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How you may Have power to Heal the sick!

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Life has again come back into the tree. The limbs, the shoots, and the leaves have new life in them. Jesus said that we are the branches, that He is the Vine. As His life comes into us, as we are filled with His divine nature and virtue, we bear fruit for Him. (John 15). With this tree, organism is more important than organization. A dead tree may be organized. A dead tree may have pulpits, pews, and pastor, and still be putrefied, petrified, and paralyzed! The Church is likened to a vine tree. A vine tree grows and sends forth new branches. It brings forth fruit in its season. It has roots as long as the vine. It is well established. It stands the winds and the storms. Some trees bring forth four crops of fruit in one year. While the ripe fruit is yet on the vine the green fruit is coming on. While some churches are having revivals there is more material getting ready. They have three and four harvests each year. The vine tree is not good for wood. About the only thing it is good for is to bear fruit. So it is with the Church. It is not good for clubs, or entertainment. It should be busy bearing fruit. "What is the vine tree more than any other. . .? Shall wood be taken thereof to do any work? Is it meet for any work?" (Ezek. 15). A Complete Tree When the tree was complete the sap was running perfectly through every branch, twig, and limb. The fruit was there. There were nine fruits of the Spirit in the Church. "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; against such there is no law" (Gal. 5:22-23). (See my book "The Fruit of the Spirit".) The Church also had nine gifts of the Spirit, when she stood as a complete tree at the beginning of this dispensation. "For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to




another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; to another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; to another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues" (I Cor. 12: 8-10). (See my book on "Spiritual Gifts". ) A Strong Church There were a few Jews from every nation who were gathered at Jerusalem. They were there for the feast of Pentecost , which thev had observed for many hundreds of . years. But this time they saw a strange sight! A most peculiar noise came from the upper room. Scores of people were up there, who were boldly praising God. They were the followers of Jesus of Nazareth, who had recently been crucified. The people began to gather near the upper room! A crowd draws a crowd. So the larger the crowd became the more people flocked out to see what was going on. Some mocked. Some said they were drunk. But the people who lived there and knew these people, knew they did not drink. So they looked on in wonder and amazement! \Vhat were they doing? They were speaking of the wonderful works of God. Suddenly one of the Parthians heard one of those disciples speaking to him in his own language, saying, "\Vhen you go back to your country, be sure and tell everyone you see that Jesus Christ arose from the dead. He lives! He can do the same work He once did." Soon Mary, the one who had seven devils cast out of her, spoke out and addressed the Medes in their language, "All you Medes: If you will repent and give your heart to God, He will save you and fill you with the Holy Ghost. You can go back to your own country and evangelize your people. You can pray for the sick and see the miracles performed that followed the ministry of Jesus." Mary, the mother of Jesus, spoke out to the Elamites, in their own tongue and said, "My Son, is really the Son of God. He is alive forever more! He will prove it by doing the same works as He alwavs did. He can save and heal you - go back and carry the message if yOU will repent. You can to vour country. " Thomas spoke out boldly to the people from Mesopo

tamia in their language and said, "I did doubt, but now r know that Jesus is alive. I put my hands into his side. I saw the scars in his hands. He spoke to me. I saw Him ascend into the heavens. He is coming in like manner. Prepare to meet Him." James must have spoken out to the people from Cappa docia in their own language," Repent of your sins. Jesus is the Christ. You can carry the message to your own people if you will accept Jesus as your Saviour." Then the men from Pontus heard a fisherman talking in his language, praising God for His wonderful works, because He sent His Son to die for the whole world. I think several of them gave their heart to God right there and prepared themselves to evangelize their country. The Asian language was spoken by some one. The people from Asia stopped and listened! "That is my own language. Has He studied our language?" Some one explained to them that this fisherman had never even mastered one language, much less learning others. They became convicted! The choice delegates from the Jewish synagogues from many different countries were there. Men were there from Phrvgia, Phamphylia, Egypt, Libya, Rome, and many other places. The Cretes and Arabians heard people speaking to them. They stopped! They took notice. Conviction seized their hearts when they heard someone speak to them, "Jesus is alive! He can do miracles today. He is coming again. Go and tell all the people in your country. He died for all peC?ple. The Holy Ghost is to the Jews, Gentiles, and all their children, and to everybody! Get right with God and carry t he message to your coun try. " Since the message was in other languages, I may not be right about the exact words they spoke, but that is the meaning of the message they brought. For Peter arose and spoke in the language that all those Jews could understand and told them the same thing. They repented of their sins. They must have carried the message back to their own country. It spread from nation to nation! Not all of them repented, but three thousand of them surrendered in one day and five thousand in another! That made eight thousand, not including those who gave their


heart to the Lord day by day. They were ALL filled with the Holy Ghost. (Acts 4:31). Many of them were from other countries. The vine tree was loaded with Gifts and Fruit. The works of Jesus were made manifest. Jesus told them, if He went away and sent the Holy Ghost that they would have the power to do the same works that He did, because they would have the same anointing that He had. (John 14 : 12 Acts 10: 38). He was walking amongst His candlesticks. Both Jews and Gentiles surrendered and gave their heart to God. Peter went down to the Household of Cornelius in Caesarea. While he was preaching to them they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and acted just as they did at Pentecost. Philip, who was not one of the Apostles went down to Samaria, where Jesus met that woman at the well, and preached to them that Jesus was alive! Devils were cast out. People were saved and healed! Then they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. Ananias, who was not an Apostle, not even a preacher that we know of, laid hands on Saul of Tarsus, who was a fighter of that Pentecostal way, and he was filled with the Holy Ghost! Saul went down to Ephesus and laid his hands on John the Baptist's converts. They received the Pentecostal expenence. Things began to move on! The blind saw. The deaf heard. The lame walked. The streets were filled with sick folk on beds and couches. They were healed. People went everywhere preaching the Gospel, the Lord confirming the Word with signs following. People were healed as they were laid in Peter's shadow. Handkerchiefs and aprons were carried from Paul's body. Devils were cast out. The disease left! Signs, wonders, and miracles were the normal procedure of the Church. There were no barren branches. The vine tree was well rooted and grounded in the faith and in the power of God. The Church was in existance for people's deliverance.

Pastor Palmerworm
"That which the palmerworm eaten. (Joel 1: 4) .

hath left the locust hath

Joel foresaw this in prophecy. It happeened as he said. Pastors took over the church who did not believe in the power of God. The harvest perished, because joy and gladness left God's house. (Joel 1: 11-14). The people failed to fast and pray. They did not see the need of intercessory prayer. There developed "isms" and "cisms" among the people. Some said Paul was their preacher. Others decided that Peter was the man; while some cleaved to Apollos' church. (I Cor. 1: 11). There was no stress put on the gifts of the Spirit. People did not obey the command, "Desire Spiritual Gifts." So gifts began to disappear! They became few and far between. The leaders began to try to legislate the power of God. Formality, popularity and pride crept into the Church. The Holy Ghost leadership gave way to methods, rituals, and ceremonies. The gifts were picked off the vine tree one by one. Pastor palmerworm replaced them with education and degrees. They laid hands on people, but with no results! The people had to go elsewhere for help .. T~e me~ ,,:,ho had the power of God and the gifts operatmg in their life, were replaced with men with charming personalities who had talents. They finally discarded healing meetings altogether. Oh yes, they prayed for the sick, but they wanted until their services were over. Then they would take them to the prayer room, or pray for them quietly as the people rushed out of the church. Beds, couches, and cripples were no longer seen in the streets, waiting for a touch f~om the risen Jesus! Finally the palmerworm pastors crept mto the homes and "comforted" the sick, telling them that perhaps that sickness was a blessing after all. There were people who were still being saved, but the Pentecostal fire did not fall as in the days of yore. The gifts were regulated until they were regulated out the back door. People who manifested gifts, were counted in the "back number". They had a "better way". A "palmer" was a pilgrim to the Holy Land, who brought back a palmbranch. But after the days of the palmerworm there were no more palmers, who could do as the delegates at Jerusalem, who brought back a ~eport of the Pentecosta~ experience. They could no longer raise a palm for Pentecost.
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A palm was used as a symbol of victory (Rev. 7: 9). But now we see no more palms being raised in the churches. A tree breathes through its leaves. When the leaves are eaten off, life itself decreases! Litt. D. Locust You know how thick grasshoppers can be sometimes when they strike your harvest. They can cover the earth. They can do a lot of damage. It has been known that locusts have been so thick that the sun could not be seen for them. That is the wav the , theologiallocusts struck the Church. The view was obstructed from the Sun of Righteousness. They drew attention to themselves instead of Jesus. They devoured the harvest. The people in those days demanded higher education and greater personalities. They had a few conversions, but a very Few! The fire almost stopped falling. They said that the tongues, which was the evidence of the incoming of the Holy Ghost, was really not necessary. They denied that tongues was the evidence. They told the people to be careful, lest they get the devil while they were seeking the Holy Ghost. They made Flapper Fannie, who could sing specials, and dress worldly, feel that she had more than the Holy Ghost saints. Therefore, Flapper Fannie took over, so the Holy Ghost saints did not have anything to do. They felt that they had not been to church when they went. These Litt. D. locusts stopped preaching on the Holy Ghost. They preached a modern, up-to-date gospel. They made light of the old fashioned tarrying meetings. They completely destroyed the leaves and the tender branches on the vine tree. They made the altar workers afraid to work in the altar. They even mocked the way they worked with seekers, until they lost their anointing and became bound in the Spirit. These leaders almost quit even mentioning the coming of the Lord. They gave way to parties, Christmas plays, and suppers in the church. Instead of sending for an old fashioned Holy Ghost evangelist, they sent for some evangelist who had been taught by one of their own group, in their own training-schools, which turned out thousands of locusts like themselves. They advertised singing evangelists, popular preachers, or educated revivalists.

Locusts (Rev.9).

are a plague.


are a type of the devil

Cankerworm and Ca,terpiller " ... and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten ... " (Joel 1: 4). The cankerworm works on the branches and tender shoots and bezins to ruin all the fru it on the tree. Up' until n~w the tree has lost the gifts, ?ut the fruit vet remained, but now the cankerworm works 111 a way that the fruit is ruined. That is the way the church final1y became. As the cankerworm-leaders took over the church sometime after Pentecost, they let down the standard. They told the members .that it was not so bad after all to look like the world, act like the world, and even smell like the world! These leaeders quit preaching holiness and sanctification. The consecrated life was replaced with a life of worldliness and pleasure. The standard was finally dragged in the dirt. Love, unity, and joy fled from God's house. There. was no rejoicing in the Spirit. People cared nothing for their brethren. Hospitality was not heard of anymore. People rented all their rooms, so the visiting preacher had to rent an apartment down town. . . The sap of the vine tree had been consumed '. The water was gone! The unsaved came inside; for since the JOY of the Lord left, you could not tell who was saved and .who was not. Since the standard was let down, and worldlmess crept in, all people looked and dressed according to style. Since you could not tell one from another there was no way of telling who was backsliden and who was not. So the chu~ch book was filled with names of unregenerated people. 1 he leaders began to tell the people they could live like they wanted to and yet be saved; they could not be lost regardless what they did. Then the angels bowed their heads in shame as they looked upon the dying church! The world became so "churchy" and the church became so "worldly" that you could not tell them apart! , There were no more tarrying meetings or intercessory prayer! There was no one to stand in the gap and make up the hedge. They had a name but they were dead. They had no jail-services or street meetings. 8eing slain under God's

power was a thing of the past. They locked hands with Mrs. \Vorlel and became popular, while the angels again folded their wings and blushed! Caterpiller Follows Cankerworm , Poor Brother Cankerworm was voted out, for the people felt they needed "a change". The deacons began to order their "kind" of preachers to please the people. They voted Brother Cankerworm out and Rev. CaterpiIler, Ph'.D. in. He really changed things! " . . . and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpiller eaten" (Joel 1:4). He ate what was leftl Can vou picture the vine 'with worm-like lava hanging all over it. They have made their webs. The tree is full of webs. The leaves are gone! The twigs are gone! The gifts are gone! The fruit is gone! . The young converts are gone out of the church. There is no fasting or seeking God. The branches are becoming all unsound. The webs of methods and forms are coverincb the vine tree! The caterpiller of carnal education made a nest in the trunk of the tree. Organization took the place of organism. The testimony meetings became a thing of the by gone past. The people met together, but it seemed more like a place of entertainment, a dress-parade, or a show. A dead tree does not have manifestations. If the wind of the Spirit ever passed through there was not enough life to feel it. The caterpiller began to nest in the trunk of the withered tree for the long winter that was coming. These catcrpillers were leaders. There in that nest also was the machinerv for politics, church trials and church splits. There was no oil of love anymore to oil the murmuring machinery. The murmuring members were no longer lubricated with the oil of gladness. All that was left of the Church was a membership and a handshake, which reminded one of a lbdge. Thev even changed water baptizing to a sprinkle, or omitted altogether! There remained only

gone. The salt had lost its savour. There was a great night time! A blanket of snow and ice covered the universe. There seemed to be no Sun of Righteousness to melt the cold, frostv, frozen earth! , This was the period of the clark ages. The atonement was denied. The doctrine of hell was laughed at. The Virgin Birth was explained away. The songs about the blood were discarded. Jesus was counted just another man! Then, of all things, the people were so "highly educated" they depended on their own righteousness, instead of the righteousness of Jeslls. They seemed to think they could save themselves. They finally became so "righteous" in their own eyes they began to do penance. Men and women by the teaming thousands punished themselves to become more righteous. They locked themselves in dungeons. They did without food (there is a difference in fasting and praying and merely doing without food). They walked on glass and burnt themselves with hot irons. They whipped themselves with whips ; some of them even crucified themselves, or permitted someone to hang them to a cross. Many of the "holy" church leaders slept on wood or stone instead of a bed. There is one note of encouragement! There is one ray of hope! The vine tree was not plucked up by t11eroots! Regardless of the long winter of the dark ages, the roots remained in the soil. You see, Sampson's hair was cut off, but it was not pulled out by the roots. It began to grow. His strength remained. His greatest work was in the future! The church was backsliden. The angels folded their wings and bowed their heads as they looked on the sleeping giant, but God had great plans in the future.


The winter

A Dead Trunk time was long. The light of the \Vorlel was -8-9-


"For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it "ill sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. "Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stuck thereof die in the ground; "Yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant" (Job 14: 7-9). The 'Vater of Life is not all gone! Through this water , Iife can be brough t back into the tree! If vou live in a local church which seems to have died , be sure and remember this. Stay with it; it "ill bud and gro\\ av.un! Be there when revival comes; for it will come! , Just as the rrophet Joel foresaw the Church devoured by the pest of carnal leaders, he also Foresaw the tnue when Cud would send a great and mighty revival in the latter tunes! This will be a revival of rcstorution. God said He would restore ALL that was lost. In the same chapter which God said that He would pOlL out of His Spirit upon all flesh He also said: "Be glad then ve children of Zion, and rejoice II; u.. Lord your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down fur vou the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the [irst month (the first month is the harvest month). "And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the fats shall 0\ crflow with wine and oil. "And I will restore unto YOU the vears that the locust , have eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the pal11l( (worm, my great army shall I send among you ... "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pOllr out of my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy ... "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and terrible day of the Lord -xnue" (Joel 2:23-31). You see what will take place just before the sun turns


to darkness, just before the moon turns to blood, just before the Lord comes. God will restore all. Just as the Church did not loose her power all atonce, so she will not regain all her power at once; but she will regain all. She will repent and do her first works over.



was used by the Lord to help restore the years which the CATERPILLER destroyed. It was in the seventh centurv that Luther received a revelation from God that "the just shall live by faith". He began to see the finished work of Calvary. He no longer trusted in his self righteousness, but in the righteousness of Jesus. He revolted against the idea of self sacrificing and suffering. He gathered together a body of blood washed people and began to teach them about the true meaning of the Atonement. He led the great Protestant Reformation which has caused millions of people to break from the bondage of the superstition of the terrible dark ages. For this cause Luther and his followers received

Plenty of Persecutions.
Jesus said that the servant is no better than his Master. He that lives Godly in Christ Jesus shall receive persecutions. \ Voe unto you when all men shall speak well of you. This band of people in Luther's time was severely persecuted and falsely accused. They stood firm in the severe testings. God began to raise up an army of people to help in his work. There appeared such men as Fletcher, Calvin, and many others, who believed in a born again experience. New life came into the roots of the vine tree. The routs of justification began to grow in the soil of righteousness. Satan became more angry at those men and women who saw the light! It seems that he sent every demon in hell at them! But God had men who stood unto death for the Truth. They were martyred right and left. The sword was stained with human blood! Church people grew more angry, pressed with the demon of envy. It was the same envy that forced the religious people to crucify Jesus Christ. People were hanged in public squares. Irons, red hot, were pushed into the eyes of saints. Their backs lined with


gashes. Salt was put into the wounds! Christians were beheaded and thrown into caves. This revival could not be stopp:d because it was of God. The Church grows on persecutions. It dies when it's friendly with the world. Persecutions can't stop God's work any more than a little doc's barking can stop the moon fro~ shining! So the Church moved on! New sap and new life came into the vine tree. Her branches began to reach out in every direction. Organism took the place of so much organization. People had burning testimonies. They rejoiced in the Spirit. They began to enjoy church services. The tree had manifestations again, as the wind blew through the tender leaves. The altars were brought back into the church. The body of Christ became united again. People stopped fighting cad1 other and began to worship together. The church machinery became lubricated with the oil of gladness. God said that the years that the cankerworm had destroyed would be restored also. So He raised up such men as

number more than ever! The Christians were driven to prayer. The all night prayer meetings caused people to be slain under the power, and renew their consecration! The people of the old line Protestant church said, "God has done all He is going to do. We have all God has. You people are fanatic." They tried to build a denominational fence around the blessings of God and fence it in. Thev wanted everyone to join their group in order to receive God's goodness and revival spirit could not be fenced in. It kept spreading! God's power fell like water. Finally a universal revival spread under the leadership of

John Wesley to restore what the Cankerworm had destroyed, which was consecration and holiness. This was a group which was separated from the world more than the other group. Thev had a higher standard. They went deeper in prayer. Each" time a . local church let down the standard another group was called out, until God had a working Church a called out people. Prayer meetings and street-services revived. New life caused the tender shoots to come forth! People were slain under God's power. They made restitutions, which denoted a true revival. Thousands of people were swept into God's Kingdom under the mighty ministry of Charles Finnev. " This brought More Persecutions than ever. Those people who tried to streamline the church marked the people who were called out for God. . Among these peculiar people was a man by the name of William Booth. He walked in the light and was persecuted by his church brethren. People were stoned, imprisoned and killed. They grew

The Holy Spirit With no certain human leader it seemed that the Holy Ghost Baptism began to be poured out all over the world about the same time! It seems no one can trace it back to the beginning. In fact a few people were baptized with the Holy Ghost in the days of Wesley and Finney. But it has become almost universal now! God used Evan Roberts and others in the Great Welch Revival. Many thousands of people were baptized with the Holy Ghost, with the Pentecostal experience! Thev spoke in unknown tongues. God restored the vears that the " LOCUST had eaten. He said that he would restore all. Then the revival fires began to fall in India, China, England, Canada, and the United States! How it did sweep the nations! In Muke, India a groLlp of Hindu girls received the Holy Ghost and spoke in perfect English, which they had never learned. They said, "Jesus is corning very soon." They said that God was going to pOLlrout His Spirit upon all flesh. The harvest month was on. The latter rain began to be poured out. This happened about the beginning of the twentieth century. Since then God has been continuing to pour out His Holy Spirit Baptism on whosoever will. In these years the called out ones have received Powerful Persecutions. The church people who had a wonderful sanctified experience have rebeled, stuck their feet in the ground, like a Missouri mule, and balked. As a result they have dried up on the stem! They have refused to walk in the light,

saying, "Our grandfather's church is good enough for me". Thev sav it is not for them today, that they have all God has for' the~ll. They want to stay in the Locust Church. They have their special meetings, special songs, and special speakers. They fight and foam at the mouth! They loose their their sanctification fighting for sanctication! They call our experience "wild fire and hypnotism" but it is the Holy Ghost fire and Baptism! They say it is false teaching fanaticism, and excitement. Thev sav thev want the fruit, but not the gifts. The fruit came on the tree back in their day and they are very zealous of it. They preach, "Faith, hope, and charity", and so they should. But friends, we are not teaching gifts without love, we are teaching love with gifts. The tree must have both the nine fruits and the nine gifts. The Bible teaches, after it says "faith, hope and charity" - the verv next verse "Follow after charity and desire spiritual gifts", but our religious fighters seem to teach it, "Follow after charitv and despise spiritual gifts", (I Cor. 14:1). \Ve believe in sanctification as much as anyone in the world, and practice it, but we do not discard the gifts. Som.e folk sav they believe in the gifts, but they show the people the ba~k door who start to manifest them. They preach love, but Jesus says if we love Him we will keep His commandments and receive the Holy Ghost. His commandment is to not depart until you are endued with this power from on high (Acts 1: 4- 5). He told the Apostles to teach everyone to the end of' the world to observe what He commanded them to do (Matt, 28: 20). "If ye love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray the Father, and he will give you another Comforter, that he rnav abide with you forever" (John 14: 14-15). Th~ fighters must move on with the cloud, or they will loose out and be left behind in their LOCUST churches. They put up their umbrellas of criticism, their rain coats of unbelief, or their boots of fault-finding, while we get out and get soaked with the latter rain! They can't stop God's power from being poured out anymore than you could stop the 1\'1 ississippi river with a broom. Sweep all you may, God's power continues to fall and will

continue to do so. God's people will be strong exploits! God has moved on a whole

and do




Group of Mell who have heard the call of God. Some of them are plowboys and saw-mill workers. But thev know God's voice and God's leadings. Through these men and women, God is restoring the "ears the PALMEH\\,OHl\l has eaten. Some people say, "Yo~ should onlv seek Jesus". But Jesus bestows the Holy Ghost on us. The HoI\' Ghost bestows the gifts of the Spirit. God's commandment is to "Covet earnestlv the best gifts". It did not sav "Fight the gifts of the Spirit". I appreciate the roots and the trunk. I thank God for the branches, the twigs, and the leaves. I love the fruit of the Spirit. I know that we need the firm, strong limbs of holiness and sanctification is a must. \\'e can't do without them. I know we need the leaves of manifestations. I preach the fruit of the Spirit as much as you do. But while God is seeking for matured, ripe fruit, He also needs the gifts of the Spirit in order to deliver the people who are bound by Satan in these evil days. Remember that Satan is also having a revival ill order to possess men and women. Jesus is coming after a church without a spot or blemish. He is coming for a full grown church which is matured. The Church is not going out with less pO\\'er than it had when it came in. In this perfect Church without blemish God does not want any sign of cankerworms, locusts, palmerworrns, or ca terpillers. Don't fight the thing that will deliver you. Don't stand stiffnecked and grow cold and formal as the Pharisees did in the early Church period. Don't let popularity hinder yem from making the preparation. Don't build up denominational walls of opposition. You should recognize all the members of the bod" of Christ. Bv one Spirit we are all baptized into one bod" . God has raised up a band of Spiritual Men Such men as \Viaglesworth, Ritchev, Price, have gone b on to be with the Lord. But evervtirne one is taken to heaven, two takes his place. God has an army of "come outers" who are fasting and praying. Don't miss the boat. Don't
, ,


build walls of opposition. God will leap the walls. He will find a people who will carry the message to all flesh. The Lord is using the foolish to confound the wise, the weak to put the strong to shame! Go on to God's best! It is just in the future! You must realize that it is for you, or you will never seek after it. The Lord is going to have His number. If vou refuse to walk ill the light; God will find a people wh~ will go on and carry the message. He will have a hold the fort, but we'll storm the fort! God said that He church as terribe as an armv with banners. \Ve will not would restore unto us all that was lost. New testament days are just ahead! '- ;;;:;:':':;-'-,::::.:-:-~:'-':;? ~,-.-' ::"'.-:-:-_
:_'_',_,:,-;.: -~ ,~.';'_'-:

Chanter III -


By Evangelist


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By Ev!>ngeliJt .

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In Luke the 19th Chap. and the 41 st verse we read: "And when He was come near, He beheld the city and wept over it, , saying If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hidden from thine eves. For the days shall come upon thee , that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side, And shall lav thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; al~d thev shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou' knewest not the time of thv visitation." Here we have a tremendous passage of scripture, for Jesus had come to a climax in His ministrv.. He came to the verv . people that He had ministered to. He had healed their sick, He had cast out devils, He had done things that no other man had done. He had walked among them not only as the Son of Man, but as the Son of God. He had caused the blind from birth to receive eveballs that thev could see. He had caused the withered limbs to stretch out and become whole. He caused those limbs that were so deformed that only a miracle of God could restore them, and He spoke the word, and as He spoke it, those limbs came back into existance, as thev were when God made man in the beginning. The people had no reason not to believe in Jesus as the Son of God, but as He came to this part in His ministrv He looked upon a city that had rejected not only Him but all the prophets that God had sent their wav. It touched the heart of the Master , as he looked upon the city of sin, a city that had rejected her hour. Tears began coursing down the pure cheeks of our Lord Iesus, and He began to wcep before God. 1 believe His bodv was soaked with tears, I believe that His soul was - anguish. I believe it was similar to the crying He filled with had in the Garden when He said, "Oh, Jerusalem, how oft would I have gathered you as a hen gathereth her brood but ve would not; henceforth "our house is left unto you desolate."


He goes 011 that was coming LI pon them and he said it is all because thl'\ dio not rccognilc their dav of visitauon \\'e art' in an huur of visitation from Cod toduv. This is not a r(:'\1\<11 of Churchanitv: It is a revival of the pc)\"er of the Son of the ,-\lllliohtv God, Thi" rc\ ival did not come throuch crcat th('oJ()lrl~IlS' . ;:, b ,_l .. , It did not COIl1(, because the church just joined it: it came because C1 group of reel-hot hearts began -to lone a l t.-r the FO" cr of God, They were tired of the Formalitv ;f the hour and bcgcll1 to seck after the li\ ing God until th~ fire and the power of tilt' resurrected Son of God would fill and thrill their souls, Tlu began to walk like the men of old used to walk when jesus was real to them. On (10\\'11 through the historv of the Church, God has ordained that th hour is coming \\ hen the \\ orIel will nccivc her last chance and the Church will be restored to her former glory. God one dav took Abraham lip into the mountain and said, "Ahruh.un. you look East, \\'est, North, and South, and l'\'(.:'rythillg ~()u can sec, I han: given it unto thte." I believe God h;1S taken the Cburch up and has asked the Church to look l\:orth, South East. and \\'esl and even thing she sees hib hccn given by the Spirit of GmL God h;ls in His \\'ord a lot of things that the Church not onlv doesn't teach, and doesn't practice, but a lot of good people have never e\'('11 hl':l rd it preached! One of the sad things of this hour is not (In lv that the fundamentalist people hd\ ,~' not heard the full gospel, but some of us so-called full gospel peope h<l\c Jlc\er heard a message on the gifts of the Spirit, how tIll'\ O]1C'Llte, and how to receive them, and ",helt will make th(,111 \\\Irk, and huw we can have the pO\\'(:,'r of the re\'i\ aJ that (,{H! has ordained to come!

The Day Of V isitatiou in Luke -i I to tell us of the desolation

Tlze HL'Jlil'alls Here I was in :, ccrtain cit\ not long ago and a preachL,[ that h,ad been tht'l'l' for many yell'S ,,'as talking to his cOlH,:regatIOn; he said there will be no more revivals. He didn't expect anything! But \\T set the old tent up there and hJd the greatest rC\'i,,11 that city has c\'er known! \\ hile he silt in his little offill', haring no revival, God sent a mo\'e ()f the Sl~irit of God, There arc milliuns of people who will !lCTCr taste of the glory of this great out pouring of God's Hoh'

Spirit because they do not believe; but I want vou to know that God has always had a remanent that w~uld believe Him. He didn't have many in the days of Caleb and Joshua. He only had two men who had enough faith to come back and say "\Ve can take the land". \Ve've got a group of people saying, "We can't do it." But, I am here to tell yOU that we can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth us! This is no time to talk about the negative side of things. This is no hour to think we cannot do things. Let the weak say, "1 am strong!" It's high time the church of the Living God became like an army with banners. It is time that we became mighty as men of old! The gates of hell will never prevail against a full-gospel Pentecostal empowered church that is full of the dynamic power of God! Jesus said when you receive the baptism of the Holv. Ghost vou will receive , power! That word power comes from the Greek word, dunamis. \ Vhen the little sick woman touched the border of Jesus' garment the virtue went out of Him and that word virtue is "dunamis". "Dunamis" went out of the Master and people were healed! And Jesus said, "That's what I'm going to fill you with !" That is the reason we can lav hands on the sick and they will recover. He filled us with healing virtue! \Vhen you put your hands on the sick, if vou have been to the upper room and you have "dunamis", you can give them what you have! He said, "Yes, I say unto you, he that believeth on me the \\'orks that I do shall he do also, greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father." He goes on to say, "I'm going to pray that the Comforter will come. The world can't receive Him, but vou know that He is with vou and He shall be in you!" Haflelujah! He said, "I am g~ing to give you the power to do my works! Jesus said, "I'm going to give you what I have! As the Father hath sent me, even so send I you!" John savs, "As He is, so are we in this present world." Again we re~d, how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the HoI" Ghost and with power, who went about doing good, and healing all manner of sickness." Jesus said, "I am going to give \'OU what I have!" , \Ve have been sitting around talking about what we llsed



to have, talking about what Peter, James and John had. Paul would love to be where I am right now! I promise you one thing, Peter, James and John would love to be where I am! My Bible say we preach this gospel by the Holv Ghost sent down from heaven, which thing the angels desi;e to do! God said the angels look over the boundaries of 1:1 , because alon' we have a Holy Ghost Ministry. This ministry is given, not to creative beings, but blood-bought children! Future Move of God "Dunamis" is what the world needs! You ask if vou can receive it without talking in tongues. No! When you get it you will talk in tongues! That's what is wrong with the church now. She has been trying to get something without the evidence of it! You will never have the evidence until you have the first part of it. And when you get the first part of it you will get the rest of the evidence! \Vhen you get the tongues then you will see the signs, wonders and miracles and that is what the world needs, the power of Pentecost. I am here to tell you that God is going to let a free portion of His Spirit hit this earth that is going to crack denominational barriers and bring the greatest move of the Spirit of God that the world has ever dreamed about! Peter received it, and after he received it he decided that he would use it! In the first chapter of Acts Jesus said, "You are going to receive "dunamis" when you get the Holy Ghost. In the second chapter Peter received "dunamis" and in the third chapter he started using it! He looked at a lame man that had never walked and Peter said, "Look on us." Look on these modern preachers. What do you see? Everything but "dunamis." I want you to know that when Jesus left He said, "I will give you power." He said, "As the Father sent me, even so send I you: behold I give you the power over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you!" And Peter said, "I've got something to give to you! Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk!" Some of the power of Pentecost went from Peter into the lame man. 'The lame leaped and walked! That same power is with me right now!

The Keys of the Kingdom

You won't get this in the modernistic world. You won't get this in the fundamental world. You won't get this in the dead Pentecostal world either! God is not looking on the name of your church. He is looking on your heart! God didn't look for theologians in Elijah's day. He just looked for somebody who had a heart hot enough that he could speak to and they would obey. Elijah reached into his pocket and pulled out the key that God had given to him. He locked heaven for over three years! He turned the water off! Fortytwo months later. Elijah said, "Here is the key, I'll unlock heaven." Jesus said, Behold, I will give unto you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Elijah knew what this key was, md knew how to use it. He turned the water off! And when he turned the water off he didn't turn it back on until revi val came! When revival came then the rain came! When some of you old deadheads begin to pray through I am here to tell you God will send a "gully-washer" of Pentecost! Jesus said to the Jews, "Y Oll are going to be scattered abroad because you didn't know your day of visitation." In A. D. 70 the Roman Empire, marched into Jerusalem, revaged the city, killed their women and children, and scattered Jews to the four winds of heaven. Jeremiah 34 tells us how the prophet predicted that they would become a problem, a taunt and a byword everywhere they went and that has fully come to pass. Not only that, but thank God, Isaiah looked down through the telescope of time and saw them being scattered. Then God revealed to him that one day he would bring them back again. Isaiah 11: 11 says, that God will set his hand again the second time upon the outcast of Judah and restore them to the land and bring them from the four winds of heaven, bring them out of all places and bring them back into their own land! Before they were ever scattered the first time God said, "I am going to bring them back!" In Isaiah 39: 6 the prophet said they would be carried away to Babylon, but already he had prophesied the second return. Before Jesus prophesied of their second captivity or the second scattering, Isaiah prophesied that God would bring them back. God is taking the Jews back to their own land. Ezekiel 37 tells us that when they went back they


became one nation, not two, but one nation, and there would never be two nations again. They are one nation. They are waiting for their King to come! A Double \Vork in the Earth God is doing 2 double work in the earth today. He is doing the work of taking his natural children back to their natural land, but I want you to know that God is taking his Spiritual Israel back to their natural ,yays. God is restoring to the church evervthing she had in the bcainninv o God is restorinz 0 0 to the Jew everything they had in the beginning and God is restoring to his church everything she had in the beginning. The Jews were scattering for some hundreds of Years, until the turn of 1900. About the same time the Jews began to go back in larger numbers, in the same year, in an upper room, in Topeka, Kansas, a young woman with her heart raised to God, along with about a half a dozen, or a dozen others, received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and began to talk in tongues as the Spirit of God gave her utterance. There in that upper room, in Topeka, Kansas, that revival began to spread down the State of Kansas, over into Arkansas and from Arkansas down to Texas. In Orchard, Texas a colored man by the name of Solomon J. Seymour heard the glorious message of Pentecost. He took it to Los Angeles in 1903. In 1906 in Los Angeles the fire of God was falling. People were receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues God began a latter rain revival that was to open the door for all the gifts of the Spirit tp be restored to the Bod" of Christ and to open the windows of heaven to pour out; blessing that they could hardlv receive! Then the church , began to move in the direction that God had ordained, into all the world as a witness unto all people and to preach this Gospel that Jesus began with. That was the beginning! The Jews began to go back and God began to pour out his Spirit. You say that is a coincidence. But wait, let me tell vou some more "coincidences".

said this is the wav he wants it all one, He didn't sav because vou have a doctrine, He said because yOU love one , another. And in 1913 they began to have divisions, splits and controversies. Soon they began to split their splits. Nearly every church was either a split or a splinter! They changed their experience for a doctrine instead of a red-hot revival. You say, what are vou? I belong to the Church but I don't belong to a sect. I belong to a certain denomination, but I don't have a denominational spirit. It is good to belong to an organization as long as you don't have a denominational experience. I would rather build the Kingdom of God than a denomination. M y first obligation is to the kingdom of God. Then to my denomination. If I were going to get a soul saved I wouldn't ask him if he would join my church first. I would get him saved and let him go wherever he wanted to go. I believe evervbodx ought to want people in their church, but I don't believe that is the prime purpose. First get them into the Kingdom!

God Begin: to Move

So things began to settle in the church and pretty soon the church was getting about half backslidden, She began to coast, and the revival began to \\ ane. The J ews began to slow up and along came World \\ ar I and still they didn't want to go back. Then came \ Vorld \ \ ar 11. After they got a little bit of persecution, they decided they \\ ou ld like to go back. It was in 1946 that they began to move back again. It was in 1946 that God began to Ln a foundation of prayer and fasting for this revival we arc in todav. In 1947, in the Spring of the year, the greatest group of Jews ever to go back to Palestine at one time, were started off the coast at a harbor, and it took them over three months to get off the boats. That was in the Spring of 1947. It was in the Spring of 1947 that an angel appeared to a little man by the name of Billy Branham. Just a coincidence, you know! Just a coincidence! God is doing a double work! He is restoring the church and He is restoring what she lost! He is restoring to the Jew what they lost, and He is restoring to the Church what she lost! He said, "Billy Branham, I am sending you throughout the earth." Brother Branham started preaching, Along about the same time God spoke to another fellow. It ','as in the Spring of 1947 that God spoke tu Oral Roberts!

Splits and Splinters

Then they began to slow up. Along came World \Var I about that time. There was no such thing as a denomination of Pentecostals, they were just Pentecost. There was no Foursquare, Assernblv of God, Church of God. Thev were all together. They just trusted in the power of God'- Jesus


Mv isn't this a coincidence! Isn't it funnv- what God did in 1947 in the Sp;-ing of the year? Just a coincidence! Things don't just happen with God. And as God raised up those men, others began to follow. Soon, the whole church that was dead began to rattle like Ezekiel's boneyard when the prophet of God began to prophesy. And the old church that couldn't get a crowd found out the crowds were coming. People began to gather, and they began to come in from every angle. They started making some noise again! You know the first sign of revival is noise. You may like "blessed quietness," but if I want that, I can get it in a cemetery. I never did like "blessed quietness" because I don't believe that is \\ hat the house of God is for "blessed quietness." 1 believe we ought to have a hallelujah chorus there! I think anything that is alive ought to make some racket. I believe that if you are dead vou can't make anv racket. Some people shout and other peo-ple don't shout because they don't have anything to shout about. But thank God, some people have a shout because thev know who thev are shouting about. Snirit ual Gifts Restored Roberts began and Branham began and over night thev became internationally known men. God began to move and God becan to raise Ul' other men, Brother Osborn, Brother b Jackson, Brother Gardner, Brother Grant, and a host of other men. God began to move in their lives and draw them and till them and endue them with power. I don't believe this is a new doctrine, the gift of healing and miracles and so on. The Bible said that God had set them in the Church. In Ephesians the 4th chapter we read that God has given apostles, has given pastors, evangelists, teachers, and so on, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, that we may all come into the unitv of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, that we might come into the fullness of the knowledge of God, or that we might be perfect in Him. He tells LIS what those gifts are placed in the Church [or, and whv there are officials placed ill the Church. It has been a long time since we have heard any real preaching on that. In I Corinthians 4, God tells of the beautiful nine gifts of the Spirit. There are not many Pentecostal preachers that ever preach on it. The Bible is God's revealed will to man.
--2,"l-4 -

The gifts of the Spirit are God's expression of Himself in the Church. Goel expresses Himself through the gift of His \Vord. It is God's will to man, but God is not like the gods of the heathen, God is a talking God. God is a hearing God. God is an acting God. If you have the nine gifts of the Spirit you have a complete expression of God. And if you don't have all the gifts of the Spirit in the Church you don't have a complete expression of Almighty God. You will never get all the gifts until you get the Baptism of the Holy Ghost; for you can't get the gifts until you get the giver of the gifts!

God Expresses


God is a talking God and He speaks through the gift of tongues, the gift of divers kinds of tongues; the gifts of interpretation of tongues; and the gift of prophecy, the three gifts to speak. There you have a talking God! God is not only a talking God; He is a thinking God. You have three gifts of thought. You have the gift of the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, and the gift of discerning of spirits. There vou have an expression of God's thought life. And God is not only a talking God and a thinking God, but God is an acting God. He has three acting gifts, that expresses God's actions; the gift of faith, the gift of working of miracles, and the gifts of healing. God has spoken to my heart. One day while I was praying God said, "Son, I am about to do a work in the earth, unparalleled. This generation is going to receive the greatest outpouring of the Holy Ghost that the world has ever known! God is going to restore those gifts of the Spirit into the body of Christ. The power of God is going to have a free flow into the lives of God's people, until the Church becomes a church-militant with a vision of the supernatural. She's going to have the feet that will walk where Jesus has walked; she will have hands that are used like Jesus' hands; she will have the mind of Christ; she will have the power of God; she will have the burden of Christ and she will do the works of Jesus! He said, "Greater works than these shall ye do!" Do you know why he said greater? He said, "Because I'm going to do two things; first of all, I am going to go up to heaven, and when I sit down at the right hand of the Father there I am going to become an intercessor as I sit there. The moment I sit down I am going to send the Holy Ghost in my place, and

you go to Jerusalem and wait there for the power. Don't you get out of that place until you get what I'm going to send back for you." On the dav of Pentecost, when it was fullv come, there came a sound frcrn heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the place where they were sitting. There appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them, and they began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. And Jerusalem had an awakening. People began to come around and watch the disciples burn. Peter said, "These men are not drunk, but that which was spoken by the prophet Joel has come to pass." Acts 2: 33 said that God fulfilled the promise of the Holy Ghost!

We have been half-baked professors today, but God is going to fill this body of Christ with his power and banish doubt and unbelief until nothing shall be impossible unto her!

The Power of the \-Vord \ Vhen God sent Jesus He gave Him all power in heaven and earth. Jesus used the power that God gave Him. He didn't pray for the sick, He commanded the sick to get well. He spoke the word, and His word had such dynamic power that sin had to take its flight! To a man who was blind He said, "Go to the pool of Saloam." He went and he came back seeing! To a leper who came to Him and said, "If thou wouldst thou canst make me clean," He just said, "Surely I will," and the leper was cleansed! He spoke healing to the leper. He spoke deliverance to the man with the withered hand. He rebuked the fever from Peter's mother-in-law and she was well. He told Peter to go fishing. A fish jumped on his hook and there was enough money to pay taxes for both of them. \Vhen He got ready to walk to the boat he didn't have to have a motor launch. He just spoke to the water and it stood out like pavement. He was soon walking on the water! He knew that His Father had sent Him, that He had the power that the Father had. He said, "As the Father hath sent me, even so send I you!" Jesus rebuked the wind and waves and the elements obeyed Him because He was the , Son of God. They had to obey Him because He spoke like God Almighty. But Jesus had laid aside His diety. That was not God talking, it was the Son of Man. He was doing the works by the Holy Ghost and He said He would give us the same power to do His works. He said if you believe on me then the works I do vou shall do also! -26-

The Harvest T ime Hosea spoke of these days. In Hosea God speaks and tells us of the former and the latter rain. In the book of Joel God said, "I will restore unto you the former things." He went on to say that He would give us the rain in the first month, the former and the latter rain. The former rain means to teach a rain, and I believe we need to teach a rain even todav to restore some of the lost flock into the church. And the l~tter rain is the harvest rain. That's what we are getting todav. He said that He would give us the former and the latt~r rain. If I know anything that is two rains. And he said in Joel He would do it in the first month. The reason that I believe He is going to do it in the first month is because the \Vord of God said that God will do a quick work in the earth and reign in righteousness. Except the days be shortened there would be no flesh saved. The 'world is dying while the Church has that power of plenty to give her what she needs. And we sit in our seats of enjoyment while the world has gone to hell. We have taken our money and bought beautiful cars and fine homes and everything else that we want and let the heathen perish. Joel said in the last days that God would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, but in Joel 2: 23 he first speaks of a restoration. The church will never go to all the world until she is restored first of all with the power to go. Secondly with the vision to see the " need and then with the power and the vision, she can do something! Upon All Flesh Somebody said last night, "Don't get excited and don't go too fast." No doubt that was good advice but let me differ just a little bit, for everybody that will go forward for foreizn missions there will be a hundred of them that will sit behind. \Ve don't need to be pleading with people not to go to missions; we better be pleading with them to go to missions. If a few of them go wild and win a few souls, I don't think God will get mad at them. If you don't feel led to preach and you go out to win a few souls for God, I don't think God

will get mad. If He gets mad ask Him to lay it to my credit. Joel said that God would pour out His Spirit in the last days. God is bringing the Jews back to Palestine. They are back there now! Where before there were onlv a few hundred thousand, now there is over two million. God has done the greatest miracle of all; it is the greatest growth of any nation under heaven in the shortest period of time. There has never been anything like it happen in Israel because God is taking her back. But I am here to tell you that there has never been. anything such as has been going on in the Church since 1947. Somebody says it is dying down now. You are wrong, brother. The Spirit of God in me tells me it's going to get bigger all the time. Joel said there would be Restoration of the Spirit of God upon all flesh. All flesh has never had this outpouring. It has never been completely fulfilled. Someone said there is one hundred million sheep that have not been herded. There is a lot of flesh there. God said He would pour it out on all flesh. How can God pour out His Spirit on all flesh? How could they have the Holy Ghost when the Bible says you have to get cleaned up to get the Holy Ghost? How can they have an outpouring of the Spirit until they have heard about the Holy Spirit? How can they believe until they have had the word of faith preached to them, for faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God? How can the revival come until you and I take it to them so they can hear and believe it is real? But this revival is to take the Church and to fill her with the glory of God, restore her physically and send her out into all the world. We have got enough power in the men of the church today if we will give ourselves to God and dedicate our lives to Christ and get ready for a move of God's Spirit to capture all the worldto pray for all the world to give to all the word. I tell you this year can be the most glorious year of the Church of the living God since she has ever existed. We can see more healings 'and the greatest revival that America has ever known if you and I will go back to Calvary and be filled with the fullness of God's power. God Can Use You James tells us that the coming of Jesus is drawing near! While I was fasting and praying, one morning God spoke to me and He told me that He was going to pour out His

Spirit in a greater meaure. God told me that the Body of Christ was going to move like an army, that no longer were we going to have to wait for the healing prayer to be prayed over us, that God was going to move on the whole Body until everyone became a power house and let God use them as He directed. Some of you reading this, if you obey God, are going to place your hands on blind eyes and they will be made whole. Some of you are going to put your hands on crooked legs and they are going to become whole by the power of God. He didn't say that the preacher has got to do it, but He did say that the Holy Ghost has got to do it. It is not just the preacher that has it, it is everybody who has the Holy Ghost! If they have got "dunamis," as Peter said, "I've got something, and I'm going to give it to you." And when he gave what he had the lame man walked! One time there was an old lady sitting with her mother and I prayed for her mother. She had tuberculosis and was about eighty years old. All of a sudden she began to breathe normally and there was no pain. The other lady said, "Preacher, don't pass me by." I said, "What's the matter?" She said, "I am thirty-nine years old, and for nine years I have been paralyzed. I have not been able to walk without a cane or crutches." I said, "Do you believe that I am a servant of Christ?" She said, "I do." 1 reached over and said the same words that Peter said. 1 want you to know that God's Word has power! 1 said to her, "Sister, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk!" That woman came up from her chair leaping and walking and praising God. "Dunamis" is of God! Now if you don't have the Holy Ghost you might not be able to do it. But if you have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost then you have something to move the world. You have something the devils don't have any power against. You have something in your life that will heal the sick if you wiJI use it. Some of you people have walked down the street and met that old blind begger on the corner, and you put a nickel or dime in, or whatever you had. But at the same time down in your heart you said, 'Oh if 1 could tell you what Jesus said. Oh, if 1 could speak the word of faith." God needs the laymen to preach to the people and tell them about Jesus. 1 tell you that the preachers will never get it done; it will take everyone of us. God wants to use



vou. God wants to use me. I tell vou God wants to use the , .' church as a whole body and God is going to use the Church as she moves into God and lets God move into her!


Shall Be Impossible

In California I preached this message and there was an old man in that meeting. That man came down at the close of the meeting and was so happy. He said, "I am going to Mexico." And he went down to Mexico. He sent word to me that he couldn't get anyone to go up into the hills to preach to those Indians, so he went by himself. \Vhen he got there, there was an old man who was dying of cancer. He prayed for the man and he didn't get healed. He went off and fasted and prayed until the old man got healed. After the man got healed he began to bring his chldren to him and he began to pray for them. God lifted that man up an old man past sixty years! A lot of people were healed and brought to God, because this old man obeyed God! I want you to know that is not anything compared to what is going to happen! I know a brother who went to Sout~ America. The first night an old man came to him who was blind. He said that God had sent him, and if the l\merican Evangelist would pray for him he would be healed. When Brother Fierro prayed for the man his eyes came open and the next night they had about 10,000 people out. Before the week was over they said there was some ten to 35,000 people out! As he began to preach he got so many people to pray for that he couldn't pray for them all. Some of those people would come up and get the sweat off of his head and bring it back and put it on the sick and the sick would get well! I tell you that nothing shall be impossible in this hour! God is going to do unusual things, greater than you ever dreamed of! If you ever find out what God can do through you, you will stop sitting on your seat of do-nothing and you will start trying to do something! God is not looking for a theologian. God is looking for a red-hot heart! You can get a lot of doctrine in vour head, but faith is in vour heart. You can get more done with faith than you can with , doctrine! \ Vhen you get the Word of God and the Spirit together then the Word becomes alive, and it becomes as creative as it was when God spoke it in the beginning! I want you to know that you have something that the world

needs. If something your life your soul

you have the Baptism of the Holv Ghost vou have to give to the world! \Vhat yOU need is to dedicate . to Christ and get the fire of Pentecost burning in and let God use you.


In one of my services, a young woman came and another woman saw her walk into the church. The Spirit of God showed her what the young woman needed. This woman walked over to her and said, "The Spirit of God has shown me that you need to be healed and filled with the Holv Ghost." She put her hands on her. God healed her and fil1e~t her with the Holy Ghost right there in her seat. She didn't ask the pastor if she could do that, she didn't ask anybody. She just did it. Her husband was an FBI agent, and when she got back home her husband took one look at her. He knew something had happened to help her. He said, "You are going to have to stay home with the kids tomorrow night and let me go down there." The next night that FBI agent was sitting on the front seat of that church. He watched everything that was done, when that preacher preached the message. \ Vhen he got through preaching the man raised his hand and said, "I want to take Christ as mv Saviour." He walked down that aisle and gave his heart to God. \ Vhen he got through praying he went back to his chair and watched the preacher pray for the sick. He watched him anoint the people with oil from the oil bottle. He saw the deaf ears opened. The blind eyes saw. Sick people got healed! \Vhen he went home that night his soul was full of what he saw and what he felt in his heart. The next morning he got up and when he got downtown he stopped at a store where he got a big bottle of olive oil. He had to /"'> to 00 a certain house to serve some papers. \Vhen he got there and they opened the door, he saw someone lying there sick, and he said, "\Vho's that?" That woman said, "Whv, that's my mother. She has been sick for three months." He said, "\Vell, before I serve this paper, we are going to have a word of prayer." So this young convert twelve hours old in Jesus knelt down, to pray and anoint this woman with the olive oil. I can just see why anyone could do that! This man knelt down, took out his oil bottle, poured the oil in his hand and laid it on the old woman's head and said, "In the name of Jesus, just like that preacher said in the church


last night, I anoint you with oil, just like that preacher did last night, and I command you to come out of this woman, just like that preacher said in church last night. Now woman, just like that preacher said, get out of that bed and walk!" And that old woman came out of that bed, walking, healed! Brother, that is one time zeal worked! That man came out of the house and went back home. \ Vhen he got home there was the mail man. He said, "How are you feeling, mailman?" The mailman said, "I don't feel so good." He said, "\ Vhat's the matter?" The mailman said, "I've got a bad cold and I'm all choked up. IVIy head is hurting." He said, "\Vait a minute." He reached in his pocket and got that oil bottle out again. And right there on the street he slapped that old mailman on the head with that oil! He said, "In the name of Jesus, like that preacher said in the church last night, I command this cold to go, just like that preacher said." Then he said, "How are you feeling?" The mailman said, "My, my headache is gone and I feel fine!" Brother, it is here! Get in the revival and get this revival in you! God is pouring it out upon all flesh. It is not just for the preacher or the deacon. God said that these signs shall follow the believer. If you are a believer the signs will follow vou. God said we could confess our faults one to another and pray one for another that we might be healed. Confess your fault of neglect and start out obeying God. The revival is on! Everyone who has the Holy Ghost is in the ministry. Get filled. Receive a re-filling every day. You may not have a pulpit ministry, but you are in the ministry, wherever \'OU are, on the streets, in the shop, where you are right now May God bless, fill, heal, re-fill, thrill you and go with you, confirming the \Vord with signs following.

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By W.~,Grant



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