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Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Bajaj Finserv Limited (recently demerged from Bajaj Auto Limited) and Allianz SE. Both enjoy a reputation of expertise, stability and strength. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance received the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) certificate of Registration on 2nd May, 2001 to conduct General Insurance business (including Health Insurance business) in India. The Company has an authorized and paid up capital of Rs 110 crores. Bajaj Finserv Limited holds 74% and the remaining 26% is held by Allianz, SE. Bajaj Allianz today has a countrywide network connected through the latest technology for quick communication and response in over 200 towns spread across the length and breadth of the country. From Surat to Siliguri and Jammu to Thiruvananthapuram, all the offices are interconnected with the Head Office at Pune.

To be the first choice insurer for customers To be the preferred employer for staff in the insurance industry. To be the number one insurer for creating shareholder value

Mission As a responsible, customer focused market leader, we will strive to understand the insurance needs of the consumers and translate it into affordable products that deliver value for money.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is a union between Allianz SE, one of the largest Insurance Company and Bajaj Finserv. Allianz SE is a leading insurance conglomerate globally and one of the largest asset managers in the world, managing assets worth over a Trillion (Over INR. 55, 00,000 Crores). Allianz SE has over 119 years of financial experience and is present in over 70 countries around the world. At Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, customer delight is our guiding principle. Our business philosophy is to ensure excellent insurance and investment solutions by offering customised products, supported by the best technology.


Unit Linked Insurance Plans
Unit Linked Insurance Plans
Market linked insurance plans invest the premium in to the equity, debt and cash markets by the way of allocating units, which like any other mutual fund have a NAV and the customer is free to switch between one fund class to another depending on the risk factor he wishes to be in. ULIPs offer a better return than the traditional endowment plans and offer a great deal of flexibility along with great returns making them the finest product offering. We at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance have developed a number of ULIP products which range from single premium to a regular premium option along with investment funds ranging from index funds to mid-cap funds and debt market linked funds. Regular Premium Single Premium

Max Advantage Insurance Plan iGain II

Max Advantage Insurance Plan

Wealth Insurance Plan Shield Insurance Plan

Make your returns soar as possible by pushing your investments upwards, with Bajaj Allianz Max Advantage Insurance Plan.

Key Highlights:
The plan offers you key benefits of:

Investment in Max Gain Fund II guarantees highest unit price based on the highest NAV for policy tenure of Refund of 60% of total regular premium allocation charge as Guaranteed Addition at maturity. Option to select/ change premium payment term from 5 to 7 years. Flexibility to pay unlimited top-up premium** and make partial withdrawals. ** Conditions apply. Option to choose from 5 investment funds to invest. Unlimited free switches. *** Condition Apply

10 years. * Conditions apply.

Wealth Insurance Plan

The plan gives you the benefits of paying a single premium, so you don't have to worry about due dates, repetitive paperwork and renewals or constantly make phone calls to your financial advisor.

Key Highlights
Wealth Insurance Plan offers the following key benefits:-

Loyalty addition up to 7% of single premium at the end of the fifth year. **Conditions Apply. Option to receive the maturity benefits as settlement option. Maximum flexibility to pay unlimited top-up premium and make partial withdrawals. ***Conditions Apply. Option to decrease your sum assured. Systematic switching option to manage your investments better. Optional additional rider benefits to enhance your protection.

Shield Insurance Plan

investment options to achieve your desired objective at maturity.

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Bajaj Allianz Shield Insurance Plan, a single premium fixed-term unit-linked insurance plan gives you the choice of

Key Highlights:
Bajaj Allianz Shield Insurance Plan provides you with the following:

Single premium plan with fixed term of 10 years Sum Assured of 1.1/1.25 to 5 times of the Single Premium Choice of 9 funds for investment, including new 3 funds - Shield Plus Fund III, Growth Plus Fund III and Guaranteed Addition via Return of up to 6 % of the Single Premium at maturity ** Conditions apply Shield Plus Fund III offers you guarantee of minimum unit price at maturity. * Conditions apply Maximum flexibility through -

Bluechip Equity Fund

-Option to decrease sum assured -Unlimited top-up premium payment -Partial withdrawals anytime after five years from the commencement of the policy -Unlimited free switches -Optional riders to enhance your protection

Pension Plan
We at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance offer Retirement Plans which will make sure that we are there to support you in every stage of your life and your savings today become your wealth

and support for your future years to come.



Swarna Vishranti Pension Guarantee

Traditional Insurance Plans

Saving Plans, which offer bonuses, are excellent long term saving instruments with complete safety. Our products offer additional benefits which include 4 times life cover at little extra costs, limited premium payment terms and compounded reversionary bonuses making it a very good long term investment.


Money Back

Invest Gain Save Care Economy SP Life Time Care Super Saver Invest Plus Invest Plus Premier

Cash Gain

Invest Gain
InvestGain is a specially designed plan that offers a unique combination of benefits that help you develop a sound financial portfolio for your family. Additional Benefits:

Comprehensive Accident Protection. Critical Illness Benefit and Hospital Cash Benefit. Family Income Benefit: In case of death or accidental total permanent disability of insured, all future

premiums are waived and 1% of the sum assured is paid monthly.

Save Care Economy SP

A One-time payment Investment plan that provides for savings with high risk cover for 10 years and also participates in the profits of the company. It offers you high risk cover with easy liquidity and high returns.

A single premium endowment plan that participates in the profits. 10 year Investment plan. Benefits payable on maturity. Loans available.

Life Time Care

A whole life plan, which provides survival benefits at the age of 80, thereby making sure you are financially secure at the time when you need it the most. Additional Benefits:

Accidental Death Cover and Disability Cover. Critical Illness Cover and Hospital Cash Cover. Waiver of Premium Benefit.

Super Saver
Bajaj Allianz Super Saver is a regular premium endowment plan, which helps you save regular amounts for a safer tomorrow. It also provides you with extra benefits of Guaranteed Additions to your sum assured, at the end of each policy year.

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Invest Plus

Bajaj Allianz Invest Plus helps you get security while ensuring peace of mind. The guaranteed investment returns give you a great maturity benefit and protection to your family. You can also multiply your returns by paying additional premiums.

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Invest Plus Premier

Presenting a one-of-its-kind investment plan that is secure, accountable and transparentAll in one.

Get 7.05% Guaranteed Investment Returns for the 10% of each net premium added as loyalty additions Life Insurance cover continues, even if you fail to pay Get upto 117% credit on additional Premiums paid Refund of 75% of the cost of Life Insurance cover at

financial year 2010-11 from the 11th policy year your regular premiums post 3 annual premium payments


Cash Gain
A money back plan which guarantees 125% payout + bonuses. Quadruple life cover. 5 easy payouts which give upto 125% + bonuses. Additional Benefits:

Accidental Death Benefit and Disability Benefit. Critical Illness Benefit and Hospital Cash Benefit. Family Income Benefit: In case of death or accidental total permanent disability of insured, all future

premiums are waived and 1% of the sum assured is paid monthly

Products For House Wives

Housewives need to safeguard their financial independence. Our additional benefits like Mahila Gain have special features for women which offers:

Critical Illness Benefits Reconstructive Surgery Benefits for Breast(s) due to Breast Cancer Congenital Disability Benefits Complications of Pregnancy Benefits Women Insurance Need Analyzer


Car & Two Wheeler Insurance by Bajaj Allianz
Car Insurance Two-Wheeler Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance policy provides unmatched care and protection for your motoring experience. Whether it is cashless settlement in over 1500 preferred workshops or 24x7 claims support, our insurance plan for your car and two wheeler has been designed with hassle-free claim settlement experience in mind.

Travel Companion: Individual 3 Plans To Suit Your Budget And Your Needs
The Travel Companion Policy is a comprehensive package which provides complete medical and health cover to the international traveller.

Policy Coverages Plan Features Premium Table

Student Travel: For those who travel a class apart

Every student desires to study abroad. To make your travel risk free, Students travel plan brings you an array of policies to choose from, which will provide the comprehensive cover for your journey.

Bajaj Allianz Health Products

Personal Accident
Personal Guard Premium Personal Guard Sankat Mochan

Medical Hospital Cover

Individual Health Guard Family Floater Health Guard Silver Health Insta Insure Health Ensure

Bundled Products
Star Package Family Care First Health Care

Tax Gain

Benefit Plans
Critical Illness

Special Plans
Extra Care

Hospital Cash


Individual Health Guard

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It is rightly said 'Health is Wealth'. We are all aware that health care costs are exorbitant. At times, unfortunately we fall prey to unanticipated accidents & illness. Bajaj Allianz promises to stand by you during those difficult times of physical and mental stress. Our Health Guard policy takes care of your hospitalization expenses & offers a wide coverage of pre & post hospitalization expenses. We are the first insurance company to offer a sum insured of Rs. 10 lacs.