is what really effects his health. The muscles in the brain and stomach are tied in knots. He has all kinds of symptoms. The patient that has a good fundamental emotion is the first to get out of the hospital. Your nerves act as a messenger, telling the colon to contract, or the stomach to close up, or your brain to be tense. You blame it on your nerves, but it is really your fundamental emotions. A boy started to take an examination in history. He knew that he was not prepared. He became very sick. The teacher experimented. She gave him a passing grade. He was exempt from being examined. He immediately recovered. Fundamentally, he was emotionally upset. He knew he was not prepared. Pete came into my place of business. He was a well-to-do farmer, and owned a large herd of cattle. He .nherited the farm and also acquired a complaining spirit with it. Pete had never had any hardships, but he expected a failure in the future. In his past life, the sun never shone. No one ever heard Pete say a hopeful word. You could meet Pete and say, "Isn't this a wonderful day." He would say, "Yes, but we are going to have a bad winter." You could say, "You have some pretty com." He would say, "Yes, the rats will eat it up when winter time comes." Another man, "Doc," often came in. He was not a wealthy man. He did wear clean clothes, and a nice smile. He looked glad and sincere. He enjoyed living. "Doc" worked on the W.P.A., but he was a cheerful fellow. He cheered up the whole gang. All the men laughed

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with "Doc." They felt good just being around him. "Doc" had some misfortune, but he never complained or talked about them. He went to the hospital once, but he had a pleasant story and a cheerful greeting when people came to see him. The doctors marvelled how he became we)} so quickly. A man repossessed "Doc's" car once, and did him wrong, but "Doc" never complained. He spoke well of the man. He only told the man's good points. Each man had a basic fundamental emotion; and this emotion controlled his life. Suppose a man murders someone. The policemen are on his trail. They may catch him any minute. He sees in the newspaper that he is a wanted man. He sits in a restaurant and drinks a coke. He laughs and plays the juke box. He goes home. The fundamental emotions are what count. They tighten the muscles at the top of the stomach. The blood vessels that run from the brain and to the top of the colon begin to contract. He becomes so tense. Everyone has the power to control his emotions. If his fundamental emotions are out of order, it is caused by a sense of guilt. You have the power to control your own thought life, which will in turn correct your health if your sense of guilt is gone. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Your heart is the seat of affection. With the heart man believes unto righteousness. That is the basic emotion place - the heart. Get your heart right, and everything else will become right and begin to cooperate with your thinking. Whatsoever thing you ask for, believe that you have it, and you shall have it; but you must believe with the heart. Your heart must be cleansed from all guilt for you to have that kind of faith.



For about twelve years, 1 was in business. I like to watch and study people. While some men are admiring the tall buildings of the town, I am watching people as they walk up and down the sidewalk. 1 am trying to figure them out. Hundreds of times Lucy would come into my store. She demanded that I stop waiting on everyone else and wait on her. She was always running thirty minutes behind time. She was too weeks behind time in her grocery buying. She could have easily set the alarm and started out thirty minutes earlier each day. She could have easily arranged to pay for the groceries as she bought them. But she chose to be behind all of her life, trying to catch up in a run. Lucy found out all the prices in the store. She fumed and fretted about the price of every article. She would look around and frown. She would say, "I sure hate to shop. 1'm so tired. There is too much to pick from. It confuses me. I just know my husband would not like this gift. He did not like his gift last year. 1 despise shopping." She complained about the last merchandise she bought. She complained because people walked in front of her. When people saw her coming, they would laugh and brace for the scene she was about to make. Lu? ~ent with a tired mind and body saying, "My head IS Just killing me." She wanted an aspirin. It was all caused by her self-made emotions. She refused to enjoy life. Mrs. Collins did not have as much worry as Lucy. Her husband was sick. She created different kinds of emotions _ the healthy kind. I never saw Mrs. Collins upset. She smiled when things went wrong. She seemed to know how to handle the ugly moments. ~he would come into the store with perfect pleasure. She did not seem to be .in a hurry. She often said "1 enjoy shopping. There are so many, many, things to choose from. I meet so many lovely people. This will just suit Mr. Collins. He will be so happy. 1 always like to trade here. The food is so reasonable and delicious. The prices are

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right." She went home happy. She seemed rested and needed no aspirin. I was delighted to see one of the ladies come to the store. I dreaded to see the other one enter the door. You can train yourself to produce bad thoughts. Or you can train yourself to be cheerful, kind, and of good courage. You can talk about what a nice time you had on your last vacation, and what you are looking forward to on your next one. It is you that thinks. You can turn your thoughts in any direction you choose. Keep your thinking calm and cheerfu1. You can have emotions that wiU create good health such as courage, resignation, determination, cheerfulness, and pleasantness. Learn to find beauty in little things about you. Keep planning new experiences. Your wife may be sick. The children may need help. Your job may be shutting down. If you tell everyone you see, you have talked yourself into discouragement and sickness caused by emotional strain. Be cheerful and humorous. Don't play your troubles over and over like a phonograph record. Don't pity yourself. Refuse to be irritated. See something good in everything. Tum defeat into victory by creating pleasant emotions. Create a cheerful disposition which is worth more than all the wealth of the world. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. A merry heart maketh glad the countenance. Delight thyself also in the Lord. He shall give you the desires of your heart. Of course you must first be in the Lord. Get rid of your sense of guilt and change your fundamental emotions. He is willing to forgive you and give you new emotions. Many Christians do not understand this since tbey have practiced discouragement and fear so long. If you are a Christian, there is no use to pray like this, "Oh, Lord, I feel so miserable all the time. I'm in a terrible situation. I can't ever enjoy life." It is better to pray like this: "Lord, you have given us a beautiful world to enjoy. Thank you for courage, hope, peace, cheer, determination, and for a bright future. You are with me always. I will trust and not be afraid."

SATISFACTION A doctor told me that he told a patient to make a list of his dislikes. The man returned with a very long list of things that included several pages. The good doctor told him that was his trouble. Some of the man's dislikes went like this: He gritted his teeth every time his wife rocked in the rocking chair. It made his flesh crawl. He could not stand to hear anyone whistle. It made him so nervous for them to sing. He resented people chewing gum. It made him so tense. When he heard his daughter play the piano, he wanted to jump up and down and scream! This Mr. Reppo did not want any new friends. He wanted to drop the ones he already had one by one. He wanted to be independent. He pitied himself and felt that he was being persecuted by his neighbors. He felt inferior to everyone. This man had to be taught how to live before he could overcome his illness. This man learned that the greatest pleasure comes by giving pleasure. He learned by experience that to have friends you must show yourself friendly. Mr. Reppo did not like the way a man in his office parted his hair. He did not like it because another man began his sentences with, "You know what ... " He resented the way a man closed his conversation with a grin. He hated the way the man whistled through his teeth. He did not like the man, in short. He just made a decision when he first saw this man that he would not like him; so he did not like him. He did not like anyone. He had only one friend at a time, and he was displeased with him half the time. Before Mr. Reppo could recover from his indigestion, stomach trouble, and his fibrositis, he had to make up his mind that he did like some things. It is easier to be satisfied than it is to be dissatisfied. It is much healthier. If you are willing to be satisfied, you can do it. Trouble is just what you make it. There is one great big satisfaction right after another if you are looking for it. One man, when he married, picked a lemon; but he did not fret and fume all of his life. He just developed a taste for lemons and enjoyed his life.

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There is nothing wrong with the weather. If there is something wrong with anything, it is with us. The weather is always right. H you decide you do not like work, you will make things more miserable for yourself than ever, also make it miserable for the man you are working for. If you convince yourself that you do not like work, you will not like it. You will most always have tense nerves; you will spend much of your time going to the doctor to try to find out what is wrong. A loafer is one of the most unhappy men in the whole wide world. He continually works trying to keep out of work. His great-grandmother was named work, and he swore that he would never hit her. He quits one job to find another one. He does not like the second job any better than he did the first one. He finds an excuse for not working. Then the economic pressure on him and the unhappy emotions he creates for himself, makes him a most unhappy and unhealthy man. It is a proven fact that when a man retires from work, if he does not find some kind of hobby, or some way to keep himself occupied, he becomes sick and does not live very long. He feels unwanted and unimportant. He has nothing to interest him, or to keep his mind off of his troubles. Many high school boys can't decide what they want to do in life. What they really do is not so important if they are willing to work. There are many jobs that anyone can fit into. Some people spend much of their time and money going to fortune tellers and mediums; they do this to inquire about their future life. They get into a worse condition than ever. They do this because they are out of fellowship with their Maker. If they would get back on speaking terms with Him that knows all things, and get rid of their sense of guilt, their world would not be upside down. He says, "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct thy paths."

Berta was a beautiful girl. Her mother died when she was a baby. Her father showed her no affection, and put her in an orphan's home. There she was afraid. At the age of fifteen, she eloped with a boy named Poe. With Poe she received less affection than ever before. Poe's mother lived by them and always resented Berta. Later in life, Berta bore children. Both Poe and the children were prejudiced against Berta by Poe's mother. Poe cared nothing for Berta's wants and feelings. He did not take time to give her a hug, kiss, or even a compliment for a clean house and a hot meal. Berta became restless, dissatisfied, and irritable. This caused her muscles to tighten. She went to the doctor and was treated for fibrositis. She would not tell the doctor the main reason was the lack of affection. He treated her for months, but never got down to the real cause of the trouble. Poe eame home tired and full of accusations. His mother poured into his mind the idea that he had no time for Berta. One day a man came by that showed affection for Berta. She fell for him. Her guilt made her disease worse. Poe and his mother blamed her more than ever. Poe should have put the blame where it belonged. He acted a fool because he did not give her the affection she always earned and never received. Thousands of people, especially older folks, have certain functional diseases because of lonesomeness futility despair and disappointments. Their main need is ;he need of love: There is a deep vacuum which has sucked in distress resentment and grief that brings on unhealthy conditions. They come from homes where there is bickering, quarreling, and hatred. Mr. Allen wanted me to help him. He was not happy. He felt a sense of insecurity. He was not appreciated. This very much affected his emotions. His wrong emotions hindered his recovery, and he felt that his work was not appreciated. He was never recognized. He finally quit his job. When Mr. Allen went home, he went into his house to

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LEARN TO LIVE find it perfectly clean and spotless. He seemed to think that the clothes jumped into the closet by themselves. The house cleaned up itself and the dinner was just there automatically, he thought. He never gave his good wife any word of appreciation. Her hours of toil were even longer than his. Mr. Allen recovered from his indigestion, and ulcer-like feeling, but his wife did not. He resigned from his job where he was never appreciated, where he could never relax, but his wife could not resign from her's. She keenly feels disappointment from the lack of attention and recognition. Her tiredness caused her to never relax. Not relaxing throws her stomach out of order. Her tiredness comes from a lifeless, meaningless drudge. If she were appreciated, her work would be a job she would enjoy. It would be like a game of basketball where the cheers were coming in from every side. It is really not work then; it is play. She was mostly tired in her mind and spirit. The doctors told Mrs. Keith she had anemia - female trouble, and later on heart trouble. She had married during the war and had two children. When Mr. Keith left the army, he took a custom job delivering bread. He left home a little after midnight. He met people, laughed, talked and went places. When he returned home, the family had to be quiet while he slept. They lived about ten miles out in the country a~ong strangers. Mr. Keith had a small budget. He scolded his wife because she visited her mother nearby, and because the grocery bill was so high. He had to have the car. She was lonely and afraid in the latter part of the night. Mr. Keith did not have a nickel's worth of understanding or two cents worth of appreciation. The cure for seventy-five per cent of our trouble is to practice Ephesians 4: 31-32. When the divine love comes into our heart, we can have friendship, fellowship, recognition and appreciation for one another; and it saves us so many doctor bills. Keep your life as simple as possible. Make use of your time by planning something ahead. Then take time to live at the present moment. Develop a sense of humor, stay cheerful, say pleasant things, see something good in everyone, don't be too hard to satisfy, don't demand the impossible, find interesting habits, learn to make decisions, and refuse to be irritated and you will turn defeat into victory. A neighbor had severe pain in her stomach which she imagined to be cancer. The odd thing about it was that it moved up to her chest; then she thought her heart would give her trouble. The next day her head and neck felt tense; then she was sure she had a brain tumor. I could not afford to tell her that she was just emotionally upset. Then she acknowledged one day that this all occurred especially when she had trouble with her home affairs. When her mother got into her hair over some home problems, these attacks would come. Power to prevent panic is what everyone needs. Don't take life too serious. You will never get out of it alive, any way. Learn to have a clean sense of humor. It is all right to have a funny clean story to tell each person you meet; then people will be glad to meet you. Look out in the early morning and say, "This is a beautiful day," or "This is a wonderful rain." It will really help your disposition. You have more to be thankful for than you have to gripe about. Usually a very holy person can find more to gripe and complain about than anyone else, because there are so many imperfections in the world. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Religion with gripes is usually a great loss. You lose your health, friends, and influence. Then you wonder why. You blame others for it. Just as I write these words the telephone rang. Mrs. F. is very worried about her twelve year old daughter. The girl does not feel well at all. The girl would not tell her mother why she did not go to school. I just now talked to the girl over the telephone. She told me the reason she would not go. She

does not want

to go to school anymore






not like her. I told this girl to read Proverbs 18:24. "A man that has friends must show himself friendly." She said she would go back a week or two and practice that, and let me know what happened. . "When a man's ways please the Lord, it makes even his enemies to be at peace with him." (Proverbs 16: 7) Now the twelve-year-old girl knows what many very holy church people do not know. They are emotionally upset. They are always complaining with their stomach aches; they are always complaining about the government, t~e city, the community, and the church. They find something they ca~not help and try to change it by grumbling. They form httle cliches and clans. Everyone seems to be wrong but them, and they never grow up; the church never grows either. Some top executives in business, under aU kinds of p~essure, carryon their business with as much ease as a little school boy running down the street after a ball. They never snarl, hiss, nag or backfire. That is why they have the success they have. Some very religious people snarl lI~e a bear, hiss like a snake, and roar like a lion; they do this because they cannot straighten everything out in the world. They cannot even straighten themselves out. Everyone should get up on the right side of the be?, and stay cheerful all day. You like cheerful people. No one likes to meet a crepe hanger. The family should never have an unpleasant conversation at the dinner table: That is not a p.lace to recite your troubles, anxieties, accusations and complaints. Why don't you try telling a funny story? Don't lose the present moment which is the only value you have in this life. Incidentally, that is the only time God has ever promised to forgive your sins, take away. your guilt ~r heal your afflicted body. Now is the acce~ted tu~e. Today IS the day of salvation. He is a present help m the time of need.

As my wife and I were riding in a car in Dallas, we thought we had a flat. We stopped and looked around the car. After we found that we did not have a flat, the car drove all right. Many people do not rest because they are always listening for a knock in the motor or a grinding in the differential. They can't enjoy driving because they are afraid they are going to have a blowout at any time, or maybe the steering gear will drop down. Some people belong to a "symptom-a-day club". They get up in the morning and ask, "Where am I sick today?" If they hunt, they can always find that they have a sore spot somewhere. They are miserable people. These people arc usually like they are because some physician gave them a substitute diagnosis for their symptoms, when he knew it was really their emotions. He knew they could not understand. Maybe they have lived in a family where the parents were like this. Their parents seemed to think they would die almost any moment. If wc keep our attention on our aches, they will grow worse. A "belly-acher" can always acquire some fibrositis, or some other disease. Fibrositis is only muscle tension and will never turn to anything serious. Yet, they imagine they have a tumor, cancer or heart trouble. They can't enjoy living because they are hunting for a "knock in the motor". In some cases a minister or a physician tells these people that their symptoms are caused by being emotionally upset. The patient looks at them with a look of contempt, and becomes more confused and more tense. Last week a doctor came to see me. He wanted me to pray that his fibrositis would leave. I told him, before he told me his trouble, that a man can't chase two rabbits at once. If you go two ways at the same time, you are pulling yourself apart. Then he acknowledged that he had a full schedule in his office. Beside, he was a Sunday School superintendent, a teacher, a head deacon, and in charge of many social activities. Then he began, "And my pastor wants me to be the head of the Vacation Bible School."

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I told him that he expected his patients to take advice when they came into his office. I said, "It is better to get ten people to work than to do the work of ten people. Turn all the church jobs loose except that of superintendent. Then just have others do the details. That will keep you busy and out of trouble and the church will grow." He was already better when he left. After he agreed to give the jobs to others, we had prayer together. He went back to his practice a happy man. There are other people that make work out of nothing. Then there are some people who make work play. I had one customer that was contented to look at the squirrels, flowers and trees. He lived a simple life and enjoyed it. Another customer had to have an electric drill, power saw, motor, fishing equipment, a vacation on an airplane, and a new car before he could enjoy life. He was never happy because he always wanted too much. He was always in debt. His wants were never satisfied. The remedy for this is to train yourself to not want so much. Say "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want He that seeks the Lord shall not want for any good thing. My God shall supply all of your needs." All that is required is the will to be satisfied. You are the one to decide whether you will be satisfied or not. You can be more satisfied living in a house trailer than others living in a mansion if you decide to be satisfied. Of course, you know that some form of dissatisfaction is the cause of threefourths of people's symptoms that take them to the physician. You can draw from the Higher Power. Ask for a satisfying portion. He will give to you the will to make the decision that you will not always be looking for something to be dissatisfied about.



Everyone can live instead of merely existing. Some people are dead while they live. Many people die before their time. It is because they never learn how to live. In their family life, they are under a strain or a stress. So when they grow up and become the head of families, they take for granted that all family life must be that way. There is Mr. Killjoy in most families that throws all the family into a panic. He enjoys life by saying something bad about people, the city, the weather, or the government. Joy never blooms in the home. Horace came from a family like that. It had a constant shadowing gloom over it. It just had a panic or was going to have one. Horace never had a sparkle in his eye. He saw that no one around him had a spring in their walk. Horace was not considered by the teacher or the students when he went to school. It was because of the sour spirit he had and the "killjoy" expression. He was never invited to the parties or into homes. His mother never invited others to come to see Horace because she was so gloomy. When Horace was twelve, his health caused great concern. He had a new symptom everyday. Early in the morning he asked, "Where am I sick today?" He had had several operations by the time he was thirty. A check found that the mother and father were entirely without humor. The father could think of something pleasant his wife had said the first year they were married, but he could not remember what it was. Horace's trouble stemmed from an inward emotion, and from an inferiority complex. He was left out of everything. He welcomed death at middle age. He wanted out of this old unfriendly world. A critical atmosphere dominated the home of Mr. J, years ago. They knew nothing else. They all lost their temper years ago and did not know it, and never found it. Each member of the family has been to the hospital several times. They don't understand why it is even if you tell them. They think: all homes have the same atmosphere. Mister Pennington did not believe in a hot war in his


home. He resorted to a cold war. He slurred his wife indirectly by saying, "1 run things around the house; 1 run the mop, broom, and lawn mower. I run the garbage can out the back each morning." Mrs. Pennington stood that for a long time, and did not say anything. She shut it up in her heart, which made things worse. This inward emotion tied her insides into knots and threw the gall bladder into spasms. Mr. Pennington had to pay the hospital bills, and then wondered why. The only reason some parents hang together is for the children's sake. The atmosphere of dislike is contagious. Soon no one likes anything or anybody. Their whole life is like eating a wasp's nest. There is no taste and plenty of scratch. Eula was the youngest child in her family. Everyone took their dislikes out on her. She had been told all her life that she was stupid. Soon she believed it. When she started to school, she believed she was inferior. Her teachers could not understand her. She had an inferiority complex and married a boy the same way. She knew she could not raise her children. Her husband had a constant hospital bill to pay on Eula. It is all caused by her tenseness inside. Her whole life is a life of dread and worry. Have you ever been almost scared to death? Your heart began to beat fast. It seemed it was up in your throat. Your blood circulation slowed down. You turned pale and became numb. You could not move. You felt like fainting. There is something going on on the inside that you cannot see. Your stomach and colon forms spasms. There are symptoms of gall bladder trouble and appendicitis. You have indigestion, dizziness, weakness and headaches. A feeling of insecurity will have the same effect. Many people have been operated on a dozen times because of this. In most cases the only remedy is to relax. "Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him: fret not thyself ... cease from anger, and forsake wrath:" (Psalms 37:7-8) You must be in the Lord before you can rest in the Lord. The time to enjoy life is now. It is simple to do if you have certain basic attitudes in your family and in your community; and have basic attitudes in business. Don't take life too seriously. Have a sense of humor. Don't let things get you down. Don't get upset. Don't let people get into your hair. Learn to make a decision. Indecision will whip you down. Mr. Dillard had great anxiety each morning trying to decide which clothes to wear to his business. He debates his fate. He wonders what he should wear. He takes the jitters as he puts on one tie after another. Then he turns to another one. He holds a spoonful of sugar over his coffee about a minute wondering if that is too much to put into his coffee. Finally, he cuts it in half and shakes a few grains back into the bowl. He wonders if he is going to take diabetes. As he goes to town, he debates which road to drive. He believes he will have bad luck if he goes the wrong way. Fate will overtake him. He studies which streetcar to take on a trip. He studies so long that he misses both of them. Then he must wait there in the cold, forty minutes until the next one comes along. He believes that fate wil create an accident for him. When he gets to the store, he debates with himself for an hour how the store windows should be decorated. He stands in front of them a long time trying to decide. He takes the jitters because a woman clerk whistles. He jumps anxiously from one anxiety to another, from early in the morning until late at night. All night he keeps himself awake with more anxieties. He becomes irritable and worries himself sick. He has to retire; then he becomes worse than ever. He worries about that. He dies before his time. Another man learns to make decisions early in life. He runs a whole chain of stores - fourteen of them, and plays golf half the time. He is not sick. He is healthy. Most complainers and "belly-achers" have nothing wrong with them except emotionally induced illness. You say you would never worry over such small matters.

If you can see it, any problem you have is small. A problem

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is just as big as you make it. God does not have any problems. If you have Him on your side, He will solve your problems. Many Christians have not learned to commit things to Him Who is Able, so they are full of anxieties and emotional illnesses. When Sue married Buck, she didn't think that he would ever be selfish. He was an egotist, but he did not talk about himself all the time like most of them do. Not his words, but his thoughts were mostly about himself. She did not know what she was getting into when she married. Buck only used Sue for his own personal benefit. He wanted to relax and be healthy, so he spent time hunting and fishing. He spent all his extra dimes for boats and motors and all kinds of fishing equipment. He bought one gun or dog after another. Buck liked to play the horses, go bowling, and play cards. Sue did not go anywhere. She was not asked to or considered. She remained at home. Buck liked certain foods, and that was what the family ate. Buck had to relax, you know. He stayed on the road. Sue remained at home all the time caring for one, two, three, four and five children. Five was all she had because her health broke. She had to have an operation. It was because she remained emotionalJy upset and dissatisfied continuously. When she complained about her illness, Buck had no patience or sympathy. Sue is a very sick girl, and Buck is such a fool that he does not know Why. He regards Sue as an obstruction to his pleasure. All of the children are functionally ill. Buck had relaxed. Sue never did. Had Buck had two cents worth of affection or five cents worth of understanding he would have taken his wife and children to church occasionally. He would have known that love is as strong as death. He would have known that to be troubled inside hastens death. He should have known that the Prince of Peace can give peace inside and outside.

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