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MANIFEST ATIONS Bring ten boys and girls into a room. Screw out the light bulb. Tell one to put his finger into the light socket, with the switch turned on. Let them all touch the current one bv one. They all feel the same thing, but they don't act alike! One will scream. One will sling his hand. Another will put his finger into his mouth. One will turn white. Another will turn red. Another will stamp his feet. Maybe one will frown, while another laughs. All ten of the boys and girls have touched the power, but they have different manifestations. They have different temperaments and personalities. They don't all react the same to what they have felt. This visible display is called manifestations. It is the same when there are several Christians in a church service, where the power of God is in action. The people all may feel the same power, but they will not all act alike. One man will raise his hands, or will clap his hands; another will walk, while another stamps his feet. Walking, stamping your feet, raising your hands, or clapping your hands is not power. All these actions are reactions after the people have felt the power. The Holy Spirit is likened to The \Vind "The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou heareth the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, or whither it goeth: so is everyone that is born of the Spirit" (John 3: 8). You have watched a forest when the wind blows through the trees. Some trees swav back and forth. Some trees seem to clap their hands. Some stand steady with only their leaves and twigs shaking. There are some old dead snags that do not move. They all feel the same force, but they 'all do not have the same manifestations. The shaking is not power. That is t r .acti n to t e power of the wind.


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By W.V.Graot


There is also a shaking among the people of God when the Spirit moves upon them. Like Ezekiel's boneyard thev shake and tremble! The shaking, trembling and 11l0vjn~1 about is not power. That is the way people react when thc~ feel power. That is called manifestations. . Even a tree without fruit may have manifestations when the wind blows. ' Everyone who is a Christian wil] have some kind of manifestation. "The manifestation of the Spirit is given to even man." . Suppose I send vou

A Telegram.
You would read the telegram. If vou believed it vou would , , react to it in some way. If you did not believe it you would have no reactions. The Bible is a telegram from the Lord to vou. You read the part that says, "Your sins are moved as' far from vou as the east is from the west." If you believe that you 'are happy. If you do not believe it you are not happy. Neither are you alive. You are like the dead snag in the woods when ~he wind past through. You have no reactions, although it IS the same wind that the other trees felt. Suppose the telegram I send you reads, "Your mother has just past away. Come to the funeral". You would no doubt weep. But another man, receiving the same telegram written to him, would be calm and quiet; or turn pale. People would wonder why he was pale, calm and quiet. That is his reactions, or manifestations. Suppose I send you this telegram: "\Ve have just tound an oil well on your property. It is worth man v thousands of dollars per month the rest 'of your life." l\Iavb~ vou would . , clap your hands and jump! Maybe you would run and scream. But the other man, receiving a telegram saying the same thing, would be so happy that he would just sit and cry. It is the same message, bu t differen t pe rsonali ties react in different wavs. They do not have the same manifestations. \\ 'hen a whole group of people are together in a large audience, when a preacher is preaching, thev are all reu'iving some kind of telegram. They are receiving a message

from God. They all do not have the same reactions. Some laugh, some cry, some shout, some tremble, while others turn pale and shake. But everyone who is alive has some kind of manifestations. You know how you act \Vhen You Are Nlad. When my daddy became mad he laughed. He could laugh and knock a man down. When my mother became mad she cried. When some people are mad they turn red in the face. Others turn white in the face. One bugs out his eyes when he is angry. But my school teacher's eyes sunk back into his head about two inches, it seemed. That was when we knew we had better watch him! Some people can't move when they are mad. Some run; some run from you; some run toward you. Some people "sulk" when mad, and and will not speak a word for days. Others do nothing but talk. All these people are mad, but they do not act alike. They feel the same thing, but they have different manifestations. I know one preacher, who is bald-headed. When he becomes happy that old bald head turns as red as fire. Another preacher I know, when happy, his bald head turns white. Thev both feel the same but they act differently. When some children are happy they run and skip. When some people are happy they clap their hands and jump. We are all God's children. When we are happy we don't have the same manifestations. This makes me think of an instrument in tunc. You can hit all the strings the same, but they all sound differently. Just as the strings are tuned differently so the members of the church have different temperaments and different personalities. When God moves upon us, and we have manifestations, it is like music to Him. It is easv for us to , Act Like Other People. For instance I have twin brothers-in-law, who moved from Arkansas to California at about the same time. Within two years one was talking like the people in California. The other was not. After about fifteen years it is the same way. I believed, until then, that people acquired the California


expressions on purpose; but the truth of the matter is they db not. They unconsciously pick up the expressions others use. It is the same way in worshipping the Lord and going to church. I will confess that I can hear someone preach several times and I will preach almost the same \V~y before long. I don't mean to pick up their expressions, but it is hard to keep from it. \Vhen a man brings a message into a new part of the countrv. and has a revival, his converts act much as he does. They like him for one thing. Another thing, in some localities, they have never seen anyone preach, sing, or shout. So when they contact the power they don't know exactly what to do except to act the same way as their Spiritual Father. Many times they don't know that there is any other way of expressing their new found joy. So they form a habit of acting a certain way when they contact the power of God. Brother R. preaches with his hand on his. jaw and stamps his feet. He also says "ah" at the end of each word. \Vhen his converts began to preach they acted the same way. They put their hand on their jaw and stamp their feet and say "I love the Lord-ah; The Lord is good-ah; He has healed me many times-ali". So their whole sermon is that way. There is nothing wrong in that. Everyone acts some way. the only thing wrong is for one person to criticize another for the way he worships the Lord. In a good revival

We Had A Battle After about sixty people had received the Holy Ghost, and the whole church was revived, I noticed that things did not go so well one night. The people, who had been helping me, balked! They sat in the back and had nothing to do with the service, After the service, I noticed they formed little groups and talked. So I approached them to find out what was the matter. "Ever since YOU have been here," they said, "Old Sister . N. has been acting just like you. She interprets like you. She shouts like YOU and prays in the altar just as you do. The last time we had a revival she acted just like that evangelist. We don't believe there is any thing to her." I knew the lacly was alright, that she did not change on

purpose. They were wrong for criticizing the lady. God gav.e me a word of wisdom and showed me how to correct this thing. So we had the city's greatest revival. Action s of Y Gun g Converts are sometimes strange to us. The reason is they hardly k~ow what to do or sav when they first contact the power of God. Mavbe thev, hav~ not been in meetings before, or have been " awav from church for vears. I' know one man wh~ was converted and received a wonderful experience. He was so happy he took his old hat in his hand and ran up the road saying "Hurrah for Jesus! Hurrah for Jesus 1" But later on he began to act as the rest of the people. Just because he did that way was no sign that he did not have anything. He had the same thing the rest of us had, but did not know how to express it. One preacher said when he was first saved he began to jump and said, "Hot Dog, I've got it". He had just come from an arrnv camp and did not have the right expressions . But he had a good experience. . One night in Ardmore. Oklahoma a refined lady received a w()nderf~l experience with the Lord. It was all new to her. The next night she arose to testify and said, "Last night, I'll swear to God, I heard angel's wings". I explained to one lady ~how the Lord could S<1\'eher. She confessed her sins. Then she looked so surprised and said, "I'll swarm ie, I do feel something!" One man was trying to tell me how wonderful this experience was to him. He said, "It draws you closer to your fellow man, and to your l\llllighty Cod, By Golly!" He had a wonderful experience and was trying to find an expression to tell it but did not know how. In H(~clge, Louisiana two women were both wonderfully saved. Thev wanted to do something, but did not know how to express "this new Found joy. So thev started to hug my neck. I really had to get away. They were sincere, but had not been in church, and did not know how to express what thev had contacted. _, Manv people in church do All rrIley }{IlU1t' To ])0, One man was saved in a place where thev all handled



snakes. So when he was saved he immediately began to handle every snake he could get. That was no sign he did not have anything. It was a good sign he was sincere and was trving to do his best to serve God. So God took care of him .. One man read how Ezra in the Bible days shook his lap; so he began to shake his lap when God began to bless. Some people read in the Bible that the people clapped their hands for joy; so when they get happy they clap their hands and want everyone else to do the same. One man read in the Bible that Jesus said "Leap for joy." Every time he feels the power of God he begins to jump and leap. That is the sign he is a good man, that he has touched the power! Brother L. read in the Bible that the lame man was healed and went running and leaping through the temple and praising God. He feels everyone that is healed must go jumping, leaping, and running through the church house. He is a good man, just as good as the people who act differently. Thomas put his hands into the Lord's side, but John acted differen tIv. Neither of them criticized the other

our eves shut. So I told everyone that next time we should , . all shut our eyes and not watch him, but pra~,. The next time he started skipping around the altar we all shut our eyes and prayed. \Ve had been "in self" with our eyes "bugged out" looking at him, wondering if he was "in self" . As I was praying I felt like following the deacon. I went around the altar behind him! Soon all the church was following me. We were all following him. Twenty-eight people were saved and thirteen were filled with the Holv Ghost! It was one of the biggest revivals that little church ever had. I would like to tell vou whv there is a . New Church House

God U llderstamds If your child is hungry and sincere, you will give him something to eat, even if he expresses it in a different way than another one of your children. One time the pastor of a country church told me that one of her deacons was possessed with the devil. She said she was going to quit the church and not go back, because she was afraid of him. I did not want her to close the church, take out the light meter and stop having church, so 1 went out to see about it. She became so afraid of this deacon that she resigned the church and left. Since I did not want the church to close, I became their leader, although I was not a preacher at that time. This deacon's action were most peculiar. He opened his eyes wide and held his hands up a certain way. He skipped around the altar. Everyone put their heads lower and lower as they watched him as if they were ashamed of the man. I prayed and asked God to give me a word of wisdom. Finally the Lord showed me that we could see better with

In a southern town. I was in Malvern, Arkansas in a service station, which I owned at that time. I heard that a school mate of mine, whom I had prayed through to the Holy Ghost, was about thirty miles from there in a tent meeting. I knew that he was just a plow boy, and wondered how he could preach. The people of the town had made their brags that the Full Gospel people would never come there, they would run them out. The Full Gospel church had tried, but failed many times. They had well educated preachers from different parts of the country, but they all seemed to fail. I went one night to hear my friend preach. I must say he preached very well, but he did not have a very large crowd. People just wouldn't come. But that night I began to receive a blessing. I felt so good that I did not know what to do. I had not been saved too long. To express what I felt I ran and put my hands and feet both on a tent pole and slid down about three feet! You see, I thought nothing of it. The next day the pastor of a large church put out hundreds of circulars, warning the people of the town to stay away from that tent meeting, because the people down there were climbing tent poles! This advertised the meeting, something the plow boy preacher was not able to do. People came out to see! Soon scores of people were converted. Soon a nice church was started. Now they have a nice church house. ,


I went only one night. I would not advise anvone else to act as I did. I wouldn't sav that the Lord would tell YOLI to do that wav. But the Lord saw I was sincere and workt;d that
, ,

foolish thing out fer good, to confound the mightv.. '. I found in the Bible that the Lord told Jeremiah to put <I yoke around his neck. \ \ hen he attracted . the peoples attention he preached to them the message God had gven to him. \ Vhat would you think of a preacher today who carne running down the street with a con yoke around his neck? People don't all act alike when they pray. One time I read about Peter lying on top of the house to pray (Acts 10). I wondered how he did it. Our roof at that time "as so steep and sharp that no one could do that unless he tied himself up there. But later I found some flat roofs when I moved to town. I climbed up on the court house and laid down like Peter did and began to pray. Soon the sheriff ran me awa\, . I read how Daniel laid on his face on the ground and prayed. But after I moved to town I had to walk about a mile and a half every day to lie on my face on the ground. Then a man came along and ran me out of his pasture. \ Vhen 1 first moved to town I wondered how an vone , could live right, when there were no wooels ncar where he could go and pray. I had been used to lying in the woods and praying aloud. Sometimes people could hear me a mile. But later I learned that people could actually pray in their homes. kneeling, sitting in a chair, walking, praying in a whisper, or even praying silently! They all felt the same thing, but there were different ways to respond. In short there are diversities of manifestations, but it is the same God. People have different manifestations. In Different Towns \ Vhen I first went to Canada I felt they were nil backslidden, or never LaJ anything at the beginning. But after I had stayed there for awhile I learned they had the Holy Ghost and loved the Lord as much as the people in Arkansas. The only trouble is this: Some folk in Arkansas don't understand them. And the people in Canada (some of them) don't realize that God can work with people of a different temperament.
. .

The first time I went for a revival I noticed thev did not act like the people in our church. So I proceeded to make them all -act like the people in my church. Soon I was in court for disturbing the peace, with three lawyers, the city attorney and a judge. Then later on God helped me to see that the people who did not act as I did loved the Lord just as much as I loved Him. He was pleased with them also. After then, by the Lord's help, I tried to fit in with each church, instead of trying to make them fit in with my manifestations. In one town the people of the First Church do not like the people of the Second Church, because they shake, tremble, or jump in a different way. The people of the Second Church actuallv think the First Church is too formal because they don't jump as much as they jump. They think the preacher is cold and formal, because he does not jump O\Tf the pulpit, or turn a hand spring backward. One church is just as Spiritual as the other. There is no one at fault, but those people who criticize. One pastor told me he had five different classes of people in nne church. Each class criticized the other and could not understand it. All five classes had the same God, but there were different manifestations among them. A few were so narrow minded and self-centered that the" failed to see that the Lord was with the other group.

One time I was appointed a director over thirteen churches. I refused. I felt so badly that I went into a room and cried and prayed. I did not want to have anything to do with some of those churches, because I really thought they were worldly and formal. The fact was I had been criticizing them for not acting like the people of my church. To my surprise God told me to take the job as director. After a year they had not changed so much, but God had really changed me. I saw God was with them all the time, just as real as He was with me. They just did not act like I did when they felt God's power. I was the one who had been wrong for being critical. I have traveled in forty-five states. In each church I have to learn all over again, for in each church there are different manifestations. God understands better than we do.



I started from my home to a city in Pennsylvania. I appreciate the fact that the Lord gave me a dream on the way up and told me how to act. Had it not been for that I know the revival would not have been so great. God helped me to fit in with them instead of changing them to fit in with me. When I first went to Seattle, \Vashington I felt the people were too slow. But I could not change them. After twelve weeks God did help me to change so I could fit in better. When I first went there I felt like their services were dead. They sang songs that were so slow. But after a few weeks I saw they had just as much of God as I did. I learned to love their songs. In fact the songs stuck with me and became a part of me. \ Vhen I first went to Michigan I felt like criticizing the manfestations of those people. But before I did I heard the pastor's wife criticizing the people from my country. Speaking of our singing she said, "That is not God at all. That is rhvthm." Then God showed me their ways and our ways . " were all just manifestations, after both that oroul) and mv group had touched the power. We reacted differently . They have just as much of God as we do. Both groups are wonderful people. God can help us to be delivered from critical spirits. He can help us to understand each other. The people are good. I wonder how they do as well as they do, when there are so many different types of preachers. The people

sometimes, and criticize the other group. When some of the people at home leave and go to California they immediately go to a church. There they find good holiness people; but they do not understand whv thev don't dance and shout in everv service. Thev honestl~l thil~k they do not have religion. So they criticize the group and stop going to church. They, come back home in a backslidden condition! I am trying to say that dancing before the Lord is not power. It shows that you have contacted the power. It was David that danced before the Lord. He said so. It was alright, although his reserved wife could not understand him and criticized him for doing so. \Vhen I dance before the Lord it is because I contact the power, but it is mvself. I dance before the Lord. God does not make me do it. I'dance. God anoints me. David also believed in
~ .;".

Loud Noise.
He had a large orchestra, which could be heard many miles a"vay. There were harps, cymbals, high sounding cvmbals, stringed instruments, organs, and almost every intru, ment available. But Isaiah did not worship the Lord that way. Yet they both worshipped the same Lord. As far as I know they respected and understood each other. Some of Ezra's people shouted aloud for joy; some wept aloud. (Ezra

I know a wonderful pastor who believes in an organ, or a piano in the choir. He is very reserved. Another pastor close by, believes in a large orchestra, with almost everv kind of instrument. Thev, really, make the noise in his church. In fact they have both touched the power of God. One is as good and as holy as the other. God blesses both. The Lord thinks as much of one as of the other. Thev have both touched the supernatural. Thev react in differ~nt wavs. I formed the habit of preaching over the microphone. Without it I feel that I am doing nothing. I get louder and louder until I ruin mv voice. Brother D. savs he has a built, , in microphone. He does not need one. Brother C. feels like he is not preaching until the speakers are turned loud; \Ve all feel the same power. It is the same God. \Ve have many
L ,

Do \Vhat They Are Trained to Do.

The people where I was saved and filled with the Holv , Ghost, sang and danced when they felt the blessings of the Lord in the service. So when I was saved I felt really happy, so I danced. I still do sometimes. Many people from other parts of the country would not understand the people at my home who shouted and danced and jumped for hours at a time. Sometimes about two hundred grown people were dancing at once; There are no better people anywhere. No people are more sincere. But I find people who are living just as holy, and just as sincere, in other countries who do not dance) but thev have other manifestations, The onlv trouble \\ it h either group is that some of them get in the natural



kinds of manifestations. You have noticed how it sounds \V hen Some Foil< Testify. In one church the preacher told me if his members did not testirv and o.mcc each time they came to church they were oacxshuuct.. l-1e told them that. 1 hcv bel ic\ cd it. ')0 tnev tried to stay right with God. He tried to keep the III aU rigl1L He rerusecl to preach until they all testified. even it he pomted them out. A girl was saved not far from here. She heard other people testify and say, 'vvhen 1 was a sinner 1 did t'veryHung the devil wanted me to." So when she test.tied she said the same thing. it is not the truth, but she reels that ,. is tne way to testirv. She is sincere. She is' a goud girl. She uicrn't do everything Satan wanted her to when he was a sinner. One woman whines when she testifies, and tells all her troubles, about her husband, her children and her in-laws. She has heard other people do that. So she feels that is the \Vav . One man talks normal until he reads his text and begins to preach; then he begins a whine until he is through pre(l;_'hing. Then he talks normal again. \\ie all have our peculiar way of manifestations, but we do not criticize each other. That spirit would be worse than any habit we formed. It is the same God, but diversities of manifestations. Most everv_ church vou b into has a 00 _ Differe1lt \Vav to \Vorship One pastor keeps his people on their feet about half the time. Another pastor refuses to preach unless people say amen. One preacher has the people all to Sci)' glory. Then another w ill tell them all to clap their hands. One man has his people stand, and sit down, fifteen times in one service. Another man has his people raise their hands, put them down, put them up, let them down, put them up and put them down, during the whole service. All these ways are alright. There is nothing wrong. Tln all feel the same God. They glorify God with their body and with their spirit which are God's. Paul believed in clapping his hands. One man was as good as the other.

the Holy Ghost while I was lying Hat on my back saying, 'Glory, glory". \VelI, I received a good experience. I had my head in my sister's lap. After that I felt that evervone should be flat of their back, with their head in , someone's lap, saying "Glory, glory". But to my surprise 1 have found that thousands of people may receive the Holy Ghost without sa~ing 'Clorv, glory". Manv- hundreds of them receive the HoI\'- Ghost without 1\'. ing clown. They may be sitting on their seat. They may be standing. [ have stopped finding fault with them for not receiving this experience the way I did. Most of the people have been finding fault with the people that fall back on their backs under the power. Thev - feel the same. Thev. receive the same experience. It is the same God, working with different personalities. Men have different manifestations in

I received

The Healing Ministry,

In my church they all gathered around the altar and prayed for the sick person who was sitting on the altar. They would not stop praying, even if it took all the service, until the sick person shouted. That may, be the best wav. But I have learned that a man can be healed while shouting. He can shout and not be healed. He can be healed and not shout. He can be healed without sitting on the altar! I received the surprise of my life when I attended Brother F.'s services and saw him quietly pray for the people. They were healed without even shouting! One man shouts while he prays for the sick. Another feels they cannot be healed unless all the audience is shouting. In one place the people stand while they prophesy. In anothr place they raise their hands. In another place they shake their heads while prophesying. Some people shout and shake all over. But was I surprised when- I heard a most beautiful prophecy, by an old saint, who spoke with his eyes open, looking around, perfectly calm. God forbid that I would find fault with any of these people, who have all contacted the same power of God, who act differentlv. \Ve are part of the body. Speaking \Vith T01lgues is also included in manifestations. Some stand while speak,



ing. Some sit down. Other people shout while they speak. Other people shake their whole body and jerk! One woman walks and shakes her head. Many people hold their jaw. Others quietly speak with their eyes open. One boy speaks in tongues when he feels the power of God. That is the only way he knows how to worship the Lord. Regardless of when it is, he speaks. \Vhile the people are testifying; while the offering is being received; during the altar service; while the preacher is preaching; while the altar call is being made; or during the announcements, he talks in tongues! That is the only way he knows to worship the Lord. He loves the Lord and wants to worship Him. That is no sign that he does not have salvation. One preacher tells me it is the devil. Nothing could be any further from the truth. Nothing could be anymore unkind! It is not the devil. It is the boy that is doing the speaking. He has felt the Spirit of God and does not know what else to do! In one country , there are three hundred thousand Methodists and two hundred thousand Italians who are full of the Holy Ghost. But each group tells their people the other group is speaking with tongues by the power of the devil, just because thev, don't believe the same. There are Pentecostal churches today in this country, who teach that another group of Full Gospel people are of the devil, just because they don't join their church, or believe every minor detail. The real truth is they are afraid they will lose some of their members. The Pharisees accused Jesus or operating under the power of the devil because they were full of envy. It is amazing what envv, will do. As soon as Peter heard the people at Caesarea speaking he said they also received the Holy Ghost, as he did at the beginning, because he heard them espeak with tongues. He did not say he would have to watch them six months, to Sf't' , if they joined his church, or believed all he did, Of backslid. He said they had it then (Acts 10: 47). Anytime one speaks in tongues they have touched God even if they don't join your church. There is such a thing as a devil-possessed drunkard who may lie in the mud-hole all night, or in the road house. He may have a counterfeit, he
, ,


may murmur out something, but that is not tongues. But that kind of people are not usually in our Holv Ghost services. There is such a thing as speaking in tongues by The Human SlJirit. Paul said when he praved in tongues, his spirit prayed (l Cor. 14: 14). He spoke with tongues. Peter spoke with tongues. I speak with tongues. It is alright to sometimes start praying with tongues in your spirit and end up in the Spirit of God. It is a manifestation when you start. You finish with an operation (which we will study in the next chapter). If you don't believe a man full of the Holv- Ghost can speak with tongues anytime he feels the Spirit, in order or out of order, then vou should read I Corinthians 14. Whvdid Paul tell them when to speak and when not to speak? I know a wonderful woman, Sister S. who lives a wonderful life. When she comes to church she feels the power and speaks with tongues aloud, even while the preacher is preaching! She stops him at a high point in his message and speaks with tongues! She feels the power of God. She will take his altar service from him. If she would leave him alone he would give the same message and interpret it, or he would say the same thing in his message. He is anointed with the same Spirit .1S she. I believe that many times the Holy Spirit moves on someone to give out a message in tongues even while the preacher is preaching. God works it for good. I've done that manv times. But it should be an operation of the Spirit and not a manifestation only. Sometimes we feel the Spirit and we want to demonstrate a gift when God wants us to intercede in praver or have faith that God will operate a ,_ gift throuzh the other L' fellow.
, ,

Some of Our Best People

have manifestations at the wrong time, just 2S some of us preach at the time God wants us to prav for the sick, or maybe we pray for the sick when we should he preachina. God understands. \\'e should, There are some people also w ho vield lG temntation,

. -15-


through the week. They go into sin. Then thev come ill church. \Ve tel] them that Gn.1 is ready to forgive them. Thev ask and receive forgiveness. They speak with tongues. Theshout. They rejoice. \Ve tell them that God will forgive four hundred and ninety times in one day. God also tells us . to forgive seventy times seventy in one day. God forgives them for what thev did vcsterdav, but we remember what the" did last week. \Ve talk about that. \Ve are in a worse condition than the person that receives forgiveness. Some old Pharisee will point a finger in their face and say they are of the devil. Nothing is any more unkind. That Pharisee is not far from the unpardonable sin! They should watch lest they attribute the power of God to the power of the devil. Let's not be hard and unmerciful!

Some People JerI<

It is alright, if clapping your hand is alright. But too many people feel as the people did in a little church in Northern Arkansas. The state superintendant of the Assernblv of God went there to visit that church. Everyone got happy when they came to church. When they received a blessing they jerked. One carne around to Brother Burris the Superintendant and said, "Do vou have the Holv. Ghost?" , "Yes," he answered, "I have had the Holy Ghost for twen ty years." "You don't jerk?" the man said "\Vell, do. you have to jerk in order to have the Holy Ghost?" "\ Ve all jerk here," the man answered. \ Vhen Brother Burris checked into the matter he found that the preacher that brought them the message, at the beginning, jerked. They had never seen the other preacher-. to know how they acted. So when they felt God's power that is all they knew to do. So they jerked, because they wanted to please the Lord. This man should not have criticized Brother Burris and said he did not have anything from God. But when he did it was no worse than many people criticizing them for doing all they knew to do. Therefore let's not be to quick to pass judgement on -16-

people who are of the same body. Brother C. kicks when he preaches. Brother D. hits the pulpit. Brother H. hits his Bible. Brother Tl. screams. Brother \ V. whispers to make a point. Brother H. puts "ah" after each word. One jumps until he must change clothes after service, because of perspiration. All of us have manifestations if we have touched the power of God. God remains the same. The manifestations are different. I have two boys. One is twelve; the other is ten months old. W. V. Jr. knows by now when the car horn should be used and when it should not. Gale wants to blow the horn anywhere and evervwhere, even at the wrong time. But I understand. I don't scold Gale, for he will soon learn when to blow the horn and when not to blow it. God sees our intentions. He understands us. He does not scold us if we are sincere. He knows that as we grow older in Him we will come nearer to having the right manifestations at the right time.

Dormant Power
They say there is a lot of power stored in the atomic bomb. If it can be harnessed it can do a lot a good. All of that power that is going to waste can be used to operate the power that will do lots of good. It would be wonderful if we could use all the puwer which the Holy Ghost supplies in the best way. Devil's would be cast out. Blind eyes would be opened. Thousands would receive the Holy Ghost by the touch of our hands. The lame would walk. The universal revival would be on! The gifts of the Spirit would operate in the churches. The New Testament ministry would be here again! But we must be led by the Spirit in the little things if we want God to lead us in the larger things! He that is faithful in the least will also be faithful in much. \Vhen we begin to be led by the Spirit in everything, the gifts of the Spirit will operate in us. There will not only be manifestations, but there will be OPERATIONS, which we will explain in the next chapter.






The other night I attended a large church where hundredof people were waiting for the healing line. Thev were so disappointed, because there was no healing line that night. The evangelist just went back into the audience and "handpicked" certain ones and brought then: to the front. Then he appointee! two strong, men to catch them as the\ fell under the power. He had a hard time at first because the people of that church had been trained under a powerful minister who had great results, but had a healing service of an altogether difteren t type. This evangelist that night clashed with the people. About seventy-five per cent of the people rebelled against him. But he kept trying! He fought down the opposition and battled down the opposing spirit, until he had one of the greatest victories he had e\ cr had. People did not onlv fall in the front of the church, hut thev fell all over the house in everv isle! \\'hen he was through there were about seventy-five per cent of the people with him and about twenty-five per cent against him. Had he returned the next night aboutv ninety per cent would have been 'with him. How do I know? Because I have worked in several meetings with this brother. I understand the tremendous ministry God has given to him. There are diversities of operation of the gifts of the Spirit, including
~ l_ ."
, ,

Philip's preaching, People were healed from a distance as thev.. touched Paul's apron. Elisha refused to. even talk to Captain Naarnan. Elisha's servant came out and told him to go "jump in the river." One minister put mud, made of spit, into one man's eyes. \Vhen he washed the mud out he came seeir gl Brother N. forms a line and lays his right hand on pl'nple. Brother C. lavs his left hand on them. Brother 1. hits them hard. Hev. \V. knocks them down sometimes, Evanzelfst V. dances in the Snirit as he pravs for them. Brother E quietlv gets them by the hand and says, "I command this affliction to leave". Brother B. points them out in the audience and simply tells them that God has healed them. Rev. E. screams loud at the devil. Brother R. prays for them over the television. People are healed as Brother A. prays over the radio. I prayed for a woman the other night over the telephone. God instantly healed her of a ruptured eye ball 1 God heals people in all these men's meetings. The peope say, "I am of R", or "1 am of D". Others say the quiet type are their preachers. "Are nut they yet carnal and walk as men?" It is God that gives the increase. It is that one Spirit that does the healing. There are diversities of operation. God does not run everyone through the same cookie-cutter and demand they all act dike. God forbid that " any of us should criticize one man and try to pattern after another. God 'wants us to be original. Every man has his proper gift of God. I have learned that there are diversities of operation of




The \-Vord of Knowledg,

God showed Peter something after he was through praying on top of the house, as he meditated. Cornelius saw an angel in a vision, but Ananias was spoken to directly by the Lord. God made Samuel to know something as he was in conversation with an awkward country -, bov, \Vhile Paul, a prisoner, was on a voyage, he saw in the Spirit that the voyage would be dangerous. Another time the Lord stood bv Paul and made him to know that he should be of good cheer, that he should testify" for Him in Rome. The Lord spoke to Moses face to face, to others in a dream. To some He spoke to out of a cloud, a nre, a bush, a whirlwind, or by
~ L.

The Cifts

of Healing

"And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in JU" (I Cor. 12:6). It is a wonder to me that people change over to dif-fcft'nt types of ministers as Vi/ell as thev- do. , James anointed with oil and prayed for the sick. Jd!1l laid hands on people and prayed. As Peter walked down the street people were healed as his shadow passed over the m. People were healed as they came in hearing distance of


voice. S()llwtilllCS an angel or a stranger \\'()uh~ bring CI Illcssa?,c from Cod to people. One time d yOLing BdpList boy told me that the Lord spoke to him ill a loud \ oic(_' and told him to gu til a cert.rir: cit, he had never heard of. He found that cit, ancl went to it 'CInd had the greatest revival in it's historv' .[he other clay J was traveling on il plane \\ hell [ tell asleep. I saw my SC\ ell-months-old haby pick LI P a bottle stopper and put it into his mouth, and start to s\\ a111)\\ it' lnstantlv 1 awoke and prayed; \ Yhen 1 returned home 1 \\ as telling m~' wife about this. She said at this same time ,H horne she looked around and sa" the baby pick lip the bottle stoppC:'rand start to swallow it 1 She qu ickix caught it and pulled It out of his mouth. God speaks in diverse manners (Heb. 1:I) . There are diversities of operations of

st ill small

The \V()ft! of Vi,/isdoJll. In a vision Gud did not orilv. show Paul that he should 0 11(J to Home, but He showed him \VHY he should ~~().r\t one

time God showed Paul, while he was Hide awake [i()\V he should go. One time Elisha cailcd for a minstrel. \ Vhile the minstrel played the hand of the Lord came upon the prophet and showed him how to win an important battle. He told the people to make the vallev, full of ditches. All plans failed to stop a church disturbance by \OUI1\) " 0 boys in a certain church. \ Vh ile I was at the altar in pL.I) cr God gave me the solution to that problem. But most of the time i receive the \Vord of \Visdom in dreams. \Vhile wide awake I received the \Vord of \\,jsdom the other day, when my wife called me home. A backslidden preacher lady was in our house. She had planned to commit suicide that morning by turning on the gas in her home. In distress she looked at me ane! asked, "Do vou think I can ever get back where I once was?" "I don't believe yOU can," I answered. Then anxiously , she asked if I thouzht she could ha ve the JOY and the anointing she once had." "You will never get back where you were," 1 said, "You will never be the same again". You should be be b (dad if the


Lord forgives you and takes you on to Heaven". \\1hile I was talking the power of God hit her. She was saved, filled with the HoI\' Ghost, healed of a serious disease, and delivered from smoking, as well as a lust devil! I did even have to pray. Had I prayed with her and svmpathiz-xt with her this woud not have happened. This solution would not have worked in the next case. There are diversities of operation of Discerning Spirits. At one time Paul let a fortune-teller follow him about three days before he discerned the spirit that was in her. As soon as Peter saw Simon the Sorcerer he knew he was full of th devil. One night in a dream 1 saw a lady in a certain town who was full of the devil and was about to vield to a suicide de_, 1110n. 1 rushed to that town to help- her. 1 saw her delivered. Another time I did not have time to wait and receive this information in a dream. \\le had to do something suddenly as we saw a lady during the altar service fall on her back and kick her feet into the air. God made me to know suddenlv .. that it was the devil. We sent a woman to stop her at once! We all know there are diversities of the operation of The Gift of Tongues. This gift is described by the Holy Spirit as "diverse kinds of tongues." One speaking with the gifts of tongues may be speaking in a foreign language or a heavenly language. \Ve may pray with tongues, bless with tongues or sing with tongues. Paul did all three (I Cor. 14). Several people may praise God at one time as at Pentecost, or one at a time may give out a message. I like to pray or sing with tongues outside the church, many times in a whisper. It builds my faith (Jude 20). Many people have not learned this . Some people preach with tongues and then interpret. \Vho are we to say they are out of order 'when God says there are diversities of operations? The reason some don't know how or when to speak with tongues at church is that they don't speak with tongues at home.



are diversities

of operation


, Interpretation (~tthe tongues which have been spoken. Some speak in the first person as jf they are takitfg the Lord's place, as "1 am coming soon. Prepare to meet me". Others use the second person, as, "The Lord is coming soon. Get reach'." Others speak in the third p~rson, 'The Lord said that H~ is coming very soon. We should be prepared." One man has a better vocabulary than others. Reverend .B. may speak a message in fifty words when it would take seventy-five words for Mr. C. to tell the meaning of the same message which has been spoken. An interpretation, as tongu~s~ may be in the form of preaching, praying, singing, or praIsmg God. One man says he sees the message written in gold just above his head. Others receive it a word at a time. One time after I had pastoreo d fine church for f ve veal'S I told the people I was leaving but I did not know ,,:hich would be my last night. Then after we had a wonderful service one night, the Holy Ghost dismissed us in an unknown tongue. When I interpreted it I saw that was the last service I would ever conduct there. And so it was! The interpretation was not only a dismissal of that meeting, but of my services at that place, The other Sunday in Tulsa a lady came and asked me whv I did not interpret her message. In fact I had, but she did na't recognize that it was an interpretation. There are four different ways to tell the meaning of a message, by revelation, by knowledge, by prophesying, or by doctrine (I Cor. 14:
b.) .

The Gift of Interpretation. i~ not translation. It is telling the meaning

on his way after David. Eldad and Medad prophesied in the camp. Mary and Elizabeth prophesied at home (Luke I). Hannah prayed a prophetic prayer (I Sam. 1). One night God gave me words which I spoke out in prophecy. I warned a man not to leave the house because of suicide spirits. He left and blew his brains out with a shot gun. The Gift of ,\1iracles are operated in different wavs. Peter merely spoke to Dorcus. She arose from the dead. Elisha stretched out on the widow's son. He arose from the dead. Jesus cried with a loud voice and called Lazarus to life. Paul cast out devils after three days of patience. (Acts 16). Another time, to save a soul, he struck a man blind suddenly. (Acts 13). To have waited three davs would have , been disastrous. Moses stretched out his rod. Elisha stretched out a stick. One man used an ox goad. Jesus stretched out his hand and the storms ceased! \Ve prayed and prayed for the Lord to save our tent, which He did. Another time, without prayer, I spoke the word and a lad" was struck dumb. Brother \\1. slapped a man down and he was delivered from a tobacco demon. God led me to pinch a man's tongue for the same results. He was instantly delivered from tobacco! Some people lay hands on people and see them filled with the Spirit. I shook hands with a lady the other night in Kansas City. She was filled with the Holv Ghost instantlv!- All , the people were filled with the Holy Ghost while Peter was preaching. (Acts 10).


The Gift of Faith

may work in many ways. One, night I saw a man, in a dream, delivered from cigarettes. I carried that assurance to church the next night and sa..v that same man delivered. \Vhile worshipping God one night 1 received the assurance that exactly 50 people would be saved. That night after church I asked how many were saved. Exactly fifty people held up their hands. On a plane I was praying for people to be healed when God showed me a certain lady who had a paralyzed eye ball.

~llay be gIven in second, or third pc rson. One message mav be in twen tv-Ii ve ",' {)~h~ty won~s: It may be in the form of praying, preaching, smgmg, praISl1lg. or in spoken words in anv form. It may speak of past, present, or future incidents. It m ax be to ex'nurtlO,n or comrorr. U may be given by men, women, boys or glr~S, Pr~ache::,s or lay members may prophesv. It rnav be out of the d-;~':-CI1or in .he church. \Ve see Saul prophesving C'> _
-, ~


The Gift of Prophecy cnverse manners. It mav also be in the first,

-, ...






I prayed through for her and carried the answer to church. That woman could see fine print with the eye that was totall" blind, l~nother time, while I was praying the Lord showed me that a blind lady would be healed. \Vhen she came forward the Lord instantlv opened her eyes. She wen! home and cancelled her pension check. The welfare woman came and tried to get her to keep her pension. She thought she would lose hersight again. But she did not know. The ladv shouted and told her that it would not be right to keep a blind pension aIter she could see. As we wait upon God in prayer he can drop the assurance " into our souls. \Ve can have t I1e service 1I1 t he "bag " alreadv when we arrive there. In fact every good service is settled in God's mind before the people arrive at the church. In Paul's church "when thev came together they already had the victor". Thev saw the gifts operated. They saw pcople deli vered." .. I believe the greatest revival of all ages is Just ahead of us. Let's be prepared for it. Don't criticize a minister ?eCallSe he does not work like others. There are diversities of operations of the gifts. 1 want each one who reads these lines to breathe a prayer that 1 will have a part in this coming visitation of God. Then contact me and let me know vou prayed. And I'll pray that God will use you.



DEMONSTRATIONS. A few weeks ago my wife asked me if 1 wanted to see vacuum cleaner, which a man wanted to show us. 1 told her that we had a very good vacuum cleaner, that 1 was not interested in looking at it. But when 1 found that it would help a friend I consented to listen to the salesman. \Vhen he came to our house on the appointed night, all of his talking did not sell me the machine. But he did more than talk. He started the motor to that machine and begun to clean our rug. With my own eyes 1 saw him take dirt out of our rug which our vacuum cleaner had just left. Then he showed us how the machine would renovate the mattress, shampoo the rug, wax the tile, and a dozen more things. 1 found that it would wash my head, take the danrduff off my head, sharpen my knives, clean my car seats, and paint the house. It would clean the chrome on the car! When the man was part of the way through 1 said, "I would be crazy- not to buy that". So we have it now, using . it each day. . All of his talking did not sell me the vacuum cleaner, but when he showed me how it worked I could not deny it. I could not help seeing that it was worth the money. RealIv, , he demonstarted it to me. In short, demonstration is to teach by example. It is the act of showing or proving; to prove beyond a doubt. ]esus Demon strated. He began to do and teach. He first performed a miracle or healed the sick and then told the people about it. Luke said, "The former treatise have 1 made, 0 Theophilus, of all that Jesus began to do and teach." ( Acts 1: 1). He began to do and teach. He has not stopped yet. He is the same todav. If He is alive He can do the same work He al'ways did. He proves Himself alive by many infallible proofs. brothers said to Him, "For there is no man that doeth anything in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known




openly. If thou doeth these things, shew thyself to the world. " Jesus said that He did not do anything in secret. He ope?lv demonstrated the power of God. He said that the works bore witness that He was from God. One time Jesus was called to heal Lazarus. \Vhen he arrived Lazarus was alreadv, dead! But Jesus always comes in nme. He did not stop and give the people a discourse on the ability God had to raise the dead, and quit at that. He cal~ed Lazarus back to life. That resulted in several people being saved. Whv? It was because they had the proof right betore their eyes! . "Then many of the Jews which came to Marv, and hac! seen the things which Jesus did, believed on him." (John 11:45). The whole ministry of Jesus was the same. \Vhen people saw His miracles the~ believed on Him. The signs followed His ministry. Jesus healed the Nobleman's son at a distance, \Vhen the father went home and saw the son, he accepted Jesus, because the power of God had been demonstrated to him! "So the father knew that it was at the same hour, in which Jesus said unto him, Thy son liveth: and himself believed, and his whole house." (John 4: 5 3). That is the wav Jesus won people to God. I remember how

demonstrated the cars to people. I learned that a demonstration sold more cars than hundreds of sales talks. Demonstrations saved me much talking.

1 Sold Cars I could talk mvself almost to death, but to no avail. The people didn't seem to be convinced. Then I simply said, "Get in this car. Sit down beside me. Shut the door." I started the motor; I drove away slowly. Then I began to pick up more speed. \Ve went down the highway, quietly and smoothly. I put on the brake, turned around and went toward the river. Then I slowlv drove up a steep hill in high gear. There was no need in talking then, for the prospect could see what the car would do. He sat on the cushions. He felt the riding comfort for himself! He did not remain a prmpect very long, for he soon became my customer. For man" years I 'owned the car lot. For many years I -26-

Demonstrations of the Spirit. He did not spend all his time telling people how wonderful the Lord was back in Elijah's day, or in Moses' day. He did not take the people's precious time telling them how God worked a few years back, in Peter's ministry. He proved to the people that the Lord's name was "The Great I Am" and not "The Great I Used To Be". "And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in DEMONSTRATION of the Spirit and of power". (I Cor. 2: 4 ) . That is the reason people wanted the power of God. Paul demonstrated it to them. He showed them that it worked! He did not wait until church was over and let the people slip into his office for a little prayer. He did not let them go home and then slip privately into their homes and pray a little prayer with them. He said, " ... for this thing was not clone in a corner." (Acts 26:26). He declared that it was not hid from the kings. God said for us to make known His deeds among the people. He did not say for us to just make known His words, but His actions! Paul returned and told how the Lord had worked through him while he was on his missionary trip (Acts 14: 2 7). At one time Paul found it hard to win the deputy of the country to the Lord. Preaching in itself did not do it. But when he demonstrated the power of God before him and struck Elymas blind, "Then the deputy, when he saw what was done, believed, being astonished at the doctrine of the Lord". (Acts 13: 12). "Then all the multitude kept silence, and gave audience to Barnabas and Paul, declaring what miracles and wonders God had wrought among the Gentiles by them" (Acts 15: 12) . It was after the jailer at Philippi saw the power of God demonstrated that he said, "What must I do to be saved?" (Acts 16 : 30) ._ Seeing the power of God demonstrated caused him and his whole family to be converted. Paul told -27-

his church members, "But if alJ prophesy, and there come in one that believeth not, or one unlearned, he is convinced of all , he is judged of all: and thus are the secrets of his b heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth." (I Cor. 14:24-25). Through the gifts of the Spirit Pastor Paul demonstrated the power of God. If Paul should visit one of our church services todav he would not pay much attention to our testifving or preaching. He wculd' look for results. "But I will c~)lne unto vou shortly, if the Lord will, AND \VILL KNO\V, not' the speech of them which are puHed up, but the power. For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power" (I Cor. 4: 19-20). Peter Demonstrated the power of God wherever he went. He did not go clown to Aeneas' house and give them a long discourse on a research he made of how the power of God worked years ago in the by-gone past. He did not try to convert them to a doctrine, an oraganization , or denomination.' a creed, a ritual, a form, cerernonv, or a religion. He demonstrated to them a person! "And' Peter said unto him, Aeneas, Jesus Christ maketh thee whole: arise, and make thy bed. And he arose immediately." (Acts 9: 34). \ Vhat did the people do when they saw the power of God demonstrated? Thev immediately wanted God in their lives. "And all that d~velt at Lydcla and Saron saw him, and turned to the Lord." Peter was called down to comfort some people who were weeping over the dead body of Dorcas. Instead, he went there and spoke to the corpse, and said "Tabitha, arise". She opened her eyes and looked at Peter. Then she sat up. "And he gave her his hand, and lifted her up, and when he had called the saints and widows, presented her alive" (Acts 9: 41 ). \ Vhat effect did this demonstration of the power of God have on the people? They wanted the God that Peter had, because they saw that He was the God of the Bible! "And it was known throughout Joppa; and they believed

the Lord". That means manv people "'CIT savccl ! Su ppOSt' Peter had gone down there and prcachccl ;1 com, forting sermon, about the power the Lord had. but 11;1(1not demonstrated that power. \\'ho woulcl have wan tcr] :1 CO(I that had no present power? The POliN of God delivers from sin, sickness, and devils. The powcr of God convicts people. How can we expect sinners to step ()1I[ ;ll1d come to the Lord jf t hev don't see results or if the\ feci no power of Goel? \Vhen we start a revival we should first pra\' until all the house is filled where we are sitting, :.:IS it was OIl the clav, of Pentecost. All of the saints should receive a re-tillinu. Then " the next step is to see that all the saved people arc filled with the Holy Spirit Baptism. Then God will begin to perform miraces of healing and deliverance. The sinners will become so hungry they will \\ ant the power of God. The icc will have alrcadv been broken. Thev can come to the Lord easilv then! \ Vhen the power of deliverance is there thcv are not far from the Kingdom of God. \Vhen Simon saw that the power of God was given bv the hands of Peter he also wanted that PO\\,{:'l" to do the same. A few days ago we went to a church for a few services. One of the main members sat in the rear of the house and criticized. She said that church did not need healing services. She said they needed some real hard preaching as Brother H. did. The next night she was so sick she could not come to Church. One the following day she came to be prayed for. That night she was in the healing line. The next step she was helping pray people through to salvation and tile Holy Ghost. It is the power and Spirit of God that convicts the sinner. It is the Spirit and power of God that delivers them. . \Vhen you go to church you should Eat Like You Are Hungry That will make some someone else hungry. All the graveyard stories did not scare me or bring me to God. But when I saw my sister enjoying the blessings of God I became hungry and came to God. She demontrated God to me. If we want people to know that Jesus is alive let's show

, , "



them that He can do the same works as He did while He was living. "What did 1 say in my sermon that made you get saved tonight?" an evangelist asked a new convert. "I don't remember anvthinz 0 vou said," the man answer, , eel, "I came and accepted the Lord because of the life a woman lived. 1 saw her pass my house each Wednesday evening, regardless of the weather, going to prayer meeting". 1 heard that a man was riding down the road in 3 T. Model Ford , when thev, first came out. An old farmer, who had never seen a car, thought it was something trying to kill him! So he picked up a big rock and started to kill it! The wise old man, who was driving the "Model T., threw on the brakes and stopped! "This won't hurt you," he explained, 'in fact, you will enjoy riding in it. See how soft this seat is. Get in, sit down on this soft cushion. I will let you see for yourself." The old farmer would not do it for a while, but soon he became more bold and stepped into the Model T. The driver cranked it, stepped in, pulled down the gas lever and the spark lever, mashed on the low clutch, let down the emergency brake, and then finally let it go into high gear. At first the old farmer, with long beard, was afraid. Finallv he actually ' began to enjoy that wonderful ride. They soon , were traveling, at the unbelieveable speed of twenty miles per hour! Suddeny the driver started to stop. The farmer said, "Please don't stop. This is wonderful. .Keep going." "No, I must stop. There is another man who has a rock, fixing to kill this car. He thanks it is something trying to kill him. I can explain to him also," said the driver, "then he can get into this car with us and enjoy this wonderful ride.'! The farmer, who had been smiling from ear to ear, wit]: his long beard flowing to each side, did not want to stop, Hehad forzotten how someone had demonstrated the car to o him. He cared nothing for anyone else. So he said, "Just run over the old Fool." Many people today do not care anything about demonstrating the blessings of God to others. They just want to sit and enjoy what they have. They will preach to them, but

they are still afraid to accept the Lord. If we will stop and pick ur the sinners; if \\<.' will let them see and feel the pmver of God in our midst; if He wil! let them see people delivered from sickness and sin; if we will see that this thing is not clone in d corner; it' we "ill make known the Lord's deeds among the people; if we will stop criticizing others for the way they worship the Lord; then the sinner will want what thev- see in action! \Ve cannot cr iticize a sinner for not accepting our message jf he does not see the power of God in ~lLti()l1. Just last week in Bastrop, Lou isiuna a Baptist Ll(h s;!\\ people delivered right before her eves. Suddcllh she was . filled with the Holv. Ghost, as ~ldn the i\lothcr tTceiH'd this experience; she pulled off that old neck bruce. Her broken bones were healed from had to feet! She had -ccn Brother Halls, who had been totallv blind in one eve for fifty-seven .. years, see perfectly with that eye. She had seen the power of God demonstrated. I want more of God's power. I wanr to have a part in this coming \','orlcl-\Vide New Testament lic, iv.i] which is just ahead. If you do too, please write and tell me. I want to put )!OU on my rrayer list. And I know you will pLly for me, and help me get this message into the hands of the mu ltitudr-.

50 Cents

50 Cents

50 Cents

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by W. V. GRANT




For 7~ per day you can have this deliverance library of 60 assorted titles' of faith books. That is the price of a cold drink, a bar of candy, or a funny book. You are responsible to your children, or your folks, to secure this literature on the sign gift ministry. Keep these books in your home and never separate them. The Lord said that this .ministry must be published into all the world and then the end will come. We should have as much zeal as the Jehovah Witnesses, Christian Science or the communists. The communists took 450, 000, 000 people in China by the printed page, they are making inroads into most every nation, including America, through the press. They have printed enough books to give three to eacl person in the world. Help me get the true Gospel out. I never use anything I get from books for myself. w. V. G ant


~'u{rf.'firi~~"trt' i .
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aid Sil .


w. V. Grant: Faith Clinic, P. O. Box :353, Dallas 21, Texas ..

I am interested in your correspondence course. Please send me your sixty faith-building books at 50~ each. I understand that I will receive a First Year Certificate on the Deliverance Ministry after I read these sixty ful l gospel boeks , I understand that I may pay for this whole library at 7~ per day, or $2 per month. Name Address




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