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Economics/ Business/Free Enterprise Syllabus Statement on learning The main task of a social studies classroom is to create knowledgeable, creative

and productive citizens. This is the key ingredient to a successful democratic society. Citizens should know that problems can be solved, wrongs can be righted, and with the appropriate knowledge they too can participate and influence the direction of society. Through an understanding of Economics students can be empowered to lead America in the 21st century. Course Description: Economics is required for graduation and is a one-semester course that studies the way a society provides for the needs and wants of its people. Topics to be covered will include scarcity, production, unemployment, inflation, international trade, the interaction of business and labor, and the effects of government spending and taxes. In addition to these topics, students will learn personal economic skills that will assist them in making responsible economic decisions. In this particular course we will discuss supply and demand. We will examine the factors that make up the determinants of supply and demand. We will also discuss how supply and demand determine prices in various markets. Instructor Information My name is Adam Williams, I have taught at Cass High School for the past ten years. You can contact me through email or by phone whenever you need to; my email address is listed below. Email: Phone (770) 606-5845, Twitter: M9economics Materials Access to the Internet A working computer A web browser. Course Goals The Goals of this course is to provide students with the necessary skills needed in order to make the best decisions possible as a person, a consumer and a citizen. Course Objectives:
The Economics student will: -explain the role of prices in determining one purchasing habits. -define and explain the law of demand. -apply the Law of Demand and the Law of Supply to the conditions in a market

-evaluate the reasons for a change in supply and demand and apply the information to a graph determining the effect on the equilibrium price and the equilibrium quantity. - define and differentiate between demand/supply and quantity demanded/quantity supplied - Illustrate on a graph how supply and demand determines market prices. State Standards SSEMI2 The student will explain how the Law of Demand, the Law of Supply, prices, and profits work to determine production and distribution in a market economy. a. Define the Law of Supply and the Law of Demand. b. Describe the role of buyers and sellers in determining market clearing price. c. Illustrate on a graph how supply and demand determine equilibrium price and quantity. d. Explain how prices serve as incentives in a market economy. SSEMI3 The student will explain how markets, prices, and competition influence economic behavior. a. Identify and illustrate on a graph factors that cause changes in market supply and demand. b. Explain and illustrate on a graph how price floors create surpluses and price ceilings create shortages. c. Define price elasticity of demand and supply.

Grading Scale: 90-100 = A 80-89 = B 75-79 = C 70-74 = D 69-Below = F Assessments: You will be assessed at the end of the unit in this course. You will also be subject to quizzes at the teachers discretion. At the end of the course you will take the state mandated End of Course Test. This is a cumulative exam that will measure what you learned in this course according to the state Georgia Performance Standards. The End of Course Test will make up 20% of your final over all grade for this course. Textbook: Clayton (2005) Economics Principal and Practices Columbus, OH: Glencoe McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-860693-4 Web Tools: 1. Create a Twitter account. Follow @m9economics 2. Create a wiki account and establish a wiki at *You will need and email address. 3. Be prepared to use several web 2.0 presentation tools. Instructor and Student Interaction Expectations It is my job as the instructor to provide you with the necessary challenges to prepare you for life after Economics. I will also prepare you to succeed on the End of Course. As a student you are expected to work hard and complete all assignments. You are also expected to ask questions if you do not understand the material. If you are vocal about what you do not understand I am better able to help you succeed.

Conditions This Economics course is an asynchronous course meaning that there will be no formal class meetings. You are responsible for submitting all work by the date assigned. Please make sure you post all required postings on the course message board; also post any questions you have about the course on the discussion board that I can better communicate with you and serve you as an instructor. If you have any questions for the instructor please email me at, I will do my best to reply to your email within 24 hours. If you believe any of your classmates can help you with a particular assignment please email them through the course management system. The role of the instructor is to facilitate learning in the learning environment. However, in the online environment the instructor is to design tasks that are student centered. If you have any questions please post it on the discussion board first. Discussion among peers can lead to a more enriched learning environment. If you do not feel like your questions have been answered then email me. I will answer your question in a timely manner. If there is still confusion we will work to set a date for a teleconference. All student leaning and student created learning artifacts will take place in the online environment. The student will use Edmodo in order to turn in assignments and discuss with other students, and the student will use PB Works in order to catalog their work. In other words the student will be assigned various tasks in which they will receive in Edmodo, complete those assignments and embed them in their wiki, and submit the URL with their assignment through the assignment tab in Edmodo. Discussion post and replies will be posted to the class wall on the class Edmodo page

Course Content/Pacing Chart Week one- Students will be introduced to the course and the concepts supply and demand Week two- Students will be introduced to the determinants of supply and the determinates of demand. Week three- Students will be introduced to the concepts of prices and they will complete their final project. Course Requirements: The student is expected to: 1. Log into the course daily and respond to class discussions properly. 2. Complete all tests/assignments by the date determined by the instructor. 4. Participate in class activities and/or discussions. 5. Follow classroom policies and procedures.

Course Rules 1.Succeed 2.Do Things Right 3.Respect others 4.Work Hard