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Collect data from XSCF (Service Processor / Sys. Controller) Doc 211289 Running explorer on Sun SPARC Enterprise Mx000 (OPL) Servers Full Snapshot: XSCF> snapshot -L F -t [username]@[hostname]:[directory_to_save_to] or if local to the system via USB XSCF> snapshot -d usb0 -L F in order to have a working M5000... CPU bds MUST be in slots 0 & 2 MEM bds must be in slots 0 & 4 and you must have 2 IOUs once this is accomplished you have to run setdcl & addboard commands to get the domain to use them run the following commands from the XSCF: XSCF> setdcl -d 0 -a 1=01-0 XSCF> addboard -c assign -d 0 00-0 01-0 Verify: XSCF> showdcl -v -a Verify from the OBP of domain 0: OK> probe-scsi-all

upgrade firmware: login as platadm user ssh -l platadm v4u-m8000a-xscf0-0-brm04.central verify current version: XSCF> version -c xcp XSCF#0 (Active ) XCP0 (Reserve): 1060 XCP1 (Current): 1060 XSCF#1 (Standby) XCP0 (Reserve): 1060 XCP1 (Current): 1060 download the flash binary to XSCF XSCF> getflashimage verify download was complete: XSCF> getflashimage -l update the flash XSCF> flashupdate -c update -m xcp -s 1061 doc can be found @ showhardconf showhardconf -u showstatus showautologout setautologout -s <timeout value in minutes [1 - 250] default 10 minutes> showlogs showlogs showlogs showlogs monitor error event panic -d <domain #>…l%2350577415_pgfId-1030125&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari

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With both IOUs. PSB0 . then we need to turn it off setdomainmode -d 0 -m secure=off * To send a break can either 'sendbreak -d [x] to drop the domain to OBP or issue 'reset -d [x] panic to panic the domain if it is hung To Add an SB1 to domain 0 (used after moving cpu to slot 2. 2 . Continue? [y|n]: yes Fault will be cleared after circuit breaker off and on At this point.Next. unplug it. you can clear fault the IOU degraded status by typing: service> clearfault /IOU#0 clearfault: Fault cannot be cleared for this FRU. showstatus Title: Sun SPARC?? Enterprise Mx000 (OPL) Servers : Configuration Errors --------------------------Minimal System Config: * M4000 o CPU in Slot 0 o Memory in Slot 0 * M5000 . FRU will be marked to clear fault on next circuit breaker off and on.IOU1: MEM 4-7 http://webcache.3/27/12 3:19 PM showenvironment [-M] [temp|volt|Fan] version -c xcp -v showfru -a sb * Good command to know if someone calls in saying they can't send a break to a domain.Now that you are in service mode. 4 XSCF> Verify the fault is cleared. and then power back on.IOU0: MEMB 0-3 CPU 0-1 PSB1 . IOU1 is required to access internal disks 2 and 3 o CPU in Slot 0 and 2 o Memory in Slot 0 and 4 * M8000/9000 o Two CPUs (must be in positions 0 and 1).With a single IOU o IOU in Slot 0 o CPU in Slot 0 o Memory in Slot 0 * M5000 . memb from 1 to 4. and adding IOU1---setupfru -x 1 sb 1 setdcl -d 0 -a 01=01-0 addboard -c assign -d 0 01-0 poweroff/on domain. all should be visible poweroff -d0/poweron -d0 ---in case above fails---Document ID: 213609 Tear Faults--1 .googleusercontent. and enter the password below: XSCF> enableservice Service Password: ERIC CHOW HATH HOT BABY JOVE MUTE WIRE NIB CANT AWE JOLT URGE FEEL LASS NASH LANE DELL BATE EVE BYE OTIS NESS TINT PAY LAY SLIT GOAT BURR A This will then give you a mode…l%2350577415_pgfId-1030125&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari Page 2 of 3 . showdomainmode -d [id] * if secure mode is ON. o All Memory in Group A (16 DIMMs). 3 .Type in the following. you need to poweroff the server. type in: XSCF> service Then enter in the mode password given to you.

googleusercontent.2 or 4 Boards in each PSB (not 3) Reference documentid 235101 "Sun Sparc Enterprise Mx000 (OPL) Servers Memory Configuration Rules" When adding an IOU: -M5000 must be powered off.3/27/12 3:19 PM CPU 2-3 MEMB's can be in sets of 1. and cables unplugged prior to adding the IOU to the platform -verify DC-DC converter is on tight on IOU Send a break: sendbreak -d 0 reset -d 0 xir Component FRU descriptions (FRU replacement methods): Doc 205574 FMA related FRU replacement assistance: Doc 203504 Domain Configuration: http://docs. could please t Rotate FMA error logs if possible FM dump corruption: service> fmadm rotate errlog service> fmadm rotate fltlog service> rebootxscf http://webcache.html#50577415_pgfId-1030125 Corrupt FM dump logs: /"Before implementing the action plan in escalation mode ( 'rm /var/opt/sun/fm/fmd/*' + 'XSCF> /scf/tools/testdb -n 29 11' + rebootxscf)…l%2350577415_pgfId-1030125&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari Page 3 of 3 .com/source/819-3601-13/Domains.