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The meeting was in a big way. All the people were clapping their hands for joy, according to the commandment found in Psalms 47: 1. Everybody was clapping their hands except one man. This one man came to Brother Bayless and said, as he held out a stub, "I wish I could clap my hands, but I lost one of them in the Korean War. I am willing to do what I can for the Lord, so that's why I have been taking this song book and hitting my leg with it, while the people clap their hands." Look at your hands. Are you glad that you have hands? Are you willing to use your hands for the Lord? The first commandment is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy mind, and all thy soul and all thy strength. There is no use in your trying to keep the rest of the commandments if you don't keep the first one (Mark 12 :30). It is the greatest one of all the commandments. The greatest sin in the world is to break the greatest commandmen t. GOD SOUGHT FOR A MAN At one time He sought for a man and could not find one. He could not find a man who was willing to stand in the gap and make up the hedge (Ezek. 22 :30). Another time, as God was seeking for a man to lead His 1


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He found one. He only found one man down in the country of Midian, on the back side of the desert. God's people had cried unto Him because of the oppression of Satan's man. God always hears the cries of His people when they are in trouble. Moses was like many of us today who are willing to work for the Lord, but he thought he couldn't. He was only a fugitive boy who had run away from the King, who was seeking his life. He had no reputation, fame, fortune or talent. He could not speak plainly (Exodus 4:16). He had no eloquence of speech, (Exodus 4:10). Yet the Lord was seeking for a man not a rich man, not a great man or a man with fame, but a man who would believe in the supernatural power of God.

people out of bondage,

So God attracted Moses' attention with a miracle, a 'Burning Bush' on the back side of the desert. That bush was not consumed. God usually attracts our attention with a miracle. If you are afraid that you are about to be consumed by the toils of the day, get on fire with the supernatural. You can burn all day, but you will not burn up. The Lord told Moses His intentions. His secrets are with those that fear him (Psalms 25 :14). Moses said he was willing to go if ... if God would go with him. He said he was willing to go, but he couldn't go. That is a good quality. Everyone who is called of the Lord to a real supernatural ministry feels their inability. If you think you can't, you probably can. If you think you can, most of the time you can't. If you think you can't, then you can by God's power.

do. When the call came it seemed like a thousand worlds fell on top of me! I knew I couldn't go. Then the Lord showed me His glory. He made me to know, as He did Moses, that it was by His Spirit. It is not by power-or might (Zeph. 4 :6). I had to depend on miracles. I could not depend on my ability. Everyone who is called of God knows he can't do it within himself. If he feels no responsibility he is evidently not called. Moses knew there was not one thing he could do. At one time he said, in effect, "Look who I am!" With his own power he fled from Pharaoh at one time. How could he lead two million people out of the bondage of the wicked king and with all his armies! About the time Moses saw his inability, God said, "What is that in your hand?" It was just a rod, just a shepherd's crook. It was used to herd sheep, not to fight a battle against a great nation. But wait! A rod? Just God's power is enough. A rod with God's miracle could create serpents, turn water into blood, and bring down judgment on a wicked nation of unbelievers. It could convince the gainsayers of signs and wonders. They could set the oppressed people free. God and a rod can do great things, if He has a man that is willing if He has a man that is consecrated, who will never doubt His miracles. You may be asking, "Who am I?" You may feel your smallness. That is the way God wants you to feel. He can't use you any other way. Anything is small compared to the Almighty. God and one is a majority. Whatever is in your hand, give it to God, with your mind, soul, heart, strength behind it. Give Him your all. In other words, you may not have much, but give Him whatever is in your hand. For He can only use a man or woman who yields their all into His hands, holding back nothing. Give Him what is in your hands; yield yourself under His command, to His service. 3

I always said if God called me to preach, I would go. I said I would never stammer and hold back as others 2

The Bible did not say, "God can work and none can hinder." But it does say, "God can work and who will let Him."


We don't give ourselves partly to the Lord. He will have all of us or none of us. He said for us to present our body to Him as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). The story was told about a leak in the dike, which held back the waters from Holland. A boy saw the leak. He knew that he could stop the hole with his hand. If he left for help, the hole would grow larger by the second. Before he could secure help, the hole would be so large that all Holland would be flooded. The nation would be destroyed. So the boy held his hand in the hole all night. His body was found there the next morning. He had given his life for .his people. That is the kind of sacrifice God requires. He gave all when He was willing to give His only begotten Son (John 3 :16). We should measure our giving by God's standard. A soldier boy saw a bomb that was about to explode! He fell upon it, covering the bomb with his body. He was blown into bits, but his comrades were saved. That is the kind of sacrifice we often see. That is the kind of sacrifice that God demands; that we present our body to Him as a living sacrifice. We were told of a little girl in Africa who desired to put something in the offering to help save her loved ones. She disappeared for two weeks. They thought the lions ate her. She appeared in service one night and put a diamond in the offering. Her teacher told her that she had stolen the diamond and must return it. After checking on her they found that she had searched for days and found

it near a diamond mine. She went to the owner of the mine and told him that if he would let her put the diamond in the offering, to help save her loved ones, she would return and be his slave forever. That is the kind of sacrifice we should give to our lovely Lord. He has the rest of our lives, He has our all. In olden times all the slaves were freed on the year of jubilee, each 50th year (Lev. 25 :54). A slave had the privilege of having his ear bored through with an awl, then go back and serve his master for life. We have become a bond servant because we have a good master, and we willingly give Him the rest of our lives. We give Him our all.


Every Bible scholar is familiar with the incident of the widow's oil. Oil was all that she had. She only had a very little left. That was all she had in the house. She was deeply in debt and cried for help. She came to Elisha, the man of God. Elisha didn't carry her some groceries, or take up an offering for her; he didn't go from house to house, getting gifts for this poor widow. He didn't help her with his own strength. He didn't heap sympathy and kind words on her. No, he asked her for the oil. He found that the oil was all that she had left in this world, and asked for it. He asked for all the oil (II Kings 4 :2). Elisha knew full well that when she surrendered her all that God would begin blessing her. She surrendered the only thing that she had in the world. All that she was, all that she had in her house. Elisha was a surrendered man, or he would never have had the grace to call for the widow woman's only thing between her and starvation. He knew the word of God was true, that God's Word will not fail. When she gave her oil it began to multiply in the

vessel. The more she gave, the more God gave. All ot her vessels were full, all of her debts were paid; she still had oil. Everywhere she turned was oil, oil! She found that she could not outgive the Lord. There are some things that increase as you give them love, friendliness, kindness and anything you give for God. The anointing was taken from Elijah and put on Elisha, still Elijah had no less. Moses' anointing was put on the seventy, yet Moses had no less. Jesus gave His anointing to the twelve, and then to the seventy. He had just as much. There is that that .scattereth and yet increaseth. Then there is that that withholdeth more than is meet and it tendeth to poverty (Prorevbs 11 :24). THE LAST MILE You may be in debt. You may be more than broke. You may have to reach up to touch bottom, so to speak. You may not see any way out in this lifetime. Your husband and children may be gone. Your house may be empty. Starvation may stare you in the face. Start giving to God. I don't mean money only. I mean your everything. Dedicate to Him your heart, life, spirit, soul and all of your ambition. If you fall on His mercy, He will take you, break you, and make you. The widow gave to God's man. Her husband and children were gone. All of her money was gone. She was in debt. She did what God's servant told her to do. She not only had her needs supplied then, but later on when the dreadful drought came her way she was cared for. You can never outgive God. He will never be in debt to you. If we save our lives, we will lose them, if we lose our lives for His sake we will find them (Matthew 10 :39). That is a spiritual law that works. If we give, we gain. Surrender all to Him now. .

(I Kings 17 :3). As he waited on God he was told to go

MEAL BARREL Elijah's -"-- ----_- -


brook dried up. I guess he wondered 6

to a certain widow woman's house, whom God had commanded to feed him (I Kings 17 :9). When he arrived I guess it was quite a surprise to him .to learn t~at this woman and her son were on starvation. Imagine how one would look who had starvation facing her. Imagine how she would look when a stranger, who was very hungry, came around and asked her for the las~ hite of food that she had. She was cooking that last bite of food for her hungry son. Too many people looked at this from the natural standpoint only. God performed a I?iracle. He performed a material miracle. But the miracle He worked in the heart and life of that woman was very important to God. If God is going to use you He must have your all. You must be hundred percent surrendered. If Elijah was a man of like passions as you and I, then we know how his pride would tell him to never take the last bite of food from this starving widow and her son. Her son was the dearest one in the world to her heart since her husband had passed away. It took the grace of God for her to surrender the dearest thing in the world, the dearest thing in her life, to a stranger. God was performing a greater miracle than multiplying the meal. He was asking for her all. He performed a miracle in her heart and soul as she surrendered to the Lord. She knew God's voice. She had communion with Him. His sheep knew His voice. A stranger they will not follow. God does not require us to follow a stranger. He doesn't want us to listen to just any voice. This we may do, if we fail to commune with Him. If we are not familiar with His voice. There then and there that widow woman died out to God. She was willing to give her life, so she lived. She had scraped the barrel for herself and put God first. That is why she survived during the famine. That is why her meal barrel was never empt~: !hat is why 7

she was never without. She saw a perpetual miracle in that meal barrel from then on. Being human, we know about what the boy was thinking, as he told his mother to hurry and get dinner ready. We know how the little, frail, starving lady felt as she broke the news to her son, whose stomach was almost sticking to his backbone. His tongue cleaving to the roof of his mouth. He wondered why his mother would be so foolish as to give all, the last bite of food, which meant his life, to a stranger. To a hairy looking man sitting on a stump out beside the road. Perhaps the little woman could not understand it herself, but that inner voice that she had often heard said, "There is the man that I have been talking to you about." She obeyed. She was willing, she gave her all, and found herself. She gave the meal to God's man, but she gave herself to God.

When you have gone through a drought, or maybe you have become lean in your soul, or your soul is starving, begin to commune with God. He will direct you to a true servant that can say, "Thus saith the Lord!" You will never be without." Maybe Elijah could not understand why the son died later on. The poor woman blamed Elijah and said he was calling her sin to remembrance. Elijah said, "Give me your son." What? She thought she had surrendered all, but this was something she wasn't expecting. This was a death blow to herself. Her only son now the man of God asked for her son (I Kings 17:19). She gave the boy. She willingly gave her son. The son was restored to life. Not because of who prayed, but because God asked for her all, and because 8

she surrendered everything. If you wonder who is a man of God, see if the words in his mouth come true (Deut. 18 :22). See if he can deliver your son from disease, and return life to him . Of course, God will demand your all. This week a lady came to be healed of a hole in her heart, but she would not surrender her cigarettes to the Lord, so I told her the curse would not come without a cause, and she must remove the cause before the curse left (Prov. 26 :2). Last night a lady came to be set free from spirits. I put my finger on the very sin in her life that she was not willing to surrender. God revealed to me that she had been going to a spirit medium. Of course, she wasn't willing to give up her sins, so she left undelivered. Now, if you want deliverance, you must be like the widow woman surrender your all. Go to the man of God. Whatever you are holding back, that is what God asks you to give up. You may give all of your money. You may reserve just one thing and still miss the blessing. Unless you surrender everything to God, then God cannot do anything for you. God said, "I must be first in your life." The Bible says, "In the beginning God" (Gen. 1:1). God is jealous of you. Your husband will be first in your life. If you are a true wife, you will hold back nothing from your husband. God will be first or He will not be in your life.

Paul makes it clear to the Corinthians that he was seeking them and not what they possessed. (II Cor. 12: 14). Of course, it is like my mother told me, I told her certain things belonged to me. She said, "You are mine, so that makes this mine." The boy with five loaves and two small fishes did not have much. That was all he had between him and star9

vation. Jesus said that the people would faint in the wilderness if they did not have something to eat, yet he was asked for all he had between him and death (Matt. 14: 17). It was not the loaves and fishes that he surrendered that counted, but it was his will, his heart, his life, his all. That is why Jesus could perform a miracle. Suppose someone had taken the small fishes and bread by force, would a miracle have been performed ? No, Jesus could have made food from the rocks as well, but it was the boy's obedience that counted. His faith caused him to believe that he could give his life and get it back again. It worked! He went home happy because he fed the multitude. He was happy because he had found a new life. He lost his life and found it. He lost himself and found it again in the Lord. There is a hungry multitude of people. They are fainting and thirsting. They are tired and weary. You are asking, "What can I do for God?" You are asking as did the disciples, "What are these among so many?" The Lord is asking "What is in your hand?" Surrender it to him. The multitude will be fed and you will have plenty left and go home happy. Had the boy possessed a ton of fish, and a train load of bread, then two fishes and five loaves of bread would not have been sufficient. It takes all.

has you, He has your money, your car, your home and your heart. It is not the rich man's money that God is seeking, it is the man. He takes the weak things of this world to confound the mighty. He works by a miracle. He alone must get the glory. He will ask a poor man to give his money, then he will perform a miracle and supernaturally supply his needs. As the starving boy, he will have more left when God gets through with him than he had when he started. You want to give something to God? You start by giving him yourself, your all. That is the only way He will accept you when you give the thing you prize most.

Jesus saw the widow woman bring the two mites into the temple and put them with the offerings. They would be worth about a penny. Jesus stood and watched as the people gave in the offering. He knew how much they gave, He always watches. He always knows. He saw what they had left. He sees today. He sees what you give and what you have left. He is looking for something other than the money. He is watching our heart, mind, and spirit. He is watching the gage on our soul. He sees if we give willingly or grudgingly if we are a cheerful giver (II Cor. 9 :7). He is really watching for a full surrender. Jesus saw in the woman a full surrender. He saw that she gave with a heart of love and compassion. He saw that she gave all of her money, that she gave all of her heart, all of her will, all of her strength and all of her life. Jesus saw the large gifts that the rich men gave. He saw they had not given to Him their hearts, wills, souls and strength. That is why He said that she gave more 11

A woman said, "If God will give me a million dollars, I would give half of it to the Lord." Well any sinner would do that. If God gives you a million dollars you must give to Him all of it. He may allow you to use some of it for His glory if you consecrate it to Him, or He may not. He is the only one who can say that. You must be led by the Spirit, how to spend it for His glory. It is not your money but you that He wants. When He


than them all (Mark 12:43). Jesus looks at what we have left, not only the money we have left, but the heart that we have not surrendered to Him.


For the first three years, I preached without accepting a penny. I put hundreds of dollars into the work of the Lord to build several churches. The first person who gave me an offering was a poor widow woman. She drew a welfare check of about twenty-seven dollars a month. She spent nine dollars of that for shoes; for she walked several miles to church over the hills and rocks most every night. I didn't want to accept the five dollars, but the Lord showed me that she was making a full surrender. I accepted it. Why? Because I knew that the Bible was right. She would not lose anything by giving (Luke 6 :38). Like Elijah, I spoke the word of faith. The meal barrel was never empty. She was never without. She still lives today, about ninety years old, walking several miles to church, shouting the victory fully surrendered to God. DECEITFULNESS OF RICHES Riches are deceitful (Matthew 13:22). It is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle (Matthew 19:24). These camels had to unload. Their masters made them kneel down so they could pass through a narrow place called 'The Needles Eye.' So we must unload! we must kneel; we must not deserve anything. We must be fully surrendered to the Lord. Some rich men I know of pay no tithes. They invest their money for the Lord, so they say. If they make a profit, they invest that profit for the Lord. When they 12

die, they will still be investing for the Lord. Their ungodly loved ones will get their money and the Lord will not get one cent. Yet they boast about how they are God's men. They are like the rich young ruler. Riches are deceitful. I used to read the story of the rich young ruler and I thought that God did not want His people to have riches (Luke 18: 18). He said he kept all the commandments, but he had not even kept the first commandment, that said to love the Lord with all thy strength, and all thy soul and all thy heart. Jesus looked at him with compassion, as a surgeon would look at a patient with cancer. A surgeon says "That cancer must first come out before you can live." Jesus knew that the riches were eating that man like a cancer, that they must come out. Jesus loved the young man and saw his trouble. It was not the money, it was the love of money in his heart that made him not willing to surrender all. Jesus put His finger on the sore spot. He always does. He told the man to sell all that he had and to give it to the poor. He does not tell everyone to do that. Why? Why did He tell the rich young ruler to do it? He was searching for a full surrender. He must be first. It wasn't the money that He was after, it was the man that Jesus was interested in. Had the rich man believed the Bible, He would have known that He could have lost his life and found it again in the Lord. Had this rich young ruler fully surrendered all; he would have gained much more than he gave. If you give, it shall be given (Luke 6 :38). Every man that gives up houses and lands for Jesus shall receive one hundred fold in this life, not speaking of the things of the world to come (Matthew 19:29). All


Christians make either thirty-fold, sixty-fold or a hundred-fold (Matthew 13 :8). So many fail to believe that. So many like the rich young man who went away sorrowfully. They may not have but a few dollars. They may not have a home or a farm but they will not surrender to the Lord because they reserve nothing.

A wealthy real estate man told me that he was teaching the men's Bible class in a certain church. The lesson he was to teach the next Sunday was about the love of money being the root of all evil. He said he believed that Paul was mistaken when he said that the love of money was the root of all evil (I Timothy 6: 10). Paul spoke by inspiration. He did not say money was the root of all evil. He said the love of money was. If you love money so much, you will do anything to get it. You will steal, lie, fight or rob. You would do anything. That is why it is the root that produces evil in people's lives. You can't love money and love the Lord. If you love anything that is in the world, the love of the Father is not in you (I John 2 :15). The love of the world is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. Jesus knew that the ruler could not love money and give all his love to Him. That is why He told him to give up his money. He did not want the money, he wanted the man. And the man went away sorrowfully. That is the condition everyone is in who loves money instead of Jesus. Had the man been willing to give half to Jesus, that would not have been enough. Jesus requires your all. He touches the part that is not consecrated to Him. Many people are not asked to sell all that they have and give to the poor, because they have already surrendered their all. Jesus looks at their heart and knows that they are willing. In their heart they have sur-


rendered all to Him. When Abraham became willing to offer Isaac, that was all the Lord was looking for. He was not seeking Isaac as much as He was seeking Abraham. He does not want yours, but He wants you. Abraham gave his only son. God gave His only begotten Son. We should measure our giving by John 3:16.



The Lord demands first place. He wants you to surrender everything. He wants full allegiance. The rich man that lifted up his eyes in hell was not a bad person. He was probably a church member, or a deacon. No doubt he was a good businessman and a husband. The only thing wrong was that he put his business ahead of God. God did not have first place. Had he put God first, and given his all to the Lord, he could have taken his consecrated dollars and used them for God. No doubt God would have let him continue in his business and promote God's Kingdom. The story would have been different. He would have taken his money and used it for God. He would have taken people with him to heaven, instead of going to hell. Many people today fail to surrender their business to the Lord. They reserve certain parts for themselves. What would you think if you went to a friend's house and he only let you sit in the front room? Suppose he said that you could come and sit in his front room but you must not talk. What would God think if you came to Him but you would not let Him search your whole heart? The Lord will give us all He can trust us with. If we surrender our finance to Him to be used in His service, He will give us more (Luke 6 :38). He will give us power to get wealth (Deut. 18 :8). He wants us to prosper and be in health (III John 2). 15





Rev. R. Smith had never given over three dollars to missions in his life. As a deacon put the pledge envelopes under his nose it made him a little unhappy. Finally he told the Lord he would give him five dollars this time. The Lord told him to give fifty dollars, which was two weeks salary at that time. He finally obeyed the Lord. The next year he gave one hundred dollars. The next year he gave two hundred. He doubled his giving each year until now he has a nice church that the Lord gave him. He gave $325,000.00 this year to mISSIOns.

that was so important to the Lord, it was his full surrender to God. While he was saving others, he saved himself. The rich man who went to hell could have done the same. It was not his money God was after. Rev. Smith could have given all his money and still not surrendered everything to the Lord. God couldn't have used him like He did when he presented a surrendered vessel to Him. The Lord is not bankrupt. He owns the world. He owns all the cattle of a thousand hills. He has chosen to evangelize the world through surrendered hearts and yielded wills. When it is done by consecrated methods, instead of natural talents, then God alone will receive the glory. We give Him our all, which includes our money. That is the kind of money He uses to win souls. That is why He does not use many wealthy people, because not many of them ever give their finance (I Cor. 1 :26). The words, "not many," show He will use some of them if they will surrender their all to Him.

People in America spend $175 million dollars each year for dog food. All ch urches combined do not give nearly that much to convert the heathen . We spent 100 billion dollars, plus ten thousand young men in what they called "the little police action" in Korea. One percent of that much spent on deliverance revivals in that country could have prevented that war. One percent of the money spent on the Marshall Plan could have evangelized the world and hastened the return of our Lord.


What does the Lord require of me but to do righteousness and walk humbly with my God? When you walk humbly and love righteousness you will keep the commandments. You will love Him with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind and all of your strength. The Lord required of the rich man his soul and it was not ready to go. He had put other things first. That was the only sin of which he was guilty, that we know about. The sin of putting God second in his life. That night God said "This night thy soul shall be required of thee." The poor, rich man had put his business before he did the Lord. These things he did not surrender. He put God in the second place and was lost. Do you put your home or possessions first? Do you

It takes over $5,000 to put a one color page of advertisement of beer in the Life Magazine. It takes hundreds of drunks to pay for that one page. A small percent of that invested in deliverance literature would prevent people from being alcoholics.
Speaking of Brother R. Smith, it was not his money



-- --

put your job between you and the Lord? Do you put your children or wife first? God may take away from you anything that is not surrendered to Him. Anything that stands between you and God, that keeps you from serving God, it is possible that the Lord may take it from you. Some people are so busy working on a second job, or paying for a second car, or second home, that they fail to put God first. He must be first. He will not take second place in your life. Will God give you possessions? Of course He will. But you must seek first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness, and then all of these things will be added to you (Matt. 6 :33). You must give yourself to Him, which includes all you have. Use all you have for his glory. He will prosper your business if you yield your business to Him, for Him to use as He sees fit. Your business must not be first in your life. Remember Lot's wife. She put God second and her worldly possessions first. She was interested in what she owned more than she was in God's business. As it was in the days of Lot, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man. They bought, they sold, they planted and they built (Luke 17 :28). Lot was in Sodom, but he shouldn't have let Sodom in him. It is all right to plant, build, buy or sell, if we put God first. If we put anything else first, we have not yielded to the Lord our all. We are not loyal to our Maker. He is not our Master if we are servants to other things, and yield our members to obey the things of the world.

Some people are in church on Sunday, but they are not in church any more till the next Sunday. Last Sunday someone asked what it means to pay tithes. A lady 18

answered, "It is to give a tenth of your income to God." She was wrong. It is the first tenth of your income. It is not what you have after you pay your groceryman, or your water bill, light bill or gas bill, and all other bills. It is ten per cent of your income before you pay anything else. A tithe is the first bushel in each ten. It is the first ~alf, chicken or hog in each ten. It is the first dollar in ., each ten, the first tenth of each paycheck. Ananias and his wife held back part of the price (Acts 5:1). They fell dead suddenly. If you pay one lollar when your paycheck is $20.00, be sure that you 10 not call it tithes. The Lord usually prospers us 10 times as much as se give. It was in a meeting not long ago when we lacked fifty dollars paying for the advertising expense of that meeting. Brother Hankins turned and asked a man on the platform to loan him $50.00 to put in the offering. He finished paying for the advertising. Before he left the house that night a man came by and gave him $500.00, which was ten times as much as he put in the offering. All of what you have belongs to God. Any time He asks you if He can use it, you must respond. He is trying you to see if you mean what you say. A man said a few days ago, "I pay tithes, but God does not prosper me." He put the blame all on God instead of himself. He made God out a liar. That showed he did not believe the Bible. After checking, I found that he had not yielded the other nine-tenths of his income to God. In fact, he had not yielded his heart to the Lord. He had held back in church, resisted, and resented the movings of the Spirit. That is enough within itself to receive unto himself damnation (Rom. 13 :2). That showed he was stiff'neeked ani! uncircumsizrl


in heart (Acts 7 :31). God gives the Holy Ghost to those people who obey Him (Acts 5 :32). When you give the first fruits unto God's servants that should be only a token that you have yielded to Him your everything. BLESSING OR CURSE? The Lord sets before us a blessing or a curse. We choose the one we want (Deut. 11 :26). He says we are cursed if we rob Him of the tithes and offerings (Mal. 3 :8). That has always been God's plan, before the law and after the law (Gen. 14 :20) (Matt. 23 :23). He even had Abel to bring the first fruits to Him (Gen. 4 :4). The words 'even so' in the New Testament mean tithes are brought over in our time (1 Cor. 9:14). The first city in each ten belonged to God. That is why the people were instructed to not take the spoil in Jericho. That is why Achan was cursed. He took God's part (Joshua 7 :24). He was burned with fire. Saul first lost out with God because he saved the king alive (1 Sam. 15 :20). He was defeated. He did not win the victory. That proved he had a rebellious heart (1 Sam. 15 :23). When men today let rebellion creep into their heart, they dread to pay tithes. They become defeated and lose the victory. They save the king alive. A tithe is a tenth. Achan gave glory to God and confessed he had taken the cursed thing (Joshua 7 :20). Some people won't even glorify God by confessing that they have robbed Him of His tenth. Some people want to barely get by. A man was asked if he had a home church. He said, "No, the thief on the cross went to heaven. He never had a home church." Then he was asked if he was ever baptized in water. He replied, "No, the thief on the cross was never baptized in water, and he made it to heaven. I can make 20

it to heaven if he can." When he was asked if he paid tithes, he said, "No, the thief on the cross never paid tithes and he made it to heaven. 1 can get by if he can." "Yes," replied the man, "He was a dying thief, but you are a living thief." The spirit of the Lord left when Saul went into the priests' office (I Sam. 13: 12-13). Some people today wonder why they don't have God's blessings. They have taken the preacher's place. Do you want God to rebuke the devourers, to break the drought and send the rain? Then you must not hold back God's part (Mal. 3 :8-10). 1 know of one farmer who reminded God of His promise when the army worms were taking his crop. The army worms fell off suddenly. They were about six inches deep. God made fertilizer out of them. The other farms were totally destroyed. This farmer had been paying the first fruits to God. LOVER OF SELF One of the signs that we are in the last days is that men shall be lovers of themselves (II Tim. 3: 1-2). They take more time to fix their hair than they do to say their prayer. Some women take more time to dope their face than they do to grow in grace. Some spend more time building their own house than they do building God's house. That is why they put their money in a bag with holes in it (Hag. 1 :6). The Lord blew on their wages and they vanished (Hag. 1 :5). 1 just left a town where the pastor told me that some of the people said they were not able to build a new church. They quit him in the middle of the building program. A few weeks later they borrowed money from the bank. They were building an extra room on their house while 1 was there. Do you go to your job in the rain, and let the same kind of weather keep you away from church? Even a 21

postman, working for Uncle Sam, goes as far out as he can go. If a bridge is washed out, he goes to that bridge, turns and goes back. We should be as faithful to the Lord's work as men are to Uncle Sam. I was told a boy phoned his girl friend and said, "Honey, I love you. I would die for you. You come first in my life, before anything in the world." She said, "I am glad that you feel that way about it." He said, "Honey, I love you more than anybody else in the world. I would do anything for you. I will be over to see you Saturday night, if it doesn't rain." That is the way some people love the Lord. They have a good testimony, they tell God they love Him more than life, more than anything in the world, that they will do anything for Him. They will be at the church if it doesn't rain, if the weather is good.


I was told a friend of mine went fishing one Sunday morning. A storm came up as they were out on the lake. Walter became frightened! The other man said, "We should have gone to church this morning. Maybe that's why this storm has come." Walter replied, "I couldn't have gone to church anyway, even if I had stayed at home, because my wife is sick." Most anything will keep some people from church. Yet they claim to keep the commandments. They have not even kept the first commandment.

I know a man who God has trusted with millions of dollars. He put one million dollars into one church organization one year. He has helped build hundreds of churches. At one time he was down to his last ten dollars. His wife sent him to the grocery store after some

groceries. On his way to the grocery store he passed by a full gospel church. There he stopped for service. The Lord moved on him to give his last ten dollars in the offering. When he gave that last ten, he gave his allhis will, his heart, his future. On returning home his wife asked him where the groceries were. He told her he didn't have any groceries. He told her he didn't get the groceries. She said, "Well, where is the ten dollars?" He told her what he did with the ten dollars. He went to another room, fell on his knees and prayed. While in prayer the Lord showed him a brand new concept in a farming implement, which he started manufacturing. The Lord will give us all He can trust us with. He saw in this brother a man He could trust to help carry the message to the ends of the earth. When you give your all, that is when God can begin to bless you. The spirit of giving is one of the spiritual gifts which God has set in the church (Romans 12 :8). If you have been seeking God for a gift, that is the one God may want to give to you. It is a gift that keeps on giving. It is a gift that keeps men going with the other gifts. It will help carry the gifts of healing to foreign lands, win millions of souls to Christ, and help hasten the return of our Lord. We must use everything to evangelize the world.the airplane, car, television, radio, printing press and everything available. The world will not be evangelized with penny marches. That is why God may raise up men who will trust Him, men who He can trust with means. DONE BY FAITH God gets no glory out of unconsecrated men, giving of their unconsecrated dollars, that they earn by their natural wisdom. God alone must have the glory. He

wants your heart, your will, your all. He wants to perform a miracle through your life, and use you to give, so men may go with the gospel. Just as God performed a miracle and filled up the Ark, just as He brought forth three million people across the Red Sea by a miracle, so He will by a miracle raise up dedicated men and women with means; to hurry the gospel to the ends of the earth, before He comes. Brother Coe was a man who sold his home and his car several times in order to build for God. He shook hands with me one night and asked me to agree with him that he would receive ten thousand dollars cash in the offering for his children's home. He had a small crowd, compared to his other meetings, but he asked one hundred people to bring him one hundred dollars each. Brother Gardner punched a fellow and said, "He will never get it." Brother Gardner had been in the same town with a tent several weeks, and didn't make expenses. About that time God spoke to Brother Gardner to be one of the hundred people to give one hundred dollars. He punched a man and said, "Pray, pray." Then he said again, "He'll never get it!" God spoketo Brother Gardner again and said, "You are going to give five hundred dollars because you didn't believe me." He told the Lord he owed twenty-eight hundred dollars on his tent; the Lord told him to give his last five hundred dollars; so he did. As he went up there about one hundred and thirty more people ran to the front with a hundred dollars each. Brother Nunn was in that group. God was speaking to him at the same time to give one hundred dollars. He had just gone to his car and asked his wife for a hundred dollars. She was to go to the hospital for her baby to be born, which meant six hundred dollars expense. She looked in the bank book and found they were

down to their last hundred and thirty-seven dollars. Brother Nunn wrote a check for the hundred and thirty-seven dollars, which was all of his bank account.

A man asked Brother Gardner to eat a steak with him after church. It was good that he did, because he didn't have the money to buy the man a steak. As they were sitting there eating, the man became nervous and began to turn sideways, like he was in a deep study. Then, suddenly he slipped Brother Gardner $500.00. the exact amount that Brother Gardner put in the offering. By a miracle God helped Brother Gardner to pay for his whole tent within a few days. Brother Nunn had just lost his tent in a storm. God gave him one meeting the next week where the people bought him a brand new tent; he had plenty extra left to pay for the hospital bill. This gave Brother Gardner and Brother Nunn both great faith for finance. They raise thousands of dollars a year to promote the gospel to the ends of the earth. People like Brother N unn, Brother Coe and Brother Gardner are the kind of men God can use to help do the job. Men who first give their hearts, their wills and themselves to God.

There are plenty of men with means, but they are not fully surrendered to God. When the Lord wanted to win a battle, He found a country boy who could not do anything. He had nothing in his hand but an ox goad. He gave God what was in his hands. The Lord used that ox goad to win a battle over a nation. Behind that ox goad was a heart and a life yielded to God. Behind that heart was faith, that is more powerful than the bombs in the United States and Russia combined. God is only looking for a person who will ,



yield to Him whatever is in his hand. A yielded man and God will win any battle. He takes the weak and base things of this world to confound the mighty. The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. Brother Underwood was at a meeting one night, where Brother Coe was taking an offering. He only had a dollar and thirty-seven cents. He intended to ride the bus to the end of the bus-line, buy him a hamburger, and a cold drink and then walk on home. He had not eaten before church. God spoke to him and told him to put the $1.37 in the offering. He obeyed God. At the end of the service a lady shook hands with him and left $5.00 in his hand. He said to himself, "Glory to God! I will eat a steak and ride a taxi home." If anyone needs a steak, it is a Holy Ghost filled servant of God. It is the beer guzzlers who should have to make out on hamburgers. At the end of the service Brother Krause came along and said, "Brother Underwood, do you have a car 7" Of course he answered, "no." He had been riding the busses to his revivals and inhaling the cigar smoke. The Lord had seen he had to breathe in that second-handed smoke, that the other people had sucked down into their insides. Brother Krause said, "I thought so. God has been dealing with me to give you a car." With that, he gave him the keys to a brand new Chevrolet. Brother Underwood did not even have to ride the taxi home, where the people were cursing and smoking. Brother Underwood became my business manager in my revivals. God actually gave him something better than money or a car; he received a ministry. He received faith for finance, and faith for the deliverance of others. When he gave the $1.37, he gave his heart, soul, strength and his all. He lost his life and found it again in Jesus.

Some people picture Samson as a big-boned man with large muscles. The Lord does not delight in the natural strength of a man. It is not by power, or by might, but by the spirit of the Lord. God takes the weak to confound the mighty. Samson was a common man, yielded, and dedicated to God. When God left him, he had no power of his own. The power he used was divine power. He used faith in God, which God had given him. He gave his all to the Lord. God must have the glory. Man shall not have the honor. What did Samson have in his hand. Nothing! He gave his all to God and slew a lion with his bare hands. One time he had only a jawbone of a donkey. That is as near nothing as you can have. He had faith. He gave his heart and soul to God. He was willing to do what he could. As he yielded that bone to God, he put a whole army to ftigh t. He took dominion over the enemy and judged the nation twenty years. He came to the end of his own strength and walked out in God's strength. I had only $15.00 in the world. My clothes were threadbare. I owed a $14.00 board bill. God guided me to buy a service station. I gave my all, my heart, my life. I bought the place for $10.00 down. A man credited me for the down payment. About the time I got a start a woman came by wanting a donation on the new church building. I turned my cash drawer upside down and gave her all that was in it. God blessed me; I soon had six businesses. I gave them all to God. I sold out for enough to build four churches and a parsonage; I preached three years without accepting a penny offering. When God called me out of business my wife didn't want to go. She said, "I'll stay at home and make you a living, while you go and 27


preach." I came to a conclusion. I said, "I'll give up my business, I'll give up my home, and if necessary, I'll give up my wife." When I came to that place, God knew that I had surrendered everything. We left Ft. Worth and started to Arkansas. As we were driving through Dallas we saw a man down the road waving for us to stop. I stopped the car. He said God had told him to give us $10.00! God will take us, break us and make us. THE LORD KNOWS HOW I know of a contractor who was asked to bid on a house. It was an old house and he was in the house wrecking business. This contractor is a Christian, full of the Holy Spirit. He lets the Holy Spirit guide him and teach him. He knows that the Spirit will guide him in all his business. As he started to enter the bid the Spirit whispered to him and told him to bid four thousand dollars. He said, "Lord, they won't take that for the house. You know it is worth much more than this." Still the Lord told him to bid four thousand dollars. He obeyed the leading of the Spirit. He sold the house in a day or two for twenty-five thousand dollars. Some say that just happened. It happens to the ones that live in God's will, and are led by the Holy Spirit. It happened to this man of God because he had dedicated all he had into the hands of the Lord. He did not count anything he possessed his own, but he yielded himself and all he had to the Lord.

thing and give it to the Lord. Whether you sell it and bring it all at once to the Lord or not, it is just as much His, even if he lets you keep it and use it in His service. Heavenly Father, touch the heart of this dear reader and, by your grace, help him to surrender to you one hundred per cent. Help him to go through all his life singing this song: All that I have, All that I have, All I shall ever be. Cannot repay, The Love debt I owe, I surrender to thee. In Jesus' Name, Amen.



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