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CHAPTER I PROVE ALL THINGS I was told that a man and his wife were in a hot argument. The man said that the garment was cut with a knife; The woman said that the garment was cut with scissors, They argued until she turned blue in the face. Finally the man wanted the last word; so he caught the woman and ducked her under the water. But every time the woman came up out of the water, she would say, "It was cut with scissors." The man would say, "It was cut with a knife," and put her back under the water. Finally, the man grew angry and fierce. He had murder in his eye. He held the woman and put her under the water and drowned her. But right before she drowned, -she put two fingers out of the water, and worked them together like scissors, to signify that the garment was cut with scissors. She had the last word. It's not every time that the woman has the last word, because the mall has been striving to have the last word for ages. Even in public worship, the man wants to silence the woman and tell her that she must not speak in church. She is still speaking. Regardless of who has the last word, whether it is the man or woman, God is going to have the last word when it comes to His divine Scripture; because that is what will judge us in the last day. We may argue, and we may say a lot of things; but the Bible is going to be the last word for us at the judgment. We will be judged out of those things that are written in the Books. That's the sixty-six books here in the Bible. Heretofore, for years and years, and for ages past, the woman has been wanting to speak in church; and the man has been trying to have the last word. Let's turn to the Word of God and let the Lord give our final decision. Since God is going to have the last word anyway, why not let Him have the last word now?IF A WOMAN IS NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK IN CHURCH, WHY WAS MIRIAM A PROPHETESS? She took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women went out with her with timbrels, and dancing. They made a great noise. Why didn't they keep silent?











Music and dancing first belonged to the Lord. The devil stole it, took it to town, made a hugging match out of it, and charged a quarter for it. But really, in the first place, music and dancing belonged to the Church. Some people have wondered for ages why people have danced while the music was going. It's because music and dancing belong together. Some people. have wondered for ages why a woman rejoices and praises God in church services. The first people to dance and praise God and play music were women. If a woman is supposed to keep silence in the church, then she shouldn't be allowed to worship God or play music as Miriam did. This was the church in the wilderness. A church is not a meeting house; but a church is a group of God's people wherever they may come together to worship God. Miriam and all the women sung unto the Lord and triumped gloriously, (Ex. 15 :20-26). We have some people that get envy in their hearts because a woman worships God and triumphs gloriously. A prophet is someone who speaks for God, a prophetess is the same as a prophet except a woman. How can a prophetess be silent any more than a prophet can 'be silent? How can anyone keep silent, and yet prophesy, sing, dance and worship God? Dear women of God, the next time the devil's crowd comes along and tells you not to worship God, the next time they tell you not to speak, or to dance, or to play music in public worship in this manner, and not allow you to do so, just tell these people that God does not change, (Mal. 3 :6). God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10 :4). Truly the burden of proof is on the critic, and not on you. Keep shouting the victory and witnessing for the Lord, until these critics explain why Sister Miriam worshipped the Lord; why that she shouted louder than any of the people; why that she played music and danced. Until they can explain this to you, they will have to argue with the Lord for allowing this incident to be put in His inspired Word. IF A WOMAN MUST KEEP SILENT IN THE CHURCH, WHY DID GOD MAKE A PROPHETESS OUT OF HULDAH? (II Kings 22 :14-20). God's men with the priests went to Sister Huldah. She prophesied over them, and gave them a message fzom the 2

Lord. She told them that judgment would fall on that place because they had forsaken the Lord God of their fathers. God sent a message to the king from this same woman. She foretold the future of the king. She preached a great sermon. I'm sure there must have been some church officials in those days who were jealous of Huldah. No doubt, they told her she was not allowed to speak. Those kind of people probably told her she must ask her husband at home, before she was allowed to prophesy. Sister, do not be confused. Take courage, all you confused servants of God. Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot worship and praise your Lord, just because you happen not to be a man. We have more women who worship God than men. If it's a man's place to worship and serve God, why has man fallen so far out of his place? The next time the devil tells you to be quiet in church, and not worship God, tell him that the Bible says for everyone that hath breath to praise the Lord, (Psalms 150 :6). Surely the woman has breath as same as the man. Tell your critics that God said we may ALL prophesy one by one, (I Cor. 14 :31). And we certainly cannot prophesy unless we speak; if we speak we are not keeping silence. Tell the devil's crowd to explain why God would let Huldah prophesy and speak for Him and make another woman keep silent without making any noise at all. Until they can explain this, why don't you just keep on praying and praising God. Keep on prophesying, shouting the victory, and worshipping the Lord. Don't let anybody stop you. IF GOD WANTS ALL THE WOMEN TO KEEP SILENCE IN THE CHURCH, WHY DID HE RAISE DEBORAH TO BE A PROPHETESS? She was one of the judges that God raised up to deliver His people out of the hand of them that spoiled the children of Israel, (Judges 4 :4). The people did not vote her into the office. The Lord raised her up, and called her to be the leader of His people, (Judges 4 :5). All the leaders of the nations came to her for advice. She was an overseer of the church in the wilderness. The Lord sold the nation of Sisera into the hands of the woman. She led the army of God against the large nation. She won the victory, (Judges 4: 6-16) .

Deborah did not keep quiet about this great victory. She did not stay silent. She sang a song of victory and prophesied, (Judges 5). That's one of the greatest passages in the whole Bible; she prophesied, sang, and worshipped God. Why did the Lord work with this woman? Why did He call her in the first place? Why did He answer prayer, give her the victory, and let her win the battIe? Why didn't God select some man to go ahead and win this battle? Why did the man sit down on his job and leave this great work for a woman? I'll admit that perhaps if the man would have been willing to go ahead and work for God, he wouldn't have had to reach down and use a woman, especially in leading an army and winning a battIe. When the men failed to step in and take this great place, God used Deborah. He also used her to prophesy and sing the victory after it was over. Sister, if you're one of those women who has been oppressed and held back by the devil's crowd, don't let anyone hold you back any longer. If God worked with Sister Deborah He will also work with you. If He gave her victory He will also give you the victory. If He talked with one woman He can also talk with another woman. No doubt, there were a lot of jealous people in her day who stood back and criticized, and said that she couldn't do it. In spite of all this, she went on and won the battle, did the job, and came back praising God just the same. No one tells God what He can do or what He cannot do. Let no one tell God He cannot talk to us, bless us, and even use a consecrated woman in His service. Let no one tell you to hold back and not take your place in the church work. God wants you to worship and serve the Lord. The next time some critic tells you to keep silent, not to make any noise, and not to worship God, tell him you are not going to listen to him until he can explain to you why Deborah was allowed to speak for the Lord and prophesy. If she would not be held back by the critics, then why would you let the critics bind your feet, tie your hands, stop your mouth, and keep you from worshipping and serving your God? IF WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO KEEP SILENT, THEN WHY DID JESUS LET THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA PREACH TO THE PEOPLE, AND WIN CONVERTS? 4

Jesus, "must go through Samaria." It was necessary for Him to make that long journey out of .His way, in order for Him to carry the gospel message to a woman. The Spirit that led Jesus that way, knew the woman would be called into the evangelistic work, and win many souls to the Christian faith. Jesus told of her sins. He told about the living water, which would be in her as a well. He told her that she did not have to be in a certain house to worship God; but the true worshippers would worship Him in Spirit, and in truth. In other words, a church is not just a house, but a church is a group of God's people, who worship God. They had no church houses in those days. . The woman received the living water that Jesus told her about. She went back with a well springing up on the inside of her soul. She went back without her water pot. The water pot was left setting at the well. She said, "Come see a man which told me all things that ever I did. Is not this the Christ ?" Jesus MUST go that way because there was a poor woman that was bound by tradition. She had a talk with Jesus and she was set free. She left her water pots and began to preach the gospel and win souls. Many women today leave their pots and pans, their dishes and house work; they answer the call of God to go out and win many souls in the harvest. Teaming thousands of poor women are held back today because of tradition; tradition of the elders that makes the Word of God of none effect in their lives. Many of them are faithful to their church; but the tragedy is, they are more faithful to their church than they are to Jesus. After Jesus talked with this woman, she was not bound by tradition, creeds, dogmas or sectarianism any longer. She was set free by the power of God. Then she went on her road to set others free. If you are held back by the doctrines of men, you should have a little talk with Jesus, as this woman did. You should get this living water in your soul. Then you can also leave your pots and pans. You may go out into the highways and hedges, and tell people that you have met the Master. If she could go all over town and tell the people, "Come see a Man that told me all things that ever I did," then you must not keep silent any longer. You will have to obey the GO YE in 5

your soul. Obey the commandments and, take the gospel to every creature, in all the world. He said He would be with you always. That means the highways, the railways, the airways, the freeways, the expressways and all the ways. Jesus will be right by your side. If you get enough of that living water you will preach Christ instead of preaching your denomination, your "isms" and "sisms," or the by-laws and the dogmas of your minutes and church books. IF A WOMAN SHOULD KEEP SILENT IN THE CHURCH, THEN WHY DID THE LORD USE A WOMAN TO BE THE FIRST ONE TO PREACH CHRIST'S RESURRECTION FROM. THE DEAD? This was a great honor that this woman should be chosen to be the first woman in the world to preach the gospel of the resurrection. "And the angel answered and said unto the woman, Fear not ye; for I know that ye seek Jesus that was crucified; he is not here for He is risen, as He said. Come see the place where the Lord lay, and go quickly and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead. And behold, He goeth before you into Galilee. There ye shall see him; 10, I have told you. And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word. As they went to tell his disciples, behold Jesus met them, saying, All hail, and they came and held Him by the feet and worshipped Him. Then Jesus said unto them, Be not afraid; go tell my brethren that they gointo Galilee, and there shall they see me," (Matt. 28:5-10). The angel brought the commission to the woman and told her to tell it. Jesus personally met her and commissioned her to preach this gospel message. Jesus said, "Be not afraid; go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee, and there they shall see me," (Matt. 28:5-10). Too many women are afraid to go carry the message in our day. They are bound by tradition. If this little woman had listened to the tradition of the elders in her day, she wouldn't have gone and carried this glorious message. She would have remained silent, stayed at home, lost the victory, disobeyed the commandment of God, been bound, probably died before her time, and been lost.

Jesus could have sent the man. He could have sent an angel to carry this resurrection message. The first person He sent to carry this message was a woman. He knew that there would be denominations and ministers that would oppose women carrying this message. No doubt, that is why He chose the woman to do this important job. He wants to see women set free from traditions that have bound them for hundreds of years. These devoted women ran all over telling people that the Lord was alive. They said, "Come and see." You can do the same things. Sister, friend in the Lord, yoo can go and tell the people that Jesus is alive forevermore; they also can live, because Jesus lives. If you have had a talk with the Lord, as did the Samaritan woman; if the Lord has appeared to you and asked you to carry this powerful message, as He did to Mary, please don't become bound by the tradition of the church, or by the cold cruel clergymen of our day. Regardless of what they preach, teach, or argue, let it go in one ear and out the other. Keep preaching and winning souls. Tell everyone you see and everyone you meet, "Come see a Man," to come see that Jesus is resurrected from the grave. Because He lives, they can live also. IF THE WOMEN MUST KEEP SILENT, WHY DID THE LORD HIMSELF INCLUDE WOMEN IN THE GREAT COMMISSION? Jesus was talking to about five hundred people when He gave the Great Commission. He was talking to all His disciples, both men and women, not the twelve apostles only, (Matt. 28: 20). Jesus says for us to command all believers to observe all things, whatever He had said to the disciples living in that day. He says, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Surely, you will acknowledge that women are among the believers. Because the Bible says that "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved." You surely will acknowledge that women can believe, be baptized, and become Christians. Then, He said, "these signs shall follow them that believe: in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues," (Mark 16 :16,17). Then who is it that can tell them that they must keep silent and not speak, when Jesus says, "they shall speak with new tongues ?" 7

The Lord commanded them to preach the gospel to every creature. You'll acknowledge that a woman is a creature; that she can be saved, and go to heaven; that she can be converted and have the gospel preached to her. He told them to teach all creatures to observe all things whatsoever He had commanded them. He commanded them to preach the gospel. He said, "Go and teach all nations, and preach the gospel to every creature," (Matt. 28:18-20). The signs are to follow every believer. "They shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues." No wonder that the devil wants a woman to stay at home and not go; he knows that his kingdom will be in danger. No wonder that he will try to talk her into staying quiet, being silent, and not taking any part in the church. He does not want her to cast out devils. He doesn't want his kingdom to crumble; you can hardly blame him for raising a fuss each time a woman begins to preach and cast out devils. How can a woman both speak and keep silent? How can a woman both carry this message and stay at home? How can a woman stay quiet and still worship God? Until a critic can explain to your satisfaction why Jesus sent the woman to preach the resurrection message, then if I were you, I would keep preaching the resurrection message. Until the critic can explain to you that a woman cannot be a believer, then I would keep praising, and worshipping God and believing in Jesus Christ. Because these signs shall follow them that believe. Until the critic can explain that a woman is not a creature, then if I were you I would take my place with the rest of God's creatures, be a believer, take this message, go forth into all the world, get people converted, and get all the people, men and women, to believe. Then tell the believers to observe all the things that the Lord commanded the disciples in the early church to do. IF WOMEN ARE TO KEEP SILENT IN THE CHURCH, THEN WHY DID GOD POUR OUT THE HOLY GHOST ON WOMEN, AND LET THEM SPEAK WITH TONGUES IN THE UPPER ROOM? Read the 24th Chapter of Luke, and see that the disciples obeyed the command to go back to the upper room and wait for the Holy Ghost. Read how they were worshipping and praising God. Then read in the first Chapter of Acts very carefully, and

see that there were women in the group. They were all in one accord praising and blessing God about ten days. Read in the second chapter of Acts, and see how the Holy Ghost was poured out on all of them, everyone without one exception. They all, including the women, began to speak with tongues. How would they do this and keep silent in the church? The doubters and the skeptics were confused. No doubt, they said, "You women go home; you are out of order." They were confounded, and began to mock, but that didn't hinder this from being real; it was real just the same in spite of the critics. The critics heard them; they were gathered together; this was noised abroad. They did not remain silent; this was noised abroad. People heard them. That is why the people came. Jesus told them that they would receive power to witness in Jerusalem, in Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the earth." (Acts 1 :8). He was talking to women as well as men. They received the Holy Ghost as well as the men. He gave them power to witness as well as he did men. "They were with one accord in prayer and supplication with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren," (Acts 1 :12-14). If they were in one accord they were acting the same way. Dear sister, until the critic explains the Scripture you should stand up boldly and declare your rights in the Lord. You should declare the whole council of God. He will work with you and confirm the Word with signs following. A dog can bark at the moon until he is hoarse; but the moon will keep shining. After the critics are hoarse, after they have talked themselves to death, that scripture will stand in the Bible. After they have exhausted themselves preaching traditions of the elders that makes the Word of God of none effect in some peoples lives, the gospel will still be shining brighter than the noonday sun. It will still be going forth to set people free who believe. IF THE WOMAN MUST KEEP SILENT, THEN WHY DID THE EARLY CHURCH HAVE A WOMAN LEADER? St. John addressed a letter to a woman who was a leader of one of the churches in that day. I quote from II John 1':1, "The elder unto the elect lady and her children whom I love 9

in the truth; and not I only, but all they also, who love the truth." The fourth verse says, "I rejoice greatly that I have found of thy children walking in the truth, as ye have received the commandment from the Father." She was a leader of that church, and she gave them spiritual council and encouragment. She had spiritual children which she brought up in the Lord. She did not stay silent; she did not leave all the praying, preaching and worshipping of God to her husband at home. This woman was an elect. This meant that she was chosen by divine election. The people did not vote her in. Paul put his endorsement upon her as being leader of the Church. The Holy Ghost put her in as an overseer of the people of God. The heathen religion enslaves the women. The true religion endorses them. The mind of the heathen is not cultivated. Their hearts are in darkness. Hindu forbid their women to study their sacred writings. They make them slaves to men. Buddhism teaches that the woman can have no freedom until she is reborn in the next world, and becomes a man. Mohammed teaches the only way that a woman can be saved is to be a slave to 'man. The Greeks at one time cast out the female babies each time they were born. In the Christian religion, there is neither Jew nor Gentile. There is neither bond nor free. There is neither male nor female. We are all one in Christ Jesus. (Gal. 3:28). When it comes to worshipping God in the Spirit, sex is not considered. We are all one. Even in the beginning, God gave women dominion over the earth, just as he did man. "Male and female created, he them," (Gen. 1 :26, 27). The Lord gave them dominion over every living thing that moved upon the earth. "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominon." There were only two people, male and female. The woman had part in multiplying. The woman had part in dominion. They lost that dominion when they sinned, but Jesus Christ came to restore the dominion that they lost. He gives a woman dominion over all the power of the devil now the same as he does a man. He gives this dominion to every believer.

IF THE WOMAN IS TO KEEP SILENT IN THE CHURCH, WHY DID THE EARLY CHURCH GIVE FREEDOM TO MEN AND WOMEN? Both men and women were added to the church. (Acts 5: 14). Paul went to arrest men and women for distributing the gospel. He claimed that they were disturbing peace, (Acts 9: 1-4). They must not have been silent if they were charged with disturbing the peace. When the persecution arose in the church at Jerusalem, they went everywhere preaching the Word. Who went everywhere preaching the Word? Everyone except the Apostles, (Acts 8 :1-4). As they went everywhere preaching. The Lord confirmed the Word with signs following. Some of the signs were casting out devils, speaking in tongues. (Acts 16:16-18). The apostles were not in this group, bu t the women were. Paul arrested the women, too. Women received the Holy Ghost along with the men. (Acts 1, 2). Priscilla was a Bible teacher. She was the woman who taught Apollos, the eloquent man, who was mighty in the Scriptures, about the baptism in the Holy Ghost. She prepared him to receive this experience. Then Paul came along and laid hands on him and he was baptized with the Holy Ghost, (Acts 18 :24-26, Acts 19:1-6). If Priscilla could teach and lead influential men into the light of the full Gospel, in order that they might receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, then take courage. You can dothe same things. You have the same Holy Ghost that Priscilla had. You have the same Holy Ghost that the men have. You need not that any man should teach you, but the annointing which ye have received of the Lord abideth in you and teaches you all things, (I John 2:27). Obey that annointing. Receive the Holy Ghost. Let the Holy Ghost come upon you, and you will have power to witness to every nation. Take courage, and don't let the fault-finders stop you. Bring others into the light of the Holy Ghost as did Sister Priscilla. God has no respect of persons, and God will bless you. IF WOMEN WERE TO KEEP SILENT, THEN WHY DID PAUL RECOGNIZE THE WOMEN PREACHERS OF HIS DAY?



Paul was the head of all the churches. He put his endorsement upon all women preachers. Paul tells us that ALL Scriptures are inspired of God and are "profitable for doctrine, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." Paul endorsed Priscilla. He gave thanks for her, because she sacrificed her life for God. All the churches of the Gentiles gave thanks for her. He put his endorsement upon the church that was in Priscilla's house, (Rom. 16:3-5). In those days they had no church houses; but they knew full well, that a church was not a house, but a group of God's people congregated together. Paul carried salutations to Priscilla's church, and to people of other churches (I Cor. 16 :19). Paul sent salutations to her in the last part of his ministry. So he really stressed the fact that he endorsed this lady preacher (II Tim. 4: 19). Paul, in the inspired Scriptures, told us to help those women who labor in the gospel (Phil. 4 :3). He did not call them helpers, or just mere assistants. He called them fellow laborers, which makes them on an equal with him in the ministry. The Latin Church Bishop believed what Paul preached. One hundred years later, he taught this in the early Church: "Together they prayed; together they performed their fast; mutually teaching, mutually exhorting, equal in the Church." In this statement, Tertullian at least gave the women license to exhort. No one can exhort, and still keep silent. My dear sister, why did God anoint you, and call you to preach for Him? He would not do that just in order to mock you. Take up your cross and follow the Lord. "Whosoever doeth the will of the Father in Heaven, the same is Jesus' mother, sister and brother." That "whosoever" would include you, if you have been called into the work of the Lord. Obey God, and Jesus says you are His sister (Mark 3:35). IF WOMEN ARE NOT TO SPEAK IN THE ASSEMBLY, THEN WHY DID THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD APPROVE OF THEM WORKING IN THE CHURCH WORSIDP? Paul said that Mary bestowed very much labor on them. He also said that Andronicus and Junio were his kinsmen and fellow prisoners. They were all of note among the apostles. Women were among the apostles (Rom. 16:6,7). In the same 12

chapter, Paul gave a long list of women that helped him in the gospel. He permitted them to help in his soul winning revivals. Of course, many men seem to think they know more than St. Paul. They would have sat those poor women down, and not permitted them to speak, or help in the revival. Paul was sometimes so noisy he found himself in jail. Could it have been that some of the women prisoners were also noisy too? They were fellow workers, and "fellow prisoners" of Paul (Rom. 16:6-7). And we see that Paul, before he was converted, went to arrest the women and the men for disturbing peace. Did Paul have some dumb women working for him? Or did they worship and praise the Lord? Paul endorsed Sister Phebe, and gave her license to minister. He asked the officials at Rome to assist her. She was not just an assistant; she had assistants appointed unto her by the Apostle Paul himself (Rom. 16:1-2). Sister Phebe was a servant, or a leader of the Church at Cenchrea, which is nine miles from the city of Corinth. Paul gave the men orders to assist her here in the church work. Too many of the church officials today want the women to remain their servants and puppets. God wants the women to realize that she is a believer. "These signs shall follow them that believe. They shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues." Men cannot keep the women in darkness or superstition any longer. They're going forth in the present day revival. They're going forth in this move of God. They're going forth winning souls, casting out devils, healing the sick, worshipping God, and winning other believers into the Church both men and women. ' IF A WOMAN MUST KEEP SILENT, WHY DID THE LORD CALL ANNA TO BE A PROPHETESS? A prophetess is someone that speaks for God; she does not keep silent. She departed not from the temple. She served God with fastings and prayer night and day. She came into the temple, and preached Christ. She spake of Him to all of them who looked for redemption in Jerusalem (Luke 2 :36-38). The Bible says she spake in the temple. She did not keep silent. A prophet, or a prophetess is a preacher. Just after Simon came into the temple, and gave forth prophecy by the Holy Ghost, Anna came into the same house of God. The Lord gave her a prophecy the same as He did to oimon.


Anna was chosen to be the first one to preach Jesus to the Jews. Why did the Lord call her to be a prophetess? Why was she chosen to preach Christ? Why was she permitted to speak in God's house? Why did the Lord annoint her to speak in a public church gathering. A gathering of God's people is called a church. The critics have a lot of explaining to do, before they can help the dear women servants of God. They ought to study the Bible a little bit. Before they can keep these women from fulfilling their God called duties of carrying the gospel to those poor souls who are lost in sin and darkness, it will be necessary for them to answer every question that we ask in this book. Until they can clear up these questions with the inspired Word of God, please do not let them talk you out of winning souls to the Master in this late hour of the day. The time is short. People are dying each second. People are going into eternity. The command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, is to you, dear Sister (Matt. 28 :19-20). IF A WOMAN MUST KEEP SILENT, THEN WHY DID THE INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD DECLARE THAT PHILIP, THE EVANGELIST, HAD FOUR DAUGHTERS THAT PROPHESIED? Paul and Luke, and all of their evangelistic party, which evidently included both men and women, (Rom. 16), went into Philip's home. They stayed at Philip's home during one of Paul's campaigns at Caesarea, The Holy Ghost declared that Philip had four daughters that prophesied (Acts 21 :8-9). If they were preachers like their father was, they no doubt won many souls to God. No doubt, they cast out devils, saw people saved, and healed. They allowed their converts to be filled with the Holy Spirit, (Acts 8). No doubt, they were right by Philip's side in Samaria in that great revival. No doubt they were scattered out on some occasions holding revivals at one time. Maybe they were acquainted with that woman that received the living water at the well of Samaria. That woman preached and won many souls to God in that same country. They could have been some of her converts, (John 4). These four girls followed in the foot steps of this same woman that preached in Samaria a few years before. To prophesy is to "utter with divine inspiration, to speak

~nd~r the infl.uence of religious experience and hence divinely inspired, to give instruction to others. How can a woman do all this and stay silent? How could ~hese four ~irls ask their husbands at home? They were virgInS. They did not have husbands. God did not make them to be quiet. He called them and anointed them to preach. Take courage, sister in the Lord, and obey your calling. God will give you many, many souls. You will have a great reward in glory .. If you refuse to use the talents God has given you, He will take your talent and give it to the one who has ten talents.

CHAPTER II OUR PROOF IS IN THE SCRIPTURES God used scores of great women in the Old Testament times. The first great promise of our Redeemer was given to a woman. Jesus was to be the seed of the woman, which was to crush the head of the serpent (Gen. 3 :5, 4 :4-5). Sarai's name was changed to Sarah, which means a princess. God performed a miracle on this woman and gave her a child when she was nearly a hundred years old. He was in the lineage of Christ. God chose Rebekah, which was the great grandmother of Jesus. She is a type of the bride of Jesus Christ. Ruth was the great grandmother of our Lord. Preachers for centuries have gotten up and have preached about this godly woman. Hannah was the mother of a miracle child. She prayed to the Lord. She wept sore. She went to the church and talked to the preacher instead of asking her husband at home. She furnished the congregation of the Lord one of the greatest ministers of all ages. Hannah returned to the house of the Lord and uttered some of the most beautiful prophecy that we can find in the Word of God. Read her prayers; read her prophecy. Read her prayer that she uttered in the temple of the Lord. She said, "my mouth is enlarged over mine enemies." Dear sister, the Lord can enlarge your mouth, and let you get the victory over your enemies also. Get the victory over the enemies of



the gospel who are trying to stop you from praying and preaching. She said, "The adversaries of the Lord have been broken to pieces." You can say the same thing if you will obey the Lord as did Sister Hannah. Your adversaries that are trying to stop you will vanish. Then, you will be free to win souls in the harvest. Read about the great prophecy that Hannah uttered, Then go forth, and do ye likewise. Read I Sam. 2 :-1l. Mary, the mother of Jesus, prophesied. Here are the words that she uttered, (Luke 1 :1-16): For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden." The church leaders of our day want to keep you down, and not let you do what God has called you to do. I-Ie will regard the low estate of his handmaiden; He will use you in this outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these last days. I-Ie will say, "blessed be thou among women." She said, "He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and hath exalted them of low degree." He will do the same in our day. lIe will lift you up and anoint you to witness. She said, "He hath scattered the proud in the imaginations of their hearts?" Dear sister, you hold right on to the Lord. Turn a deaf ear to all those people who would oppose you. God will scatter them to the four winds to utter the imaginations of their own hearts, instead of uttering the Word of God. He will fill the hungry mouth with good things; the rich will he turn empty away. Mary, the mother of Jesus, prophesied. Later on, she received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and spake with tongues, (Acts 1,2). She was not silent in the house of God. If you are too good to prophesy and speak with tongues, then you consider yourself better than the mother of Jesus. You consider your self better than those sixteen women who helped Paul in His gospel service. You consider yourself better than Philip's four daughters that prophesied. Maybe you need to repent of your goodness, get the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and go serve God. Our goodness is as filthy rags in the sight of God. If you do wrong by going to the house of God and prophesying and speaking in tongues, then Mary, the mother of Jesus must have been a great sinner in the sight of God.

Sister, don't listen to those vain imaginations of worldly minded men who want to keep God's church down. Step out and say, "Yes, Lord, I'll go. I'll do what you want me to do, in spite of the persecutions, in spite of all the opposition of the enemy. I'm willing to face the persecutions. I'm willing to die out in the Lord. I'm willing to say, "Here I am, Lord, send me." Women have been used through the ages to help spread the gospel. Look at Mary at Bethany. First, we see her sitting at Jesus' feet for inspiration. He opened up her understanding. He opened up her eyes that she might behold great and mighty things. He opened up the Scriptures to this wonderful woman of God. Jesus commended her for giving her full time to the Word of God. He said that she had chosen the best. She did not ask her husband at home. She had no husband. She went to the Lord and received a direct revelation, (Luke 10 :38-42). Secondly, we see her falling at the feet of Jesus in prayer and worship receiving comfort, (John 11 :32). She did not keep quiet. She uttered words that have gone down into the sacred Scriptures, and been preached to people down through the ages, and around the world (John 11 :22). Thirdly, we see Mary take her place in service. She took a pound of ointment of spikenard very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus. She wiped his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the odor of the ointment (John 12 :3). Jesus declared that what she had done would be preached everywhere the gospel would be preached (Matt. 26 :6-13). Mary is still preaching that Gospel to the ends of the earth. In the holy writ, she is preaching to people world-wide today. We have too many people today like Martha. They are troubled about many things. They are critical about people who do give all their time at Jesus' feet, learning the spiritual things like Mary. The people who give their full time into God's service and winning souls, have chosen the best. Sister, don't listen to the modern Marthas that want you to slave and toil, serving the church with socials and suppers. They say you are wasting your time. But remember, you have chosen the best. Give Him your time and talent into His service. He will reward you greatly.



THE DEEDS OF DORCUS PREACHES TO US TODAY. While we consider the fact that women do pray and prophesy, we must not forget that our actions preach to people a message that they cannot forget. Dorcus was a seamtress. She was faithful to her ministry. God can use you if you are not called to the pulpit ministry. Peter went to the saints at Lydda (Acts 9 :32). There he saw a wonderful miracle performed in this city. Sister Dorcus Jived in Joppa about ten miles from Lydda. She fell sick about that time, and passed away. The saints sent for Peter, the evangelist. When he came to their house he went to the upper chamber where Dorcus' body lay. He knelt, prayed, then turned and called Dorcus back to life again. (Acts 9 :36.42). Dorcus had lived a good life, and proved herself faithful in God's service. The Lord raised her back to life again. When the great miracle took place there was a great revival. Many people came to Jesus and were converted because of the miracle performed on this lady. Dorcus is still preaching wheresoever the gospel is carried. Though you may never preach behind the sacred desk, you can preach to the people who live in our time. Your life can be preaching to people in generations to come. You may be faithful to Jesus. He may lay his hands on you to take the message to those hungry people who sit in darkness, waiting for deliverance to come their way. In fact, that is the only kind of women God calls to preach, those people who are busy working for Him, doing the job their hands find to do. GOD HAS ALWAYS USED WOMEN IN HIS SERVICE. Teeming thousands of women have given their life as a martyr, down through the ages. They have been burned at the stakes and fed to the hungry lions. They have been faithful to Jesus. Their lives stilI preach to people in our day. Sis. Woodworth Etter was filled with the Holy Ghost and called to preach. Teeming thousands of people are Christians today because Sis. Etter held deliverance revivals. People were baptized and healed by the multitudes. Thousands of people were saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and healed under the ministry of Sis. McPhearson, Many, many

people are Christians today because of the ministry of that humble woman of God. Modern clergymen and tradition tried to stop her ministry by smears and lies. You can't believe all of her critics. Why don't you talk to those godly men and women who worked side by side with her for years. The miracles that took place under her ministry and the converts that came to God in her revivals, filled the front pages of the paper everyday. We have teeming thousands of women who have taken their place today in the Master's service. They preach and win souls. They do not hold their peace. They do not keep silent. We have proof that multiplied millions of people are living for God because some consecrated woman preached the message. She has not shunned to declare the full gospel of Jesus Christ. We can show you many hundreds of women preachers who are on the field today. They are not keeping silent. They are not holding back because of criticism. They are carrying the gospel. Even if some of them fall by the wayside and fail to go all the way; even if some of them fall, become discouraged, quit serving God, backslide and go to the devil, because of the critic who pointed the finger of scorn in their face, that still does not make the Word of God untrue. The Word of God still declares that the four daughters of Philip prophesied. The Word of God still gives license to hundreds of thousands of preachers today. A great part of them are women. My dear sister, if you obey your calling, and try to do your part for the Lord, of course, there will be many fingers of criticism. There will be many lies and smears. There will be lots of things said against you. Critics remind me of a little dog barking at a train. After the dog barks himself to death, the train will be still moving onward full speed ahead. You will be lied on and persecuted. People will try to stop you. They will say that a woman must not minister the Word. Remember, you are a believer. These signs shall follow every believer. You have faith and all things are possible to him that believeth. ALL GOD'S PEOPLE MAY PROPHESY. Moses said that he wished that all of God's people were prophets and that God would put his Spirit upon them. You cannot deny the women being part of God's people (Num. 11:
29) .


Paul said that he wished all God's people would prophesy. You cannot deny that women are part of the Church (I Cor. 14:31). There were both men and women in the church in those days. The Word of God commands all the people to praise the Lord with a loud voice, and shout aloud for joy. The Word of God commands all the people to clap their hands for joy, (Psa. 47:1). The Word of God declares that all people, both men and women, praised the Lord with a loud voice, and shouted aloud for joy (Ez. 3:11). When he says "all the people," dear sister, He means you. Remember, that the man is the head of the woman. Christ is the head of the man; and God is the head of Christ. (I Cor. 11 :3). Man should rule over his own house, A woman should obey her husband in the Lord. If you are called to preach, your husband should go along with you and take care of the business side of things (I Tim. 2: 11, 12). You should not try to take authority over him and teach him what to do. You should not try to get him to obey you. At one time I was a co-pastor to a church when there was a woman preacher. God anointed her to preach. He . -lessed her ministry. When it came to the church business, He vould take over. He would show me the solution to the problem. I spoke up and gave out the solution. The Sr irit caused her to be silent. Both of us noticed that. A man should rule over the house; also over the house of God, but not with a broom stick or a fire poker. He should rule with love. If he does it that way it is God ruling after all. Love is the strongest force. If the Holy Ghost takes over the church and the home they will be ruled in love, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. If God is the head of Christ; if Christ is the head of man, and man is the head of the woman it will naturally work that way. Sister, take your place in God's service. Be under subjection to Christ, and to your husband. Don't be rebellious, or stubborn, or disobedient. Don't be stuck up with pride. You may fall in to the condemnation of the devil and lose your anointing if you do. 20

God will anoint you and use you to win souls if you will humble yourself. If you are in the Spirit you will be in unity with Christ and with your husband. If you and your husband fuss and quarrel your prayers will be hindered (I Pet. 3 :7). If your husband follows Christ, then you follow your husband. Then you will do what Christ wants you to do. REMEMBER, YOU ARE YOUR HUSBAND'S HELPMATE. He did not promise God to be your helpmate. You promised God that you would be His helpmate. (Gen. 2 :18). If you do not have a house keeper you could pray for God to give you one. Until God supplies you with one, you should keep the house cleaned and have your husband's dinner ready. I mean if he has a job, and you have not yet been called into full time work of God. Read I Corinthians, the 7th chapter and give your dear husband all your affections. You are failing God if you do not. With his consent you may draw yourself away for fasting and praying, if you will come back and give your husband all your affections. Spend time with him. Keep loving him regardless of how long you have been married. Remember a man is not made of wood. Everybody likes attention. If Christ is the head of your husband, and your husband is the head of his wife, He will speak to the head many times; especially when it comes to the business end. Disunity of the husband and wife in the home will show up in the church. A church is made up of a group of homes. If the people don't get along well in their homes it affects the church. Sister M. wanted to work for the Lord. She thought she had to go everywhere the pastor and his wife went. She was sincere. She visited the sick as the pastor's wife did. She helped the poor and distressed. She was present at the prayer meetings, weddings, funerals and socials. She soon got to the place where it seemed like the church couldn't do without her. Her husband came in from working hard. There was no dinner ready. He looked at the dirty dishes. He was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, but he could not stand everything. At night the beds were not made. He crawled into the bed just like he crawled out that morning. His wife was not there. She said she was out working for the Lord. I'm afraid that


she was mostly working for Ih-: -+mrch. One night he did not come home on time. This began to happen very often. She became worried, and went to see about him. She found him in the rear of a beer joint with another woman. She still prays for him; she still blames him; she still loves him; he has not been back to the church in many years. A WOMAN MUST BE A GOOD HOUSE KEEPER. Regardless of their church work, or her religion, they do not have any excuse for gadding about the streets and neglecting their home. They must not be busybodies in other peoples' matters. (I Tim. 5 :13). They must take care of the home and train their children. They must keep the children under subjection so that they will represent a Christian home. Regardless of her church work a woman should see that her children behave themselves in the house of God. The man should co-operate with her to the fullest extent (I Tim. 3:15). When a woman knows that God is going to use her in services she should make arrangements in advance for her children to be taken care of and not let them run wild, and hinder other people from worshipping God. They should teach the younger women "to be sober and to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands that the Word of God be not blasphemed" (Tit. 2 :1-5). "And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands." (I Thess. 4 :11). Sister K. had a good husband, filled with the Holy Ghost. She decided that she wanted to leave home and work in revivals, helping some preachers in a distant town. She left her husband on the job. There he was working and making her a living while she went out in revivals. He was very nice. He was very kind. He was very faithful for a while. But when he came home from work, day after day, seeing nothing but dirty dishes, dirty floors and unkept beds, his faith began to waver. It is not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2:18). When Sister K. returned home she found out that her husband had lost his experience with God. She blamed him for not going on with the Lord. She prayed and cried. She requested others to pray, but he was never the same. Sister K. is a good woman,

she had a zeal, but not according to knowledge. DON'T GET UNDER BONDAGE TO MAN. If the woman takes care of the home, and sees after the children that's wonderful. If she take care of all her household duties, and is very nice to her husband, she has a right to attend church. One time I advised Sister L. to stay at home with her husband, because he did not want her to go to church. Now I see my mistake. She stayed at home a few times and became under bondage to her husband. She could not go to church at all. Give the devil an inch and he will take a mile. This lady's husband was not trying to live for God. He let the devil use him. He was against the church, the preacher and the Christian people. Sister N. came to our revival. God blessed and used her, although she was not a preacher. Her husband decided that she could not attend church anymore. It was not because she neglected the house. It was because he was full of the devil that he didn't want her to live right; he was determined to keep her away from church. He whipped her black and blue each time she went to church and returned home. What I told her may not work in the next case, but it worked with her. I told her to give no place to the devil (Eph, 4 :27). I told her that she did not have to take that off of .the man. I told her that God did not expect her to take everything, I advised her to call the authorities (Rom. 13:2). I would not advise just anyone to do this, but in this case, the Lord gave me a word of wisdom for this certain woman. One night when she returned home he caught her as she was changing clothes. He put toilet tissue in her mouth so she could not make any noise. He beat her all he wanted to. She ran to the next house with only her house coat on, and called the police. She sued him for support. In a few days he apologized. He decided to go to church and serve the Lord. He hugged and kissed her for the first time in many years. I can understand how a man can be so sorry that a dog will not follow him into the woods, but I can't understand how he can be so sorry as to beat his wife black and blue when she's serving God. 23


I would like to ask you a question. How could this woman ask her husband at home, when this man was telling her just what the devil would put in his mouth? Anybody that says that this woman did not have the right to worship and serve God is in darkness and superstition. He is following the heathen doctrines of heathen lands. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed. IT IS BETTER TO OBEY GOD THAN MAN. The Bible teaches us that we are to obey the laws of the land. I believe that with all my heart. I believe that when we have a choice whether to obey God or man we must obey God. God must be first or He will not be. Daniel believed in obeying the laws of the land. But one day when the law of the land interferred with his religion, he chose to put God first, even in the face of death (Daniel 6:
10) .

When Peter had his choice of obeying the authorities, or going to jail, he chose to obey God, and go to jail rather than being obedient to the laws of the land. He said, "It is better to obey God than man." (Acts 5:29). Paul and the other apostles had their choice of whether to obey the laws of the land or go to jail. They chose to obey God and go to jail. Children are to obey their parents in the Lord. (Eph. 6 :1). Of course, I wouldn't advise a child to obey his parents if they are devil possessed, trying to get them to go into sin, drink whiskey, use dope, run around and do everything the devil wanted them to do. When we see a young man under conviction and God is stirring him with His spirit; when the Spirit of God is striving with his soul, I believe that this young man should put God first. He must surrender his life to the Lord and not let ungodly parents advise him and cause him to go to hell. In this case, I am forced to tell him to put God first. The Lord will see him through. In the early Church thousands of people were put out on the streets. Their parents put them out of their homes. They disowned them, and counted them as dead when they became Christians. We are to obey our parents; we are to obey our church leaders, in the Lord. We are to obey our pastor. Yet when they become formal and deny the power of God, we are to obey the Lord, and turn away from them (II Tim. 3 :5). If

the man follows Christ, then you are to follow him. But when the man follows the devil, and demands that you follow the devil, then you will get under bondage if you follow this man, because he is leading you directly from the Lord. The head of the woman is the man; the head of man is Christ; and the head of Christ is God. (l Cor. 11 :3). Lydia was a business lady. She sold merchandise in the city of Thytira, She was a worshipper of God. How did they know that she worshipped God if she was silent? She obeyed Paul's preaching. Paul preached that it was all right for a woman to prophesy in the church (I Cor. 11 :3). Paul and Silas stayed at her house. She was the first convert. In spite of the persecutions she stayed with God's people (Act 16:15,16). IF YOU ARE CALLED INTO FULL TIME GOSPEL WORK, YOU MUST PUT GOD FIRST. Most of the time when a woman is called into this gospel work, her husband will go with her. God knew all about your husband when he called you. If you are sure He has called you. into full time work, and your husband refuses to go, I advise you to be sure of your calling and then be led by the Spirit. Ma~y times when the Lord sees that you put Him first, then He WIll work on your husband; he will go with you after all. I'm sure, that if he is a Christian, God will get him in the place where he will be willing to go, if he stays saved. My wife wouldn't go with me when I was called to preach. The~ I made a decision. I said that I would give up everything, my Job, my home, and even my wife, for those dear souls I had never seen. Then she went with me. The Lord was not trying her out nearly so much as He was trying me out. Some people will tell you that the Bible says for the women to be keepers at home. That is right; she is to be a keeper at home if she is called to be a house wife. But if she is called in the full time gospel work, then she will not stay at home. "Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called." If you are called to be a servant; if you are called in freedom; then you should abide there. You must not obey men rather than God (I Cor. 7 :20-24). A woman's place is in the home, keeping the house, being a faithful wife, raising children and being faithful to God. If she is called to preach, then she must drop her pots and 25


pans, and run with the message. The woman at the well left her waterpots and carried the message to win souls. Paul said for the woman to be sober and to be quiet; but he also told the men to be sober and to be quiet, do their own business and work with their own hands (I Thess. 4 :11). These men, who are called -into the full time ministry, leave their oxen, fishing nets, and their tent making. They start winning souls for Jesus. A woman who is called in the full time ministry for God also leaves her house keeping and her job. She starts out in the full time ministry to win souls. (II Tim. 2 :4, I Cor. 9 :14, Matt. 25 :23).

women helped Paul in his meetings. He must tell how is could be that Philip's four daughters preached. Before he gets through explaining all these scriptures away, be sure and ask him why Jesus let the woman of Samaria evangelize the whole country, and win all those converts. EXPLANATION NO.1



"Let your women keep silence in the churches, for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also sayeth the law; and if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home, for it is a shame for a woman to speak in the church" (I Cor. 14 :3435) .

The burden of proof is on the man who says for a woman not to preach. If he says that Paul meant for a woman not to preach, he will have to tell us the meaning of dozens of other scriptures which say that a woman can speak. He will have to explain why Miriam sang, danced, and acted the way she did at the crossing of the Red Sea. Why didn't Moses discipline her for encouraging all the other women to do likewise? They must tell us why Huldah was a prophetess, why the Priests and the leaders went to her for counsel. They must explain why Joel said that the women would prophesy (Joel 2 :28). They must explain that scripture away that says that Mary was the first one to carry the resurrection message. The man, before he stops the woman from worshipping God, must prove to our satisfaction why Sister Priscilla took such an active part in the revivals, and why the Lord used her to lead the Bible expositor, ApoIlos, into the light of the Holy Ghost. He must also tell us why Phebe and all the other 26

1 have heard three explanations on the controversial verse which far too many people have built doctrines upon. They tell us that in Paul's day there was a distinct difference in a worship service than any place where they take care of the church's business. In the worship service, the woman could pray or prophesy (1 Cor. 11 :5). There were both men and women who took their place in revival meetings and worship service in the early Church. The place where the church business was conducted by the official board was controlled by men. The women were not to take authority over the men. They were to wait and ask their husbands after they returned home. If they started to make some important decision, or some business transaction, the men were supposed to have wisdom to take care of that. In this place, where they started to discipline someone, or to conduct some church business , the woman was not supposed to come in, take over, teach, or usurp authority over the man. EXPLANATION II. To keep silence is to be mute, and not to make any noise. I hardly think it meant for all the women to be mute , not to make any noise at all; not to let any babies cry, or let there be be a sound of any kind whatsoever. If it meant for a woman to keep perfectly silent and not let any noise at all be in the church, then she could not testify, she couldn't pray, she couldn't sing, she couldn't shout. She couldn't worship God in any of these ways. It could not mean that, for Paul said that a woman could pray or prophesy. If I were to get up in church and ask the women to keep quiet or to keep order, I certainly wouldn't mean that they couldn't worship God, or couldn't talk to the Lord. Now we are told that the public places had a petition down the middle. The women all sat on one side, and the men all sat on the other side. 27

The heathen women had not been taught to be reverent in worship services. They yelled through the petition wall at their husbands for him to come help take care of the children. They had big families in those days. They were not in the habit of going to church. They had not been trained to be quiet in church; they were hard to manage. Paul was telling them that if they needed to know anything, they must wait until they got home to ask their husbands: that they should behave themselves in the house of God. It takes a long time to civilize the heathen converts and to train them in church worship, especially when they have never seen any Christian service. Paul was simply telling the women to be quiet, and not be talking during church. I have asked children to be quiet scores of times in church, and not be talking: they should wait until they get home if they wanted to talk. That certainly did not mean that they could not come to the altar and pray, get saved and worship the Lord. God says that the children would be prophesying. EXPLAN ATION III. The men of the church at Corinth wrote to Paul asking him to solve a few problems. People were cursing Jesus, saying that they were speaking by the Spirit of God. And Paul an, swered that question, saying, that no man, speaking by the Spirit of God, calleth Jesus accursed. (1 Cor. 12 :3) A man was committing fornication with his father's wife. Paul told them to turn this man over to Satan, for the destruction of the flesh (I Cor. 1 :5-5). Paul also answered their questions concerning the relationship between husband and wife (I Cor. 7: 1-6). Paul straightened them out on the tongue question, and other vocal gifts. It seemed that the whole first lettter to the Corinthians was filled with the problems and solutions to the problems. They were bothered with many customs such as women covering their heads, etc. (I Cor. 11). Certain Bible commentators say that these people wrote Paul about the women taking part in the public worship. They had a local custom there which forbade this practice. That custom had become law. (I Cor. 14:34). No where is this in the law of Moses, but still they wrote Paul that the law said for the woman to keep silence in the church. When Paul answered this letter he put down the whole

problem, and answered it in one paragraph. He questioned the law. Since then men have divided these scriptures by chapter and verse, which many times destroys the meaning. Let's put it back in one paragraph as it was when Paul first wrote it. Here is the answer to the letter. (Problem:) "Let your women keep silence in the church, for it is not permitted for them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also sayeth the law; and if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church! (Answer): WHAT, came the word from you, (you men), or came it unto you only? If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord; and if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant." Paul questioned that law. Moffat's translation says there was no law in the Bible like that; that it was the local law. Paul questioned it, then ignored it, because it directly contradicted the commandment God had given him to write these people in this VERY SAME LETI'ER. In other words, Paul said, "What, came the word of God out from you men, or did it come to you men only; or did it also come to the women?" "If you men think you are so spiritual, you had better acknowledge that what I am writing to you IN THIS VERY SAME LETTER is the commandment of the Lord." He did not say, "What I have written unto you in times past." He did not say, "What I have taught you," or "what I have preached to you in some reviva1." He said, "What I write unto you." That's present tense. Now what did he write to them in this same letter? Put it back into its original form, as it was. Let it all be in the same letter. Now read I Cor. 11 :5, and you find that he said, IN THE SAME LETTER, that it is all right for women to preach and prophesy. Since this went down into the inspired Scriptures he is still asking the men the same question. "What, came the word of God out of you only; or came the Word of God out from you? If you men think you are so spiritual; if you think you are a prophet, you had better acknowledge that what I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. But if any man be ignorant, just let him be ignorant."



LAST SIGN FOR THE LAST DAY. I am not asking the critic to believe either of these three explanations above. He may not choose to accept anyone of these explanations. But here is one that every honest critic will accept. He may not believe that the Bible endorses a woman preacher. He may not believe that a woman had any right to preach in the Bible times. Undoubtedly, all the critics in the world will see plainly that one of the signs that we are in the last days is that the women are preaching. Regardless of what our fore-fathers preached, regardless of what the children may have been taught; regardless of the church rule that we may have had for centuries, we must revise our Bible School notes and amend our church doctrine. When we read of the five signs that will take place just before the great and notable day of the Lord comes. God will pour out of his Spirit upon all flesh. Our sons and our daughters shall prophesy. Our old men shall dream dreams. Our young men shall see visions. The servants and handmaidens will prophesy. Blood, fire and vapors of smoke will be in the heavens above and in the earth beneath. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, just before the great and notable day the Lord comes (Acts 2:20) . Today, we have little children preaching. That is a sign that the sun will turn into darkness. As a young man, I saw many visions. There is the sign that the moon will be turned to blood. In the latter years God has anointed women to have city shaking revivals and win thousands of souls. That it is a sign that all the waters will be turned to blood. The last few years we look up into the heavens. We see the streamlined airplanes, the late jets leaving vapors of smoke. That is a sign that the elements will melt with a fervent heat. In the last two wars we have seen blood and fire. Whole cities have been leveled to the ground. That is a sign that grievious sores will break out upon people. They will try to die but death will flee from them. The coming of the Lord draweth nigh. The last plagues are about to hit this sin-cursed, beer-guzzling, devil-possessed world. The people that have been

fighting God are soon to run into the judgments of God, for the last time. WHEN YOU SEE WOMEN PREACHERS, THAT IS ONE OF THE SIGNS OF JUDGMENT. The Bible says that tongues are a sign to the unbeliever. (I Cor. 14 :22). Tongues are a sign of judgment. That means that judgment will soon fall on this earth. An unknown tongue was written on the wall in Belshazzars time. (Dan. 5). The king of Babylon was defiling the vessels of God with legalized liquor, just as people are doing in our time, in the White house, in the nation's capitol. The wise men couldn't tell the meaning of the unknown, heavenly language. Finally, a man who prayed three times a day, and had the Spirit of the living God in him, told the king of the meaning of the unknown language. "God hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it; thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting. Thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians." At that time, the enemy was making a tunnel under the river into that city. That same night, judgment fell on that rebellious, unbelieving king of Babylon. He was slain just as God's Word had declared it would take place. The unknown heavenly language was a sign of judgment, that their days were numbered. Don't be found wanting. The Apostle Peter declared under the inspiration of the Spirit that the same thing that took place at Pentecost, would take place just before the sun turns into darkness. God would pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh. People from all denominations will speak with tongues just as they did in the upper room, just before judgment strikes the earth. When you see that you know that judgment is on its way. At the same time, he declared, that just before the moon turns to blood, and just before the sun turns into darkness, just before the elements melt, that the women and the girls will be preaching. (Acts 2:15-20). Surely, if the critic cannot accept all the other scriptures in the Bible that fills this book, they can accept these five verses from the inspired Word of God. Just as tongues are a sign of judgment to the unbeliever, women preachers are also a sign of judgment; judgment soon




to fall upon our nation, and upon the entire world. WE ARE ALL WEIGHED IN THE BALANCES OF GOD. If you reject this messagethat God is now sending to the sin-cursed world, you will soon be found wanting. Your days are numbered. Make up your mind now that you are going to accept God's message. Don't do as the people did when Noah warned them. Don't laugh and turn away. Don't wait until the door is shut and no man can open it. Remember, God shut the door. God says, He will shut the door again. People will knock and knock, and will cry, "Open, open to us," but He will say that it is too late (Luke 13:25). Heavenly Father, please help all the women you have called and layed your hand on. Help them not to stand back another day, in the Name of Jesus. Anoint them with gifts of the Holy Spirit. Help them to win thousands, and teeming thousands of souls before it is too late. Help everyone that reads these lines to believe your Word, and heed this warning as a sign of judgment. Help them to get right with God and step out into your work, in the line of obedience right now. As they are weighed in the balances, right this minute, please help them; be merciful to them that they will not be found wanting. These favors we ask in the Name of Jesus, your Son. Amen.


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